Chapter 539: Fishing in Muddy Waters


“Those should be starter-level Human Immortals, otherwise their attacks could have killed off Mo Ji and the other two cultivators,” Chen Feng whispered.

The face of the old man, Mo Ji’s protector, was very unsightly. With a wave of his hand, Mo Ji and the two cultivators flew up from the lake, one after another. Although the three of them were seriously wounded, they were in no danger of dying. Seeing that, the old man’s face relaxed considerably.

Streams of spiritual energy surged in the sky and two cultivators, one male and one female, suddenly appeared before the old man. The two of them were the Human Immortals sent by Skypond Faction to safeguard Overwave City. The male cultivator’s name was Rao Yuncheng while the female cultivator’s name was Huo Qingwu.

“You fellows are the remnant evildoers from the Black Water Order. I didn’t think that you would set your sights on our Overwave City. Let’s settle it this way. Abolish your cultivation bases and we can forget about what happened today,” Rao Yuncheng said coolly.

“Abolish my cultivation base? Ha ha! Do you fellows take me for a fool? Besides, the result is not certain just yet. You fellows might be the ones to die in the end.” The old man laughed. He did not appear worried about his situation.

“You don’t know the meaning of death! Yuncheng, let’s not waste time exchanging nonsense with them. They are the remnant evildoers from the Black Water Order, criminals in the eyes of all. Let’s attack!” Huo Qingwu said with a scornful grin.


Suddenly, a massive clump of flames appeared from the sky to furiously smash against Rao Yuncheng and Huo Qingwu. The formidable power behind the flaming blast pummelled them into the lake, causing water droplets to burst up into the sky.

A formidable yao energy enveloped the sky.

It’s the Nine-tailed Fox. Chen Feng’s heart thumped. That flaming attack earlier should be the Nine-tailed Fox’s tail. As expected, a Nine-tailed Fox, brimming with yao energy, appeared in mid-air. It’s formidable atmosphere of coercion forced out a frown from Chen Feng’s face.

This Nine-tailed Fox is even stronger than the Nine-tailed Fox from the pocket dimension. Chen Feng had never seen the two Nine-tailed Foxes attack at the same time. However, the thought appeared in his mind.

Looks like Mo Ji’s side is victorious this time around. So, do I still take action to snatch the spiritual fountain? Chen Feng pondered.

Boom! Boom!

As Chen Feng was pondering the matter, the surface of the lake exploded as Rao Yuncheng and Huo Qingwu charged out from the lake. They appeared pale and blood trickled down from their mouths. However, the atmosphere that each of them was radiating was growing stronger.

“They are all right?” Jian Xiaotian’s eyes bulged out in disbelief. After suffering from a sneak attack from a Yao King, the two of them only appeared slightly wounded.

“The two of them are wearing Sacred-tier body armour,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

“No wonder.”

“Nine-tailed Fox! Since you have decided to come, you might as well just stay here.” Rao Yuncheng reached out and jabbed forward with one finger. Next, his sword – hovering in the air – expanded to a length of 1,000 zhang before shooting towards the Nine-tailed Fox. 

Seeing a fight break out between them, the old man carried Mo Ji and the other two cultivators into the distance. He appeared unconcerned about the fact that the Nine-tailed Fox was getting besieged.

“Lofty Day Astral Sword Technique!”

“Watersurging Cloudflow Sword!”

The two Human Immortals utilized two Sacred artefacts to fight the Nine-tailed Fox. Their battle shook not only the Overwave Lake, but all of Overwave City.

Although there were many Skypond Faction disciples in Overwave City, none of them dared approach. This was a battle involving characters at the Human Immortal level. Their bodies would be blown apart before they could even get close to the fight.

“Why did a Yao King appear? Hopefully, the spiritual fountain does not get damaged, otherwise I can say goodbye to my position as City Lord.” Although the Overwave City Lord also possessed a decent level of cultivation, there were still some ways to go before he could assail the Human Immortal stage. Thus, he could only mutter resentfully with a bitter face.

“City Lord, hurry up and inform the experts from the sect. We’ll join forces to kill this Yao King! If we can kill off a Yao King, our Overwave City will be famous,” said the leader of the Overwave City Guards. 

“That’s right! Hurry up and inform the sect. Hopefully, they will be able to send forth a few Human Immortals and kill off this Yao King. This will be a good contribution as well!” The City Lord was quick to react. Next, he brought out a Messaging Talisman to contact the sect.

“This Yao King is truly formidable. If the two Human Immortals were not wearing body armour, they would have died to it by now,” said a shocked Jian Xiaotian.

“Brother Jian, you head outside the city and wait for me first. I am going to make my move now.” After saying that, Chen Feng rushed towards the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain in the middle of the lake.

“Sigh!” Jian Xiaotian sighed. Then, he turned and flew out of the city. Although his cultivation base had risen considerably as of late, he did not believe he could do anything in a fight between Human Immortals. On the other hand, Chen Feng had his magic treasures to protect him. Thus, Jian Xiaotian believed that he should be fine.

The atmosphere created by a battle between two Human Immortals and a Yao King was something that no ordinary cultivators could face. Even a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator would be wounded by venturing too close to the battle. Aware of that fact, Chen Feng utilized the Longevity Tower’s power the moment he moved forward. The Longevity Tower’s power enveloped him. Next, with just a thought, Chen Feng’s figure arrived upon the square platform.

With a grasping motion from Chen Feng, the restrictive barriers protecting the fountain broke apart and spiritual energy surged out to spray upon Chen Feng’s face. As a result, the Soulflame within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom burned brighter.

Next, Chen Feng brought out a jade bottle. With a beckoning grasp, streams of Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain water surged out to flow into the jade bottle.

“Kid, you dare!” 

The Yao King and the two Human Immortals who were fighting one another grew enraged. The two Human Immortals thought that Chen Feng was on the Yao King’s side and the attacks they unleashed upon the Nine-tailed Fox grew more ferocious. As for the Nine-tailed Fox, it was even more furious. It had to pour in so much effort and lose so many cultivators for this. In the end, however, an unknown kid was trying to fish in muddy waters?

On the other side, the old man placed Mo Ji and the two cultivators down on a safe location before rushing back to the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain. However, he was not the fastest one to respond to the situation. Two half-step Human Immortals surpassed the old man in speed and arrived before Chen Feng.

“As expected, there are still people lurking around. Friends, if you don’t want to die, hurry up and leave this place,” Chen Feng said with a smirk.

“What a joke! The way I see it, you are the one who wants to die. Is the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain something that a small fry like you can possess? Leave now and I will not trouble you,” one of them, a muscular man with a cheek line beard said with a derisive smile.

The two of them were not to be underestimated. They possessed high cultivation bases and quite the set of skills. That was how they could come all the way to the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain.

“Scram!” However, Chen Feng brought out the Death Sword and attacked them. One blow was all it took to send the bearded cultivator flying. The other cultivator, a middle-aged man with a scholarly look, was shocked to the point of retreating. However, he had only just retreated over 100 zhang when the old man charged forward and slapped him aside. The cultivator fell together with the bearded cultivator into the lake and it was unknown if they were dead or alive.

“Kid, where did you come from? Are you itching to commit a misdeed?” the old man said with a sneer, keeping his eyes on Chen Feng. He had not recklessly attacked Chen Feng. The sword hovering around Chen Feng was giving him a sense of danger.

A grade 6 Sacred artefact! The old man was secretly surprised. He had only just reached the Human Immortal stage. Thus, he was incapable of taking on an attack from such a powerful magic treasure.

“This spiritual fountain belongs to neither one of us to begin with. We’re just getting it based on our abilities,” Chen Feng said coolly as he continued to collect the spiritual fountain.

“Lofty Day Astral Sword Technique!” Rao Yuncheng finally attacked Chen Feng. A sword beam, shining like a blazing sun, shot towards Chen Feng.

Unexpectedly, Chen Feng abruptly halted his actions of collecting the fountain water. His figure instantly disappeared into thin air and Rao Yuncheng’s attack missed.

Seeing Chen Feng disappear, the old man rapidly rushed forward to stand before the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain. After giving the fountain a glance, he muttered, “Only so little left, that fellow is too vicious!”

Still, forget a little, the old man would take even one drop of the fountain water. He was even faster than Chen Feng and he swiftly collected every drop of water from the spiritual fountain.

After they had successfully collected the spiritual fountain waters, the Nine-tailed Fox stopped engaging the two Human Immortals. It transformed into a clump of raging flames and disappeared. Naturally, the old man and the others had long since disappeared into thin air as well. No one could tell how they had left.

Knowing that there was no point in pursuing them, Rao Yuncheng and Huo Qingwu went to the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain. Next, Rao Yuncheng’s face turned red and he nearly puked out blood.

“There is nothing left! All of the spiritual fountain waters have been snatched away. Who knows how long will be needed for the fountain to produce that much fountain water again?” Rao Yuncheng said, gnashing his teeth.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The reinforcements from Skypond Faction finally arrived. There were several Human Immortals and the weakest amongst them was a half-step Human Immortal. When the group of cultivators arrived, their eyes turned red when they saw the empty spiritual fountain. The waters from the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain had helped countless cultivators from Skypond Faction achieve breakthroughs in the past. They were also used as goods to trade for many treasures from other cultivators. The Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain waters were comparable to a highly abundant spirit stone mine.

“This was done by those from Black Water Order. Notify the other sects. The remnant evildoers from Black Water Order have appeared.”

“Hurry up and send our men out to chase them. Some of their men are wounded. They cannot have gone far.”

By the time those from Skypond Faction were done discussing the issue, Chen Feng was already several hundred li away from Overwave City.

Strange! It’s been so long, why hasn’t Brother Jian appeared? Did something happen? Chen Feng felt puzzled. He had been fighting alongside Jian Xiaotian for a long time now. They could already know what each other would do. Normally, Chen Feng should have been able to meet up with Jian Xiaotian by now. Thus, Chen Feng began feeling alarmed.

Someone is here! With a thought from Chen Feng, his figure flashed, disappearing into thin air. He had utilized the Longevity Tower’s power while activating his Void acupoint. He believed that not even Human Immortals could find him.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Several figures swiftly descended where Chen Feng had been standing upon just now. Seeing them, Chen Feng revealed a wry smile.

“Come out. I know you are here. If you don’t, your friend will die,” said Mo Ji, who was holding onto Jian Xiaotian.

Overall, Jian Xiaotian appeared fine. However, he was incapable of moving. Additionally, he was also incapable of saying anything. His face was somewhat red. Clearly, he was feeling vexed at his current situation.

“I’ll count to three. If you still won’t come out, don’t blame me for being rude,” Mo Ji said, putting her hand above Jian Xiaotian’s head. A discharge of primary energy from her would quake apart Jian Xiaotian’s sea of wisdom.

“Hold it!” Shaking his head, Chen Feng’s figure then appeared.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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