Chapter 549: Crack


“We did not mistake you for someone else, because we are not looking for someone in the first place,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“If so, what do you fellows want?” The fatty’s eyes kept swivelling around, seemingly trying to find a chance to escape.

“Two choices. First, we’ll kill you and snatch everything on you. Second, we’ll meet halfway with you handing over one of the golden eggs of the Goldwing Tiger,” Chen Feng said.

“Why bother exchanging so much nonsense with him? Just kill him,” Jian Xiaotian said with a vicious tone.

“You want to snatch my items away? It won’t be that easy!” A formidable aura broke out from the fatty’s body, shocking Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian into backing away.


The fatty’s feet became like the wind and he hastily ran far away. However, it did not take long before a beam of sword light flashed forward in pursuit of the fatty. The sword light flashed out to press the fatty down the ground, smashing him so hard that a deep crater was formed.

However, there were looks of shock on Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian’s faces as they looked at one another. Chen Feng’s Death Sword was a grade 6 Sacred artefact. When his earlier attack grazed the fatty’s clothes, Chen Feng was already aware that the fatty was not to be underestimated. And now, after taking an attack from a Sacred artefact, there was not a single tear on the fatty’s robes.

It is at least a Sacred artefact. The same thought went through Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian’s minds.

“Looks like we’ll have to duke it out,” Chen Feng said, moving to stand before the fatty.

“Forget it. I’ll will admit defeat today. Youngsters these days are truly impressive.” The fatty shook his head helplessly before taking out an egg gleaming with golden light.

Chen Feng beckoned and the golden egg flew into his grasp. Sensing the vigorous life force and thick power of steel inside the golden egg, Chen Feng knew that this was indeed the egg of the Goldwing Tiger from earlier.

“Is this the egg that the Goldwing Tiger laid?” Chen Feng was curious.

“I do not know. However, the two golden eggs I have were obtained from the Goldwing Tiger’s cave,” the fatty said.

This time, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian did not attempt to stop the fatty as he left. Although the fatty had given in to their demands, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian knew that the fatty was a formidable character. If it came down to a fight, there was no telling if the two of them could actually beat the fatty.

“The fatty is keeping his abilities well hidden, very much so. The aura he emanates is utterly turbid and there is no way for me to see his cultivation base.”

“I also do not know him. I wonder, will our actions of offending him bring us troubles?”

“Eh? The Goldwing Tiger is returning! It is coming after us! What is going on? Is it not fearful of death?”

“No, there is a unique aura coming from this golden egg. Without carefully sensing it, you would be incapable of realizing its existence.”

“Humph! That damned fatty did not tell us about this!”

The Goldwing Tiger spread its broad wings, which gleamed with golden light. Due to that, the colour of the entire sky changed. Not only did the sharp power of steel isolate the surrounding space, it even caused vibrating sounds to ring out. Although the Great Yao was feeling somewhat fearful, it had still come before Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

“Fellows, hand it over,” the Goldwing Tiger said cautiously.

“I can do that. However, we had to give up something else for this item. You want us to simply give it to you just like this? That doesn’t seem right.” Chen Feng tossed the golden egg up and down.

“What do you want!”

“What do you have that can satisfy me?”

“Brother Chen, what is there to discuss with this yao beast? Let’s just kill it!”

Hearing that, this yao beast – capable of reigning unchallenged within a large territory – took several steps back. In the Goldwing Tiger’s opinion, Jian Xiaotian was easy to handle. However, Chen Feng gave it an inexplicable feeling of fear.

The Goldwing Tiger pondered for a moment before saying, “I do not have any good items on me. However, I know of a place. There should be some good items there.”

“Oh, where?”

“The Eye of the Wind, a place with cracks.” The Goldwing Tiger’s answer was simple.

“Everyone knows that cracks are part of a savage zone within the Twospan Mountain Range. Are you trying to get us killed here?” Jian Xiaotian said, a derisive smile on his face. 

“The ones you are talking about are located elsewhere. Although the place that I am talking about is also very dangerous, there are signs of life there. Perhaps, you two would be able to enter the place,” the Goldwing Tiger said.

“If it is so good, why didn’t you go alone?” Chen Feng asked coolly.

“If not for the sake of my golden egg, I would never tell you about this place!”

“Very well. I will not be returning this golden egg for now. Let’s go check out the place first.” Chen Feng nodded.

“All right. I will take you fellows there.” The Goldwing Tiger spread open its massive wings.

“No rush. We should deal with the small fries before leaving,” Chen Feng said and the Death Sword in his hand rapidly flew out. It circled about somewhere over 100 zhang away from Chen Feng before returning to him.

After the Death Sword flew away, several cultivators could be seen lying haphazardly inside a stretch of bushes. Judging by their attires, they were none other than the bandits that had come from Blackwind Stronghold.

“Let’s go!”

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian then leapt onto the Goldwing Tiger’s back. As the Goldwing Tiger was massive in size, the flight was not a bumpy one at all. Chen Feng was very satisfied with the ride.

“Not bad. I have the impulse to subdue this Great Yao to serve as my mount,” Chen Feng said smilingly as he watched the zooming panorama around him.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, the Great Yao shuddered slightly before recollecting itself.

“I didn’t think that there would be so many cultivators here.” Looking down at the mountain range from the sky, Jian Xiaotian felt surprised. Although he had heard about the Twospan Mountain Range from his fellow sect brothers and sisters before, looking at the unending cultivators, yao beasts and medicinal herbs growing from the rocks and soil zooming beneath him had still given him a feeling of shock.

“If the two of you don’t have anything to do here, it would be better for you to leave this place as soon as you can. There are Human Immortals and Yao Kings lingering within this mountain range,” the Goldwing Tiger said.

“Thank you for the warning. By the way, you have been staying here for quite some time now. How powerful is the strongest existence here?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

“The most powerful ones are likely high-level Human Immortals or high-level Yao Kings.” The Goldwing Tiger was not too certain about that. At any rate, its cultivation base could only help it gain a limited amount of information here.

The Goldwing Tiger flew swiftly and it did not take long for it to cover a distance of over 1,000 kilometres. Finally, they saw an utterly barren and flat land.

“The killing energy here is so thick.” Sensing his surroundings, Chen Feng could not stop himself from feeling shocked.

Wu! Wu! Wu! Wu! Wu! Wu!

“What is that sound?” Hearing that, Jian Xiaotian exclaimed.

“We are here. This is the Eye of the Wind that I mentioned.” Astral energy began surging around the Goldwing Tiger’s body, enveloping its figure to stop the surrounding killing energy from eroding its body.

As expected, criss-crossing cracks could be seen on the barren land there. A perfunctory glance revealed that the cracks were seemingly carved out using a sword. However, Chen Feng had a feeling that the cracks were a result of a formidable force bursting out from deep beneath.

The killing energy within the air was coming from the cracks. Although the amount of killing energy coming out was not high, given enough time, the killing energy was still capable of eroding the surrounding space.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Strong winds rang out as they pierced through the air and the Goldwing Tiger swooped down to evade the sudden wind attacks. 


The Goldwing Tiger landed heavily on the ground and the momentum behind its fall caused dust to rise up. To Chen Feng’s surprise, however, the momentum had only left some shallow marks on the ground.

Jian Xiaotian fired out a sword beam at the ground before blurting out, “How could the ground here be so hard? It is already comparable to high-quality steel.”

“All of them have been eroded by the killing energy coming from the ground. After long enough, even the average soil would become as hard as rock,” the Goldwing Tiger said.

“In other words, the killing energy within Twospan Mountain Range is from the ground and not because there are too many acts of killing here,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“The dead only make up a small part. Hurry, dodge!” After saying that, the Goldwing Tiger’s figure quickly darted to the side.

Wu! Wu! Wu! Wu! Wu!

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian could hear the whining sound coming from the cracks. Their eyes lit up and they understood what was happening. They darted aside as well just as sharp wind blades charged out from the cracks. The wind blades stirred the killing energy lingering within the air.

There were cracks of varying sizes on the ground. The bigger ones could fit even a small mountain; they could even be called huge bottomless holes. As for the smaller ones, they could fit a sword.

“Could this hole be the bottomless hole of the Twospan Mountain Range?” asked Chen Feng, who pointed at the largest crack there.

“No. The bottomless hole is 5,000 kilometres away from here. The killing energy there is even thicker while the hole is much bigger as well. As for how deep it goes, no one could tell. At any rate, only a few could survive after entering the hole,” the Goldwing Tiger said in a terrified voice. It had recalled how it felt when it first flew over the bottomless hole.

Chen Feng extended a hand to grab one of the transparent wind blades. It was a weapon forged completely from the power of wind. Chen Feng inspected it in detail before saying, “This is not just the power of wind. It also contains killing energy and some other auras that I do not know!”


Like a crystal, the wind blade in Chen Feng’s hand shattered before he could finish what he wanted to say.

Sou! Sou!

Two more wind blades shot out and Jian Xiaotian caught them before curiously fiddling with them.


A compressed ball of air suddenly shot out to erupt against the Goldwing Tiger’s head. Seeing that, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian could not stop themselves from smiling.

“Goldwing Tiger, where are the good items you mentioned?” Chen Feng then retracted the smile on his face.

“Here.” The Goldwing Tiger’s body shrank and it moved over to an unassuming crack. The crack was two zhang wide and its interior was pitch black. There was no way to tell just how deep it was. Even after focusing his eyes, Chen Feng was incapable of seeing what was inside.

“Isn’t this just a crack? I don’t see anything special about it. I say, are you trying to deceive us?” Jian Xiaotian said in a dissatisfied tone.

“Of course not! I am not deceiving you fellows. Just wait,” the Goldwing Tiger said and it poked its head into the crack. Next, golden light flashed and it disappeared.

“What is this fellow planning? Is it going to just stay inside and not come out?” After waiting for half a joss stick’s worth of time, the Goldwing Tiger remained a no-show and Jian Xiaotian began growing impatient.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km


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