Chapter 551 Dark Scripture


This fellow… no, it’s a yao beast! Chen Feng reflexively backed away. If it weren’t for the Longevity Tower’s power, which suddenly coursed through him, he would have been incapable of even standing.

“A formidable yao beast. It is a clone,” Tower silently informed Chen Feng.

“What level?” Chen Feng quickly asked.

“About the equivalent of an Ascendant Immortal. Considering its level, it should have ascended. However, for some unknown reason, it ended up sealed here. Its original body cannot come out. Thus, it can only utilize certain methods to condense out a clone,” Tower said.

“A clone?” Chen Feng was secretly surprised. For just a clone to be this powerful, just how much more powerful was its original body?

“Who are you?” Although Chen Feng had already collected himself, he deliberately put on a look of panic as he asked.

“Don’t you already know the answer?” The youngster in black armour smiled. Next, he nonchalantly sat down on a protruding piece of crystal.

He can listen to our conversation! Chen Feng thought.

“Don’t worry. He doesn’t hold any malicious intentions.” There was a rather serious tone in Tower’s voice. It would appear that Tower was not feeling too comfortable in facing such a formidable existence. At any rate, the Longevity Tower had not recovered to a sufficiently powerful state.

“Don’t worry. I mean you no harm.” The youngster said smilingly, revealing his white teeth.

Taking a deep breath, Chen Feng then strode forward and sat down across the youngster to look right at him.

“Not bad.” The youngster looked at Chen Feng, a commending look on his face. It was a very unique feeling. This youngster was clearly of a smaller stature than him. However, his pair of eyes was filled with a divine luminescence seemingly capable of piercing through all falsehoods. Due to that, Chen Feng felt as though every part of his body had become exposed.

It was then that the Longevity Tower shook slightly to seemingly move into a separate space. A glint of shock flashed across the youngster’s eyes. Although he could sense that there was something else within Chen Feng’s body, he could not tell what exactly that something was.

An existence that he could not see could only be something stronger and more noble than him. He was originally only feeling interested in Chen Feng. At that moment, however, he had grown somewhat hopeful. 

“You are the Yao Immortal suppressed down here?” As the youngster could see through everything, Chen Feng decided against putting on an act. He simply forwarded the question.

“Yes, this is my clone. My original body is still suppressed. Kid, can you fill me in about the situation outside?” It would seem that the youngster had not spoken to anyone in a long time. After just exchanging a few words, he wanted to know more about the situation outside.

“You are so powerful. Why can’t your clone leave?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“This clone of mine cannot go too far from my main body. The seal here is very powerful, you see. Your cultivation technique is very unique. It should not be from this world. I believe that not even immortal techniques can compare with it.” The youngster looked at Chen Feng, his eyes shining with light.

“He he. I wonder, how long have you been stuck here, senior?” The youngster’s stare made Chen Feng feel somewhat uncomfortable. Thus, he changed the subject.

“I myself do not know how long it has been. It may have been tens of thousands of years,” the youngster said in a lamenting tone. 

“Tens of thousands of years!” Chen Feng was flabbergasted.

Next up, Chen Feng brought out the fine wine and food that he had stored up along the way. Without waiting for Chen Feng to say anything, the youngster waved his hand, causing a jar of wine to shatter. Next, the wine inside condensed into a ball of wine before flying into the youngster’s mouth. 

“Impressive!” Chen Feng was stunned. He didn’t think that the youngster would have such a different approach of drinking wine.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The jars of wine broke one after another and soon enough, all of the wine that Chen Feng brought out had entered their stomachs.

“Not good enough.” There was a slight frown on the youngster’s face.

“Have some fruits.” Chen Feng waved his hand and a pile of spiritual fruits appeared before them. There were at least 100 of the fruits. Spiritual energy filled the air, creating a fresh aura capable of inducing a pleasant sensation while medicinal power surged within the spiritual fruits.

“Spiritual fruits!” The youngster was finally surprised.

“I didn’t think you could be so generous, kid.” The youngster was somewhat taken aback. He then casually grabbed a Bluetree Fruit and began munching it.

“This kind of spiritual fruit should already be considered a good item in this world.” The youngster said. Although he was talking, he continued eating quickly. Perhaps it was because it had been a long time since he was able to eat something good, he finished the whole pile of spiritual fruits before Chen Feng could even respond.

Chen Feng smiled. He waved his hand again to bring out another pile of spiritual fruits. This time, there were over 200 of them. There were also a few Domain Fruits.

“Eh, Domain Fruits?” The youngster abruptly got to his feet. The sight of the Domain Fruits had truly astonished him.

“No, could this world have a Domain Tree? Surely not.” The youngster shook his head. He found it hard to believe.

Seeing the youngster’s reaction, Chen Feng grew more certain that the Domain Tree was a very rare and good item.

“You’re a good lad. I won’t be eating your stuff for nothing today.” The youngster nodded. 

Next up, Chen Feng informed the youngster more about the situation outside, including some of the things that had happened to him. The youngster would only interject once in a while. For the most part, he would maintain a contemplative state as he silently listened to Chen Feng.

“To think that it has been so long. Some sects have already fallen. Looking at the time, the Planar Battlefield should have opened, no?” the youngster whispered.

Planar Battlefield? Chen Feng felt puzzled. However, he did not say anything.

“Heh! It is a battle between the various cultivation worlds. The Immortal Plane would reward the victors. It is just a game for those from the Immortal Plane,” Tower said.

“The various cultivation worlds? You mean Eternal World and the other worlds far across space?” Chen Feng was stunned.

“That’s right. Kid, work hard on your cultivation. According to my calculations, the Planar Battlefield will be starting soon.” Tower snickered.

“Kid, concentrate. I will pass down a cultivation formula to you now,” the youngster said, extending a hand to tap a finger on Chen Feng’s forehead. Next, Chen Feng’s forehead seemingly lit up and a dark light entered his sea of wisdom. With a banging sound, the dark light erupted, transforming into countless characters. Every one of the characters shone with dark, jade-like lustre. They swirled about continuously, rapidly coming together to form line after line of text.

“Dark Scripture! This is an immortal technique!” Chen Feng’s eyes grew wide.

“Yes, this is a wholesome immortal technique. It contains some formidable killer moves. You can study it up for your future cultivation practice,” the youngster said.

After passing down the scripture to Chen Feng, the youngster did not move his finger away. As Chen Feng was feeling puzzled, an extremely pure power of darkness flowed through the youngster’s finger into Chen Feng’s body. In the beginning, it was like a small rivulet. As time passed, however, it became like a great, raging river.

Chen Feng was astounded. “Tower, what is going on here? So much energy. Is he trying to blow me up by overloading me?”

“Of course not. Your good fortune has come. He is using his magic power to help you open your Dark acupoint. Sigh! This is the equivalent of bestowing enlightenment. It will help you avoid decades or even centuries of bitter cultivation,” Tower said, shaking his head.

“So good?” Chen Feng blurted.

“He definitely wants your help with something, otherwise he would not be helping you out for no reason. What? You think you have the atmosphere of an overlord or something?” Tower ridiculed Chen Feng.

“If I didn’t, why did you choose me?” Chen Feng retorted.

“Humph! Back then, I had no other choice!” Tower could not stop himself from snapping back.

The power of darkness kept surging into Chen Feng’s body, shocking Chen Feng to the extreme. The amount of power entering his body had exceeded all the powers within all of the opened insight acupoints combined.

“How is this possible? Could the Dark acupoint be even stronger than the other insight acupoints?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“This is all due to his actions of controlling the power, otherwise the power would have blown your body up long ago,” Tower said.


Suddenly, the youngster shouted and a formidable power erupted from a mysterious location within Chen Feng’s body. It felt as though a black hole had suddenly appeared within the cosmos. Next, the black hole exerted a formidable suction force to devour the surrounding energies and objects.

The Dark acupoint was opened.

I was not mistaken. This young boy is an extraordinary character. There is a powerful divine object hidden within him. He must possess a very big background, the youngster thought.

All the power of darkness within Chen Feng’s body flowed into his Dark acupoint. Next, the power of darkness – viscous and almost liquid-like in nature – compressed vigorously to finally form a pitch-black talisman. It was so black that not a single rune could be seen on its surface.

Chen Feng was able to clearly see it happen. He could not stop himself from marvelling at the youngster’s skills. The talisman appeared unassuming. However, Chen Feng could sense the monumental power within it. Not to mention, he was capable of mobilizing the power within it.

“Hurry up and cultivate!”

The youngster retracted his finger and Chen Feng sat down to begin his cultivation practice. A power of darkness covered Chen Feng and his figure gradually turned blurry.  

The youngster appeared somewhat pale. However, he recovered after taking a deep breath.

Chen Feng’s cultivation practice took an entire month. During this one month, Chen Feng completely immersed himself in studying the techniques within the Dark Scripture. He was able to gain considerably from it. Surprisingly, Tower did not say any words of ridicule this time. It seemed as though Tower had found this cultivation formula worthy.

Eh? The Dark acupoint can link up with the Void acupoint! Chen Feng, who was in the midst of his cultivation practice, noticed a peculiar phenomenon. With a thought, his figure disappeared. After having learned how to use the power of darkness and the power of the void, Chen Feng felt as though his figure was floating within another space. No breaths, no fluctuations. It was far better than other stealth techniques.

He has opened so many insight acupoints. Additionally, a good number of them have the aegis of magic treasures. I do not believe he could have done all that by himself. Whatever! Since I have already decided to do it, I should follow it through to the end. The stronger this fellow becomes, the more hope I have of freeing myself, the youngster thought. He took action once again, stretching his finger out to tap Chen Feng’s body again and again. Every time he tapped Chen Feng’s body, a powerful stream of energy would enter Chen Feng’s body, flowing into the opened insight acupoints to help him refine the magic treasures safeguarding the insight acupoints. 

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