Chapter 55: Venturing Deep into The Mountain Range


After Chen Feng left, the whole of Iron Sword Sect broke into a state of pandemonium. Countless sect disciples ran around ceaselessly. Most of them had been in the midst of cultivation when they were interrupted by the incident. Some of them were simply there to watch the show, some were indignant and some felt alarmed. There were also some others who were crying out for the Sect Master to send men to capture Chen Feng.

“Heh! Capture Chen Feng? Earlier, when Chen Feng was still here, why didn’t you fellows step forward and say that? Putting on such a big show right now…” Some of the disciples were incapable of holding back the sneer on their faces.

“That is right. The present Chen Feng has reached the Concealed stage and even the high elder who is usually focused on cultivation was forced to run away. Even if you fellows go after him, you won’t be enough for him to fill the gaps between his teeth.”

“After reaching the Concealed stage, he can soar through the sky and slip underground. For people like us to go after him is the equivalent of sending ourselves to death’s door. We should just wait for the Sect Master’s return and ask him what to do.”

Iron Sword Sect did have cultivators at the ninth layer of Training Body and Energy stage. However, none of them advocated chasing after Chen Feng. Don’t joke around. Even the high elder who was at the Concealed stage was no match for Chen Feng. These fellows weren’t dumb enough to go get themselves killed. 

After two hours, Tie Jianfeng and two high elders descended from the sky. Seeing the chaotic situation of the sect, his face immediately turned grim.

“The Sect Master has returned!”

“Great! Hurry, report the matter to the Sect Master and ask him what to do next!”

“What happened?” After landing on the ground, Tie Jianfeng asked with a grim tone. His voice was like a forceful gale and as cold as a sword. It felt as though a sharp sword was hacking down to cleave a human soul apart. After his voice swept past the disciples, they all felt a cold sensation enveloping every part of their body. Involuntarily, they all grew calm as they cast their gazes at Tie Jianfeng, seemingly having found their pillar of strength.

“Just what has happened here?” Tie Jianfeng asked again. This time, his voice was calm, bereft of the sword intent.

“Sect Master, the truth is…” One of the disciples who was at the astral energy (6th) layer straightened himself and made to step forward to report.


It was then that the high elder that Chen Feng forced away quickly arrived before the surrounding crowd.

“Elder Mo, what happened to you?” Seeing his arrival, Tie Jianfeng was taken aback.

“Come, let’s find a quiet place to talk about it,” said Elder Mo in a grave tone.

Next, Tie Jianfeng gave a series of commands to the sect disciples before leaving together with the other high elders.

With the Sect Master back to protect the sect, the state of chaos within Iron Sword Sect slowly subsided.

“What? Chen Feng alone did all that?” Having heard the matter from them, Tie Jianfeng slapped the table and jumped to his feet. The expression on his face shifted continuously and was ugly to behold.

“We went outside to find and capture him. Unexpectedly, he came here instead, taking us by surprise,” said Tie Jianfeng.

“Sect Master, at present, our sect’s Book Keeping Hall and some other important places have been thrown into chaos by Chen Feng. Especially the Book Keeping Hall. The books there have been completely looted by that kid. He didn’t leave a single piece of paper behind.”

“Outrageous! Outrageous!” At that moment, Tie Jianfeng was so infuriated, he no longer knew what to say about the matter. Tie Jianfeng was someone who had cultivated out a sharp sword intent while his heart was anchored like a solid rock, like an immovable mountain. At present, however, he was practically infuriated to the point of puking blood. That was the extent of the impact from Chen Feng’s actions.

After a long time, Tie Jianfeng took a deep breath and seemingly regained his calm. 

“Since the kid could take away so many items, he should have Magic artefacts the likes of spatial pouches on him,” said one of the high elders.

“What a pity! What a pity! The kid was originally our Iron Sword Sect disciple. To think that things would end up this way. If not for this, our sect would have gained another Concealed stage cultivator and our position within Black Origin City would have risen.”

“Sect Master, what do we do now? Do we go catch Chen Feng?”

“Forget it.” Tie Jianfeng waved his hand.

“This time, Chen Feng returned to our sect but did not start a massacre. Given his cultivation base at the Concealed stage and his sword controlling ability, he could have caused a river of blood to run within the sect. Besides, the kid is practicing some high-level cultivation technique and his speed of cultivation is incredibly fast. Wanting to go against him is an impossibility. We would only end up making a powerful enemy. It is better for us to just forget about it,” said Tie Jianfeng slowly.

“Sect Master, what about the losses our sect faced this time?” one of the high elders asked anxiously.

“Just consider it bad luck on our part. This is the result of us not realizing a talent in advance,” said Tie Jianfeng softly. His face had a calm expression, seemingly having forgotten all that had just happened earlier.

“That is how it is. I want to enter cultivation retreat again. If the other sects come to find me, just tell them I won’t meet them. If they want to continue their efforts to capture Chen Feng, our Iron Sword Sect will take no part in it.” After saying that, Tie Jianfeng strode away and quickly disappeared from view.

The remaining high elders looked at each other before shaking their heads.

“Forget it. Since the Sect Master has decided so, there is no need for us to say anything else. We should just focus on cultivating with peace of mind.”

At that very moment, Chen Feng had long since left Black Origin City. He was moving deeper and deeper into the Black Origin Mountain Range. He may never return to Black Origin City again. The chasm between him and Black Origin City, be it in terms of distance or thought, was gradually growing. 

“Sigh! I have been living in Black Origin City since my younger days. To suddenly leave just like this does make me feel emotional,” said Chen Feng with a sigh. Even so, there was nothing holding Chen Feng back.

Before He Yuan, an elder of Iron Sword Sect had taken Chen Feng in, he had been wandering around Black Origin City. After entering Black Origin City, he stayed there for six years. Thinking back, Chen Feng did not have happy days during those six years. Rather, it was his hardest and most wretched of days. Now that Chen Feng possessed the power and had settled his grievances, it was only natural for him to want to head towards the outside world, stepping onto a higher stage in pursuit of the dream of longevity.

That was the dream and desire of every cultivator. Of course, Chen Feng was no exception.

The Black Origin Mountain Range was much bigger compared to the territory occupied by Black Origin City. Wild animals filled the place and yao beasts reigned over the areas inside. It was said that the central areas of the mountain range played host to existences at the level of Great Yaos and Yao Kings. Should a Concealed stage cultivator encounter them, he or she would die for certain. Great Yaos and Yao Kings were existences that had overcome Lightning Tribulation and were capable of assuming human forms. Only those who had cultivated up to the Sky Human stage could fight against those existences. The present Chen Feng was far from that.

Chen Feng continued to venture deeper into the mountain range. The number of wild animals, spiritual animals and yao beasts grew higher and higher. Occasionally, there would be some herbs. Amongst those herbs were some rare, high-grade herbs.

As Chen Feng made his way forward, he would continuously move to avoid the wild animals. Sometimes, he would sense the aura of a yao beast and move as far away as he could.

Given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, he was not afraid of wild animals. However, should one or more yao beasts appear before him all of a sudden, that would be a serious issue. Any carelessness on his part could end with his death. The present Chen Feng was only at level 1 of the Concealed stage. To gain the title of yao beasts, the strength of the creatures must be the equivalent of the Concealed stage. Not to mention, they possessed an innate advantage over human cultivators in terms of stronger fleshly bodies. Furthermore, some yao beasts were gifted with their own magical powers since birth.

Normally, a yao beast with thick and resilient hide could singlehandedly block off the besiegement of several Concealed stage cultivators.

Chen Feng had decided to venture deeper into Black Origin Mountain Range after pondering deeply. By Chen Feng’s estimate, only by placing himself within a dangerous situation could he hone his mind and stimulate his potential so as to allow his strength to continue growing.

After five days, Chen Feng estimated that he had ventured around 500 to 600 li into the mountain range. During that time, he would find some spring water or river if he felt thirsty and pick some fruits or hunt for game whenever he felt hungry (1 li = 0.5 km).

During those five days, Chen Feng had also killed and wounded several wild animals. He even got into a fight with a yao beast.

It was a unique ape. In the end, Chen Feng was defeated and had to run away. Naturally, the reason Chen Feng lost was because he did not utilize the Overwhelming Astral Sword. If he had, he could have hacked his opponent into pieces.

The yao beasts here are truly formidable. Their speed, strength and rate of reaction are not things that human cultivators could compete against. Additionally, their hides are both resilient and tough, comparable to treasured armours and shields created by cultivators. Yao beasts who have comprehended how to unleash magical powers are even more powerful. Without utilizing Magic artefacts, even three or five human cultivators would be incapable of fighting against one yao beast. Chen Feng thought to himself in awe as he realized the might of the yao beasts.

At the same time, Chen Feng was sensing the air of danger that his surroundings were constantly emanating. There were also waves of energy sweeping back and forth within the forest. Those came from mighty yao beasts that were monitoring their territory. Should an outsider step into their territory, they would immediately rush forward to kill the intruder.

Since entering the mountain range, Chen Feng’s body hairs had been standing on end. That was a human’s inherent response towards the dangers around them.

Yes, this is it. Only within this kind of environment can I continuously increase my strength. Hopefully, by staying here for a while, I would be able to successfully open up the power within my sea of wisdom and reach the major success phase for level 1 of the Concealed stage. Then, I can assail the next level. Chen Feng thought to himself.

Chen Feng had stopped moving to consider his plans. As he did, an earthen-yellow viper that was hundreds of metres away from Chen Feng quickly made its way towards him. It was moving at a speed superior to that of a human running at full speed. And yet, despite its incredible speed, it made no sound at all. It was truly a peculiar sight.

The viper was only two chi in length. With its earthen-yellow skin, it was difficult for ordinary people to notice it when it was moving on the ground (1 chi = 0.333 m).

Light glinted faintly within its eyes as it opened up its mouth to reveal sharp fangs and a long tongue. All the flowers and grasses within the areas that the viper had slithered through withered.


At that moment, Chen Feng could feel one of his back muscles twitching uncontrollably while the hair on his body stood up like steel needles. His mind raced as he sensed that he had been targeted by something and a faint sense of crisis surged into his heart.

This dangerous energy wave is probably not from a yao beast. However, it is stronger than most wild animals. Chen Feng analysed his situation.

As he was within the forest, Chen Feng dared not let down his guard. Although he had reached the Concealed stage, one careless act could end with him being killed and eaten by normal wild animals.

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