Chapter 564 Ling Xian’er


Seeing Chen Feng come to a halt, Ling Xian’er’s eyes lit up and she quickly attacked him. However, the instant she did, Chen Feng responded with a move of his own. He unleashed the Palm of Five Elemental Cycle that he had been preparing.

Their attacks collided with a resounding boom and the ground beneath them erupted. The surrounding trees broke down before getting incinerated into ash.

Next, a thick barrier appeared and it pulled both Chen Feng and Ling Xian’er into it. After that, countless suction forces descended upon Chen Feng from every direction. Chen Feng’s legs turned taut and he felt as though there were two vines entangling him.

Boom! Boom!

Two formidable power erupted from Chen Feng’s legs. However, the two vines remained unscathed. Rather, their grip on Chen Feng’s legs tightened. At the same time, Chen Feng’s waist stiffened as an even thicker vine wrapped him up like a python.

Wood-type magic technique! With a thought from Chen Feng, Five Elemental Flames poured out from his body. A series of popping sounds rang out as the vines wrapping him up were broken. Next, Chen Feng’s domain power unfurled to spread across his surroundings. Two flying swords flew into Chen Feng’s domain. Despite the effects of the domain, the two flying swords continued to fly quickly.

Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng’s palm shot out to strike the two flying swords, which wobbled. Next, Longevity Chains flew out from Chen Feng’s body to tie up the two flying swords tightly.

Ding! Ding!

Sword energy gushed out to slice everything around them and the Longevity Chains were cut apart.

Chen Feng looked around. All was grey and he could not assess his surroundings. He knew that he had fallen into a magic array.

“Chen Feng, if you have what it takes, then kill your way out.” Ling Xian’er’s cold voice rang out.

“Which force do you represent?” Chen Feng’s divine sense surged and the dark light within his eyes shone, piercing through the mist to allow him to observe everything in his surroundings. 

“There is no need for you to know that. As long as you come in quietly, we will not make things hard for you.” Ling Xian’er’s voice was fleeting and there was no way to tell where it had come from.

“Come quietly?” Chen Feng smiled. They knew that no one would agree to this condition. And yet, they could still spout those words.

Knowing that he could not get any information from them, Chen Feng chose to remain silent. His pair of eyes kept releasing dark light, which pierced through the grey fog until he caught sight of a human figure.

Here! With another thought from Chen Feng, his whole body seemingly transformed into a sharp arrow as it sped forward. A Palm of Wind and Lightning, condensed to the point of tangibility, smashed its way forward. Everywhere it went, the grey fog would be dispersed.

However, Chen Feng’s attack missed. The human figure disappeared like a blur and a thick lance descended from the sky. Chen Feng’s figure darted aside and the lance easily stabbed its way into the ground to leave a circular and seemingly bottomless hole.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

One thick lance after another shot out from every direction to attack Chen Feng. All of them were Prized artefacts. The power behind each and every one of them was formidable and they flew forward quickly. Additionally, their flight trajectories were strange, making it nearly impossible to defend against them. 

After dodging several of the lances, Chen Feng furiously swung both his hands and four rapidly spinning lances were caught in Chen Feng’s hands. However, the formidable momentum behind the lances immediately forced Chen Feng to take several steps back.


His domain power surged rapidly and a pair of wings made from water and fire spread open and the momentum pushing Chen Feng backwards lessened, allowing Chen Feng to stop the momentum.

Hu! Hu! Hu!

The broad wings of water and fire flapped furiously and all the attacks were unravelled.

“No matter how you look at it, you are a half-step Human Immortal. To think that you would join forces with others to ambush a minor cultivator like me. You even tried to honeypot me. A pity, your glamour technique is still not good enough. Or perhaps, you are simply too ugly,” Chen Feng said with a smile.


Chen Feng’s words angered Ling Xian’er, who fired out rows of lightning bolts at Chen Feng. Each of the lightning bolts was as thick as a water bucket.

Chen Feng smiled and allowed the lightning bolts to strike his body. He would usually temper himself with tribulation lightning from the Human Immortal’s Lightning Tribulation, after all. Those lightning powers were of a higher grade than these lightning bolts. Thus, the power behind these lightning bolts was well within his range of endurance. Rather, they could not affect him much. After that, Chen Feng began moving quickly. 

Originally, Ling Xian’er had assumed that the lightning bolts could smite the life out of Chen Feng. However, by the time Ling Xian’er recovered from her shock, Chen Feng was already in front of her. The talisman in Ling Xian’er’s hand remained there as she had no longer had the time to hurl it out.

Although Ling Xian’er was a half-step Human Immortal, her true combat power was below that of her level. She was simply not the combat-type cultivator.

“Bewitching Mirage!” The smile on Ling Xian’er’s face bloomed as she used an illusion attack against Chen Feng.

The space before Chen Feng became like a water surface and Ling Xian’er’s figure began disappearing. Just as she was about to completely disappear, however, Chen Feng chuckled. His Magic Eyes of Darkness activated and two beams of dark light shot out.


Chen Feng snapped in a hushed tone and the water surface disappeared. After breaking the illusion, Chen Feng unleashed a heavy palm blow against Ling Xian’er’s body. However, a talisman on Ling Xian’er’s body suddenly shone to block a major portion of the power behind Chen Feng’s attack.

“Kid, you have a death wish!”

The palm blow sent Ling Xian’er flying, but before her body could hit the ground, the others had already attacked Chen Feng. Various attacks charged towards him from his surroundings.

“Sword energy shield!”

Layer after layer of sword energy formed an egg-shaped barrier around Chen Feng to block all the incoming attacks.

There are six people in total. Heh! The strongest amongst them is only at level 4 of the Sky Human stage. No wonder they did not attack directly. Instead, they resorted to a magic array to entrap me. Chen Feng immediately smiled.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

One after another, thick bolts of lightning descended from the sky. Those were from the Lightning Talismans that were prepared beforehand inside the magic array. Chen Feng had no interest in dodging those attacks. Instead, he allowed them to strike his body.


Chen Feng kept dashing forward, ploughing through three waves of attacks to arrive before a cultivator in black.

“Heh, you sure did well keeping yourself hidden, but I finally found you.” Chen Feng sneered and the power of darkness fired out from both his eyes. Next, the illusion barrier standing in his way broke.


A chilling mote of light stabbed towards Chen Feng’s throat, but Chen Feng grabbed the incoming sword.

So, they are from Killer Palace. Exerting his might, Chen Feng deformed the thin sword in half.


The cultivator in black was sent flying – nearly all the bones in his body broken – and his figure smashed against the ground. It was unknown it he was dead or alive.


Next, Chen Feng dashed forward in another direction. He utilized his Magic Eyes of Darkness to break the illusion around him as he swept aside the incoming attacks.




Chen Feng killed three fellows in a row and the magic array was broken. As for Ling Xian’er and the other two, they slipped into the void as they fled.

“You are a half-step Human Immortal, after all. Are you so cowardly?” Chen Feng said, his hand stretching out to grasp the void space there. Ling Xian’er’s figure appeared for a moment only to disappear again.

Although her combat abilities are not strong, she does have some cards up her sleeves. At the very least, her illusion techniques and the magic treasures on her are quite good. Seeing her disappear, Chen Feng shook his head. Next, sword light enveloped his body and he flew upwards. He quickly flew up to an altitude of 10,000 metres. Stepping upon the clouds, he flew like the winds, becoming like an immortal roaming the mundane world.

So, this is the Central Plains. It really does feel different. After flying across tens of thousands of li, Chen Feng finally landed on a winding pathway.

However, I am unable to feel anything different here. Is it because of my emotions? Chen Feng shook his head and stopped thinking too much about it. Next, he brought out a piece of jade and inserted his divine sense into it. The jade piece contained the layout for the Central Plains. It was something that he had obtained from Blackwind Stronghold.

“Area wise, it is not that much bigger than the Northern Plains. However, the number of sects here is five times higher than the Northern Plains while the number of cultivators is tens of times higher. Even the number of pocket dimensions, danger zones, forbidden zones, mystery zones, dire zones and legacy zones is a notch higher compared to the number available in the Northern Plains. This is truly the most prosperous place in Eternal World,” Chen Feng blurted, his heart stirring.

Originally, Chen Feng had wanted to come to the Central Plains in order to avoid Nine Firmaments Palace’s pursuit. He had planned on finding a mountain with sufficiently high spiritual energy and cultivate with peace of mind there. Then, after his strength was high enough, he would carve a bloody path back into the Northern Plains. However, the recent assassination attempts made Chen Feng realize that even after reaching the Central Plains, he would not be able to find peace. Although there would no longer be a high number of cultivators after him, there would be highly formidable assassins targeting him. This made Chen Feng feel unpleasant. Moreover, he also did not believe that Nine Firmaments Palace would not send forth their men to hunt him. At any rate, if he could come to the Central Plains, then they too, should be able to do the same. These large sects possessed large-scale teleportation arrays. Thus, it would be even faster for them to reach the Central Plains.

As for Killer Palace, Chen Feng knew quite a bit about it. It was a very powerful assassin organization. Chen Feng did not know where its headquarters was. However, he knew that it had forces in both the Northern Plains and the Central Plains. The assassins were especially doing well in the Central Plains.

Killer Palace, Shadow Palace, Void Palace and Assassin Palace were the four top assassin organizations in the world of cultivation. Powerful and mysterious in nature, even a large sect like Heavenly Sword Faction would not dare offend them. And now, Killer Palace had decided to target Chen Feng. More importantly, Chen Feng had killed off some of the assassins from the other party. Thus, Chen Feng was feeling very disturbed and displeased. Rather than having to face this hidden danger, was it not better to just duke it out openly?

Assassins? Killing me will not be easy. The power of darkness surged out and Chen Feng’s figure disappeared as he hid quietly beside a great tree.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The ground trembled as waves of wild aura rushed out from afar. Due to the sensitivity of Chen Feng’s divine sense, he was able to sense strands of bloodthirstiness within the aura.

A team of one-horned beasts charged forward in an orderly fashion, appearing before Chen Feng’s eyes. Every one of the one-horned beasts was brimming with blood energy and their yao energy swirled around. The single horn on each of their heads shone with a faint light. They were all at the Great Yao stage. There was a human cultivator on each of the one-horned beasts. Despite the aloof expressions on their faces, it could not hide the bloodthirstiness and arrogance within their eyes.

Using 20 Great Yaos as mounts. Additionally, those are valuable one-horned beasts. These fellows are extraordinary characters. I have only just stepped foot into the Central Plains. And yet, I have already encountered such a force. Is this the standard force in the Central Plains? Chen Feng thought. He did not reveal himself. Instead, he casually observed as the cultivators galloped forward like the wind before continuing to rush far into the distance, disappearing from sight.

1 li = 0.5 km

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