Chapter 562 Four Cardinal Enforcers


“Nine Firmaments Palace?” Chen Feng asked casually as he brought out the Death Sword.

“Yes. You will not be escaping today.”

“With just the four of you?” Chen Feng scoffed. In the beginning, he had assumed that they were from Killer Palace. He had been feeling very wary of them. At any rate, the assassins from Killer Palace were strong while possessing peculiar combat techniques. Previously, two level 6 Sky Human stage assassins had nearly succeeded in assassinating Chen Feng. If these four level 8 Sky Human stage cultivators had been from Killer Palace, Chen Feng would do well to just utilize his magic treasures to break the surrounding space and flee.

However, after finding out that they were from Nine Firmaments Palace, Chen Feng knew that he would have to kill them. However, he did not start attacking. Instead, he observed their next move.

“Chen Feng, just kneel. You have killed so many disciples of Nine Firmaments Palace. Today, we’ll be capturing you back.”

“You want me to kneel?” An amused look appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

“If we have to take action, you will face a fate worse than death. Kneel now and let us capture you. That way, you can preserve your life. You must consider this carefully.”

“Are all the disciples of Nine Firmaments Palace so arrogant? However, those who died under my hands didn’t seem to have much in terms of abilities,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“The ones you killed were just ordinary disciples. Looks like you are still unaware of our identities, otherwise you would not have said that,” one of the cultivators standing before Chen Feng said haughtily.

Information regarding Nine Firmaments Palace flashed through Chen Feng’s mind and his eyes suddenly lit up. “You fellows are the Four Cardinal Enforcers?”

“So, you do know your stuff.”

“Heh! As I recall, your Nine Firmaments Palace also have some fogeys known as the Four Old Phenoms. They don’t seem like much,” Chen Feng replied with a derisive grin.

“You’ll know soon enough. I am the South Gate Enforcer, here to experience the ultimate techniques of Extreme Celestial Sect.” One of them slowly stepped forward. Every step he took caused the streams of surrounding spiritual energy to fluctuate. At the same time, minute powers of law began gathering upon the South Gate Enforcer’s body. As a result, the atmosphere that he was radiating grew even stronger.

“Heh! If you are going to borrow the power of this Sacred-tier Spatial Battlefield, you shouldn’t be spouting off those pompous words.” Chen Feng sneered.

“You have a sharp mouth. I would like to see how many of my moves you can take.” The South Gate Enforcer suddenly vaulted upwards and his figure became like a goshawk. Both his hands curled, becoming like hooks while his arms spread out like winds. Add the roaring sounds of the space there, Chen Feng felt as though a Flaming Eagle at the Great Yao stage was charging towards him.

This opponent was not utilizing any magic treasures. On Chen Feng’s part, he also wanted to experience his abilities. Thus, he did not use his magic treasures as well. Instead, he sent his palm forward and a Palm of Wind and Lightning flew out.

However, the South Gate Enforcer dodged. He did not choose to take Chen Feng’s attack head on. Instead, he kept circling around Chen Feng as he looked for the opportunity to swoop down and attack Chen Feng.

The South Gate Enforcer seemingly became a real Flaming Eagle as flames began coming off his body. The fiery heat waves worked in tandem with his swift and forceful killer moves to give him an incredibly ferocious image.

After just an instant, the two of them had exchanged several rounds. Chen Feng was secretly surprised. He had not expected such a level of strength from this opponent. If it were not for the fact that his fleshly body had only recently undergone another tempering process which allowed his strength to rise greatly, he would be no match for this opponent. Naturally, that was under the premise of him not utilizing his magic treasures.

As expected of the experts of Nine Firmaments Palace. He is much stronger than the ordinary disciples, Chen Feng thought.

“Five Elemental Cycle!” Chen Feng waved a palm and the five powers of metal, wood, water, fire and earth emerged from his five fingers to spin ceaselessly, becoming something of a circular disc. The disc rapidly expanded in size before quickly blasting the South Gate Enforcer away. The South Gate Enforcer flipped and landed on the floor.

“Are the disciples of Nine Firmaments Palace only capable of this much?” Chen Feng said with a smirk.


A roaring sound suddenly rang out as a semi-transparent image of a feral tiger suddenly appeared around the South Gate Enforcer’s body. The atmosphere it emanated was even stronger than before. The shockwaves from its roar alone could force Chen Feng to take defensive actions.


The South Gate Enforcer then charged forward, pouncing at Chen Feng like a tiger yao. Yao energy soared upwards as a result.

Next up, the semi-transparent silhouette around the South Gate Enforcer kept changing. Sometimes, it would take the shape of agile birds and sometimes, it would take the shape of ferocious beasts. Every time it changed, his aura, too, would change to synchronize with the silhouette. It was as though the South Gate Enforcer was capable of the transformation skill.

“Hah! It is just an imitation. Although this is something novel, it cannot be considered as some powerful secret technique,” Chen Feng said, a derisive smile on his face.

“You have a death wish!”

Finally, the semi-transparent silhouette of a wyrm appeared over the South Gate Enforcer’s body. The wyrm opened its mouth and exerted a suction force aimed at Chen Feng. Instantly, he felt the space around him becoming restrained and he was no longer capable of moving.


The semi-transparent silhouette of the wyrm flew out from the South Gate Enforcer and its long tail swiped at Chen Feng. The sound of space breaking rang out as the tail swipe arrived, seemingly capable of breaking a mountain.


Chen Feng reached out with his hand to grab the wyrm’s tail. With a pulse, the wyrm broke apart into fragments. Next, a quaint-looking mace flew out from Chen Feng’s body. With a sudden swing, it smacked the South Gate Enforcer aside with a resounding bang. Although he was not badly wounded, his face became partially swollen. It was a very wretched look.

“You!” The South Gate Enforcer’s eyes were practically spouting flames and he wanted nothing more than to fight Chen Feng again.

“Enough. You are no match for me. Send another fellow in.” Chen Feng waved his hand. The contemptuous gaze from Chen Feng caused the South Gate Enforcer to nearly jump to his feet.

“Allow me to experience your abilities,” the East Gate Enforcer said and a spear pierced through space to stab towards Chen Feng. Chen Feng darted away and a spear, its shaft shaped like a coiling dragon, nailed the platform. A bloodthirsty aura radiated out from the spear. It was a Sacred artefact. 

“Are you using magic treasures now? In that case, do not blame me for bullying you fellows,” Chen Feng said smilingly as he brought out the Death Sword.

An even fiercer fight ensued. The two Sacred artefacts kept clashing against each other and even the Sacred-tier Spatial Battlefield was seemingly incapable of handling the resulting shockwaves.

“He still hasn’t emerged. Did something happen?” Jian Xiaotian and the others, who were waiting outside, grew concerned.

“Waiting here is pointless. After sucking in its objective, the Spatial Battlefield is capable of changing its position. It wouldn’t be surprising for Chen Feng to be 50,000 kilometres away from here now,” Liu Huai said.

“If so, what should we do?” Although Jian Xiaotian did not believe that Chen Feng was in danger, not seeing him reappear had still made him apprehensive.

“We’ll wait for two more days. If there are still no news of him, we will leave. At any rate, our sect is currently at war with Heartless Heaven Sect. We cannot be late,” Liu Huai said.

Two days later, Chen Feng remained a no-show. Thus, the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction began leaving. Jian Xiaotian pondered for a moment. Then, gritting his teeth, he left as well. At that moment, the sect needed warriors for the war. Additionally, Jian Xiaotian also had faith in Chen Feng’s abilities.

By then, Chen Feng had already defeated three of the four enforcers. The final enforcer, however, had yet to attack him. On the other side, the three defeated enforcers only suffered from light wounds. They were able to fully heal their wounds quickly.

Seeing that, Chen Feng felt puzzled. The four of them were not charging him all at once. Instead, they were engaging him in a one-on-one battle. It seemed as though they wanted to exhaust him. Or were they actually trying to get pointers from him?

“What is this? Are you fellows trying to get pointers from me?” Chen Feng said with a derisive smile.

“If you can defeat the four of us, you can leave.” The final enforcer stepped forward.

“Kid, do you not know what the Spatial Battlefield is?” Tower suddenly spoke up.

“What’s so special about it? Doesn’t it simply allow them to suck someone in and fight their target?” Chen Feng grew puzzled. He did not understand what Tower meant.

“This is a spatial-type magic treasure, and a Sacred-tier magic treasure at that. A spatial-type magic treasure. Do you still not get it?” Tower shook his head.

“Spatial Jump! Is this magic treasure in the process of jumping through space?” Immediately, Chen Feng’s face sank.

“Hey, hey! Although it is not that fast, you are already 100,000 kilometres away from the Twospan Mountain Range.” Tower chuckled.

“What? For real?” Chen Feng’s heart lurched. Next, however, he calmed down. Thankfully, they hadn’t gone too far. If they had brought him into Nine Firmaments Palace, he would be in hot soup. If there were Earthen Immortals defending Nine Firmaments Palace, it would be very hard for Chen Feng to flee, even after utilizing the Longevity Tower.

“Chen Feng, make your move.” The final enforcer stepped forward, a smile on his face.

“Make my move? Yes, it is time I make my move,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand. The Blood Mustering Bead flew out and several suction forces moved to envelop the four enforcers.

“What, a Dao artefact?! No!”

The four enforcers only had enough time for one scream before the Blood Mustering Bead devoured them all. Next, the bloody pool inside spun as it began refining them.

Hopefully, absorbing more blood energy will hasten its ability to produce Profound Blood Fruits, Chen Feng thought.

“Kid, I like this spatial-type Sacred artefact. I want to eat it,” Tower suddenly said.

That caught Chen Feng by surprise. It wasn’t just too long ago when Tower had sworn that he would only devour Immortal artefacts. At the very least, it had to be a high-grade Sacred artefact. Unexpectedly, Tower was finally incapable of holding himself back. Still, Chen feng did not object.

“Up to you. However, you will be responsible for taking me back to the Twospan Mountain Range,” Chen Feng said.

“That’s not an issue.” Next, the Longevity Tower broke space and began jumping through the void. It did not take long for Chen Feng to return to the very spot that he was standing before he was sucked into the Spatial Battlefield.

They are all gone. Looks like they could not wait any longer. That’s fine. At any rate, I don’t have anything else going on. I will stay here and cultivate myself for a moment. Chen Feng was in no hurry to leave the Twospan Mountain Range. Instead, he found himself a hidden cave and entered a cultivation retreat.

The Central Plains.

Within a secret outpost belonging to Killer Palace…

A middle-aged man in grey robes put down the jade talisman in his hand. “The mission to kill Chen Feng, who is in the Twospan Mountain Range, has failed. Those in the Northern Plains inform us that Nine Firmaments Palace have increased the reward. They want us to kill off Chen Feng in one month.”

“Impossible. That amount of time is too short. According to the information we obtained, Chen Feng should still be in the Twospan Mountain Range. That place spans a length of 50,000 kilometres. It will not be easy to find a cultivator who possesses Sacred artefacts in such a place.” A young man in cyan-coloured combat armour shook his head.

“He he, that is correct. Besides, this Chen Feng is not to be underestimated. It is highly likely that there is an expert backing him up, otherwise how could he have charged all the way from the Northern Plains to the Central Plains? It is a long journey.” The one who spoke up this time was a beautiful female cultivator in red robes.

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