Chapter 555 Tribulation Powers of Wind and Lightning


A good Sacred artefact. This is far stronger compared to my Immortal-binding Rope. Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. He had originally planned on using a sword to cut the golden ropes. However, after sensing the power swirling ceaselessly around him, Chen Feng changed his mind. He decided to take the eight golden ropes as his own.

“Bind!” The Third Manager waved his hand and the eight golden ropes became like golden snakes. They condensed out the power of space and moved to surround Chen Feng.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The golden ropes were very fast. Before Chen Feng could even respond, the ropes had tightly bound him. Seeing that stunned Chen Feng. He had not let his guard down earlier, nor was he being careless. And yet, he had utterly failed to stop this move.

“Grade 3 Sacred artefact,” Chen Feng muttered those words.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Kid, weren’t you showing off earlier? But now, you are ours!”

“Humph! And here I was, wondering how powerful he is. Unexpectedly, after seeing our Eight Lines Golden Rope Array, he ended up getting shocked senseless. He can’t even move before getting tied up.”

“What’s the big deal about possessing a Sacred artefact? In the face of our Sacred artefact, you will still be captured!” 

“Kid, hurry up and tell us where you are from? Which sect? Which force dares to come raise a ruckus here?”

“Enough with the nonsense. Who cares where he is from? We’ll have him undergo a slow and painful death! He has killed so many of our fellow brothers and sisters. Death will be a luxury for him.”

Seeing Chen Feng captured, all the bandits there clamoured joyfully in surprise. One after another, they grew emboldened as they moved forward to point at Chen Feng and shout at him.

“Tower, help me refine these ropes. Refine the Immortal-binding Rope into them as well,” Chen Feng secretly said to Tower.

“Easy-peasy,” Tower said, reaching out with his hand to abruptly perform a grasping move. Next, a suction force made its way through the void to fall upon the ropes tying Chen Feng up. The eight ropes that were in the midst of tightening suddenly loosened before merging together, transforming into a stream of light, which flowed into Tower’s hand. Next, Tower grasped again and Chen Feng’s Immortal-binding Rope – a grade 9 Prized artefact – flew over. Tower then flicked his finger and the Longevity Furnace appeared before him. After that, he tossed the Immortal-binding Rope and the golden ropes into the furnace, and he began to refine them.

The ropes binding Chen Feng disappeared and he became like an ancient demon god. Every strand of his aura erupted outwards and the Four-sided Spirit Mace in his hand swung out. The bandits who were surrounding Chen Feng cried out in misery as they were sent flying by a wide arcing attack. Chen Feng had been very meticulous in performing this attack, leading to not a single death from it. Instead, all of them were only grievously wounded to the point of coughing out blood. 

“Oh, no!” The Third Manager was quick to react. He had instantly fled the moment the ropes binding Chen Feng disappeared. By the time Chen Feng was done beating down the bandits around him, the Third Manager had already disappeared.

“Where are you going?!” Chen Feng furiously leapt upwards and he hurled the Four-sided Spirit Mace in his hand out. A rumbling sound rang out and the Third Manager, who was several li away from Chen Feng, cried out in pain as the Four-sided Spirit Mace smashed him down. A large crater was created due to the impact. Next, the Four-sided Spirit Mace exerted a suction force to bring the Third Manager back to Chen Feng.

“Don’t kill me,” the Third Manager begged.

“I can do that. Now, hand over all the treasures here,” Chen Feng said coolly.

The Third Manager gritted his teeth. “Very well, but you must not kill me.”

Next, the Third Manager readily handed over all the items in the outpost to Chen Feng. His unhesitating attitude surprised Chen Feng somewhat. However, he did not think too much about it. After taking all the items, he left.

However, after Chen Feng left, a faint sneer appeared on the Third Manager’s face.

“Third Bro, how did it go?” The space nearby shook and a cultivator in purple-gold robes appeared before the Third Manager.

“Second Bro, that fellow took everything away. However, the Tracking Talisman is also amongst the items. When will we take action? The fellow is just too much! He has raided two of our outposts.” The Third Manager’s face turned extremely ugly to behold.

“No rush. He is someone with a formidable cultivation base and an unknown background. Not even a Sacred artefact can handle him. Looks like we’ll have to summon all our experts to kill him.” The Second Manager’s face was also somewhat warped. If he could capture Chen Feng, he would not have hidden himself.

“I don’t recognize the youngster. Could he be from the Northern Plains?” 

“Humph! The Northern Plains don’t have such a formidable youngster. He might be the disciple of one of the old monstrous characters. Looks like we’ll have to call the boss.”

“Call the boss?” The Third Manager was shocked. “But the boss is currently in cultivation retreat.”

“There is no other option. This is the only thing we can do. The other party is too powerful and only the boss can handle him.”

At that moment, Chen Feng was seated on a smooth rock beside a small river. He stretched his hand out and an unassuming piece of jade appeared on his palm.

“Only this one?” Chen Feng whispered.

“Only this one.” Suddenly, light flashed before Chen Feng’s eyes and Tower’s human figure appeared before him. A boy with a dazzling smile stood there, looking at Chen Feng.

“You-” Due to the shock, Chen Feng nearly fell off the rock.

“Why did you come out?”

“Why can’t I come out? A pity, I cannot stay outside for long, otherwise some guys would be able to sense my existence. That would be very problematic.” Tower sat down and observed the flowing river. There was an indescribable look in his eyes.

“How many years has it been since I could truly look at the outside world?” Tower sighed and waved his hand. Next, the Longevity Tower flew out from Chen Feng’s glabella to hover above Tower’s palm.

Looking at the many cracks and marks on the surface of the Longevity Tower, Tower seemingly entered a dazed state. He seemed to be recalling how those cracks and marks came to be. It lasted for quite some time.

“Sigh! I still cannot stay outside for too long.” After saying that, Tower transformed back into a stream of light and entered the Longevity Tower, which then flew back into Chen Feng’s glabella.

“You are going back so quickly? I was just about to ask you what happened in the past,” Chen Feng said in a dissatisfied tone.

“Again I say, only after cultivating up to the Human Immortal stage will you have the qualifications to know,” Tower replied nonchalantly.

“Forget it. Let’s go train.” Chen Feng’s figure flashed and re-appeared inside the Longevity Tower. Next, he leapt into the lightning pool there.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Ferocious bolts of lightning immediately inundated Chen Feng. He was using Sky Lightning to temper his fleshly body.

“Not strong enough!” Chen Feng shouted.


A sphere of lightning fell into the lightning pool, causing the power of lightning within the pool to rise by 10 %.

“Sii!” Chen Feng nearly howled out. The hairs on his body stood erect as strands of lightning kept surging into his body, tempering both the interior and exterior parts of his flesh. Even his sea of wisdom was not exempted.

“Kid, temper yourself properly. Your power has risen too quickly. That is not a good thing.” Tower suddenly appeared beside the lightning pool and he raised his palm. A sphere of rapidly spinning wind appeared on his palm.

“What is that?” A foreboding sensation gripped Chen Feng.

“Oh, just a teensy bit of tribulation wind.” Tower then flipped his palm and the sphere of tribulation wind fell into the lightning pool.

Wind and lightning intersected and the churning movements of the lightning pool grew in intensity. The lightning powers within the lightning pool were already very ferocious to begin with. With the addition of the tribulation wind, their destructive power grew stronger. Every lightning current seemingly became a sharp blade, desirous of shredding Chen Feng’s flesh.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Several wounds appeared upon Chen Feng’s skin in but an instant. However, they quickly healed up. Even so, the attacks had managed to bring forth the body armour that Chen Feng was wearing. Seeing that, Chen Feng released a pulse to send the body armour out from his body and he relied solely on his own fleshly body to resist the wind and lightning powers within the lightning pool.

Those were not some average wind and lightning powers. Rather, they were tribulation wind and tribulation lightning that would only descend when Human Immortals were breaking through. They were one level stronger compared to the tribulation lightning that Sky Human stage cultivators had to face.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

Chen Feng gritted his teeth and endured tenaciously, allowing the wind and lightning powers to wound his body.


Finally, Chen Feng opened his mouth to spray out a stream of blood. He had suffered from internal damage.

“Enjoy yourself. If it is not strong enough, I have more here,” Tower said, extending his palm out. Various types of tribulation power swirled upon his palm, giving off a terrifying image.

However, Chen Feng ignored Tower. He was fully focused on enduring the wind and lightning powers. The intensity of the wind and lightning powers that Tower had set up was just right, pushing Chen Feng to his limits. Any more tribulation power and Chen Feng would have had to utilize his primary energy.


Three days later, several figures descended from the sky to land upon the rock that Chen Feng had been resting on. One of them was the Third Manager of Blackwind Stronghold. His face remained pale. Clearly, he had yet to fully recover from his wounds.

“It’s here. Why is there no one here?”

“No, the Tracking Talisman is here!” The Second Manager stepped forward to pick up a piece of jade that was left on the rock.

“Let me check.” One of them spoke up. Next, he spread out his soul power, which swiftly enveloped their surroundings and even the mountains around them. His soul power was astonishingly strong, capable of covering a radius of several li.

The others waited silently for the result. This person was the Great Manager of Blackwind Stronghold, a Human Immortal.

“There are no traces of the other party,” the Great Manager said.


The Third Manager fell to his knees, his face even paler than before. “Boss, please punish me. I was too careless.” 

“It’s not your fault. The other party is too cunning. Humph! I wonder where he is from. He actually dares make an enemy of Blackwind Stronghold? Relay the order, mobilize all our forces to find this person. Once you find him, report immediately. I will personally deal with him,” the Great Manager said with a grim tone.


Following the Great Manager’s order, Blackwind Stronghold mobilized all their forces, causing the already chaotic Twospan Mountain Range to become even more chaotic. Blackwind Stronghold’s activities also caught the attention of the other forces and loose cultivators.

Although Chen Feng had targeted two of Blackwind Stronghold’s major outposts, it was still a very powerful existence. Additionally, the other cultivators who were staying in the Twospan Mountain Range were also willing to show Blackwind Stronghold respect. Thus, it did not take long for them to find some information regarding Chen Feng.

“What? He really is a cultivator from Heavenly Sword Faction?” After receiving the news, the Second Manager grew shocked.

1 li = 0.5 km

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