Chapter 566 Exposed


As Lan Ling and Young Master Tianhen fought, the area affected by their fight grew in size. The oppressive atmosphere resulting from their battle forced Jian Qingwu and the others to back away. It did not take long before they were forced over 5 kilometres away from the two. Even so, the shockwaves from their battle were still spreading out like tidal waves.

“What are you fellows spacing out for? Hurry up and take down these two girls!” Zhan Qingsong waved and his subordinates surrounded Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling again.

Although Lan Ling and Young Master Tianhen’s battle was rocking the lands, Chen Feng could tell that they had yet to go all out. Neither side were displaying their killer moves. Rather, they were only unleashing probing attacks without actually committing to the fight.

These two fellows can truly be considered as peak characters beneath the Human Immortal stage. Young Master Tianhen is quite the famous character. A portion of the Experts Ranking List was reserved to describe this fellow. It is said that he possessed the Hegemon Blood Combat Constitution, a pure body cultivator with an incomparably formidable fleshly body. He practices Warlord Pavilion’s Warlord Records. His constitution is one notch higher compared to Jian Xiaotian’s Absolute Combat Constitution. At the age of six, he reached the Concealed stage. Then, the Sky Human stage at the age of sixteen. After that, he spent only 30 years to overcome 9 Lightning Tribulations. Now, only half a step remains between him and the Human Immortal stage. In terms of cultivation speed alone, his talent far surpasses that of almost every cultivator in the Northern Plains.

And then there is this Lan Ling. This girl is very mysterious. Titled the Number One beneath the Human Immortal stage. Absolute Academy gathers talents from all over the world. It is an existence greater than Heavenly Sword Faction. To be able to acquire the title of Number One in a place like that, she is an apex character in the Central Plains. I do not know what she cultivates. However, it would appear that she is also a body cultivator. The might of her fleshly body is in no way inferior compared to Young Master Tianhen. If news of this battle were to spread out, it would definitely shake the entire Central Plains.

Utilizing his eye technique, Chen Feng observed the two while going through the items inside the Longevity Tower for information regarding the two. However, despite their fame, there were no specific details about them.

“Kid, no need to feel jealous. As long as you can cultivate out the Chaos Constitution, you will be able to easily handle these two fellows,” Tower said with an amused tone.

“Chaos Constitution? Easier said than done. Even if you can acquire Eternal World’s world essence for me, there is a high chance that I would still be incapable of cultivating out the Chaos Constitution.” Chen Feng rolled his eyes. The longer Chen Feng spent cultivating himself, the more he came to understand about matters pertaining to cultivation.

“If you can still fail after I get this whole cultivation world’s world essence for you, the only thing to say is that your cultivation talent is shit. You can’t blame others,” Tower said with a derisive chuckle.

“If I am to go with what you are saying, Immortal Humans with near infinite magic powers should be able to refine a cultivation world. Then, extract that world’s world essence. If so, wouldn’t there be a high number of Chaos Constitutions? From what I have heard, though, forget the mundane worlds, even the Immortal Plane hasn’t seen many Chaos Constitutions, no?” Chen Feng retorted. 

“What do you know? The cultivation worlds I am referring to are worlds at the level of Eternal World, Domain World, Prime World, and Median World. These cultivation worlds have existed for who knows how long. Even for Absolute Gold Immortals, refining the entire world into themselves will be near impossible. Naturally, they can refine smaller worlds. However, the grade of the world essence in such worlds are too low. Secondly, if one absorbs the world essence from many smaller worlds, it becomes astoundingly difficult to fuse them all when refining the world essences. Add those issues together and the chances of cultivating out a Chaos Constitution decreases further,” Tower said with a derisive grin.

“Following that logic, it will be practically impossible for me to cultivate out a Chaos Constitution.” Chen Feng frowned.

“Theoretically speaking, it is impossible. However, there are many variables involved. There is no telling what might happen. Around ten years ago, you were still hitting a wall in Black Origin City. And yet, in just a few years’ time, your life has undergone a world-shaking change,” Tower said, snickering.

“Indeed, things have changed greatly. I can still remember. Back then, I was already on the verge of losing all hope. Never would I have imagined that I would stand here today. However, it sounds like there is a different meaning in your words.” Chen Feng sent his divine sense into the Longevity Tower and regarded Tower’s snickering expression.

“Heh! What other meaning could there be? I am just saying,” Tower said with a dry laugh.

Chen Feng knew that Tower was withholding something from him. However, was the number of things Tower withheld from him small to begin with? After considering that, Chen Feng stopped asking. At any rate, it was just idle chatter. He did not believe that he would be able to cultivate out the Chaos Constitution. He knew quite a bit about this Chaos Constitution. It was the number one constitution within the cosmos and the countless dimensions. Those who possessed this constitution could rise to the immortal stage and become ancestral figures just by casually going about their cultivation practice, attaining everlasting life. Generally speaking, those who possessed this constitution were born with it. Even though Tower said it was possible, trying to cultivate out a Chaos Constitution was something that Chen Feng believed to be unreliable.

“It would appear that this Young Master Tianhen is no match for Lan Ling. The senior sister from Absolute Academy is indeed formidable. Additionally, it also seems like she has yet to go all out.” Chen Feng continued utilizing his Magic Eyes of Darkness, allowing him to clearly see everything. It was as though he could see through the very essence of the whole world. For Chen Feng, it was as though there were two suns – filled with energy – colliding against one another again and again. Blood energy gushed out from their bodies and their power charged forward. They were like two erupting volcanoes and boiling magma churned about ceaselessly.


A tall mountain was shattered halfway up before getting cleaved apart from the middle down. Deep cracks rushed outwards through the ground. Like water ripples, shockwaves spread out to reduce everything caught in their path into bits. Several of the cultivators clad in bronze armour who were besieging Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling were affected and they immediately coughed out blood. They were terrified to the point of becoming pale and they quickly moved far away.


A massive crater erupted and a pillar of water sprayed upwards. The crater had struck an underwater river.

The surrounding shockwaves felt like strong winds coming from the Nine Heavens sweeping the world. Chen Feng’s heart pounded and his Dark and Void acupoints operated at an even faster rate, putting himself into a parallel space so as to avoid getting exposed by the shockwaves.

These two fellows are truly formidable. Even though I utilize tribulation power from the Heavenly Tribulation to temper my body, the destructive power their fleshly bodies could unleash far outstrips what I am capable of. Chen Feng was very shocked. The two had not utilized magic treasures in their fight. Instead, they relied solely on their formidable fleshly bodies and the energies within them for the battle. At their level, bringing out low-level magic treasures was pointless. Those weapons would not even leave a wound on their opponent. Thus, it would be better for them to fight with their fleshly bodies.


A lightning sphere struck Young Master Tianhen and his figure drew a line of light as he was sent flying far away. A mountain five kilometres away shattered, the top part breaking down while his figure continued to blast backwards, only stopping after smashing into another mountain.

This is my first time seeing such a mighty female cultivator. Chen Feng tutted. His blood energy churned and he felt a desire to step forward and join the battle.

After pummelling Young Master Tianhen away, Lan Ling waved her hand. Bolts of lighting flashed out and a few of the cultivators besieging Jian Qingwu and Jian Qingling were instantly struck. Their charcoal corpses fell to the ground.

By then, the two sisters were already on the verge of falling. The had been fighting for too long.

Chen Feng, who was still hiding in the dark, looked at Zhan Qingsong. He noticed that there was a nonchalant expression on Zhan Qingsong’s face. Although his fellow brother had been pummelled away, he did not appear disturbed at all.

This kid is so confident? Does he have a trump card? Chen Feng speculated.

As expected, just as Lan Ling was about to continue killing off the attacking cultivators, Young Master Tianhen flew back, unscathed. At the same time, Chen Feng felt his Magic Eyes of Darkness stirring uncontrollably. Shocked, Chen Feng swiftly suppressed them.

What is going on here? Chen Feng was aghast. He thought that something had gone wrong with his cultivation.

“Falsebreaker Spirit Eyes!” Lan Ling cried out in shock. This was the first time Lan Ling had revealed a look of shock.

An eye technique! So, he is also practicing an eye technique. Chen Feng realized what was happening. Young Master Tianhen’s eyes gleamed with light. It was as though a flower of lightning was blooming in the air and crackling sounds rang out non-stop.

“Falsebreaker Spirit Eyes. Tsk, tsk! He already possesses the Hegemon Blood Combat Constitution. Add this eye technique into the equation, this kid’s ascension into the Immortal Plane is pretty much set in stone. Assuming, of course, he doesn’t kick the bucket first,” Tower said with a chuckle. 

As Chen Feng was anticipating another battle to break out, he suddenly sensed a gaze sweeping his way. Wherever the gaze went, a series of cracking sounds would ring out and Chen Feng’s figure was forced out from the void space.

I’m exposed! This fellow can actually detect my position! Chen Feng felt his heart stir.

“The Falsebreaker Spirit Eyes is capable of breaking falsehoods. It is only natural for it to see through your stealth technique. Naturally, the fact that his cultivation base is far higher than your cultivation base is also a factor. Additionally, you were also careless earlier,” Tower said.

“True, I was careless.” Chen Feng smiled. The dark light in his eyes disappeared. After his face had returned to its normal state, he turned to calmly look at the two fellows.

Someone was hiding nearby? To think that we were incapable of noticing him all this time. If news of this gets out, we’ll lose face big time. Young Master Tianhen and Lan Ling thought as they turned to look at Chen Feng, shock glinting across their eyes.

“He he! Greetings, I am just a passer-by. Please continue what you two were doing earlier.” Chen Feng smiled. He did not appear threatened by the oppressive atmosphere that the two were emanating.

“Concealed stage? How is that possible?” Young Master Tianhen suddenly whispered.

Impressive. He could even see through my cultivation level. With a thought from Chen Feng, the Demon Sealing Sword in his body moved and a dimensional power secretly enveloped his body. As expected, Young Master Tianhen’s expression flickered. His eye technique had encountered an obstruction and he was incapable of determining Chen Feng’s cultivation state.

“Fellow friend, where are you from? Why were you spying on us?” Young Master Tianhen said coolly.

“He he! I am just a loose cultivator who was passing by.” Chen Feng smiled.

“Tell me your name!” Young Master Tianhen’s face turned icy and he bellowed.

The smile on Chen Feng’s face disappeared and he began feeling dissatisfied. It was true that his actions of secretly spying on them was wrong. However, this fellow was bellowing at him right from the get go? Isn’t he going overboard with this? Just look at Lan Ling, she is not even saying anything!

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