Chapter 561 Spatial Shift


“Capture the Human Immortals!” Every one of the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction shouted loudly and their aura charged skywards. The sword intent they released were so thick that the two Human Immortals found their hearts trembling. 

To Chen Feng’s surprise, a sword intent rose up from Liu Huai’s body as well. A semi-transparent sword silhouette charged out from his body while the round hammer in his hand disappeared.

“Such sword intent! It is very powerful. As expected of the Heavenly Sword Faction, the aura of its cultivators is in no way inferior compared to that of Sword Hall.” Chen Feng nodded his head as he displayed his power of darkness. His figure disappeared, leaving neither a trace of his aura nor a sign of his existence behind. It was as though he had never appeared there.

“Humph!” Flames raged across the Firemeld Grotto Master’s body, causing the surrounding temperature to rise several folds and the hard rocks on the ground were scorched.

Next, the Firemeld Grotto Master abruptly swung his flaming palm out to slap at a certain point in the air. The void space there collapsed as he blocked the sword attack that Chen Feng had unleashed against him.

This fellow is quite the extraordinary character. He could actually block an attack from the Death Sword. He must have fused a Sacred artefact with his hand, Chen Feng thought. He did not stop. Instead, his body turned invisible once more as he dodged the incoming attacks from the Firemeld Grotto Master. After that, Chen Feng attacked the Firemeld Grotto Master from a different direction. He displayed his Longevity Sword Technique to hold the Firemeld Grotto Master down for a brief moment.

“A good chance! Half-step Human Immortals! Come with me and attack him together!” Seeing Chen Feng confronting the Human Immortal, Liu Huai’s eyes lit up. He waved his hand forward and his sword radiated a flowing light to form a semi-transparent sword silhouette, which shot towards the Firemeld Grotto Master.

At the same time, several of the half-step Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction attacked as well. Each of them brought out their magic treasures to display their killer moves. The formidable combat puppets, on the other hand, made use of their speed to surround the Firemeld Grotto Master.

For an instant, the pressure bearing down on the Firemeld Grotto Master increased greatly. Due to his flustered state, Chen Feng was able to break through his defence and land a slash on his body. Although it was only a minor wound, the vitality of his flesh began dispersing outwards. In just a flash, his healthy muscles had withered. This was the prowess of the Death Sword. 

“The aura of death!” A hint of fear flashed across the Firemeld Grotto Master’s eyes. He wanted to flee. Failing to do so might actually cause him to fall here.

“Blazing Fire Grotto!”

The Firemeld Grotto Master finally went all out. He displayed his strongest move and his whole body became like an erupting volcano. Streams of flames burst out and the surrounding half-step Human Immortals were forced to dodge the flames. Even the durable combat puppets began melting to the flames.

Human Immortals are truly not to be underestimated. Their power is on a whole other level compared to Sky Human stage cultivators. As Chen Feng had tempered his body with the lightning pool to a highly durable level, he could withstand this level of flames.


A combat puppet was struck by the stream of flames and was utterly melted.


Another half-step Human Immortal was struck and his whole body was set on fire. He rolled on the ground. However, it would appear that he was already on the verge of dying.

“Illusion attack!” Chen Feng’s eyes turned dark and an invisible ripple flew towards the Firemeld Grotto Master.

Hopefully, it will be of use.

As expected, the Firemeld Grotto Master ended up faltering for a moment. That one moment, just half a blink’s worth of a moment, was utilized by Chen Feng as a sword descended and an arm was severed. With a beckoning wave, Chen Feng collected the arm. This was the arm of a Human Immortal. The essence contained within could be used to concoct out highly supplementary pills. It was only natural for Chen Feng to not miss out on something like this.


After recollecting himself, the Firemeld Grotto Master saw that one of his arms had been severed and he howled. No matter how you cut it, he was a Human Immortal. After entering the Human Immortal stage, a cultivator was no longer in the same realm as mortals. And yet, a bunch of mortals had besieged him. Moreover, an unassuming kid had actually severed his arm. Thus, the rage in his heart began soaring.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

However, the attacks from Liu Huai and the others had arrived. More noteworthy were the attacks from the physically formidable combat puppets. Like sledge hammers, their attacks smashed down against the Firemeld Grotto Master’s body.


He was beaten up to the point of puking blood before he could even vent his rage. Who knows just how many of his bones were broken by the attacks?

“Kill the Human Immortal! Snatch his blood essence! Concoct medicinal pills!”

“Kill the Human Immortal! Snatch his magic treasures! Bring him back to the sect!”

The Firemeld Grotto Master was already injured and every one of the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction clamoured as they continued to attack. Some of the half-step Human Immortals unleashed their strongest attacks against him.


Another sword slash from Chen Feng landed on the Firemeld Grotto Master’s body, causing him to stagger. He could feel his vitality flowing away rapidly. Next, Chen Feng rushed forward to unleash a Storm of Sword Beams move to blast the Firemeld Grotto Master away.

Next up, magic treasures encompassed the sky to inundate the Firemeld Grotto Master.

Seeing the wretched state that the Firemeld Grotto Master was in, the face of the Great Manager of Blackwind Stronghold turned extremely ugly to behold. He had joined forces with the Firemeld Grotto Master this time in order to kill off all the disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction. Unexpectedly, this would happen. Should he linger, there was a high chance that he would lose his life here. Granted, running away now meant that all his hard work would be gone and all his subordinates would either be killed or forced to run away. However, if it was any consolation, he had already collected all the cultivation materials kept within this place.

“You want to flee? Not so quick!” Chen Feng rushed towards the Great Manager and he fought alongside the combat puppets besieging the Great Manager. After a few rounds, the Great Manager ended up suffering from a good number of serious wounds. After that, Chen Feng utilized the Blood Mustering Bead to suck the Great Manager into its space. The present Chen Feng was already much stronger than before. Thus, he was better able to mobilize the Blood Mustering Bead’s power.

Soon enough, the wounded Great Manager ended up getting suppressed within the Blood Mustering Bead. Chen Feng planned on refining him once he had the time. This was a Human Immortal. All else aside, just the blood essence on him was enough to concoct out some highly supplementary medicinal pills. It could also be used to increase the power of the bloody pool within the Blood Mustering Bead. 

“What?” Seeing Chen Feng suddenly capture a Human Immortal using a bead, everyone there grew astounded. The Firemeld Grotto Master became extremely terrified and his figure dashed across the sky as he attempted to flee.

However, due to his injuries, he could no longer put up a good fight against the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction. Add the formidable combat puppets into the equation, it did not take long for them to beat the Firemeld Grotto Master until he was on the verge of dying. After that, they suppressed and locked him up. They would bring him back to the sect to deal with.

With the two Human Immortals suppressed, the other bandits from Blackwind Stronghold lost the will to resist. They would either flee or be captured.

Finally, everyone entered Blackwind Stronghold’s headquarters and searched high and low only to find some low-level cultivation materials. Thus, they cast furtive glances at Chen Feng. No questions were needed to know that the treasures kept in the headquarters were most likely with the Great Manager, whom Chen Feng had sucked away. Although they all had the same opinion on the matter, none of them said a word about it. At any rate, were it not for Chen Feng’s assistance, many more of them would have died.

“We have taken care of the Firemeld Grotto Master. At present, there are no Human Immortals defending Firemeld Grotto. They are also leaderless. This is the best time to clean them up. We’ll leave some disciples here to tie up loose ends. The others, move out!” Liu Huai spoke up to break the silence.

Thus, the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction charged towards Firemeld Grotto with great fanfare. Chen Feng smiled to himself and said nothing. However, he was thinking. These fellows sure know how to conduct themselves. If they had spoken up and asked me for the items, I would probably have to reconsider joining Heavenly Sword Faction.

When they reached Firemeld Grotto, they discovered that the bandits there were in the process of fleeing. They must have obtained the news in advance. Even so, the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction were still able to surround them. After a round of slaughter and beatdown, they cleaned up all the cultivation materials inside the treasure hoard.

“We managed to gain a huge harvest this time around. When we return to the sect, we will be greatly rewarded,” Liu Wenlong said happily.

“Heartless Heaven Sect has suffered from a major loss. They will never let this slide. We should hurry back to the sect.”

“No rush. I suggest sweeping the other bandit nests of Twospan Mountain Range. These bandits have looted who knows how many treasures. This is a good opportunity.”

“No, this place is not to be trifled with. Not only are there formidable loose Human Immortals, there are also Yao Kings. At present, our most important objective is to leave the Twospan Mountain Range and return to the sect. There, we will receive further instructions from the sect.”

“Humph! What is there to fear?”

“Do not forget, our sect is currently at war with Heartless Heaven Sect. We are the reinforcements. We cannot waste our time here.”

“Enough quarrelling. We’ll follow the instructions given by the sect. Now, let’s leave the Twospan Mountain Range,” Liu Huai said.

“Eh?” Chen Feng squinted as everything before him suddenly disappeared and he found himself in a completely unfamiliar place.

Spatial shift. I was the only target. I wonder who did this? Chen Feng revealed a façade of calmness while secretly standing on guard. His Magic Eyes of Darkness, too, activated.

A Spatial Battlefield. This is a good magic treasure. After analysing his surroundings, Chen Feng grew shocked. He was standing on a simplistic and spacious platform while his surroundings were completely turbid. He could actually sense spatial turbulences around him.

The Spatial Battlefield was a spatial-type, restraining magic treasure. It was something that Chen Feng had only heard of in the past. It was capable of forcibly sucking its target into it.

“Sacred artefact!” Chen Feng mumbled coolly. He was truly shocked. He could not even put up a response before this magic treasure sucked him in earlier.

Four cultivators appeared around the platform simultaneously and they revealed scornful smiles at Chen Feng. Although they were not attacking, the aura that they were radiating caused Chen Feng’s eyes to narrow.

All four of them were at level 8 of the Sky Human stage.

“What?” Chen Feng’s sudden disappearance stunned Jian Xiaotian and the others.

“What just happened?” Jian Xiaotian brought out a piece of jade and activated it. However, there was no response.

“Someone must have used their magic powers to shift him away,” Liu Huai said grimly, his face contorted to the extreme.

“Spatial shift?!” Jian Xiaotian was taken aback. “Surely, the other party does not have any ill intentions? If they did, they could have simply attacked.”

“I remember a magic treasure capable of this,” Liu Huai suddenly said.

“Could it be the Spatial Battlefield?” Wang Bao blurted.

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