Chapter 545: Twospan Mountain Range


“Grade 2 Sacred artefact!” Chen Feng was shocked.

“Ha ha ha! This is a magic treasure that I modified. It would be strange if its grade doesn’t increase. Besides, all the Mystic Iron ores were not used for nothing,” Tower said smugly.

“All right. Let me test the power of this magic treasure.” Chen Feng nodded his head. Next, both Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian entered the Skysoar Warship.


The Skysoar Warship charged up into the sky. It felt lighter and it moved faster, several times faster than before. Naturally, it was also consuming even more spirit stones than before.

“So fast!” Seeing the zooming panorama, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian felt dumbfounded.

“I engraved some wind-type magic arrays into this warship. It is only natural that its speed would rise,” Tower said casually.

“Huh! Brother Jian, you pilot this warship. I want to focus on recovering my strength.” As the Skysoar Warship was very fast, Chen Feng did not feel worried anymore. With the exception of Human Immortals, it would simply be unrealistic for other cultivators to catch up to them.

“You just focus on your recovery.” Jian Xiaotian nodded.

After just one hour, Chen Feng was done. His body brimmed with primary energy and his aura reached a condensed state. His cultivation base had returned to its peak. Perhaps it was due to him over exhausting himself back then, but his strength level had actually increased somewhat.

Chen Feng then brought out a map to quickly find Earthen Fire City’s position.

“There are still half a million kilometres between us and the Central Plains. If nothing happens along the way, we’ll be able to reach the Central Plains soon,” Chen Feng said. Next, he sent his divine sense out to check out the Skysoar Warship in detail.

“Eh?” Chen Feng exclaimed. He had discovered some items aboard the warship.

“How is it? Satisfied?” Tower chuckled with a self-satisfied tone.

“A few offensive magic arrays have been added. With these magic arrays, this Skysoar Warship is no longer just a flying-type magic treasure. Hmm, let me see what type of offensive magic arrays these are,” said Chen Feng, who entered a state of silence again. 

Their flight continued for three days. By the end of the three days, Chen Feng had fully mastered the newly-added functions of the Skysoar Warship. Chen Feng believed that, with enough spirit stones, it could even fight a starter-level Human Immortal for a bit.

“Not far ahead is the boundary of the Central Plains,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“All right. Let’s land and check it out.” Next, Chen Feng kept the Skysoar Warship and the two of them quickly flew to the ground. Although the Skysoar Warship was very fast, the rate at which it consumed spirit stones was too high. And while Chen Feng possessed a high number of spirit stones on him, that was just too wasteful.

It seems I will have to cultivate up to the Human Immortal stage if I want to empower the Skysoar Warship myself. Chen Feng shook his head, a bitter smile on his face.

“Up ahead is the Twospan Mountain Range, stretching through a distance of 50,000 kilometres. Yao beasts roam about there. However, there are more bandits within.” Jian Xiaotian pointed at the towering mountain range, which was practically blocking half the sky, and said smilingly.

“Twospan Mountain Range. I have heard that the average height of this mountain range is over 10,000 zhang. I wonder if that is true?” Chen Feng said with an interested tone.

“Naturally, it is true. However, while this mountain range has a high concentration of spiritual energy, the spiritual energy here contains killing energy. It is very easy for cultivators to suffer from cultivation deviation if they cultivate here for too long. The exception would be cultivators who practice some special cultivation techniques. We from the large sects would never come practice cultivation here. Of course, we do still come here to eliminate bandits, hunt yao beasts and search for spiritual herbs.” Jian Xiaotian was fairly knowledgeable about the situation there.

“You have come here before?” Chen Feng was curious.

“No. I heard it from my fellow sect brothers and sisters. This is a very chaotic place. Some of the more powerful loose cultivators dare kill even the disciples from large sects like ours. Killing and plundering is a very common thing here.”

“It covers a distance of 50,000 kilometres. There are probably countless yao beasts and loose cultivators inside. Wanting to clear them off is probably wishful thinking, no?”

“It is indeed wishful thinking. Unless the large sects work together, relying on one or two sects is insufficient to do anything about this place. Besides, there are also some formidable cultivators that are deep in cultivation within this place. Some of them are very troublesome existences.” Jian Xiaotian shook his head.

“Very troublesome? Just how troublesome are they?”

“Even a sect like our Heavenly Sword Faction is fearful of them. What do you think?”

“So formidable? Could there be Earthen Immortals or Yao Immortals inside?”

“I do not know. There are simply rumours. Naturally, even if these characters do exist, they will not be making their appearances casually. Even more so, they will not be taking action against cultivators at our level. Still, we will definitely be encountering some troubles on our way to the Central Plains.

“Troubles are good. We’ll see just who gets to rob who. There is a high number of bandits here robbing the cultivators coming from both sides. These bandits must have some good items on them, right?” Chen Feng smiled.

“We should exercise caution. The bandits here are very fierce.” Jian Xiaotian shook his head.

As expected, right after entering the Twospan Mountain Range area, Chen Feng sensed a killing energy permeating the air.

“Brother Jian, do you know why there are blood and killing energies here?”

“Humans and yao beasts would battle each other here every day, leading to deaths. Naturally, there will be blood and killing energies here.”

Chen Feng shook his head. While Jian Xiaotian’s words were logical, he sensed that there was something wrong about that. However, he was unable to figure out what.

“Kid, your senses are correct. The blood and killing energies here are not simply due to the deaths and acts of killings here. There is another reason for that.” Tower suddenly spoke up.

“Another reason. What is that?” Chen Feng was puzzled.

“I sense that the killing energy is coming from beneath this mountain range. In other words, there is something beneath this mountain range,” Tower said slowly.

“What is it?”

“I do not know what exactly it is. At any rate, it must be a sinister item. It could be a spirit vein or it could also be a savage beast. However, it is too deep underground. Additionally, there are seals involved as well. In order to find out what it is, you will need to find a passageway inside,” Tower replied helplessly.

“I wonder. Maybe we can figure something out by asking about the history of this Twospan Mountain Range.” Chen Feng shook his head. Still, he tried to ask Jian Xiaotian about it. To his surprise, Jian Xiaotian actually knew quite a bit regarding its history.

“I know about this. It is said that there is an extraordinary primordial beast suppressed deep within this Twospan Mountain Range,” Jian Xiaotian said seriously.

“Extraordinary beast. Is it true? What level is it at?” Chen Feng was somewhat shocked.

“I don’t know, but I think it is at least a Yao Immortal. I read about this from our sect’s books. However, it should be true. There are many that could confirm its veracity. There are even some powerful cultivators looking for the entrance leading down within this Twospan Mountain Range.”

“There is truly an extraordinary beast here?”

“Although no one had ever found it, there are indeed many unique places here. In fact, there are some bottomless holes here.” 

“There are even bottomless holes? Looks like we’ll have to explore this place in detail.” Chen Feng grew desirous of exploring the place.

“Forget it. This place is very dangerous. One of our Heavenly Sword Faction’s senior, a Human Immortal, entered one of the bottomless holes and have yet to return. It is not just our sect, even the experts from other sects have died here. It is also due to the dangerous environment that bandits and loose cultivators can survive here. In order to avoid their enemies, some cultivators would come hide within Twospan Mountain Range,” Jian Xiaotian informed Chen Feng about what he knew.

“The more dangerous this place is, the more opportunities there are to be found. Even if the forces from Nine Firmaments Palace come here, we can just hide within one of the 100,000 mountains here. We don’t even need to run to the Central Plains.” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. After hearing Jian Xiaotian’s explanation, he felt that this was a very suitable spot for exploration.

Before they could start exploring, however, they encountered a group of bandits. Truth be told, they had sensed the bandits long ago. However, due to how weak the bandits’ auras were, they had ignored them. More importantly, they had assumed that those auras belonged to ordinary cultivators.

“You two, hand over your items. We won’t kill you.” One of the bandits, a muscular man, spoke up.

There was a total of 20 men. The muscular man possessed the highest level of cultivation at level 6 of the Concealed stage. He had only just condensed his Soulflame. As for the others, they were at level 4 or 5 of the Concealed stage. In places like Black Origin City, they could become overlords. However, for Chen Feng, this level of cultivation was not even worth looking at.

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian looked at each other and they could not stop themselves from laughing out. “Brother Jian, I believe you now. There are indeed a lot of bandits here. We haven’t even actually entered the Twospan Mountain Range and this has already happened. However, the cultivation bases of the bandits here seem somewhat weak.”

Chen Feng felt somewhat helpless. These bandits were so weak that Chen Feng could not even motivate himself to attack them.

“What are you fellow talking about? Hurry up and take out your valuables, or we will make it so you two die without a place of burial.” Seeing Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian ignore them, the bandits grew enraged. Two of them pulled out a sabre each, intending to move forward and attack.

“Hold it. Look at this.” Jian Xiaotian produced a token and tossed it over. It was clear that Jian Xiaotian did not have any intentions of fighting them. Thus, he simply tossed out his identity.

“This is the token of Heavenly Sword Faction. You are a disciple from Heavenly Sword Faction?” Looks of surprise appeared on the bandits’ faces.

“Yes, now hurry up and make way. Or do you fellows have a death wish?” Jian Xiaotian said with a derisive smile.

“So what if you are a disciple of Heavenly Sword Faction? What’s so great about that? No one will find out if we kill you.”

“That’s right! Kill this kid and we will be able to obtain the sword formulas of Heavenly Sword Faction. We are truly lucky today. We were just thinking that there are too little preys when these fellows chose to send themselves over.”

“Attack! Everyone, attack together.”

“Cough! Cough!” Jian Xiaotian cast a glance at Chen Fen, a lamenting look on his face. Next, he flicked his fingers to send a beam of sword energy out. The beam of sword energy then erupted and a bloody hole appeared on the body of every single one of the bandits there. However, Jian Xiaotian did not kill them. He simply wanted to teach them a lesson.

By then, even a fool would realize that they had kicked the iron plate. Immediately, the bandits went on their knees as they kowtowed and begged for mercy. Wisely, they brought out all the spirit stones on them.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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