Chapter 554 Eight Lines Golden Rope Array


“If you don’t want it, forget it. I’ll sell it off later,” Chen Feng replied, pursing his lips to the side as well.

Next, Chen Feng easily beat down all of the high-ranking bandits there before moving forward to place his foot on the Sixth Manager’s body.

“A famous bandit nest of the Twospan Mountain Range is so weak?” Chen Feng whispered.

“Kid, it doesn’t matter who you are. Now that you have offended our Blackwind Stronghold, you can forget about leaving Twospan Mountain Range. Our Great Manager is a Human Immortal,” the Sixth Manager threatened Chen Feng.

“A Human Immortal would become a bandit? You are just trying to scare me,” Chen Feng said, exerting force on his foot. The sound of bones cracking rang out and the Sixth Manager cried out miserably.

“Kid, give me your name!” the Sixth Manager shouted again.

“Even if I tell you, you won’t recognize the name.” Chen Feng shook his head. He then ignored the Sixth Manager and released his divine sense to search through the bandit nest. It did not take long for him to find the various cultivation materials that they had obtained from their plundering activities.

Heh! There are quite a number of items here. However, this is too messy. They also do not have much in terms of good items. Chen Feng shook his head. Even so, the smile on his face did not disappear.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

As Chen Feng was searching around, several items flew out from the mountain-like pile of cultivation materials before making their way into the Longevity Tower.

“I like these items,” Tower said coolly.

“Items that can catch your fancy will definitely be top-grade items.” Chen Feng could not stop himself from smiling. However, he did not say much about it. Waving his hand, the entire mountain-like pile of cultivation materials disappeared into the Longevity Tower.

“I’ll slowly sort them out when I have the time. Hopefully, I will be able to find some good items from this pile,” Chen Feng said, grinning.

By the time Chen Feng returned to the valley, all of the bandits had left the place. The sight of the empty valley and the buildings within it gave off a somewhat peculiar feeling.

“These fellows sure are fast at running away. Looks like it is time I head to the other two places.” After saying that, Chen Feng leapt into the sky to swiftly fly through the mountain range.

“What? What happened?” The teleportation array at the second major outpost for Blackwind Stronghold flashed out again and again all of a sudden and the Sixth Manager and the others appeared on the teleportation array.

Seeing that alarmed the Third Manager and the others. Quickly, they brought the Sixth Manager and the others out from the teleportation array. They asked them what happened while treating them.

“Sixth Bro, just what exactly happened? Did Firemeld Cave attack? That can’t be right. If it’s them, they would never let you fellows live. Did you fellows offend someone?” the Third Manager quickly asked.

“It was a young man. Just one. He wounded us all and took away everything within the outpost,” the Sixth Manager said, gnashing his teeth.

“What? He took everything away? Who is he?” The Third Manager’s face sank.

“I don’t know, but I think he will be coming here soon.”

“Did you offend him somehow?”

“Hey! We’re Blackwind Stronghold. How many people do you think we offend per day?”

“That’s true. Alright. You fellows focus on recovering quickly. I’ll go notify the others to get ready for a fight.”

“We should notify the boss and the others. This fellow is not easy to deal with. I was incapable of determining his cultivation state.”

“Could he be a Human Immortal? As long as he is not a Human Immortal, I will make it so he cannot leave this place.” After saying that, the Third Manager began gathering his subordinates to set up the defences.

This should be the place. To think that there are barriers here. Looks like there are experts amongst these bandits, Chen Feng thought. Then, he unleashed a mighty punch at the barrier.

The barrier shook. It was as though a massive water ball had appeared before Chen Feng. The punch that Chen Feng unleashed earlier contained a force of at least 2.5 million kilogrammes. And yet, it had failed to blast apart the barrier. All the force behind the punch spread out through the surface of the water ball before completely dissipating away.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Somewhere outside Chen Feng’s vision, some of the crystals used to set up the barriers had begun cracking. Due to that, however, Chen Feng’s action of attacking the barrier ended up alarming the bandits.

“This fellow is so fast!” The Third Manager had only just gathered his subordinates when he sensed the space shaking. He knew then that the enemy had arrived.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng unleashed several punches in a row and the force behind each punch was pushed up to 4 million kilogrammes. Despite that, he was still incapable of breaking the barrier. Due to the resulting vibrations, however, some of the weaker bandits inside the barrier began bleeding from their seven orifices before fainting. The trees and vegetation inside were torn apart as well.

“Looks like this won’t do. I will have to utilize a magic treasure for this.” Chen Feng grasped and the Four-sided Spirit Mace appeared in his grip and he used it to heavily smash the barrier.

“Oh, no! That’s a Sacred artefact!” The Third Manager was originally feeling somewhat confident in the barrier’s defence. However, seeing Chen Feng bring out the magic treasure, his confidence faltered.


The gargantuan force behind the impact caused the barrier to swell up. It was like an air bubble that a child was blowing. Finally, it erupted with a bang, breaking into countless fragments. All the spirit stones used as the foundation for the barrier were shattered. Additionally, the chaotic energy streams caused by the destruction of the barrier caused the ground and the space to explode.

The resulting shockwaves behind this move affected countless bandits and they wailed wretchedly as they fell to the ground to roll about.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Roaring sounds rang out and several yao beasts pounced upon Chen Feng even before the bandits could take action.

“Heh! This bandit nest actually has yao beasts serving as mountain guardians.” Chen Feng could not stop himself from chuckling. He then swung the Four-sided Spirit Mace, which roared forward to instantly smack one of the enormous yao beasts away. It then fell to the ground and there was no way to tell if it was dead or alive. That was with Chen Feng controlling his strength, otherwise the attack would have pulverized the yao beast entirely.


Chen Feng attacked again. This time, he simply slapped out with his palm to send an enormous, cyan-coloured wolf flying. However, even more yao beasts rushed forward. All of them were Great Yaos, some having developed magical powers. A raccoon-like yao beast was capable of firing out bolts of lightning by opening its mouth while a huge, multi-coloured tiger was capable of firing out sharp wind blades by swiping its tail.

However, Chen Feng grew irritated at them. The Four-sided Spirit Mace in his hand pulsed and the coercive atmosphere of a Sacred artefact spread out, causing all the creatures within a radius of several li to enter a state of shock and they all trembled. Every swing of the Four-sided Spirit Mace would send a yao beast flying. Finally, Chen Feng decided to take a more ruthless approach, killing several Great Yaos in a row. Seeing that, the other Great Yaos finally grew fearful. No matter how hard the bandits tried to control them, they could not stop the roaring yao beasts from fleeing the battle.

“Your turn.” Chen Feng descended from the sky and the Four-sided Spirit Mace in his hand slammed the ground to cause the earth to quake. A massive crater burst into existence before the bandits’ eyes. As for the surrounding buildings, many of them collapsed from the quake.

“Friend, just who are you? If our Blackwind Stronghold had somehow offended you, I ask that you be forgiving,” the Third Manager said loudly. He was secretly lamenting. The Sacred artefact that this youngster brought out was simply too overpowered. Even if he were to utilize his strongest moves, it would likely do nothing against the youngster.

“Forgiving you fellows is not out of the question. Hand over everything you fellows have plundered over the years and I can spare your lives,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Insolence! Who do you think you are? You think you are a big shot just because you possess a magic treasure? I want to see how much of its power you can bring out!” Hearing what Chen Feng said, a good number of the bandits there grew furious. Those items were the fruits of their bitter labour of plundering others. Giving those items up was the equivalent of taking their lives. Thus, several of them immediately chose to attack Chen Feng.

All of them were Sky Human stage cultivators. One of them brought out a feather fan and swung it to instantly create a great hurricane, which swept towards Chen Feng like a wyrm.


Chen Feng swung and the Four-sided Spirit Mace easily dispersed the hurricane. Next, Chen Feng’s hand abruptly grasped out and a flying sword, shining with chilling light, was caught in his grasp.


The bandit gnashed his teeth, wanting to blow up his lifebound magic treasure. This was the equivalent of cutting off an arm and a leg to kill off his enemy. The flying sword exploded and countless sword beams and sword fragments spread out.

However, when the explosion subsided, they all found that Chen Feng had disappeared. As for the bandit behind the explosion, his face grew pale and he moved to the side.


Chen Feng suddenly appeared before them all. With a swing from the Four-sided Spirit Mace, the bandit behind the explosion was pummelled away.

“Friend, please wait. Let’s talk about this!” the Third Manager shouted anxiously.

“Ha ha! You fellows were the ones who attacked me first earlier,” Chen Feng said, laughing.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, all of them swore inwardly. Chen Feng was obviously the one who had instigated this matter. And yet, he could actually say something like this?

“I have the authority to give you a few treasures. Friend, please stop for now. Let’s sit down and talk this through.” There was a smile on the Third Manager’s face.

“Oh, is that so? I wonder, what kind of treasures can you give me? However, if I kill all of you, wouldn’t everything here go to me?” Chen Feng grinned.

“I don’t think you would want to fight a life and death battle against us. As for the treasures, I am certain that they would satisfy you.” There was a cryptic light within the Third Manager’s eyes.

“Tell me about it, then,” Chen Feng said, interested.

“A Sacred artefact. As long as you retreat, I can give you a Sacred artefact,” the Third Manager said, gnashing his teeth.

“Too little,” Chen Feng said nonchalantly.

“I’ll add another bottle of Sky-tier medicinal pills.”

“Sky-tier medicinal pills? A bottle?” Chen Feng raised his brows before revealing a ridiculing smile. “Fine, show me the medicinal pills.”

“Friend, please wait. I will send someone to go get it,” the Third Manager hastily said.

“Ha ha ha, forget it! I say, are you not tired of this façade? After all that, the trap you are setting should be about done, no? Hurry up and do it!” Chen Feng finally could not hold back and he laughed.

The Third Manager’s face sank and a foreboding sensation rose up within him. However, he gritted his teeth and shouted, “Do it!”

Eight ropes, shining brightly with golden light, emerged from the ground to form a golden cage around Chen Feng.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! This Eight Lines Golden Rope Array of mine can even tie up a Human Immortal! I want to see how you plan on getting out! If you had attacked right from the start, I would have been in trouble. Now, you can just wait to get captured.” Seeing Chen Feng trapped inside the cage, the Third Manager instantly laughed. At the same time, he secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He knew all too well just how powerful the Eight Lines Golden Rope Array was.

1 li = 0.5 km

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