Chapter 54: Plundering Iron Sword Sect


After killing Elder Liang, Chen Feng felt his heart letting up. He had resolved his grievances within Black Origin City and no longer felt any regrets within his heart.

However, there are presently no Concealed stage cultivators in the sect. Since I am going to leave, I should not simply leave empty-handed. Chen Feng suddenly thought to himself.

Next, Chen Feng flew upwards and began searching the core areas within Iron Sword Sect’s territory. Although Chen Feng had stayed within Iron Sword Sect for close to six years, he usually stayed within his own courtyard and practically never went to the other places. He had certainly never set foot over every inch of the 10,000 mu of territory occupied by Iron Sword Sect (1 mu = 666.66 square metres).

At any rate, Iron Sword Sect has a history of over 100 years and possesses some Concealed stage cultivators. There should be some good items inside the sect, right?

Despite being a disciple of Iron Sword Sect, not only did I not receive the treatment that I should have, I was instead subjected to bullying. The sect did not even bother with the old man’s death. This action of mine is in no way a disservice to the sect.

Chen Feng thought to himself as he quickly flew through the sky.

Soon, a building that was over 10 metres in height and exuding an atmosphere of ancientness, appeared before Chen Feng. The doors of its gate were made from high-quality steel and two stone lions weighing thousands of jin rested before the gate. Additionally, four cultivators at the astral energy (6th) layer stood upright there, broad iron swords resting behind their backs as they looked forward with cold expressions, unperturbed by whatever that was going on outside (1 jin = 0.5 kg).

This place is the sect’s most important place. This should be where their secret techniques are kept. Chen Feng thought to himself. When he landed, he saw the three-metre tall signboard atop the gate.

“Book Keeping Hall, he he! It seems I have come to the right place,” said Chen Feng with a smile before taking big strides forward.

“You, please stop!”

The four guards shouted in unison and the atmosphere radiating off them merged into one invisible wave, which bombarded towards Chen Feng.

“He he, four cultivators at the astral energy (6th) layer. Even if I choose to stand still, you fellows would still be incapable of doing anything to me,” said Chen Feng with a smile as he continued striding forwards. A wave of blood energy spread out from his body, sending the four guards flying backwards. The four guards tumbled across the ground for a few times and felt their whole bodies aching. They did not even have the strength left within them to get up. All four were shocked.

“The discharge of blood energy! You have cultivated up to the Concealed stage! Which sect’s junior disciple are you from?” It was then that the high-quality steel doors were opened up and two old men stepped out. With a glance, Chen Feng noted that the vital forces of the two old men were like tidal waves, not subsiding at all due to age. At the same time, waves of blood energy were being guided by their primary energy to assail their sea of wisdom. They were cultivators at the ninth layer of Training Body and Energy stage. Should they succeed, they would be able to leap through the sky, vaulting through the Dragon’s Gate to become genuine cultivators.

“It seems you fellows have been bitterly cultivating yourselves here all the time. To think that you would not even know me, Chen Feng. I am Iron Sword Sect’s disciple,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

“Chen Feng?”

The two old men exchanged glances before shaking their heads. Clearly, they had never heard of the name Chen Feng.

“It turns out our Iron Sword Sect has gotten itself another Concealed stage expert. This is a good thing. Given that your present cultivation level is higher than ours, having us address you as Senior Brother is not wrong at all. However, why did Senior Brother break into our Book Keeping Hall?” One of the old men looked at Chen Feng with shining eyes.

“He he, I have been in this sect for at least six years now, but I have yet to practice any high-level techniques. I have never even made it to this Book Keeping Hall. The purpose for my visit today is to have a look inside to see if there are any techniques suitable for me.” Chen Feng smiled as he continued stepping forward.

“Senior Brother Chen Feng, please wait! A matter such as this will require us to report to the Sect Master before proceeding,” one of the old men quickly said.


Chen Feng’s face revealed an ambiguous smile.

“At present, the Sect Master is not here in the sect. Additionally, the sect’s high elder is also away. Thus, I am current the strongest one in the sect right now. I will do whatever I want. If anyone tries to stop me, I don’t mind attacking them.” Traces of killing intent suddenly flashed across Chen Feng’s face, terrifying the two old men.

“Besides, generally speaking, this is a place that even ordinary disciples can enter. Could it be that a Concealed stage cultivator like me is not allowed to? If that is the case, I will just have to destroy this whole Book Keeping Hall!” After saying that, Chen Feng sent his flying sword flying outwards. It exuded dazzling and formidable sword energy, which heavily bombarded the gate of the Book Keeping Hall.


The high-quality doors, one-zhang in height and one-chi in thickness, were reduced to a pile of scrap iron before Chen Feng’s flying sword (1 zhang = 3.333 m, 1 chi = 0.333 metre).

“Are you fellows not going to scram yet?” Chen Feng shouted at the two, his voice thundering so loudly that the two old men’s faces paled. Their bodies moved involuntarily and they moved to the side.

Chen Feng chuckled before striding inside. The two old men exchanged glances but did nothing to stop him.

“Forget it. We are no match for him. Stepping forward is the equivalent of courting death. Since the Sect Master is not here, let us go notify the other high elders.”

“I fear that even the high elders are not here. This kid is brazen enough to break his way in, he must fear nothing.”

Ignoring all that was transpiring outside, Chen Feng reached the interior of the Book Keeping Hall. The moment he stepped foot inside the room, he could smell the fragrant scent of books wafting over. Rows of bookshelves made from mahogany were reflected upon Chen Feng’s eyes. Clean books, without any speck of dust on them, were placed on the bookshelves. There in the centre of the room were several expensive-looking tables and several books were placed on them. There were also brushes and ink there, giving off a scholarly atmosphere. 

Chen Feng was taken aback, but he quickly laughed out.

“The aroma of books is thick. This is far different from the air of blades and swords that I had imagined.”


With a grasping motion, a three-inch thick book that was on the table landed on Chen Feng’s palm.

“The History of Iron Sword Sect. Mm, this is a book about Iron Sword Sect. I’ll keep it first. I can read it when I have nothing else to do.” After saying that, Chen Feng kept it into his spatial pouch.

“Eight Forms of Iron Claws, Bone Crushing Hands, Bone Shattering Fingers, Introduction to Circulation of Primary Energy, Moving the Great Cycle, Condensing Blood Energy. Hmm, not bad. They are not high-level techniques and some are just theories. However, it will still be somewhat useful for my foundation. I’ll take them all.” With a wave of his hand, Chen Feng kept all the books into his spatial pouch.

Chen Feng had reached the Concealed stage in terms of cultivation level. However, his understanding of the arts of cultivation was still somewhat shallow. After collecting these books, he would be able to read through them whenever he had the time. That way, he could increase his knowledge and experience slightly. Furthermore, this was another way for Chen Feng to take revenge on Iron Sword Sect.

Chen Feng possessed over 10 spatial pouches on him. In the end, all the books on the first floor were collected.

Next, he got onto the second floor.

“There are much less books here. Let me see what formulas are on this floor.” Chen Feng looked around as he checked his surroundings.

“Sect Master’s Manuscript. Eh? This was written by the first Iron Sword Sect Master! It looks like a good item. I’ll take it.”

“Thirteen Styles of Iron Sword, Condensed Energy Takes Form Manual, Sword Formula for External Discharge of Primary Energy, Primary Energy of Hundred Meridians. Tsk, tsk! In the past, I would have considered these books to be valuable treasures. However, they are no longer worth looking at for the present me.” However, after shaking his head, Chen Feng collected those books.

After that, Chen Feng went to the third floor. To his surprise, despite the considerable space within the third floor, there was only one book there. The book was neatly placed on the table in the middle of the room.

“Great Ironforce Sword Formula. It seems this is the sect’s most valuable secret technique.” Chen Feng felt curious and he kept it.

Chen Feng had looted practically every book within Iron Sword Sect’s Book Keeping Hall.

“They are all techniques below the Concealed stage and not too useful for me. Still, better than nothing.” Chen Feng shook his head as he exited the Book Keeping Hall. By then, the two old men guarding the hall had disappeared.

Next, Chen Feng found the other important places within Iron Sword Sect, such as the warehouse for valuable items. Unfortunately, it only stored items like gold, silver and Night Clarity Pearls. They were not too useful for a cultivator like Chen Feng.

As for the weapons warehouse, Chen Feng became disappointed. All of them were ordinary iron swords. Chen Feng did not even have the desire to take them. The only thing he could do with them was to sell them.

“Are there really no medicinal pills? Or perhaps, I simply have not found it?” Chen Feng could not help but mutter out.

Truth be told, there were simply no such thing as a storage place for medicinal pills in Iron Sword Sect, but Chen Feng did not know that. Even if there were medicinal pills, they would be kept by the elders. Furthermore, they were all ordinary medicinal pills for cultivators below the Concealed stage.

Next, Chen Feng returned to his old place of residence. To his surprise, Ye Tian was actually waiting for him inside the courtyard.

“Senior Brother Chen, you finally returned!” Seeing Chen Feng, Ye Tian immediately called out with joy.

“Why are you here?” Chen Feng was somewhat puzzled.

“I heard that you returned to the sect and I knew you would definitely return here,” replied Ye Tian with a smile.

“At present, Sect Master and the others are all searching for you everywhere. To think that you would choose to return to the sect instead. Senior Brother Chen, what is your current level of cultivation?” asked Ye Tian.

“Concealed stage. I reached the Concealed stage not too long ago. Since then, I have stepped into the sky to become a true cultivator,” said Chen Feng softly.

Hearing that, a hint of envy flashed across Ye Tian’s eyes. “At present, I have yet to even open up a hundred meridians. I wonder if I can ever reach the Concealed stage in my lifetime.”

“Don’t worry. You will definitely succeed. I have some items here that I will leave with you. It will definitely help you in your cultivation efforts.” After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand and a pile of items appeared on the ground. Some of them were cultivation techniques, weapons, herbs, gold, silver and jewellery.

“This, you?” Ye Tian was slightly shocked.

“I ransacked the sect’s warehouse. Hurry up and keep them,” said Chen Feng with a smile. Originally, Chen Feng had wanted to leave a spatial pouch for Ye Tian. However, as Ye Tian had yet to reach the Concealed stage, he could not release his divine sense. Thus, he was incapable of using the spatial pouch. Due to that, Chen Feng decided against it. 

“Senior Brother Chen, are you leaving?” Ye Tian suddenly asked.

“Yes, Black Origin City is too small. This place cannot serve as my Heaven and Earth, my Heaven and Earth is the whole world. Chen Feng was suddenly beset by lofty emotions.

Ye Tian had seemingly wanted to say something else. In the end, however, he held himself back and only gave a heartfelt sigh. 

“In the future, make sure to practice cultivation properly. When you have reached the Concealed stage, there is a chance that we will meet each other again.” After saying that, Chen Feng chose not to stay anymore. His body seemingly unfolded as he became like a large bird, soaring quickly into the sky. In but the blink of an eye, he had disappeared.

“Definitely! I will cultivate up to the Concealed stage and we will meet again in the future!” Ye Tian gazed at the sky as he clenched his fists.

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