Chapter 550 Going Underground


“No need to worry, let’s wait. The golden egg is still with us. Can this yao beast run away?” Chen Feng smiled. Next, he waved his hand and a stream of killing energy flowed into his palm. Part of the stream also entered the Longevity Tower.

It did not take much effort for Chen Feng to completely refine the stream of killing energy into pure primary energy.

“This should be the aura coming off a yao beast,” Tower was quick to say.

“Not a demonic beast?” Chen Feng asked Tower.

“Absolutely not. There isn’t a single strand of demonic energy there,” Tower answered scornfully.

“In other words, this yao beast should be deep underground. However, is it suppressed down there, or is this the yao beast’s lair?”

“Hey, hey! I can’t possibly know that.”

“If so, can you determine what level the yao beast is at?” That was Chen Feng biggest concern.

“Yao Immortal,” Tower was quick to answer.

“Yao Immortal! That is at least the equivalent of an Earthen Immortal. Does that mean it can kill me with just a breath?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“No need for that. Just one glance from it can kill you.”


As Chen Feng was secretly chatting with Tower, the Goldwing Tiger flew out. A thick killing energy emerged from the Goldwing Tiger’s body and it shivered. It did not appear to be in a good state. In fact, it looked much weaker than before.

Pa! Pa!

Two dark-black spirit stones fell before Chen Feng. One glance was all it took for Chen Feng to know that those two were very rare spirit stones. The energy contained within them was of a very high grade, even more so compared to Sacred crystals.

“These spirit stones were obtained from down below?” Chen Feng picked up the two spirit stones. They were cold to the touch. However, the pure killing energy within them flowed through his arm and into his body before swiftly coursing towards his sea of wisdom. Instantly, Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom was thrown into a state of chaos. Due to that, the inner demons that Chen Feng had kept well suppressed began stirring.

Chen Feng furiously ignited his Soulflame to suppress it all. “Strange, it doesn’t just contain killing energy. It seems there are other energies within it.”

“It is the power of darkness. The yao beast down below must be a dark-type yao beast,” Tower said.

“Going down is probably not easy, no?” Jian Xiaotian said, looking at the Goldwing Tiger, who continued to shiver.

“Forget it. Here’s your golden egg. You may leave now.” Chen Feng handed the golden egg to the Goldwing Tiger. After getting the golden egg, the Goldwing Tiger thanked Chen Feng profusely before leaping up into the sky where it then disappeared from sight.

“Brother Chen, you are not actually thinking of going down, are you?” Looking at Chen Feng, Jian Xiaotian could already guess what was on his mind.

Chen Feng pondered for a moment before saying, “Due to the constant exposure to the killing energy here, crystals have begun forming within this crack. Additionally, no wind blades are coming out from this crack. I want to go down and check it out.”

“It’s too dangerous.” Jian Xiaotian stopped him.

“If it’s dangerous, I will run back up. These crystals are worth the risk. Brother Jian, wait for me up here.” After saying that, Chen Feng did not wait to hear Jian Xiaotian’s response before jumping into the crack.

After venturing ten metres down the crack, Chen Feng stretched his hand out and his five fingers instantly created five deep marks on the wall. However, Chen Feng became shocked and he blurted out.

“So hard!” Chen Feng tutted.

As he descended, he released his divine sense to scan his surroundings. However, the killing energy grew increasingly thick and eventually, his divine sense became effected.

In the beginning, Chen Feng had mobilized astral energy to stop the surrounding killing energy. However, he quickly realized that the killing energy can slowly make its way through his energy shield to erode his fleshly body. Thus, he channelled his cultivation technique to refine the killing energy, transforming them into primary energy for his own use.

“No wonder that Goldwing Tiger, despite its level, could not venture too deep. The killing energy here is just too powerful.” Chen Feng nodded his head. Soon, he saw some holes on the rocky surface of the surrounding walls. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that the holes were left by the Goldwing Tiger when it was digging out the crystals.

It was unknown just how long his figure fell. Chen Feng could feel traces of chilling energy blowing towards him, causing his muscles to contract somewhat.

“Oh, there is a crystal here.” Chen Feng reached out with his hand and grasped. A crystal, gleaming with dark light, appeared in his grasp. The killing energy and power of darkness contained within it was greater compared to the one he had received from the Goldwing Tiger earlier.

Chen Feng slowly descended while absorbing the energy within the crystal. It did not take long for the crystal to unravel into powder before completely dissipating away. The remaining strands of killing energy were all refined by Chen Feng into primary energy. They became supplements for Chen Feng. He could also sense strands of dark energy entering his body before disappearing. Realizing that, Chen Feng grew shocked. He carefully inspected his body, but was incapable of finding anything.

Thus, Chen Feng continued to collect the crystals he found on either side. One by one, he collected and refined the crystals. However, while he was capable of easily refining the killing energy within them, the power of darkness he absorbed from them would disappear before he could even work on refining them. It was as though there was a gigantic, voracious beast hidden in the darkness within his body, continuously devouring the power of darkness.

“Tower, what is going on here?” Chen Feng was finally incapable holding back.

“Fool, that’s the Dark acupoint,” Tower said with a scornful tone.

“Dark acupoint, one of the hidden insight acupoints!” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

“In other words, by absorbing the power of darkness, I can open up the Dark acupoint? That should be an insight acupoint that I can only open after reaching the Sky Human stage!”

“Humph! It is not that easy. Some people would be incapable of finding the Dark acupoint’s location even after reaching the Human Immortal stage. Not even practicing the Longevity Scripture would help with that!”

“As for you, it will depend on your luck and talent.”

“I don’t believe it.” Chen Feng chuckled and the rate at which he was descending slowed. He dug out the surrounding crystals and absorbed their energies as he channelled his cultivation technique to cultivate himself.

He continued until his body brimmed with primary energy. He had reached a critical point, having absorbed just who knows how much of the power of darkness. Even so, Chen Feng was still incapable of sensing the position of his Dark acupoint. It was like trying to find a specific star within a starry sky. Finally, feeling dizzy, Chen Feng stopped.

“Heh! Like I said, it won’t work. Even if you are more talented, you won’t be able to find the Dark acupoint so quickly. If you ask me, you should first undergo Lightning Tribulation. Only after overcoming the tempering process of Heaven and Earth will you have the chance of opening the hidden insight acupoints within your body,” Tower said with a chuckle.

Chen Feng took a deep breath. The primary energy within his body circulated swiftly and the energy filling his body quickly stabilized.

Next, Chen Feng continued to descend while continuously collecting the crystals around him.

“I wonder what’s happening down there. Surely, nothing bad will happen, right?” After waiting near the crack for a moment, Jian Xiaotian began feeling bored. Thus, he began wandering around.

Wu! Wu! Wu! Wu! Wu! Wu!

Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu!

“Eh, why do the winds sound different here?” Curious, Jian Xiaotian made his way forward to stand before one of the cracks there.

“Strange. This crack must be new,” Jian Xiaotian said, darting away. A crack appeared on the very spot that he had been standing on just moments ago.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

One crystal after another flew out and Jian Xiaotian quickly caught them. Looking at the crystals in his hand, Jian Xiaotian smiled. “Instead of going through all the trouble of venturing inside, I might as well collect them from up here!”

After saying that, Jian Xiaotian reached out with his hand to grab a few more crystals. He smiled as he kept the crystals. Suddenly, the ground beneath him split and a massive crack appeared. Jian Xiaotian reacted by leaping up into the sky, but a formidable suction force enveloped him. With a swooshing sound, Jian Xiaotian was pulled into the crack, disappearing from sight with a cry.

Moving away from Jian Xiaotian’s fall, Chen Feng was still in the process of collecting the crystals while descending. When the surrounding killing energy grew so thick that they were practically tangible, Chen Feng saw stretches of crystals, gleaming with dark lustre. Going even deeper, Chen Feng then saw that the walls on either side were filled with the crystals.

Due to the thick killing energy and the hidden power of darkness, even the act of breathing caused Chen Feng’s body to shiver.

As the surroundings were affecting Chen Feng, a gigantic vortex suddenly appeared within a mysterious position inside Chen Feng’s body. It was as though Chen Feng was channelling the Demonic Heavengorging Art. The power of darkness concealed within the crystal-filled walls flowed into Chen Feng’s body. After just one breath’s worth of time, all the power of darkness within the surrounding crystals had been sucked into his body.

So fast! Shocked, Chen Feng sped up his rate of descent. However, the rate at which the vortex inside his body was absorbing the power of darkness only grew as it kept devouring the power of darkness.


As Chen Feng was devouring the surrounding power of darkness, a sound suddenly rang out from a separate space below.

“What is that sound?” Chen Feng exclaimed. Although the sound was not loud, it had directly entered Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

Next, a soft but inviolable power enveloped Chen Feng. Then, everything before him flashed and he found himself in a different place. His feet stepped on solid ground.

The surrounding crystals glittered, bedazzling Chen Feng. The crystals, gleaming with a dark lustre like the previous crystals, were of a much higher grade. Extending his hand, Chen Feng then pulled out a crystal that was as long as an arm. Instantly, he felt a thick power of darkness flowing into his body with a tidal wave-like momentum.


The crystal shattered into powdery bits. Chen Feng, however, felt shocked. The crystal contained pure power of darkness. There were neither blood energy nor killing energy inside it.

“There are so many crystals formed from the power of darkness. This is practically an underground spirit stone mine.” Chen Feng felt somewhat excited. He grabbed a protruding crystal and exerted force to rip it out. A big block of crystal, weighing over 500 kilogrammes, was ripped out.

“Cough! Cough! Human.” Suddenly, the voice from earlier rang out again.

“Who?” Chen Feng’s heart lurched and he rapidly turned around to see a youngster in black. Patterns filled the black armour that he was wearing. 

The youngster appeared very young, much younger than Chen Feng. For Chen Feng, however, this youngster was like a great and colossal beast. An overpowering atmosphere enveloped the world before rushing towards Chen Feng. Instantly, Chen Feng felt his Soulflame on the verge of extinguishing.

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