Chapter 540: Reaching an Agreement


“Humph! Kid, I thought you wouldn’t come out. Unexpectedly, you’ve got guts!” the old man smirked as he regarded Chen Feng.


Jian Xiaotian was thrown to the ground. Grunting, he quickly found himself capable of talking again. “What a shame, caught by a woman.”

“She has a higher cultivation base. It is only natural,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Kid, enough with the crap. Hurry up and hand over the fountain water. Maybe we can spare your lives.” A young cultivator standing near Mo Ji pointed at Chen Feng, a scornful smile on his face.

“You are quite capable of fishing in muddy waters. However, your cultivation base is not good enough. Additionally, you have offended someone you should not have offended. Now, hurry up and hand it over. Then, abolish your own cultivation bases and we can forget about this,” another young cultivator said.

“I acquired the fountain water with my own ability. If you fellows want it, that’s fine. Bring out something that can satisfy me.” Chen Feng shook his head, ignoring the two cultivators’ threats.

“Attack! Kill this kid!”

“Hold!” Mo Ji suddenly spoke up, her pair of eyes affixed upon Chen Feng. There was a look of doubt on her face.

“Have we met before?” Mo Ji asked all of a sudden.

“Heh!” Chen Feng snickered. Could Mo Ji see my true appearance?

“Just hand over the fountain water and I can let you two leave,” Mo Ji said, waving her hand.

Chen Feng snickered again as his appearance changed sharply. Even his body shape was changing.

“It’s been a while,” Chen Feng said with a grin.

“It’s you!” Mo Ji promptly cried out in shock.

“Chen Feng!” The faces of the two cultivators standing near Mo Ji flickered and they stepped forward simultaneously. Their palms waved forward and two semi-transparent silhouettes of a tiger and a dragon pounced at Chen Feng.

“Don’t attack!” Mo Ji quickly said.

However, Mo Ji was too late. Additionally, when the two young cultivators heard Mo Ji, their eyes instead glinted with a ferocious light and their attacks grew even stronger.

“Humph!” Chen Feng grunted and the Death Sword flashed forward. The semi-transparent silhouettes of the tiger and dragon instantly disappeared while the two young cultivators were sent flying backwards. Bone-revealing wounds had appeared on their palms. To their surprise, blood did not flow out from the two wounds. Instead, they withered. It was as though their vitality there had been devoured.

“Chen Feng! Do you want to die?” Despite their pale expressions, the two young cultivators brought out their magic treasures, wanting to continue the fight.

“Enough!” Mo Ji’s face turned icy. At the same time, the old man grunted. Thus, the two young cultivators angrily kept their magic treasures. However, they continued to glare at Chen Feng.

Mo Ji extended her hand to pat Jian Xiaotian’s back. Next, Jian Xiaotian found that his body was no longer restrained. At the same time, a series of cracking sounds rang out and his appearance changed, returning to his original appearance. 

“Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian, the two characters that the entire Northern Plains is looking for. I didn’t think that we would end up bumping into you two. This old man’s name is He Xian. Little brother, it has been a while.” The old man looked at Chen Feng and smiled.

“It has been a while. However, to think that you would conduct a raid on Overwave City the moment you make your appearance. What a big show of hand! Are you not afraid that Skypond Faction would come trouble you? Also, now that our identities have been exposed… Miss Mo Ji, are you planning on silencing us, or capture and hand us over to Nine Firmaments Palace?” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Humph! If I wanted to capture you fellows, I would have done so earlier. Would I waste time exchanging nonsense with you?” Mo Ji said in a ridiculing tone.

“Ha ha! Mo Ji, it hasn’t actually been that long. And yet, you actually managed to get 7 Lightning Tribulations under your belt. Did you take some Immortal pill?” Chen Feng laughed, changing the subject.

“Humph, don’t change the subject! Hurry up and hand over the fountain water!” Mo Ji glared at Chen Feng.

“That is not possible. I had to take the risk earlier in order to get the fountain water. How can I so casually hand it over? In my shoes, would you hand it over?” Chen Feng shook his head.

“You took away a good 90 % of the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain water. You are too greedy! Besides, if it weren’t for us holding off the two Human Immortals of Overwave City, do you think you could have succeeded?” Mo Ji retorted.

“Junior Sister Mo Ji, why bother exchanging nonsense with him? Let’s just kill him!”

“That’s right. These two fellows are the wanted fugitives that Nine Firmaments Palace is after. Let’s capture them and hand them over to Nine Firmaments Palace.” The two young cultivators spoke up again, their voices containing a malicious tone.

“Chen Feng is my friend. Sun Kai, Wang Long, don’t say anymore,” Mo Ji responded coolly. 

“Junior Sister Mo Ji. Do not forget our task. We have lost so many people and failed to obtain the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain water. How do you plan on explaining yourself when you return to the sect?” Sun Kai’s face sank and he said.

“You fellows don’t have to worry about that. Do not forget, I am the leader for this task. Are you fellows questioning my decision?” Mo Ji said, scoffing.

At the same time, the old man, He Xian, exuded a wave of killing intent, causing Sun Kai and Wang Long to flinch. Immediately, they piped down.

Mo Ji considered it for a moment before saying, “Chen Feng, I really need the fountain water. I can use other items to trade for it.”

“Oh? What items?” Chen Feng asked, smiling.

“Magic treasures, medicinal pills, cultivation techniques, spirit stones. I will not give you a bad deal,” Mo Ji said calmly.

Chen Feng considered for a moment before replying, “Let’s do this. I can give you half the fountain water I have. Forget spirit stones, cultivation techniques and those items. I need 1,000 spiritual herbs that are over 1,000 years old. This request is not too much, right?”

“Not a problem. I can agree to this deal. I will give you the spiritual herbs now,” Mo Ji said, tossing a spatial pouch towards Chen Feng. Grabbing the spatial pouch, Chen Feng inspected it to find that there was a high amount of soil within the space and a fairly big herbal field inside. His divine sense swept the place and he was able to immediately know how many spiritual herbs were inside.

There are 1,500 spiritual herbs that are over 1,000 years old and 10,000 spiritual herbs that are below 1,000 years old. How generous! Chen Feng moved his hand and the spatial pouch was tossed into the Longevity Tower. Tower directly brought out all the spiritual herbs inside and transferred them onto the herbal field within the Longevity Tower.

“How is it? Are you satisfied?” Mo Ji said.

“Satisfied.” Chen Feng nodded and brought out a jade bottle. However, he did not toss it over to Mo Ji.

“I have one last condition.”

“Another condition? Let me hear it first.” Mo Ji’s face revealed an impassive expression and there was no way to tell what she was thinking. However, He Xian, who was beside her, grew peeved. In his opinion, Chen Feng was being ignorant of what was good for him. In the past, he would have already attacked.

“Help us get to the Central Plains,” Chen Feng said.

“The Central Plains? Right, there is a rumour spreading throughout the Northern Plains that you are heading to the Central Plains. Everyone also knows that you had appeared in the Starsea Region before. Unexpectedly, you would appear in Overwave City.” Mo Ji smiled. It was a pleasant-looking smile.

“Not a problem. I can help you get to the Central Plains.”

“Deal,” Chen Feng said, tossing the jade bottle over to Mo Ji.

“Sigh! For the sake of so little Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain water, we ended up suffering so much losses.” Mo Ji shook her head and kept the fountain water.

“Let’s go. We’ve been staying here for so long. Who knows if they will catch up to us?” Mo Ji said, waving her hand. A Sacred-tier flying warship appeared, hovering up in the sky. All of them then flew into the ship.

After entering the flying warship, Chen Feng saw that the cultivators who were wounded in the earlier fight were all recuperating inside the ship. Additionally, this flying warship was spacious. Chen Feng and Mo Ji sat across each other within the lobby room of the ship. He Xian, Sun Kai and Wang Long went off to some unknown place within the ship. As for Jian Xiaotian, he threw Chen Feng a meaningful look as he headed to the side to practice cultivation.

“Why haven’t you overcome your Lightning Tribulation?” Mo Ji regarded Chen Feng, frowning slightly.

“Sigh! I want resources but I don’t have them, I want talent but I don’t have it. Naturally, there is no way I can compare with someone like you with such a formidable backer,” Chen Feng said, bringing out a drop of the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain water, which he absorbed and refined.

“Heh! You are capable of bringing out a grade 6 Sacred artefact to do battle. I am far inferior in that regard. Besides, you could stay safe even though Nine Firmaments Palace have been pursuing you all this time. Truth be told, I greatly admire you,” Mo Ji said smilingly. Her languid voice and enticing eyes actually enraptured Chen Feng for a moment.

“Enough. You are already a level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator while I don’t even have one Lightning Tribulation under my belt. The difference between the two of us is just too big.” Chen Feng shook his head, avoiding Mo Ji’s gaze.

“Chen Feng, Nine Firmaments Palace is currently pursuing you. So, you can no longer return to Extreme Celestial Sect. Are you interested in joining our Black Water Order?” Mo Ji suddenly changed the subject and her voice took on a serious tone.

“Join your Black Water Order?” An ambiguous smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

“In recent years, I have killed many cultivators. They were cultivators from almost every sect. In other words, all of the big sects within the Northern Plains and even some cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect are after me. Are you not afraid of me bringing trouble to you if I join your Black Water Order?”

“In the past, our Black Water Order fell under the combined siege of those sects. In order to rise up again, we will naturally get into a conflict with them. If not for that, I would not have openly raided Overwave City. Truth be told, collecting the fountain waters there is only one of our objectives. The other objective is to probe the response time of the Northern Plains’ world of cultivation,” Mo Ji slowly said.

“Let’s not discuss that first. My current objective is the Central Plains. I don’t even know when I’ll be able to return,” Chen Feng replied smilingly.

“How about this? I have a token here. By having it, you will be considered an honorary elder of our Black Water Order. I believe you will not reject this offer.” Mo Ji produced a token, which she tossed over to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng merely hesitated for a moment before nodding. “All right. I fear I will not be able to help you fellows much. In the end, I might only end up troubling your side.”

Surface wise, Chen Feng said nothing. However, he was feeling very shocked. He began speculating what identity Mo Ji held within the Black Water Order to possess the authority to do this.

Next, the two of them ended their conversation. As for Chen Feng, he brought out another drop of the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain water to absorb and refine. Seeing that, Mo Ji nodded and walked to the side, where she remained silent.

After refining three drops of the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain water in a row, Chen Feng could sense that his Soulflame had grown several notches stronger. A spiritual light undulated within his eyes. After ending his cultivation session, Chen Feng mumbled in shock, “How unexpected! The fountain water is so good. Looks like I will be able to cultivate an eye technique soon.”

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