Chapter 541: Refining the Fiery Eyes


Judging by Chen Feng’s original rate of cultivation, he should only be capable of cultivating an eye technique after reaching the Sky Human stage. However, due to the Divine Eyes Fountain water, Chen Feng’s eye power was steadily growing. Thus, he grew interested in cultivating an eye technique.

He spent the next few days cultivating himself inside the flying warship. However, he felt puzzled. Their ship, a Skysoar Warship, had been flying forward for a long time. And yet, they had not encountered any obstructions. 

On this particular day, Chen Feng refined five drops of Divine Eyes Fountain water in one go. As a result, his sea of wisdom roiled about chaotically while his Soulflame became like a big fireball. It kept raging within his sea of wisdom. A booming sound rang out and he successfully fused his 5th sea of wisdom layer, causing his soul power to spike. At the same time, the spiritual light undulating within his eyes shot out to break a stone table into pieces. Seeing that, Jian Xiaotian, who was in the midst of cultivating himself, and Mo Ji, who was seated not far away from him, grew shocked.

“Tower, I should already be capable of refining the Fiery Eyes, right?” Feeling somewhat surprised at that, Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

The Fiery Eyes were magic treasures forged using the eyes of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm’s fire-type head. The Two-headed Icefire Wyrm had been a Great Yao with 8 Lightning Tribulations under its belt. Although Chen Feng’s cultivation base had risen recently, he was still not confident in his ability to fuse the two Fiery Eyes with his eyes [1].

“Should be fine. Just try it,” Tower replied with an irresponsible tone.

However, before Chen Feng could test it out, the flying warship suddenly slowed down. Mo Ji and the others, who were in the midst of cultivation practice, opened their eyes as well.

“Why did we stop? Where are we?” Chen Feng stood up.

“An outpost of our Black Water Order,” Mo Ji said. “Chen Feng, this outpost of our Black Water Order has a large-scale teleportation array. Although it cannot directly teleport you to the Central Plains, it can still teleport you through a distance of several million li. That should bring you very close to the Central Plains.”

“A large-scale teleportation array. That’s good. We’ll do just that.” Chen Feng nodded.

The flying warship entered an area with rolling mountains to land atop a towering mountain.

“Eh, there are restrictive barriers.” After emerging from the ship, Chen Feng looked at the cliffs before him and narrowed his eyes.

Next, Mo Ji used both hands to form and send out one hand seal after another and the space before them quickly rippled. A pathway constructed using rocks appeared before them all.

“Let’s head in.” Mo Ji was the first to enter.

“The spiritual energy here is very thick. There must be a spirit vein or a spirit stone mine here, right?” Chen Feng reflexively said.

“Yes. There is a small spirit vein here. However, the main reason for the thick spiritual energy here is because there is a large-scale Spirit Gathering Array here,” Mo Ji said, a somewhat smug tone in her voice.

“A large-scale Spirit Gathering Array.” Chen Feng nodded and said nothing more.

The two sides of the pathways were filled with luxuriant vegetation. The spiritual energy there assailed their noses and various types of birds flew about. Additionally, as they were walking forward, Chen Feng could sense a hidden magic array. Although the aura emanating from the magic array was rather obscure, Chen Feng was still able to perceive the intent within the magic array.

The pathway started smooth and orderly. However, as they moved forward, it grew more and more mountainous and steep. After walking for one hour, the space before them opened up and various buildings appeared before Chen Feng’s eyes. There was an unknown number of men and women of varying ages there. For Chen Feng, it felt as though he had entered a large city. Or perhaps, he had entered a hidden place unknown to the outside world.

“Is this your Black Water Order’s headquarters?” Chen Feng’s eyes shone. He saw that there were primary energies flowing within the bodies of almost every one of those fellows. Even the youngest child there possessed a high level of blood energy and was capable of moving like a swallow.

“No, it is just an outpost. Additionally, this outpost is under me,” Mo Ji replied coolly. However, her eyes shone.

“Greetings, Deputy Sect Master.” Someone finally stepped forward to greet Mo Ji. Amongst them were some Sky Human stage cultivators. However, whenever they saw Mo Ji, they would all display looks of respect.

“Tsk, tsk. I didn’t think that Miss Mo Ji would possess this level of status,” Chen Feng said, tutting.

“I am just standing in the shadow of my predecessors. Even so, there are some fellows who do not view me with respect,” Mo Ji said, her eyes reflexively glancing towards Sun Kai and Wang Long.

“Cough! Cough! The two of us will go back first.” Sun Kai and Wang Long’s faces sank. Then, with a casual salute, they left.

Seeing that, Chen Feng was quick to understand that Mo Ji’s position was not stable. At the very least, Sun Kai and Wang Long did not appear respectful of her status.

“Come, I will arrange a place to stay for you. Stay here for a while,” Mo Ji said.

“Forget it. Let’s just head directly to the teleportation array. Without leaving the Northern Plains, I can’t feel safe. I keep feeling this sense of crisis,” Chen Feng said smilingly. 

“Aren’t you someone with a great deal of courage? To be hearing those words coming from you, how out of place.” Mo Ji responded by rolling her eyes.

“Fine, then. I will stay here for a few more days, then.” Chen Feng nodded. As it so happened, Chen Feng was planning on refining the Fiery Eyes. If he could succeed, he would have gained another combat technique.

As Chen Feng was staying in his lodgings with Jian Xiaotian to practice cultivation, Sun Kai and Wang Long were secretly planning something within a secret room.

“What do we do about this? This outpost should have been under us. Unexpectedly, that bitch Mo Ji ended up snatching it away from us. Moreover, it seems her control over this outpost is gradually growing stronger. If we allow this to continue, I fear that it is just a matter of time before we are eliminated.”

“How unfortunate. Originally, I had assumed that we could use this task to kill off Mo Ji. Unexpectedly, the Nine-tailed Fox would interfere. Furthermore, Mo Ji actually obtained the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain water. That is a huge contribution. Her status will likely rise even further due to this.”

“What could be done? The Nine-tailed Fox is backing that bitch. Additionally, that old man, He Xian, is secretly protecting her as well. Even if we are to join forces, we would be incapable of fighting him.”

“In my opinion, we should start with Chen Feng. Do not forget, Nine Firmaments Palace is after him.”

“You want to inform Nine Firmaments Palace and have their men interfere in this matter? Absolutely not!”

“Humph! Now that it has come to this, is there anything we cannot do? Besides, as long as we can kill off Mo Ji, this outpost will be ours. And by killing off Chen Feng, we will be able to get some good items from Nine Firmaments Palace. Moreover, I have also obtained reliable information that the Nine-tailed Fox did not follow Mo Ji back here. Instead, it headed back to the headquarters. Once Mo Ji is dead, there is nothing else they can do. Would the sect’s elders trouble us for the dead?”

“That’s probably unwise. It is easier to invite the devil than it is to send the devil away. What if the men from Nine Firmaments Palace go back on their words?”

“Are you stupid? We have been part of the world of cultivation for so long now. Don’t we have some friends? We’ll just wait for the two sides to be mutually wounded. Then, we’ll step in as the third party and reap the benefits.”

“That sounds like a good idea. However, when should we take action? Additionally, some conditions are needed for us to take action, no?” 

“I have already checked it out just now. That Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian want to use the large-scale teleportation array in this outpost. This is already a violation of our sect’s rules. I originally planned on reporting this to the sect. However, I have changed my mind. We can attack Chen Feng on the day he uses the teleportation array. When that happens, Mo Ji will definitely attack. Then, our opportunity will arrive.”

“All right. Let’s do just that.”

Moving away from Sun Kai and Wang Long, who were secretly scheming against Chen Feng and Mo Ji, Chen Feng had been cultivating for a whole seven days. During this time, Mo Ji had come over to visit him a few times. Seeing Chen Feng focusing on his own cultivation retreat, she could not stop herself from feeling vexed. As for Jian Xiaotian, he spent the first two days cultivating himself. Then, he went out for a stroll through the outpost.


On the eighth day, Chen Feng’s eyes snapped open. By then, both his eyes had changed, becoming fiery-red in colour. Two concentrated pillars of fire abruptly shot out from his eyes. Like flying swords, the two fire pillars pierced through the wall of the building he was in, making their way into the small courtyard outside. There, they spun around once, piercing through numerous rocks and trees. Finally, they transformed into two flaming beams of light and made their way back into Chen Feng’s eyes. Then, Chen Feng’s eyes regained their normal appearance.

The power behind them is good. However, my usage of them is still somewhat stiff. After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng then brought out a top-grade spirit stone containing the power of fire. With a thought, a suction force emerged from his eyes. Next, the power of fire within the top-grade spirit stone was sucked into the eyes. After just a few breaths’ worth of time, all the power of fire was absorbed, leaving not a single bit of residue behind. It showed just how high-grade the spirit stone was.

“As expected from the eyes of a level 8 Great Yao. The rate at which they could absorb the surrounding power of fire is at least 10 times my rate of absorption,” Chen Feng exclaimed.

Fire attacks and the absorption of the power of fire. Although he was still figuring out the two functions, Chen Feng was already feeling very satisfied. Next, Chen Feng pushed open the door of the building and walked out to see that Jian Xiaotian had returned.

“I say, Brother Chen. What cultivation technique were you practicing earlier? The flames earlier shocked me,” Jian Xiaotian blurted.

“I have been practicing this eye technique recently. I just managed a breakthrough. Thus, I ended up with the urge to test it out,” Chen Feng replied with a grin.

“By the way, you have been spending the past few days in cultivation retreat. So, you probably haven’t checked this place out yet. Let me tell you. This outpost belonging to the Black Water Order is not some ordinary place,” Jian Xiaotian whispered.

“Oh? Did Brother Jian discover something?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“I did discover something. If I am not mistaken, there should be a spiritual fountain here as well.”

“Naturally. The spiritual energy here is so thick. Add the fact that there is a Spirit Gathering Array and a spirit vein here, it is not surprising that one or two spiritual fountains would form here.” Chen Feng was indifferent to the information.

“Makes sense. By the way, when I was on my way back earlier, I saw Sun Kai and Wang Long. I get the feeling that they are being sneaky. I wonder what they are discussing?” Jian Xiaotian suddenly said.

Chen Feng pondered the issue for a moment before saying, “Those two fellows are not on the same page as Mo Ji. In order to avoid any unexpected situations, I think we should leave now.”

“Very well. I have been strolling around this place for long enough anyways.”

“You’re not going to stay here any longer?” Seeing Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian coming over, Mo Ji knew what they wanted to do.


 1 The Two-headed Icefire Wyrm first appeared in Chapter 251. Its entire body was forged into magic treasures in Chapter 288.

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