Chapter 560 Besieging Human Immortals


Back when Chen Feng was attacking Blackwind Stronghold’s second biggest outpost, he’d had to utilize the Four-sided Spirit Mace to succeed. At present, however, they were facing Blackwind Stronghold’s headquarters. The barrier protecting it was more powerful and there was even a Human Immortal defending the place. And yet, the barrier was destroyed in just a short moment. Seeing the display of might from the combat puppets, Chen Feng could not stop the sweat from oozing out from his body.

“Tower, how strong of a puppet can I craft with that Puppet Crafting Technique that I obtained?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“The manual in your possession is an Earthen-tier crafting technique. The strongest combat puppet you can craft out will have the strength of a half-step Human Immortal. It would be impossible for it to reach the strength of a Human Immortal. Naturally, with enough materials, I can do something to make the combat puppets even stronger,” Tower replied with a chortle.

“You have knowledge on crafting puppets as well?” Chen Feng asked.

“I have never studied it before. However, when your cultivation base has reached a high enough level, you will understand. A magic technique can be used for myriad purposes. Given my current level, I can increase the combat prowess of the puppets created just by casually engraving some runes on them,” Tower said nonchalantly.

“If I can craft out a high number of Human Immortal stage combat puppets, wouldn’t I be able to flatten Nine Firmaments Palace when I return to the Northern Plains?” The thought suddenly flashed through Chen Feng’s mind.

“Not a bad idea. In truth, however, it will be very difficult to accomplish. You are already lacking the materials needed to craft the combat puppets. Naturally, crafting one or two of such puppets will not be an issue.”

“Crafting out two Human Immortal stage combat puppets to serve as bodyguards is not bad.” Chen Feng’s heart stirred.

“Hey, the puppets you are talking about are just the lowest types of combat puppets. They can only utilize their speed and incredible might to attack. When you think about it, they are just non-living weapons, incapable of comparing against living cultivators. Some of the high-level puppet crafting techniques are capable of refining puppets into true magic treasures. Some could even end up giving birth to artefact spirits. When facing their enemies, these puppets would be capable of unleashing various types of attacks. They possess wisdom and are capable of their own thought processes, no different from humans,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“Such combat puppets exist? Possessing wisdom, isn’t that the same as attaining spirituality? For magic treasures, they will need to be at least at the Sacred tier to achieve that, right?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“Of course, they exist. I have seen them before. However, I am uncertain as to how exactly they were crafted. You will likely see them after you go to the Immortal Plane,” Tower said.

As Chen Feng was chatting with Tower, the bandits of Blackwind Stronghold had begun fighting back. Tens to hundreds of bandits would besiege one combat puppet. Their fight caused the mountain to collapse and the ground to crack. The sun seemingly stopped shining as the mountain housing the bandit headquarters was flattened.

A pity, I won’t be able to obtain the cultivation materials here. Chen Feng sighed. As that was the case, he decided not to take action.

Even so, Chen Feng had still utilized his eye technique to observe the battle. He could see that the Great Manager of Blackwind Stronghold, the Human Immortal, had yet to reveal himself.

“His lair is already falling, but he is still not showing up. There must be a scheme here,” Chen Feng said smilingly.


A loud booming sound rang out and one of the combat puppets that was in the midst of battle exploded into pieces. Next, a sphere of sword light swept across the sky and another combat puppet was shredded into pieces.

“Impressive, as expected of a Human Immortal. He could finish off two of the combat puppets the moment he took action.” Chen Feng was stunned. As he had fought one of the combat puppets before, he knew all too well just how formidable those combat puppets were.

“Retreat! Combat puppets, attack him!” the gaunt old man shouted, releasing another 50 combat puppets out. After appearing, the combat puppets said nothing as the runes on their cold bodies flashed ceaselessly to radiate a formidable combat power.

These newly-released combat puppets rapidly moved forward to form a circle around the Great Manager of Blackwind Stronghold before attacking him.

However, the gaunt old man was still too slow. The opponent was a Human Immortal, after all. After shredding the two combat puppets, his figure fluttered forward and some of the disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction who were attacking the bandits fell.

“Attack, kill this Human Immortal!” Wang Bo and the others charged forward.

Two half-step Human Immortals and tens of combat puppets should be sufficient to kill off a Human Immortal. However, they would first need to surround him.

Although the Great Manager of Blackwind Stronghold was just a starter-level Human Immortal, he had already comprehended some immortal dao laws. Thus, killing him with those combat puppets alone was still a difficult feat. He would constantly send the combat puppets flying; he even managed to inflict some serious wounds on Wang Bao and the other half-step Human Immortal. 

As expected, the difference between half-step Human Immortals and a full-fledged Human Immortal is just too big. Without the containment efforts from the combat puppets, Wang Bao and the other fellow would have died to the Human Immortal, Chen Feng thought.

Something isn’t right here. Although this Great Manager is a Human Immortal, he is definitely no match for all the cultivators here. Does he have the confidence to escape after killing some of them? Or is he planning something here? Chen Feng stared intently at the Human Immortal. The past Chen Feng would have been incapable of clearly inspecting a Human Immortal’s actions. However, things were different now. He had refined the Fiery Eyes. Additionally, thanks to the Dark Kirin’s assistance, he had also cultivated out the Magic Eyes of Darkness. Due to that, Chen Feng’s eye technique had reached an extremely powerful level, enabling him to clearly see every move made by the Human Immortal.

Something is definitely amiss. There is not a single hint of panic on his face. He is also not trying to escape. Is he truly planning something? Chen Feng could sense something afoot.

Chen Feng used his Magic Eyes of Darkness to look around. Suddenly, a cultivator from Heavenly Sword Faction fell to the ground without making a sound. He never got up again.

I knew it. There are people lurking in the dark. Chen Feng’s right eye spun and a stream of flames – resembling a sharp arrow – shot into the void space there. As expected, the flames were quickly extinguished. However, the hidden cultivator’s existence was exposed.

“There is a hidden attacker!” Liu Huai and the others were quick to react. Their faces sank sharply as they finally noticed that more than 10 cultivators on their side have fallen.

“Get into formation! Kill!” Liu Huai shouted as he brought out a round hammer that was covered in runes. Taking the lead, he swung at the fluctuating void space that the hidden attacker was hiding in. The runes on the round hammer shone with a dazzling light as it struck the void space there. It was as though he had slammed the hammer against a pool of water and the space there cracked. 

This old man is actually a strength-type cultivator! Chen Feng was stunned. That one hammer swing from him was enough for Chen Feng to determine that the old man was physically stronger than him. Add the enhancing effects of the runes on the round hammer, his swing could have easily flattened a great mountain.

However, that hammer swing was blocked by a pale and seemingly slender hand. A scholarly, refined-looking middle-aged man appeared before them.

This person was the hidden attacker. He was the one who had killed the ten plus cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction.

“Firemeld Grotto Master! You are a Human Immortal after all. Lurking around to sneakily attack others, are you not ashamed of yourself?” Liu Wenlong shouted.

Liu Wenlong was only a Sky Human stage cultivator, someone far weaker compared to this middle-aged scholar. However, he had learned up about some of the forces in Twospan Mountain Range before coming over. Seeing the middle-aged scholar, he was quick to identity him.

“We are the bandits of Twospan Mountain Range. Shame and honour mean nothing to us. All that matters is how to survive. Your Heavenly Sword Faction has come to trouble our Twospan Mountain Range many times before. This action of mine is hardly overboard,” the Firemeld Grotto Master said in a refined and nonchalant manner.

“What a farce! The bandits of Twospan Mountain Range? You are the forces that Heartless Heaven Sect is cultivating. You two are the Human Immortal disciples of Heartless Heaven Sect. And yet, you could still spout off such words? You are even executing sneak attacks on your juniors. You really are shameless.” Liu Wenlong laughed.

“Senior brother, don’t be angry. This has always been Heartless Heaven Sect’s way. It is not as though we don’t know that,” Jian Xiaotian chimed in, laughing as well.

“Yes, yes. There is no point quarrelling with these scoundrels. So what if they are Human Immortals? Today, we will capture them back and let those from the Central Plains see the elite bandits that Heartless Heaven Sect is cultivating here in the Twospan Mountain Range.” Liu Wenlong kept shooting barbed words at the other party.

Liu Wenlong and Jian Xiaotian spoke in concord with one another using extremely barbed words. When the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction heard them, they all laughed loudly. Although the Firemeld Grotto Master was a Human Immortal, this was still enough to cause his face to contort again and again. It was most ugly to behold.


The Firemeld Grotto Master’s long sleeve swung and several chilling motes of light flashed out. Next, several cultivators standing in front of him fell down. After that, the Firemeld Grotto Master’s figure darted forward. He dashed through the crowd of cultivators and spread his hands, aiming to grasp Jian Xiaotian and Liu Wenlong respectively.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng finally took action. His pair of eyes turned dark as his pupils spun. The power of darkness surged and countless rays of dark luminescence, chilling in quality, pierced through the air to attack the Firemeld Grotto Master.

“Power of darkness!” The Firemeld Grotto Master was shocked. Realizing how powerful the attack was, both his outstretched hand rapidly enclosed before rapidly blasting out again to shatter Chen Feng’s attack.

By then, however, Chen Feng’s next attack had arrived. The Twin Swords of Life and Death intersected one another as they sped forward, causing the surrounding space to turn viscous.

“Grade 6 Sacred artefacts!” The Firemeld Grotto Master was astounded. A fiery-red light shone from his body as he retreated. Although he was a Human Immortal, he was just a starter-level Human Immortal. He was not confident in his ability to block the attack from the two Sacred artefacts.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

It was then that the combat puppets rushed forward again. They surrounded the Firemeld Grotto Master and unleashed a series of attacks. The runes on their bodies kept flashing and they displayed a type of secret offensive technique.

“Brother Chen, please help us kill these two Human Immortals!” Jian Xiaotian shouted. He was unable to stand seeing his fellow disciples falling one after another. 

“I’ll do my best.” Without using the Longevity Tower, it would be very difficult to kill off the two Human Immortals. Still, by relying on his magic treasures, he should be able to hold them down for a time. Given the amount of power their side could field, as long as he could hold the two Human Immortals down, killing the two should not be an issue.

“In the past wars, Human Immortals would not have casually intervened. To think that Heartless Heaven Sect would actually send Human Immortals to kill our Heavenly Sword Faction’s disciples. Once we have captured you fellows, we will announce this to the whole world. Your Heartless Heaven Sect has broken the rules. I want to see how you survive in the future,” Liu Huai said icily.

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