Chapter 544: Teleport


The heavy sword was forged using many rare metals and it weighed at least several thousand jin. The iciness emanating from the edge of the sword could make its way into a person’s heart. Additionally, it also contained a formidable power of metal and a killing intent capable of shocking others.

“A good sword. It contains killing intent and a sharp power of metal. Looks like this sword has bathed in the blood of many. I’ll keep it first and refine it later on.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Time to head out.” Chen Feng had yet to fully recover. However, he was worried that Jian Xiaotian and the others might be worried about him. Thus, with a flash, his figure left the Blood Mustering Bead’s space.

“Brother Chen, are you all right?”

“Chen Feng, you do not look too good.”

Seeing Chen Feng appear, Jian Xiaotian and Mo Ji quickly moved forward. When Mo Ji saw Chen Feng’s complexion, a concerned look appeared on her face.

“Ha ha, I am fine! I just exhausted some of my primary energy,” Chen Feng replied, laughing.

“What of the Human Immortal from Transcendent Firmaments Palace?” He Xian, too, came over and he asked curiously.

“I managed to lock him up. He will not be able to escape for now.” Chen Feng did not tell the truth as he did not want to expose all his abilities.

He Xian considered it for a moment before saying, “That’s good. We managed to kill off everyone they sent this time around. The way I see it, even if Nine Firmaments Palace found out about this, they can only suffer in silence. However, you two should hurry up and leave. No matter what, two Human Immortals have died. This will surely trigger a wave of shock throughout the Northern Plains.”

“Of course. We’ll leave right now. Mo Ji, until next time,” Chen Feng said, cupping his fists. Next, both Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian walked into the teleportation array.

Mo Ji’s face flickered and it seemed as though she wanted to say something. In the end, she suppressed the desire.


The teleportation array activated and the power of space surged forth. Soon enough, a massive passageway appeared up in the sky to instantly suck Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian into it.

When the teleportation array stopped operating, the two of them had disappeared and the spatial ripples slowly subsided.

“If nothing unexpected happens, this will teleport them 4 million kilometres forward. It’ll bring them very close to the edge of the Central Plains,” He Xian said.

“Let’s go back. Hopefully, he will be able to carve out a place of his own in the Central Plains.” Mo Ji’s face regained its original composure.

Enveloped by a thick power of space, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian’s figures were rapidly jumping through the void. Unlike the previous teleportation processes, this was a long-ranged teleportation process. It would take them longer to reach their destination.

“Brother Chen, it looks like Mo Ji is somewhat interested in you,” Jian Xiaotian could not stop himself from saying.

“Ha ha!” Chen Feng simply responded with a laugh.

“Brother Jian, after going to the Central Plains, I will be depending on you to take care of me.” Chen Feng changed the subject.

“Brother Chen, you jest. However, our Heavenly Sword Faction does hold quite the influence over the Central Plains. As long as we can enter our Heavenly Sword Faction’s territory, not even Nine Firmaments Palace would dare send their men over.”

“It is said that the world of cultivation in the Central Plains is a notch higher compared to the one in the Northern Plains. I wonder, how much stronger is the Heavenly Sword Faction compared to Nine Firmaments Palace?” Chen Feng asked the question that had been hovering within his mind.

“The world of cultivation in the Central Plains is indeed the most prosperous one in Eternal World. However, the most important issue here is that there are many sects and loose cultivators there. Objectively speaking, the comprehensive strength of our Heavenly Sword Faction should be three times that of Nine Firmaments Palace. Of course, this is something I heard from others. I do not know the specific strength of Nine Firmaments Palace and our sect,” Jian Xiaotian said with a smile.

“So powerful?” Chen Feng was surprised. Even though he already had an inkling about it, hearing it from Jian Xiaotian had still shocked him.

“I have also heard that Sword Hall is a branch of your Heavenly Sword Faction. Is it true?”

“It cannot be considered a branch. However, Sword Hall’s earliest sect guardian sword formula is indeed from our Heavenly Sword Faction. Still, I am uncertain about the specifics myself. I only know that there is a relationship between our two sects. Our Heavenly Sword Faction looks down on Sword Hall while Sword Hall is not too fearful of our Heavenly Sword Faction.”

The two of them chatted casually. After an indeterminate amount of time, light flashed before their eyes and they arrived at their destination.

“We’ve arrived.”

“I wonder where is this. I can hear some noise. Are we inside a city?”

When Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian finally steadied themselves, they saw that they were correct. There was a teleportation array – engraved with complicated patterns – beneath them. Meanwhile, there were cultivators grouped in twos and threes around them.

“I wonder what this place is called. I forgot to ask Mo Ji earlier.”

“From what I can recall, the territory that is closest to the Central Plains is under Pill Ding Sect. Could we be inside a city that is under Pill Ding Sect right now?” 

Chen Feng saw Pill Ding Sect’s crest on a nearby wall and smiled before saying, “It’s definitely under Pill Ding Sect. The only question left is which city are we in? However, for it to possess a large-scale teleportation array, it is definitely not an ordinary city.” 

Jian Xiaotian sensed the surrounding streams of spiritual energy and said, “This is most likely Earthen Fire City.”

Chen Feng was also able to sense the faint power of earthen fire within the air. He, too, believed that this was Earthen Fire City, a large city under the jurisdiction of Pill Ding Sect.

There was a very high-grade earthen fire deep within Earthen Fire City. For the pill-concocting cultivators from Pill Ding Sect, this was the best cultivation spot. In addition to the pill-concocting cultivators, this place was also very attractive for cultivators who practice fire-type cultivation techniques.

After quickly chatting for a bit, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian swiftly left. However, some of the people there managed to identify them before they could get too far away.

“Eh? Those two earlier look so familiar.”

“Shh, be quiet! Those two are the wanted fugitives that Nine Firmaments Palace is after, Jian Xiaotian and Chen Feng.”

“That cannot be right. Just recently, it is said that the two of them had only just made their way out from the Starsea Region. It has only been a while since then. And yet, they could already make their way to Earthen Fire City? There are over 5 million kilometres between this place and the Starsea Region.”

“Are you an idiot? Didn’t you see them walk out from the teleportation array?”

“You’re the idiot. That is why I am feeling puzzled. At present, the entire Northern Plains is after those two fellows. How could they enter a city to utilize a teleportation array?”

“That makes sense. However, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian have appeared before us. If we do not take action, Heaven will begrudge us.”

“No, we cannot act rashly! So many of Nine Firmaments Palace’s forces have been mobilized and they have lost so many men only for these two to remain unscathed. If you want to get yourself killed, then go ahead.”

“What then? Are we supposed to just watch as they leave? Do not forget, Nine Firmaments Palace have recently increased the bounties on them again.”

“No rush. There will surely be many others who will attack them.”

They were not speaking out loud. Rather, they were conversing using secret vocal transmissions. However, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were still able to sense something amiss. Since they appeared, the surrounding voices of people conversing with one another had disappeared and the atmosphere grew subdued.

“Not good. We forgot to change our appearance. They found out.”

“I was originally planning on staying in Earthen Fire City for a few days, but it appears that we’ll need to hurry up and leave.”

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian secretly conversed while Chen Feng quickly focused on recovering his strength. Chen Feng had yet to fully recover from the wounds he suffered during his battle against the Human Immortal from Transcendent Firmaments Palace. Thus, he was not in an optimal state to start a fight.

“Don’t worry. We can take it slow. The way I see it, there aren’t that many powerful cultivators here. If it comes down to it, we can just kill our way out.”

“Hopefully no one will attack. It will be troublesome if we get besieged.”

Putting on a nonchalant façade, the two of them leisurely made their way out of the city.

After putting a distance of over 10 kilometres between them and the city, they sensed that there were countless cultivators following them. Some were lurking in the dark while others followed them out in the open. Still, none of them attacked. It would appear that they were hesitant. None of them wanted to be the first to take action.

“Sigh! I could never have imagined thought that I could be so famous.” Chen Feng sighed.

“Me too. I never thought I’d be so popular.” Likewise, Jian Xiaotian shook his head.

“If someone attacks, you will have to handle them first. I haven’t recovered my strength yet.”

“Not an issue. I am just worried that they will swarm us.”

Finally, some of the cultivators were finally incapable of holding back. Two young cultivators, their origins unknown, rushed at Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian. They wanted perform probing attacks to see how powerful Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were. However, before they could arrive before Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian, a forceful sword beam streaked forward swiftly through space. 


Before the two cultivators could respond, Jian Xiaotian’s attack had arrived. The sword beam erupted against the ground, creating a large crater. It was just one attack, but that one attack had killed off the two cultivators.

“Sigh! Even cultivators at level 4 of the Sky Human stage want to run to their deaths,” Jian Xiaotian said, sighing.

“This doesn’t look good.” Chen Feng shook his head.

It was true. Although Jian Xiaotian’s actions of killing off the two cultivators managed to shock the others, it also revealed his cultivation base.

“Level 5 of the Sky Human stage. His cultivation level is not high. Everyone, why don’t we attack together? When the time comes, we can share the rewards equally.”

“All right! I agree.”

“Attack together!”

“Attack together!”

Chen Feng watched as the cultivators behind them charged at them and a wry smile appeared on his face. As for Jian Xiaotian, he released a combating aura. This was the power of the Absolute Combat Constitution.

They wanted to stay behind and start a slaughter. However, if they were surrounded, it would bring over even more cultivators. Thus, they leapt into the sky and drove their swords to fly far away. 

The two of them had only travelled through 50 kilometres when a level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator caught up to them. However, before the cultivator could attack, light flashed before his eyes and he slowly lost consciousness.

The Demon Sealing Sword grew larger. Bringing Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian with it, it burst forward to instantly leave their pursuers in the dust.

Although they had managed to shake off their pursuers for a time, Chen Feng’s complexion grew increasingly pale. Thus, he directed the Demon Sealing Sword to land on the peak of a mountain.

“Tower, how is the restoration process on the Skysoar Warship?” Chen Feng asked.

“Look for yourself.” Tower’s voice rang out and a Skysoar Warship appeared before Chen Feng. Design wise, there were not many differences between this warship and its previous shape. However, it was now covered in a thick layer of Mystic Iron. It looked stronger and more durable. More importantly, Chen Feng found that the Skysoar Warship was now a grade 2 Sacred artefact.


1 jin = 0.5 kg

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