Chapter 556 Assassin


“Despicable! Just not too long ago, Heavenly Sword Faction sent their men to kill many cultivators in the Twospan Mountain Range. And now, they’re attacking again? Not to mention, they are targeting our Blackwind Stronghold, raiding two of our outposts. We cannot let this slide.”

“That’s right! Just because they are disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction, does that give them the right to swagger on us? It is not as though we have never killed disciples from those sects.”

“Enough, say no more. Right now, we can only be certain that one of them is a disciple of Heavenly Sword Faction. We are still uncertain about the other one. Still, we must repay them for this, otherwise it will be difficult for us to continue working here in the Twospan Mountain Range. Since we cannot find the young cultivator, we’ll turn to look for the other cultivator. Even if there are disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction here, I must kill them all!” the Great Manager said icily.

“Yes! It doesn’t matter who the other party may be. Since they dared offend our Blackwind Stronghold, they must pay the price!” the other managers of Blackwind Stronghold shouted.

Chen Feng spent one month training within the Longevity Tower’s lightning pool and his cultivation base grew again. He kept getting the feeling that time was moving quickly. In the past, when he had yet to enter the Concealed stage, one or two days of bitter training was already quite good for him. At that moment, however, a casual cultivation retreat or attempt to study something could take between ten days to half a month.

After cultivating himself for a month, Chen Feng emerged. When he realized how much time had passed, he grew shocked.

I actually spent one month on my cultivation session. Time to head to Blackwind Stronghold’s headquarters. However, they are probably well-prepared. I will have to exercise caution, Chen Feng thought.

Chen Feng did not choose to fly. Instead, he walked alone through the mountains of the Twospan Mountain Range. Along the way, he encountered some other cultivators, bandits and yao beasts. He also acquired information about himself. Some of the bandit gangs in the Twospan Mountain Range had joined forces in order to capture a young cultivator. Hearing that, Chen Feng instantly figured that it was him.

Unexpectedly, the bandits here in the Twospan Mountain Range possess such a great deal of power. The Northern Plains and the Central Plains are two great regions. Did they never send their forces here to wipe out the bandits? Chen Feng shook his head.


Suddenly, Chen Feng heard something. It was as though someone was using a pair of scissors to cut a piece of cloth. Chen Feng jerked to attention and he instantly knew what was happening. Both his feet stamped down, causing cracks to appear on the ground. Next, Chen Feng’s figure slipped into the cracks, disappearing from sight.

A sword cultivator in white billowing robes abruptly emerged from the void and a dark, shineless sword was thrust into the cracks.

“Fire Burst!”

The cultivator shouted and the dark sword released surging flames, which became like a wyrm as they charged into the cracks.


The explosion caused the cracks to go deeper. It went so far down that it seemed as though magma would burst out from the ground.

However, the white-clad cultivator’s face turned grim when he saw that. His eyes shone with light as he darted to the side. Next, the ground erupted with a boom as Chen Feng burst out from the ground to throw a punch at the white-clad cultivator.


Suddenly, the white-clad cultivator disappeared, seemingly having utilized a stealth technique. Or perhaps, he had utilized a void technique to slip into the void. In just a brief moment, Chen Feng had lost track of his aura and whereabouts.

Impressive. He must be an expert from an assassin organization. His stealth technique is very strong. Chen Feng was shocked. However, he smiled as he channelled the Dark Scripture. Next, his Void and Dark acupoints activated and his divine sense became like a tidal wave to spread into his surroundings.


Chen Feng spun furiously and his hand shot out to grab a sharp sword. After that, streams of overwhelming power surged through the sword.


The white-clad cultivator grunted and his figure re-appeared. However, he continued to grip his sword. That was not all, the sword vibrated and streams of sword energy became like raging rivers desirous of breaking down a dam as they swirled and converged. Then, the sword energy exploded.

As Chen Feng was still gripping the sword, blood ended up trickling down from his palm. However, he swung his hand forward to unleash the Great Longevity Palm, which charged towards the white-clad cultivator.


The white-clad cultivator’s figure flashed, disappearing from sight once more. Seeing that, Chen Feng was stunned. Although he had yet to overcome his Lightning Tribulation, the might of his fleshly body alone could already exert a force of nearly 5 million kilogrammes. It would not be an exaggeration to say that one charge from his body could topple a small mountain. Additionally, after the tempering process from the youngster in black armour, Chen Feng’s strength had risen to an unbelievable point. By utilizing the primary energy and magic treasures in his insight acupoints to enhance his strength, Chen Feng could truly move mountains and fill the seas. And yet, he had failed to knock the opponent’s sword away. Instead, the opponent had actually managed to wound his hand.


Chen Feng spread his hands out and his domain power unfurled. A sword was revealed, stuck before Chen Feng. Bolts of lightning coursed through the tip of the sword as it attempted to break through the domain power protecting Chen Feng.


The power of wind and lightning charged out to strike the sword and the sword, capable of remaining unmoved in the face of a force of millions of jin, was sent flying.

“The power of tribulation wind and tribulation lightning! How is this possible?” The white-clad cultivator’s face sank sharply. His body shook visibly as he kept backing away. He didn’t even bother trying to collect his sword.

Chen Feng made use of this opportunity, taking large steps forward as his domain power formed a shining fist silhouette. Next, the fist silhouette smashed towards the white-clad cultivator.

However, a sword silently emerged from the ground, becoming like a poisonous snake as it stabbed Chen Feng from behind.

The sword moved carefully, not revealing any signs of its existence. It did not even give off any emanations and Chen Feng was only able to notice it when it made contact with his skin.

There are others. I was careless. Chen Feng sighed to himself. With a thought, the demonic artefact, Bloody Soul, flew out from his East Extreme acupoint to smash the sword away.


A loud banging sound rang out and Chen Feng’s earlier attack was affected, thereby allowing the white-clad cultivator to dodge the attack. 

Shua! Shua!

The white-clad cultivator slipped underground. Together with the other hidden cultivator, their existences silently faded away. It was as though they had never appeared before. However, Chen Feng felt a chilling sensation gripping him.

My cultivation base has risen very quickly recently and I became careless. I am invincible amongst those in the Concealed stage. However, I am far from that when compared to those in the Sky Human stage. Chen Feng smiled bitterly.

“It’s good that you are aware of that. Without using Sacred artefacts, it will be quite difficult to finish them off,” Tower said with a grin.

“I’ll have to give it a try.” Chen Feng smiled. It had been a long time since his last encounter with opponents that could give him this level of pressure. Thus, Chen Feng felt excited.

“Who are you fellows?” Chen Feng asked aloud.

The other party did not answer him. However, Chen Feng could sense them preparing for an attack.

Chen Feng empowered the Thousand Seeker Mirror and every detail of his surroundings appeared within his sea of wisdom. Even the areas deep underground, tens of metres deep, could not escape Chen Feng’s senses.

“There are only two fellows, both at level 6 of the Sky Human stage. They are not to be underestimated. Even in the past, I would have been able to easily deal with cultivators at this level. However, even though my cultivation base has risen considerably, they could still wound me with their attacks. Looks like this world is not to be underestimated,” said Chen Feng as he smiled.

Chen Feng had uttered those words aloud. When the two cultivators hiding in the dark heard him, they nearly swore. These two fellows had gained a thorough understanding of Chen Feng’s cultivation state beforehand. They knew that Chen Feng was a cultivator who relied on his magic treasures to defend himself. They had originally believed that they were already thinking highly of him by sending forth two level 6 Sky Human stage cultivators after him. However, judging by Chen Feng’s words, he simply did not view them as a threat. Moreover, after their earlier confrontation with Chen Feng, they could indeed see that Chen Feng was a formidable character, far more formidable than the information given to them. More importantly, Chen Feng had yet to utilize his Sacred artefacts.

“Come out, your stealth technique is useless against me,” said Chen Feng, who waved his hand to send two sword beams out. The two sword beams streaked towards the white-clad cultivator, one from the left and one from the right. At the same time, Chen Feng used his other hand to grip Bloody Soul and thrust it down the ground. A bloody light pierced its way into the ground, making its way through the soil to attack the other cultivator who was hiding underground.

“This fellow is not easy to deal with. Looks like we’ll have to utilize a sword array.”

“Alright. Let’s use the Twin Devices Sword Array.”

Sou! Sou!

Two young sword cultivators, one in black and one in white, appeared in quick succession before Chen Feng. The white-clad cultivator wielded a black sword while the black-clad cultivator wielded a white sword. The aura radiating from their bodies began spreading out simultaneously. One yin, one yang; one cold, one hot. It caused a change to come over their surroundings.

“Judging by your offensive techniques, you two are probably not from Sword Hall. Besides, there isn’t a big grudge between me and those from Sword Hall. If so, there is only one other place, Killer Palace. I believe Nine Firmaments Palace must be the one who requested your services, right?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“You don’t need to know who we are, because you are about to die.” The white-clad cultivator smiled and raised his hand. Next, a black sword light flew towards Chen Feng.


The black-clad cultivator made his move as well. Similarly, he too, fired out a beam of sword light, white in colour.

As Chen Feng was feeling puzzled, the two sword beams merged as one to form the yin yang symbol, which then descended upon Chen Feng. At the same time, the two cultivators rushed forward, one following the other, displaying their sword techniques to attack Chen Feng.

The two of them stopped relying on their stealth techniques and instead displayed an open style of attack. Seeing that, the desire to do battle rose up from Chen Feng’s heart.

“Twin Devices Sword Array? Behold, my Longevity Sword Technique!” Chen Feng kept the lance and brought out the Fire Wyrm Sword to display the Longevity Sord Technique.

Spiralling Sword Beam!

Explosion of Wind and Lightning! Exploding Sword Beam!

Slicing Sword Beams!

Storm of Sword Beams!

Chen Feng displayed out the killer moves from the Longevity Scripture and also the killer moves that he had comprehended. Sword beams reigned and energy waves swept out. The surrounding rocks and vegetation were destroyed. It was difficult to see how their fight was developing.

“Twin devices transform into a dragon!”

Two massive wyrms, one black and one white, opened their jaws as they chomped down on Chen Feng. The two wyrms were formed completely from sword energy. Should Chen Feng fail to deal with them, he would be shredded to pieces.

“Storm of Sword Beams!”

The Storm of Sword Beams move swept outwards to slice the two wyrms into pieces. Next, Chen Feng kicked the ground and dashed towards the black-clad cultivator. Lightning coursed through his hand to reveal a dazzling lightning luminescence.

That was no ordinary power of lightning. Rather, it was the tribulation lightning that Chen Feng would normally use to cultivate himself in the lightning pool. At that moment, he had condensed out the lightning for an attack. Although the bolts of lightning were already diluted, they were still not something that Sky Human stage cultivators could defend against.


1 jin = 0.5 kg

Note: Yes, Killer Palace is used here instead of Assassin Palace. There is a reason for that.

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