Chapter 546: Ill Intentions from Both Sides


Seeing the bandits act in such a frank and smooth manner, Chen Feng was shocked to the point of bulging out his eyes.

“All right. You fellows may leave. Next time you want to rob others, be sure to look carefully who you are robbing.” Jian Xiaotian casually waved them off. Excited, the bandits thanked him before leaving. 

“There are 10,000 Magic crystals in total. Let’s divide them,” Jian Xiaotian said smilingly.

“Forget it. You should keep them.” Chen Feng hastily waved his hand.

On their way forward, Chen Feng came to witness the chaos and rules and formation of bandit gangs within the Twospan Mountain Range.

A group of cultivators who came to the Twospan Mountain Range was attacked by a bandit gang. After the battle was over, some bandits were killed and the others surrendered. After obtaining a great deal of cultivation materials from the bandits, the cultivators smiled widely. Thus, these cultivators, too, turned towards banditry. They began robbing the other cultivators who came to the Twospan Mountain Range. They would also get into fights with the other bandit gangs here.

Two bandit gangs faced off against one another, their killing intent soaring as their leaders fought to the death. It did not take long for one of the two leaders to die and the subordinates of the dead leader were then absorbed into the other bandit gang.

There were also bandits who ended up kicking the iron plate, getting utterly wiped out by their target’s killer move. Chen Feng had watched as an unassuming-looking youngster display a sword move to kill off an entire bandit gang that had over 30 bandits. There were even Sky Human stage cultivators amongst the bandit gang.

“This place is really chaotic.” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were seated on a thick branch that was 100 metres above ground. Earlier, chaos had broken out somewhere nearby, causing a river of blood to flow and the surrounding blood energy and killing energy grew even thicker.

“This is also my first time witnessing it. It is even more brutal than what I had imagined. For those who do not possess enough strength, coming here is the equivalent of suicide.” Jian Xiaotian shook his head.

“We haven’t even gone that far in, but we have already encountered ten plus bandit gangs. Not to mention, each bandit gang is stronger than the last. To think that even Sky Human stage cultivators would become bandits. Sigh! I’ve seen it all now.” Chen Feng sighed.

“When it comes to obtaining resources, what could be better than banditry? It can also give more combat experience.” Jian Xiaotian laughed instead.


Jian Xiaotian suddenly fired out a sword beam from his hand. The sword beam drew an arc behind him and a black-clad cultivator fell out from the void to fall heavily against the ground, dead.

“Even harder to deal with than a poisonous snake. A pity, his cultivation base is too low,” Jian Xiaotian said with a scoff.

“Hey, I am now hoping that some guys from Nine Firmaments Palace will come after me. This is a good place for battles.” Chen Feng smiled.

“Enough, you. You’ve killed enough elite disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace. Even other sects would be in a spot of trouble after losing that many disciples. It is no wonder they would send out Human Immortals to come after us.”


Chen Feng’s hand swiftly shot out and a fiery-red cicada was caught in his palm. Next, the primary energy in his palm moved to quake the cicada to its death.

“This Blood Cicada specializes in sucking the blood essence of others. Getting bitten will hurt a lot.”

“Let’s go.” Chen Feng’s figure flashed and it floated down to the ground. Next, strands of aura from the Death Sword spread out from his body, causing the surrounding cicadas, birds and animals to shiver. Some of the more powerful yao beasts that were hiding themselves to cultivate held their breath when they sensed the aura.

As expected, their journey forward became smooth as neither human nor beast would come trouble them again. Sensing the aura of death and atmosphere of coercion radiating from Chen Feng’s body, the bandits and yao beasts wisely decided to hide.

“We do not have a detailed map of this place. I think we should find some fellows and inquire them about this place.”

“Someone is coming, no?”

“Greetings, fellow cultivators,” a smiling, middle-aged man stepped forward and said.

“Greetings, greetings.”

“My name is Liu Qing. I am a loose cultivator. I wonder, may I travel together with you two?” Liu Qing said smilingly, giving off the atmosphere of a spring breeze.

“Better not. We don’t like moving together with strangers.” Jian Xiaotian refused.

“He he! Since we are out here exploring, we are all friends. We should help one another. I can see that you two possess imposing visages and formidable primary energies. In the future, you two will surely be able to make a name for yourselves. Moreover, I am not looking for you two for no good reason. The most important issue here is that I had inadvertently discovered a treasure. However, there are yao beasts guarding the treasure. As I am lacking in strength, I want to find some helpers,” Liu Qing explained slowly.

“Treasure?” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian’s eyes immediately lit up.

“Yes. That is truly a treasure.” Looking at the expressions etched on Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian’s faces, a hint of joy appeared on Liu Qing’s face.

“Just what exactly is that treasure?” Jian Xiaotian hastily asked.

“A field of Fire Cluster Grasses. Some of them are over 5,000 years old,” Liu Qing whispered.

“Fire Cluster Grass. That is a good item.” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian exchanged glances.

“Lead us there then. Once we obtain the grasses, we can split them evenly between us.” 

“Very well, I will lead the way.”

Surface wise, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian put on a façade of excitement. However, they were secretly communicating with one another.

“Brother Jian, what do you think?”

“Hah! What else is there to think about? There must surely be an ambush up ahead. Does he think he can hide the look from us? How laughable!”

“His cultivation base is at level 3 of the Sky Human stage. This is quite the attainment. He is very good at hiding his abilities. Additionally, he has also cultivated a type of bewitching technique. Who knows how many people he has bewitched?”

“If the other party only has this level of cultivation, even an ambush will be nothing. However, I fear that they will have experts on their side.”

“We’ll just deal with it as it comes. Else, we can only kill this fellow now. However, I am curious to find out what this fellow is planning on doing.”

Seeing Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian tricked, Liu Qing casually chatted with them as he secretly contacted his companions who were waiting up front.

Somewhere over 100 kilometres away from them, within a mound made from a chaotic ensemble of rocks, cultivators were hiding behind the blocks of rocks there. All of them radiated thick killing energy. This was the result of them having committed too many acts of killing. However, all the killing energy was blocked by a thin layer of barrier, which stopped them from leaking out.

“He he! Fellow brothers, get ready. Liu Qing has sent a message over. We have managed to lure in two more fishes.”

“That Liu Qing is quite accomplished in bewitching techniques. We have managed to slaughter three batches of fat sheep this month. Heh! If I can get my hands on a little more spirit stones, I will be able to break through. Unexpectedly, after getting exiled to Twospan Mountain Range, my rate of cultivation would soar instead.”

“Which one of us aren’t enjoying the same thing? If the old guys from the sect finds out about this, I wonder if they will feel so much regret that they will instead come chase after us?”

“Ha ha ha! According to the message that Liu Qing sent over, these two fellows are fools. They will be easy to handle. Additionally, Liu Qing can also sense that they possess high-grade Prized artefacts.”

“High-grade Prized artefacts? Looks like we have encountered super fat sheep.”

“No, high-grade Prized artefacts are not easy to deal with. We’ll need to be careful so as to not let them turn the tables on us.”

“Don’t worry. After the two sides are exhausted and mutually wounded from the fight, we’ll attack them. Now, let’s move out.”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

One by one, a total of 18 ferocious-looking cultivators emerged from behind the rocks. They concealed their auras and waited for the opportune moment to execute their sneak attacks.

“Not far ahead is the spot where the Fire Cluster Grasses grow. However, there are two very powerful Great Yaos guarding the place. One moves about openly while the other lurks in secrecy. Last time, I nearly died there,” Liu Qing said, a lingering fear in his voice.

“What kind of yao beast are they?” asked a curious Jian Xiaotian.

“They are two fire-type yao beasts. As for their specific names, I do not know. However, I speculate that they have overcome 5 Lightning Tribulations,” Liu Qing said.

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian secretly snickered. If those yao beasts truly did exist, they could have easily killed off Liu Qing. 

“Something is not right. I am sensing the power of fire. Additionally, there are also strands of medicinal power wafting in the air.” Suddenly, Chen Feng sent a secret vocal transmission to Jian Xiaotian.

“I sense it too. Are the Fire Cluster Grasses real? Those grasses are very beneficial for my Absolute Combat Constitution,” replied a stunned Jian Xiaotian.

“Let me check it out.” Chen Feng empowered the Thousand Seeker Mirror in his Celestial Fate acupoint. Next, his senses became like a tidal wave as they spread forward. He was able to clearly sense everything up ahead.

It did not take long for him to discover a field of thriving Fire Cluster Grasses. A quick glance revealed that there were over 100 stalks of the grasses. There were over 30 stalks that were over 5,000 years old.

“Brother Jian, there are Fire Cluster Grasses up ahead. This fellow is telling the truth.” Chen Feng sent Jian Xiaotian another secret vocal transmission.

“The Fire Cluster Grasses exist?” Jian Xiaotian could not stop the glint of joy from showing within his eyes. The spiritual herb was a highly beneficial supplement for him. 

“What is it? Did you two discover something?” Liu Qing noticed the look on Jian Xiaotian’s face.

“I can sense the power of fire in the air. Looks like we are not too far away from the Fire Cluster Grasses,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“He he! It is not too far. It is just up right in front.” Liu Qing revealed a calm look as he secretly sneered. Be happy all you want. Your time of death is already approaching.

Chen Feng continued empowering the Thousand Seeker Mirror to expand the range of its detection. Soon, he was able to sense two formidable auras. Utilizing his divine sense, Chen Feng was able to detect two yao beasts that he had never seen before. The power of fire that they emanated was so thick that it shocked Chen Feng.

Two yao beasts with 5 Lightning Tribulations under their belts. They are easy to handle. However, those two yao beasts are not the important ones here. Chen Feng continued to scan the area. Soon enough, he found the 18 cultivators who were preparing to ambush Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian while concealing their auras.

Those fellows should be Liu Qing’s companions. It looks like they are waiting for us to fight the yao beasts and attack us after we are mutually wounded. Still, no matter what their plans are, in the face of absolute power, all schemes are pointless. They appear ferocious and evil. They must have killed their fair share of people. Even so, they are still somewhat too weak to be thinking of going against us.

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