Chapter 542: Utilizing the Blood Mustering Bead


“Yes. I thank Miss Mo Ji for the hospitality you showed us for the past few days,” Chen Feng thanked her.

A hint of disappointment – not easily noticeable – appeared within Mo Ji’s eyes. Next, she smiled and said, “Very well. Let’s head to the teleportation array now, then.”

“This teleportation array is truly big. However, judging by the engravings on the magic array, it should be quite old,” Chen Feng said, looking at the teleportation array in front of him.

“Yes. This is an ancient teleportation array. Please head up,” Mo Ji answered smilingly.

“Hold it!”

Just as Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were about to head into the teleportation array, a group of cultivators – led by Sun Kai and Wang Long – rushed towards them from the distance. Even before arriving, two cultivators from the group were already firing out attacks towards Chen Feng’s group.

“Flamebolt Hegemon Formula and Cyansoul Sword Technique. They are from Transcendent Firmaments Palace and Nine Firmaments Palace,” Chen Feng said with a sneer. He knew that they won’t have a smooth time using the teleportation array. Since hearing from Jian Xiaotian about Sun Kai and Wang Long, Chen Feng had been getting a faint feeling that something might happen. That something had finally come.


A semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower suddenly appeared to envelop Chen Feng, Jian Xiaotian and Mo Ji. Thus, the incoming attacks failed to harm them. 


The Twin Swords of Life and Death shot forward and a Storm of Sword Beams, more powerful than ever, swept towards Sun Kai and the others.

However, this attack that had succeeded so many times in the past was shattered by a domineeringly formidable sword beam before it could even do anything.

There were 10 people in the group. In addition to Sun Kai and Wang Long, there were two Human Immortals and two half-step Human Immortals while the others were like Sun Kai, cultivators at level 7 of the Sky Human stage.

“Sun Kai, Wang Long! What are you two doing?!” Mo Ji’s face turned icy. At the same time, she crushed a jade Messaging Talisman.

“Deputy Sect Leader. Although you are in charge of this place, you do not have the right to casually use this teleportation array, no? This is a violation of our sect’s rules,” Sun Kai said coolly.

“Oh, is that so? Even if it is a violation of our sect’s rules, I do not need you two to tell me about it. Enough, you two may go back now,” Mo Ji said calmly.

“Humph! Do you really take yourself as the Sect Master? Everyone usually treats you well because they simply don’t want to bother arguing with you! I advise you to take down Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian right now. If you don’t, you will not be able to handle the consequences!” Wang Long shouted, stepping forward.

“Oh, what are the consequences? Tell me about it?” Mo Ji said, a disdainful smile on her face.

“Deputy Sect Master, I advise you to just come in quietly.” An insidious-looking old man suddenly stepped forward. He was a half-step Human Immortal. He was also a member of Black Water Order. However, he was on Sun Kai’s side. Sun Kai and Wang Long had expended a great deal of effort to invite him over.

“Elder Sun, Elder Wang. Do the two of you not respect the command of the Sect Master? Do not forget, the Sect Master personally said that I am in charge of everything here. Do you two plan on going against his command? Do not forget how our sect handles traitors,” Mo Ji shouted back, her tone icy.

“He he! Naturally, we will obey your commands. However, you must hand over these two kids. As long as you hand them over, we will continue to serve you and treat you as the Deputy Sect Master. Today’s matter will end here as well, but if you don’t…” Elder Sun snickered insidiously.

“What if I don’t?” Mo Ji replied with a ferocious grin.

“If you don’t, we’ll capture you as well and send you back to the sect for the Sect Master to handle. Personal use of the large-scale teleportation array alone is already a big crime. Not to mention, those are the murderous devils that everyone in the Northern Plains are after.”

“Hah! We’ve become murderous devils!” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian exchanged glances. They could not stop themselves from laughing out.

“What of your crime of colluding with outsiders? Do not forget who attacked and destroyed our Black Water Order. Do not forget which sects destroyed our Black Water Order’s headquarters in the past. What you are doing today is serving the interest of others. You are colluding with our enemies here. If the Sect Master were to find out about this, you fellows will have to go through all kinds of torture.” Fire flashed across Mo Ji’s eyes.

“Enough! Since you cannot understand our good intentions, we’ll just kill off the three of you today. The dead cannot testify. I believe that not even the Sect Master can punish us without any evidence.” Sun Kai could not stop himself from revealing a vicious grin.

“That would depend on whether or not you possess this ability,” said He Xian, who suddenly appeared beside Mo Ji.

“I want to witness your skills!”

“I also want to experience the demonic arts of the Black Water Order!”

The two Human Immortals, one from Nine Firmaments Palace and one from Transcendent Firmaments Palace, took a step forward. Next, their oppressive auras soared skywards to force He Xian to take a few steps back.

“Hey, just someone who recently rose to the Human Immortal stage. You dare ask for death from us? Fine, we’ll fulfil your wish!”

“This is bad! Two Human Immortals!” Mo Ji’s face finally sank.

“Ha ha ha ha! Surprised, little bitch? You didn’t think that we’d be able to get two Human Immortals over, did you? You would usually rely on the fact that there is a Human Immortal protecting you to look down on us. Today, even death will be a luxury for you!” Sun Kai laughed loudly.

“Also, did you try to call someone earlier? It’s useless. We have already locked the surrounding space earlier. Your Messaging Talisman is useless. You can also forget about having the Nine-tailed Fox come over. We have information that it is not here right now.” Wang Long could not stop himself from laughing as well.

“Sir Fox left an imprint within me. I have already informed him. The way I see it, if you fellows don’t run away now, you will be the ones to die.” Mo Ji forced herself to speak up.

“There is enough time before the Nine-tailed Fox’s arrival for us to kill you fellows. All right. We won’t be exchanging anymore nonsense with you. Everyone, attack! Kill them!”

“You fellows, hurry up and enter the teleportation array. I’ll stop them!” He Xian gritted his teeth as he brought out a few pieces of jade, which he tossed out. The pieces of jade hovered in the air and silky threads connected the pieces of jade to quickly form a barrier.

“Hurry up and break the barrier! Do not let them escape!” Sun Kai shouted anxiously. However, before Sun Kai’s shout could reverberate around, an astral sword streaked forward. The sharp astral sword pierced through the barrier and attacked He Xian.

The two Human Immortals were attacking He Xian. As for the others, two half-step Human Immortals and six level 7 Sky Human stage cultivators attacked Chen Feng, Jian Xiaotian and Mo Ji. 

Do these fellows want to die so much? Chen Feng smirked. Next, the Twin Swords of Life and Death unleashed another Storm of Sword Beams. Although this move was the most power-consuming move within his arsenal, Chen Feng did not care.

However, Chen Feng next came to realize that he was mistaken. All eight of the attackers were actually capable of bringing out a Sacred artefact each. They easily unravelled Chen Feng’s attack. Not only that, their attacks were also capable of sending the three of them flying backwards. All three smashed against the teleportation array and a good number of wounds could be seen on their bodies.

“Pu!” Facing the siege of the two Human Immortals, He Xian began coughing out blood.

It was a critical situation and it seemed as though Chen Feng’s side would be incapable of holding on for much longer.

“If only I’d known that this would happen, I would not have been so anxious to release all those Great Yaos.” Chen Feng shook his head. With a wave of his hand, he pulled He Xian over while a massive, semi-transparent silhouette of the Blood Mustering Bead appeared to envelop the four of them. No matter how powerful the attacks aimed at them were, they could not break the semi-transparent silhouette at all. 

“Dao artefact! How is this possible?” The two Human Immortals cried out in shock.

“Ha ha! By all means, go ahead and attack. Don’t hold back.” A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. However, he was secretly crying. In order to mobilize the Blood Mustering Bead, he had to stir his Blood acupoint ceaselessly and his blood essence was steadily getting exhausted. Thankfully, Chen Feng possessed a high amount of blood essence. Any other cultivator would have been incapable of holding on for even half a breath’s worth of time.

“Everyone, attack together!  That is a Dao artefact! There is no way for him to fully control it!” Looks of greed appeared on the two Human Immortals’ faces and they attacked the Blood Mustering Bead again.

“That’s right! We can no longer turn back now. Everyone, attack! Attack and seize their treasures!”


A formidable suction force suddenly emerged from the Blood Mustering Bead and two cultivators who were leading the charge were instantly sucked into the bead. Before the two cultivators could react to what was happening to their bodies, the bloody waters within the Blood Mustering Bead sent out a scouring wave to tear their flesh. Another wave and their flesh were completely torn away from their bones. Another wave and their bodies became bloody pulps, dissolving into the bloody waters.

“What’s going on?” Sun Kai and the others were terrified. Seeing the two cultivators disappear into the bead, they halted their charge.


Another burst of suction force. Again, two cultivators were sucked into the Blood Mustering Bead. One of them happened to be Sun Kai. Naturally, the two of them suffered the same fate as the former two cultivators. Every part of their bodies was dissolved into the bloody waters of the Blood Mustering Bead.

After devouring four cultivators in a row, the pressure on Chen Feng’s body lessened and the Blood Mustering Bead’s power began emerging.

“Incredible! As expected of a Dao artefact. Although it is a broken magic treasure, even a simple move from it can easily kill others.” Chen Feng felt his heart stirring.

The four devoured cultivators were level 7 Sky Human stage cultivators. Seeing that, the others felt a sense of foreboding and they began retreating. They were fearful that this strange attack would befall them.

Bang! Bang! 

Suddenly, a gigantic, fiery-red paw smacked the two Human Immortals, knocking them off their feet even as they coughed out blood. The Nine-tailed Fox had arrived. Coincidentally, one of them flew towards Chen Feng’s group and the Blood Mustering Bead exerted a suction force again to devour the Human Immortal.

He was the Human Immortal from Transcendent Firmaments Palace. After entering the Blood Mustering Bead, he swiftly brought out his Sacred artefact to force the surrounding bloody waters away.

“Oh, no!”

Chen Feng was originally feeling happy about it, thinking that he would be able to dissolve a Human Immortal into the Blood Mustering Bead’s bloody waters. However, he was quick to realize that he was mistaken. The powers of a Human Immortal were beyond his ability to handle. As the Human Immortal continued to counter attack, Chen Feng began losing control of the Blood Mustering Bead.

“Ha ha ha! Kid, did you think that everything would be settled just by sucking me in? Now, watch as I collect this Dao artefact!” The Human Immortal kept rocking the bloody waters, causing them to churn with a tempestuous quality.

“Not good! This doesn’t look good. Bloody Nethertree, suppress!” Chen Feng shouted. Countless roots spread out from the Bloody Nethertree to enter the bloody pool, where they attacked the Human Immortal. At the same time, the bloody waters inside the bloody pool condensed out ropes. The ropes appeared everywhere around the Human Immortal to tie him up.

Note: A little heads up, I made some changes to the Blood Mustering Bead. 

The ‘Profound Blood Tree’ is now named ‘Bloody Nethertree’.

The ‘Profound Blood Guide’ is now named ‘Bloody Netherguide Art’.

The words ‘profound’ and ‘nether’ uses the same character (). =/

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