Chapter 553 Carving a Path into Blackwind Stronghold


As the number of wounds on Jian Xiaotian’s body was rising, a sword suddenly streaked through the sky. Circling around once, it killed off several of the cultivators besieging Jian Xiaotian.

“Greater Second Astrobear Sword! It is someone from my sect.” A look of surprise and joy flashed across Jian Xiaotian’s face.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The sword kept circling around. It was as though an invisible fellow was controlling the sword. The sword itself was a top-grade Prized artefact and every circle it made would kill off a cultivator. When the attacker finally appeared, all of the cultivators besieging Jian Xiaotian had fallen.

A tall cultivator appeared before Jian Xiaotian. With a beckoning hand, the sword transformed into a beam of sword light, which flew into his body.

“Senior Brother Liu!” Jian Xiaotian exclaimed.

“So, it’s Junior Brother Xiaotian. Didn’t you go to the Northern Plains? Why are you here? Eh? Your present cultivation base is at level 6 of the Sky Human stage? How is this possible?” 

This newcomer’s name was Liu Wenlong, a disciple from Heavenly Sword Faction. In the beginning, he was feeling puzzled as to why Jian Xiaotian would appear here. However, when he noticed Jian Xiaotian’s cultivation base, he became astounded. Back when Jian Xiaotian had left to wander about, he was only at level 1 of the Sky Human stage. After just a few years, he had managed to reach level 6 of the Sky Human stage. Even for the members of Heavenly Sword Faction, this rate of cultivation was something that only a handful of them could accomplish.

Did he take some valuable medicinal pills? Liu Wenlong guessed.

“Junior Brother Xiaotian. You already possess this level of cultivation. How did you end up getting besieged by these bandits? Or were you wounded before this? Humph! These bandits are becoming more unruly. They do not know how to repent. It hadn’t even been too long since we killed a considerable number of the bandits here. I didn’t think that they would still be secretly besieging disciples from our Heavenly Sword Faction. When I return to our sect, I will summon some of our fellow members and start another massacre!” Liu Wenlong said, killing intent soaring out from his body.

“I returned from the Northern Plains not too long ago. Also, I have only just overcome my Lightning Tribulation. Unfortunately, they besieged me before I could recover,” Jian Xiaotian said with a wry smile.

“You were too careless. You actually dare undergo Lightning Tribulation without anyone protecting you? Don’t you know how chaotic this Twospan Mountain Range is? Not to mention, we are currently in troubled times.” Liu Wenlong berated Jian Xiaotian.

“Troubled times? What happened?” Jian Xiaotian was surprised to hear that.

“Our sect is now at war with Heartless Heaven Sect,” Liu Wenlong said.

“Heartless Heaven Sect! How big is this war?” There was no change in Jian Xiaotian’s expression. Heavenly Sword Faction and Heartless Heaven Sect were never on good terms with each other and they would often get into fights. There would often be a small war between them every five years and a large war every ten years. When Jian Xiaotian had left the sect to roam the Northern Plains, the Heavenly Sword Faction had only just won a war against Heartless Heaven Sect. Having lost many of his fellow sect brothers and sisters in the battlefield, Jian Xiaotian saw just how weak he was. Thus, he decided to set out from the sect, wanting to grow stronger.

“Even bigger than the last one. This time, Warlord Pavilion decided to intervene. Our sect suffered from heavy casualties right from the start.”

“What? Warlord Pavilion is participating in the war as well? Two sects joining forces, this is simply a bullying act!” Jian Xiaotian cried out in shock.

“So what? Even if ten sects were to come together against us, our sect will not show fear!”

“That’s right. This time, I must kill more!”

“Don’t worry. The Qin Family and the Wang Family have already made plans to secretly send reinforcements. Has our Heavenly Sword Faction ever have to suffer from a loss?”

“Naturally. By the way, why did you come to Twospan Mountain Range?” Jian Xiaotian asked. 

“For a very important matter. You will find out soon enough. Now, let’s meet up with the others,” Liu Wenlong said.

“Others from our sect have come as well? How many?” Jian Xiaotian was surprised. He had assumed that Liu Wenlong had come to this Twospan Mountain Range for an adventure. However, after hearing what Liu Wenlong said, he knew that was not the case.

“A total of 20. Enough, you’ll know about it soon.” It would appear that Liu Wenlong did not want to go further into the details.

While Jian Xiaotian was moving together with Liu Wenlong, Chen Feng had already killed his way into one of Blackwind Stronghold’s outposts. Naturally, Chen Feng was not interested in some minor outposts. His targets were the three major outposts of Blackwind Stronghold.

It's here. The bandits coming after me must be coming from this valley. Chen Feng looked at the valley before him. Then, his palm swung forward and a gigantic palm silhouette charged forward. It became like a mountain rampaging its way forward and everywhere it went, the magic arrays set up around the valley would be broken. Some of the sentries posted outside coughed out blood as they were sent flying.

“Who is raising a ruckus in our Blackwind Stronghold?!”

“Hurry! There’s an enemy attack!”

“Who dares come here to die?”

“Did the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction come again? What did I say? You guys shouldn’t have provoked them. Now look! They are coming after us now!”

“Enough, stop panicking! Go check out what is happening.” A beefy man with a full beard walked out.

“There is only one person. What is going on here?”

All of them could see a young cultivator walking into the valley. Everywhere he went, streams of astral energy would surge around and one bandit after another would spray out blood as their bodies were sent flying.

Chen Feng was not planning on killing them this time. Even so, he did not go easy on the bandits. Thus, the bandits wounded by his attacks would have to spend quite some time for their recovery.

“You wanna die? You dare swagger your way into our Blackwind Stronghold? Don’t you know that not even Heavenly Sword Faction can do anything to us?!”

Two bandits stepped out, one from the left and one from the right. Sending out their magic treasures, they attacked Chen Feng.

There was no change in Chen Feng’s actions. He continued to advance. However, the streams of energy around his body transformed to form two palm silhouettes. The two palm silhouettes casually grabbed hold of a sword and a steel ring each.

With an abrupt squeeze, the two magic treasures were crushed and the two bandits instantly paled before falling to the ground.

“Let me! The Boundless Sea!”

Another bandit attacked. Waves formed using primary energy rolled towards Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng was like an ageless rock. No matter how much the waves smashed against him, he remained unscathed. Next, light flashed out and the bandit was sent flying as well.

Chen Feng finally grew impatient. His domain power surged before spreading outwards. Heaven and Earth, mountains and lakes, water and fire, wind and lightning. The various powers kept emerging and condensing to form various attacks. Chen Feng’s figure became like an exploding star and everything around him was destroyed.

The bandits there were constantly getting knocked away and the surrounding rocks, vegetation and thick vines were turned into ash.

At least 100 bandits were sent flying due to that attack and a circle, with a radius of 100 zhang, could be seen around Chen Feng.

“Just who is this fellow? How is he so powerful?” Observing the display of might from Chen Feng, the other bandits who had wanted to attack paused.

“Hold it. Who are you?” The beefy man held a pagoda tower in his hand and a golden light enveloped his body. It was quite the imperious atmosphere.

“And who are you?” Chen Feng asked coolly.

“I am the Sixth Manager of Blackwind Stronghold. Where did you come from? Did our Blackwind Stronghold offend you in any way? If there is a problem, we can first talk it out before taking action.” As he spoke, the Sixth Manager secretly instructed the other bandits to calm down while sending those around to put back up the magic arrays that were destroyed earlier.

“It’s simple. Your Blackwind Stronghold offended me. So, I am here to flatten your Blackwind Stronghold. As for my identity, there is no need for you to ask. Enough! I can see that you fellows have already made your preparations. Attack together, then,” Chen Feng said coolly. 

Truth be told, Chen Feng had another reason for coming after Blackwind Stronghold. He wanted to test his present level of strength. It would be even better if he could encounter an expert. That way, he would be able to hone his cultivation base.

“Attack! Set up the magic array!” the Sixth Manager shouted and the pagoda tower in his hand shook. A beam of light shone out from the spire of the tower towards Chen Feng. At the same time, formidable magic arrays began operating and they moved to suppress and kill Chen Feng.


Chen Feng quickly responded with a punch to break the incoming beam of light. To Chen Feng’s surprise, the beam of light actually managed to pierce through the energy wrapping his fist and leave a white mark on his fist.

“A decent Prized artefact,” Chen Feng said smilingly. Next, he abruptly retracted his aura, raised his foot and stamped down heavily with it. The ground quaked and cracks spread out across the ground. The entire valley shook and the magic arrays that had only just begun operating were destroyed.

“Absolute Empyrean Net!” The Sixth Manager stretched his hand to slap the pagoda, which instantly shone with golden light. The rays of golden light intersected one another, becoming like a cobweb, which then descended upon Chen Feng. At the same time, the experts behind the Sixth Manager attacked simultaneously. Flying swords, treasure seals, Thunderclap Beads, talismans, bells and square-shaped dings. Various attacks shot towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng did not dodge the incoming attack. Instead, he allowed the web to envelop him while he unleashed punch after punch. Every punch would destroy an incoming magic treasure. After every one of the magic treasures was destroyed, an astral sword formed by the magic arrays slammed furiously against Chen Feng.


Seeing that, all of the bandits present cheered loudly. However, the attack only caused Chen Feng to stumble slightly. Next, his body jerked forward and the web enveloping his body burst open. He then jumped forward to release a punch. The Sixth Manager felt a suffocating atmosphere descend upon him and he rapidly placed the pagoda before him.


A loud banging sound rang out and the pagoda tower in the Sixth Manager’s hand was sent flying. The attack also forced the Sixth Manager to take several steps back. The few bandits who were standing behind him were all smashed into pieces by the momentum behind him.

“How is this possible? Are you a Human Immortal? Impossible! I have 7 Lightning Tribulations under my belt! My pagoda tower is a grade 8 Prized artefact!” the Sixth Manager shouted in disbelief.

Chen Feng beckoned with his hand and the pagoda tower flew into his grasp. Chen Feng was confident that his earlier punch was strong enough to destroy even a mountain. However, this pagoda tower had remained mostly undamaged.

“Tower, devour this pagoda tower. I only need the Longevity Tower.” Chen Feng tossed the pagoda tower into the Longevity Tower. Unexpectedly, Tower responded by pursing his lips to the side before kicking the pagoda tower aside.

“Given my current level of strength, even Sacred artefacts are not worthy of my eyes. Are you trying to make me retch with this damaged piece of crap?”


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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