Chapter 552 Soaring Cultivation Base


The youngster clad in black armour was utilizing the pure power that he had cultivated for years for this process. Due to the refining and tempering process, not only did the various magic treasures in Chen Feng’s body undergo a world-shaking change, even his opened insight acupoints were growing bigger.

As the magic treasures were undergoing the refinement process, streams of formidable power constantly gushed out from the insight acupoints. Sensing the continuous rise in his strength, Chen Feng felt both excited and overwhelmed. He had yet to overcome his Lightning Tribulation. And yet, he was already in possession of a power superior to that of a Sky Human stage cultivator. He wondered if this development would pose an issue in the future.

“Hey, you aren’t thinking you are hot shit now, are you? If you are to take away all the magic treasures on you, you would have died long ago!” Suddenly, Tower’s voice rang out within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

Chen Feng was stunned. Next, he stopped thinking too much about it. He recollected himself and directed all his focus on his cultivation.

This time, the amount of time Chen Feng spent on his cultivation practice was even longer than before. The youngster would periodically inject streams of pure power into Chen Feng’s body. Whenever the youngster’s strength grew weak, he would draw power from his main body.

“This can truly be considered as bestowing enlightenment. Purification of the meridians and scouring of the marrows. A pity, this is not done by someone from our clan.” Tower sighed.

Chen Feng spent a good half a year for this cultivation session. During this half year period, sounds would continuously emerge from Chen Feng’s body. The sounds varied, sometimes resembling thunder, sometimes resembling the seas, sometimes resembling a flowing river, sometimes resembling clashing metals, sometimes resembling a ringing bronze bell.  

Finally, all the opened insight acupoints in Chen Feng’s body were expanded and stabilized while the magic treasures in them were refined many times. At that very moment, a connection had formed between every one of the magic treasures and Chen Feng’s fleshly body. Chen Feng believed that, with enough power, he would be able to unleash the magic treasures’ full power.

The most important improvement came from his sea of wisdom. Before this, Chen Feng had already fused 5 of his sea of wisdom layers. After this half a year’s worth of cultivation and enlightenment bestowment, Chen Feng managed to fuse a total of 8 sea of wisdom layers. Only one last step remained between him and the perfect sea of wisdom realm. Then, he would be able to undergo Lightning Tribulation, taking a massive upward step within the road of cultivation.

“Look into my eyes!” the youngster suddenly shouted, his voice shocking Chen Feng’s soul directly.

Reflexively, Chen Feng turned to look at the youngster’s eyes, which transformed into two dark vortexes. Talismans flashed within them. One glance from the eyes – seemingly capable of devouring everything – was enough to enrapture others.

“Magic Eyes of Darkness!” Chen Feng exclaimed. As his mind now contained the cultivation formula for the Dark Scripture, he knew what the youngster wanted to do.

“Yes. I will now help you cultivate the Magic Eyes of Darkness,” the youngster said and the vortexes spun at an even faster rate. Two divine luminescence shone upon Chen Feng’s eyes, causing a change to occur to his eyes. Slowly, they turned black, becoming like two black holes. Next, the black energy within the eyes began spinning, faster and faster. It did not take long before they were spinning at the same speed as the youngster’s eyes.


Jian Xiaotian burst out from the crack with a howl, sword luminescence shining brightly across his whole body. His pair of eyes shone with light and the aura radiating from his body was even stronger than before. Clearly, his cultivation base had risen again.

“This is bad. It’s been half a year. Where did Brother Chen go?” Jian Xiaotian mumbled as he brought out a jade talisman to carefully scan for Chen Feng’s aura.

Strange, he is not within the talisman’s scanning range. Did Brother Chen leave without waiting for me? Jian Xiaotian wondered.

Jian Xiaotian waited for three days. Finally, a formidable aura escaped Jian Xiaotian’s body and tribulation clouds began gathering up in the sky.

“My Lightning Tribulation has come again.” Jian Xiaotian frowned. He was originally planning to undergo his Lightning Tribulation after meeting up with Chen Feng again. However, that was no longer possible. He could no longer suppress his body’s aura.

“I’ll find a place to undergo Lightning Tribulation first.” Jian Xiaotian quickly flew up to find a quiet place for his Lightning Tribulation.

As for Chen Feng, he was still focused on his cultivation process. The strength of his body had been growing steadily for the past half year. Chen Feng aside, even Tower was somewhat surprised to see that.

“Kid, your strength has increased far too much this time. After you get out from here, you will need to hone yourself properly, otherwise your foundation will become unstable,” Tower said, concern in his voice.

“I know.” Chen Feng nodded. His pair of eyes had become pitch black. A casual glance would give the impression of two black holes on his face. With just a thought from Chen Feng, his eyes became two spinning vortexes and formidable suction forces emerged from the eyes. Next, the surrounding power of darkness was devoured by the eyes.


Suddenly, a black stream of flames shot out from both his eyes. Everywhere they went, the hard rocks there would be easily burned to crisp.

“Good, the Fiery Eyes have changed. Its power has increased by at least 100 %!” Chen Feng said happily.

“You actually managed to practice the Demonic Heavengorging Art? How did you come across this cultivation technique?” The youngster had recovered and he sat down lackadaisically on the piece of crystal again.

“I acquired it from a Devourer Beast,” Chen Feng replied truthfully. When he began practicing the Dark Scripture earlier, Chen Feng had sensed that some parts of the Demonic Heavengorging Art and the Dark Scripture seemed to have the same origin.

“There is a slight relationship between the Demonic Heavengorging Art and the Dark Scripture. However, the Demonic Heavengorging Art you practice is only a fragment of the basics. Thus, it is not too powerful,” the youngster said.

“Senior, please advise me on it,” Chen Feng was quick to say. The Demonic Heavengorging Art was a cultivation technique that could even win praise from Tower.

“Ha ha! I also do not have the Demonic Heavengorging Art. If you want to obtain the full version, you will have to go to the Demon Plane.” The youngster laughed.

Next, the youngster’s face took on a solemn note. “I have already helped you increase your cultivation base. Now, it is time I tell you my objective.”

“Please tell me about it, senior.” Naturally, Chen Feng understood that benefits would not simply fall down the sky for no good reason.

“After you reach the Human Immortal stage, come here again and help me escape. Naturally, you will first need to cultivate the Dark Scripture to the small success phase before that. After I have successfully escaped, I will surely reward you,” the youngster said.

“Senior, do not worry. When the time comes, I will do my best to help you,” Chen Feng said solemnly. As he had promised to do so, he would certainly come here again after reaching the Human Immortal stage. Failing to do so would cause inner demons to plague his path of cultivation.

After that, the youngster said nothing else. He waved his hand to send Chen Feng into a spatial passageway, which sent Chen Feng back to the surface.

“Huh! I am finally out. Although I obtained a great deal this time around, I also have to repay him for this in the future.” Chen Feng shook his head. The excitement he felt from the sudden increase in strength slowly subsided.

I wonder where Brother Jian had gone off to? Sigh! I have been cultivating for so long. Maybe Brother Jian was finally incapable of waiting any longer, thought Chen Feng, who decided to leave the place.

“Hold up. I need to extract something from your body.” Tower suddenly spoke up. Next, his hand moved, going through the Longevity Tower before abruptly grasping at something within Chen Feng’s body. A black seed rested on his palm.

“What is this?” Chen Feng was taken aback.

“A Dark Seed that he left in your body. If you go back on your word, this seed would germinate. In the end, it would utterly devour your flesh and soul,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“So ruthless!” Chen Feng was stunned. He did not think that the youngster would have this card up his sleeve. He had actually failed to notice it.

“This cannot be considered ruthless. This is only a form of assurance. Perhaps there were others like you in the past. For him, setting up more pieces is always a good thing, otherwise he would lose big time if you fellows just leave. Still, there is no need for you to worry. Since I have discovered this Dark Seed, there are no more problems. It can even help increase your power slightly.” After saying that, Tower clenched his fist, shattering the Dark Seed, which transformed into strands of dark energy. The strands of dark energy then flowed into Chen Feng’s Dark acupoint and the Dark Talisman hovering within it devoured it all.

When the Dark Seed was shattered, the youngster sensed what happened and a look of shock flashed across his face. “As expected, he is no ordinary character. Hopefully, this one will work out.”

After that, the youngster’s body transformed into a stream of light, which flowed through fold after fold of space and seals before entering a colossal yao beast.

The yao beast was incomparably massive. Black in colour with four thick limbs, its body stretched far into the distance. The body floated within a void space and ropes shining with golden light bound its body. A tall and gigantic mountain pressed down on its body and talismans containing formidable might were pasted atop the mountain.

The colossal yao beast was actually a Dark Kirin, a rare existence even in the Immortal Plane. It was a very powerful dark-type yao beast.

After leaving the crack, Chen Feng began looking for Jian Xiaotian. However, he ended up encountering a few bandit teams instead. To Chen Feng’s surprise, the bandits were actually after him.

In merely three days, Chen Feng encountered three bandit teams. He did not hold back and either killed or injured over 100 of them.

“Blackwind Stronghold.” Chen Feng grew irritated. Unexpectedly, these bandits would not give up. They were actually sending wave after wave of men after him. They were begging for death.

I wonder, did Brother Jian end up encountering these bandits as well? I should go to Blackwind Stronghold to check it out. It is a famous bandit nest, after all. It should have some good items. After interrogating out some information from the bandits, Chen Feng then made his move.

At that moment, Jian Xiaotian’s whole body was filled with wounds as he fought against a group of cultivators who were besieging him. He had successfully overcome his Lightning Tribulation to level up to level 6 of the Sky Human stage. However, after overcoming his Lightning Tribulation, he had become weakened. As he was planning to heal himself, a group of cultivators suddenly charged at him, wanting to kill him off.

In the beginning, Jian Xiaotian had assumed that the bandits were from Blackwind Stronghold. After fighting them, however, he found out that they were from another bandit gang, the Firemeld Cave. Jian Xiaotian killed many of them, but the number of wounds on his body kept increasing. He had attempted to break out many times before, but were always unsuccessful.  Thus, Jian Xiaotian felt frustrated. Normally, killing all of them would not have taken him long. However, he was now like a weakened tiger.

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