Chapter 543: Killing a Human Immortal



“Open!” The Human Immortal swiftly jerked and the surrounding ropes formed using the bloody waters were broken. Even the roots of the Bloody Nethertree were bounced back.

However, Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised. To think that the Bloody Nethertree’s roots are so strong. They could withstand the attack from a Human Immortal.

“What is so surprising about that? This is just a seedling. Once it becomes a fully-grown Bloody Nethertree, just one branch will be enough to slap a Human Immortal to death,” Tower’s voice rang out.

“Tower, hurry up and help me. I won’t be able to hold this fellow down for much longer!” Chen Feng shouted.

“Nope. You can’t even hold down a pitiful Human Immortal? Are you not ashamed of yourself?” Tower said with a ridiculing tone.

“Hou!” The Human Immortal roared and his stature grew bigger and bigger. The blood energy within his body was like the magma of a volcano that was on the verge of erupting. It was so powerful that Chen Feng felt as though his divine sense was being scorched.

“Why is this Human Immortal’s fleshly body so strong?” Chen Feng cried out in shock once again.

Chen Feng knew that this Human Immortal will not be easy to handle. Without Tower’s assistance, the broken Blood Mustering Bead alone would not be enough for him to kill the Human Immortal. Thus, Chen Feng waved his hand to send Jian Xiaotian and the others out. At the same time, the semi-transparent silhouette of the Blood Mustering Bead disappeared. As for Chen Feng, his figure flashed, entering the space within the Blood Mustering Bead.

By then, the situation outside was already under control. Thanks to the appearance of the Nine-tailed Fox, the fleshly body of the Human Immortal from Nine Firmaments Palace had been destroyed. Only a strand of his Soulflame had managed to escape. As for Wang Long and the others, the shockwave that the Nine-tailed Fox sent out had quaked them, leaving them lying wounded on the floor. Seeing that, He Xian rushed forward to kill them all.

“Where did Chen Feng go?” Mo Ji asked anxiously.

“Don’t worry. Let’s just wait for him.” As Jian Xiaotian knew more about Chen Feng, he was not feeling too concerned.

Unbeknownst to him, Chen Feng, who was inside the Blood Mustering Bead’s space, had already unleashed all of his abilities. He controlled his three strongest Sacred artefacts, the Twin Swords of Life and Death and the Demon Sealing Sword, to attack the Human Immortal from Transcendent Firmaments Palace again and again.

The bloody pool churned and the branches and roots of the Bloody Nethertree entered the waters of the bloody pool. Even so, Chen Feng was incapable of suppressing the Human Immortal. On the contrary, the Human Immortal from Transcendent Firmaments Palace was moving closer and closer towards the edge of the bloody pool, one step at a time.

Chen Feng clenched his teeth and all the energy within his Blood acupoint gushed out while wave after wave of his blood essence was consumed. Thanks to his actions, the power of the Blood Mustering Bead rose. However, Chen Feng grew increasingly weak. This fight was even affecting his life span.

“Kid, let me go. We’ll forget about what happened today.” A trace of fear finally appeared within the Human Immortal’s heart.

“Heh! Do you think I will do that?” Chen Feng opened his mouth to spray out a stream of blood essence, which landed on the Bloody Nethertree, causing the attacks coming from the Bloody Nethertree to grow even stronger.

The branches of the Bloody Nethertree were like mighty pythons while the ropes formed using the bloody waters shot forward endlessly. All the while, three Sacred-tier swords kept slicing at the Human Immortal.

It did not take long for wounds to appear all over the Human Immortal. It seemed as though Chen Feng had gained the upper hand in the fight. However, Chen Feng was actually gritting his teeth as he struggled bitterly to endure. His blood essence and primary energy were quickly depleting as he gradually over exhausted himself. If it weren’t for the fact that there were plenty of energy stored inside the opened insight acupoints, Chen Feng would have become a withered husk long ago.

“Hey, kid! Are you not going to let me out? Let’s see how long you can endure!” The Human Immortal scoffed and Sky Lightning flashed all around his body to defend against the cascade of attacks aimed at him. The two of them were in a stalemate and the end result would depend on who would be able to endure longer.

Chen Feng responded with a savage grin. He brought out a Blood Pill and shoved it into his mouth. A mighty medicinal power erupted and the blood essence within Chen Feng’s body surged once more, like a great river.

That was not an ordinary Blood Pill. It was a grade 8 Earthen-tier medicinal pill, concocted using the flesh of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm. One pill alone would take Chen Feng a considerable amount of time to refine. This was the best time for Chen Feng to take it as it could replenish his swiftly depleting blood essence quickly.

Thanks to the replenishment provided by the Blood Pill, Chen Feng grabbed the Death Sword and charged at the Human Immortal. As astral sword containing thick death energy shot towards the Human Immortal at lightning-like speed.

“Good, kid! I’ve been waiting for you!” The Human Immortal laughed and the wounds on his body instantly healed up. Next, a suffocating aura spread out and the surrounding ropes and roots were either shattered or knocked away.

The Human Immortal then strode forward and a massive palm silhouette smashed its way towards Chen Feng. Everywhere it went, the bloody waters would burst and the astral sword that Chen Feng fired out cracked before finally exploding to pieces with a bang. 

“No!” Chen Feng felt as though a mountain had smashed against him before his figure was sent flying. Finally, his body smashed heavily into the Bloody Nethertree, causing the big Bloody Nethertree to shake. 

“Ha ha ha! Kid, you are still too inexperienced. Lucky for me, this Dao artefact is now mine,” said the Human Immortal, who extended his hand to grasp the blood-coloured talisman that was hovering nearby. The Human Immortal had discerning eyes. He had swiftly identified that the talisman was instrumental in controlling the Blood Mustering Bead.

Chen Feng clenched his teeth and sent a drop of the three Yao Immortal blood essence he obtained back then into the Bloody Nethertree’s branch. Next, an overpowering and overbearing energy wave rose up from the Bloody Nethertree and one of its thick branches swiped forward to easily send the Human Immortal flying. At the same time, one root after another pierced the Human Immortal’s body. In just a flash, they had devoured half of the Human Immortal’s blood essence.


Formidable lightning and flames were discharged from the Human Immortal’s body. After a difficult struggle, he finally managed to extricate himself. Three bloody holes could be seen on his body. Moreover, the three bloody holes were slowly expanding in size.

“Cough! Cough! Pu!”

Chen Feng coughed out a mouthful of blood. The blood was not his blood essence. Rather, it was due to the damage taken by his internal organs.

His face turned pale and Chen Feng knew that the internal injuries were due to the backlash from the Bloody Nethertree. Normally, Chen Feng would be able to quickly heal up his injuries. At that moment, however, he did not have the time for it. He still had to deal with the Human Immortal from Transcendent Firmaments Palace.

Given their current situation, it was obvious that the victor would soon be decided. If Chen Feng could land another attack on the Human Immortal, victory would be in his grasp.

“Military Solution Technique!”

The Human Immortal from Transcendent Firmaments Palace clenched his teeth and wisps of fire emerged from his body. As the flames burned, the wounds on the Human Immortal completely disappeared and the aura he radiated grew, becoming even more domineering than before.

Seeing the flaming figure of the Human Immortal, Chen Feng’s face sank sharply. “He is stirring the potential of his body by burning his remaining blood essence. He is truly going all out. Even if he survives, he will only have half a life remaining.”


Chen Feng’s figure darted and he arrived before the Bloody Nethertree. Thick branches moved to rest before him, forming a thick layer of barrier. At the same time, the Twin Swords of Life and Death circled around to form an even stronger Storm of Swords.

As Chen Feng and the Human Immortal were fighting each other, Jian Xiaotian, who was waiting outside, began growing jumpy.

“It’s been a day. Could something have happened to Chen Feng?” Mo Ji could not stop herself from asking.

“Probably not. Let’s just continue waiting,” Jian Xiaotian said, his voice containing uncertainty. Truth be told, Jian Xiaotian’s heart was palpitating. He knew that Chen Feng possessed a very powerful magic treasure. However, this was a Human Immortal he was up against. Thus, Jian Xiaotian felt uncertain.

Another three days went by and Jian Xiaotian began growing anxious.

Inside the Blood Mustering Bead’s space, Chen Feng’s bloodstained body leaned against the Bloody Nethertree. The Human Immortal from Transcendent Firmaments Palace was lying on the surface of the bloody pool, a thick root piercing his body as it kept sucking up the Human Immortal’s blood essence.

“Sigh, how unexpected! Even with the power of the Blood Mustering Bead, I am still incapable of defeating a Human Immortal. In the end, I had to rely on Tower as well.” Chen Feng sighed. He had taken too much damage in the fight. Still, for Chen Feng, this level of damage was nothing. The medicinal powers of one Pure Essence Pill and three Longevity Essence Pills were spreading out within his body. The wounds he had taken and his life span began recovering at a rapid pace.

“Hey, this Human Immortal was quite a capable character.” Light flashed before Chen Feng’s eyes and Tower’s human form appeared before Chen Feng.

“How did you enter this space?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“I recovered some more of my powers. I can now leave my original body for a time,” Tower said with a smile. Then, he stepped towards the bloody pool.

“This Human Immortal is much stronger compared to that He Xian. His fleshly body has been tempered to a very high level. He must be cultivating a body forging technique. If the Blood Mustering Bead is whole, it would have been easy to deal with him. However, given the Blood Mustering Bead’s current state and your cultivation base… keke, you are still not strong enough.” Tower snickered, bringing out an Ice Pear. He then began munching the Ice Pear.

“You can eat already?” Chen Feng’s eyes widened.

“Ha ha, that’s right.” Tower laughed.


The Human Immortal from Transcendent Firmaments Palace exploded, his body reduced to smithereens before merging with the waters of the bloody pool. The Bloody Nethertree had absorbed all of his blood essence.

After having devoured the blood essence of a Human Immortal, the Bloody Nethertree began growing up. The branches and leaves that were damaged in the earlier fight were completely healed. Finally, the Bloody Nethertree grew several metres higher and its foliage grew more exuberant. However, no fruits grew.

“I wonder, when will it be able to grow out Bloody Netherfruits?” Chen Feng shook his head, standing up.

Tower contemplated the matter before saying, “Judging by its current rate of growth, it should be able to produce fruit after devouring around eight or ten more Human Immortals.”

“What? So many?” Chen Feng exclaimed.

“Never mind that, then. This time’s harvest is quite considerable. Let’s check out what is inside the spatial pouches first,” Chen Feng said, a spatial pouch appearing in his hand. It was none other than the Human Immortal’s spatial pouch. As for the spatial pouches belonging to Sun Kai and the others, Chen Feng chose to ignore that first.

“There is quite a bit of spirit stones, but isn’t the number of medicinal pills and spiritual herbs too little? There are only a few rare ores as well. There isn’t even a single cultivation technique. This is a Human Immortal here. Isn’t he too poor?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from crying out after checking its contents.

“That is because you are not lacking spirit stones. Ten million Prized crystals and one million Sacred crystals. This is quite a lot. As for the cultivation techniques, they were all inside his sea of wisdom. Right now, though, they are all gone. Still, isn’t there a sword over there?” Tower said, waving his hand. Next, a strong and shining sword flew into his grasp.

“Army Break Sword, a grade 1 Sacred artefact. This is already not bad.” After merely giving it a glance, Tower tossed it over to Chen Feng.

“Sacred artefact. He he! At least I managed to gain something.” Chen Feng snickered.

Note: A little heads up, I made some changes to the Blood Mustering Bead. 

The ‘Profound Blood Tree’ is now named ‘Bloody Nethertree’.

The ‘Profound Blood Guide’ is now named ‘Bloody Netherguide Art’.

The words ‘profound’ and ‘nether’ uses the same character (). =/

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