Chapter 538: Intense Battle


“It wouldn’t be easy. There are Human Immortals in this city, after all. Besides, if it is so easy, they would not have been able to keep this spiritual fountain for this long,” Jian Xiaotian said, his voice uncertain.

“Hopefully, both sides will be mutually wounded in this fight,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Suddenly, the central part of the lake began stirring and layer after layer of restrictive barriers spread out to block the 24 Sky Human stage cultivators’ attacks.

Hou! Hou! Hou!

The 24 cultivators – in groups of three – began bombarding the restrictive barriers with their attacks. Inside the restrictive barriers, the cultivators from Skypond Faction began preparing their killer moves.

Finally, one formidable attack after another was fired out from within the restrictive barriers. All the attacks were aimed at one of the teams, consisting of sword cultivators. It was a very simple and straightforward plan. First, finish off one of the three teams. Then, move on to the next.

As expected, in the face of the attacks, the team of sword cultivators was instantly broken up. The three sword cultivators in the lead fell into the lake and there was no way to tell if they were dead or alive.

“Retreat! There is something underwater!” With a thought from Chen Feng, primary energy burst out from his body to envelop the entire ship that he was on. In just the blink of an eye, the ship had moved several li backwards.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The lake’s waters stirred violently and massive pythons and wyrms began emerging from beneath the lake. Due to their appearance, the surface of the Overwave Lake shook.

“Incredible! There are 13 Great Yaos in total!” Jian Xiaotian reflexively exclaimed.

After appearing, the yao beasts began stirring the lake’s waters to form pillars of water, which bombarded the restrictive barriers. Some of the bigger wyrms simply used their bodies to smash against the restrictive barriers.

“Have those fellows gone crazy? Are they thinking of taking away the whole Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain? That’s crazy!” Seeing the never-ending pillars of water, the shipmaster cried out in shock.

Waves rose up and down and the ship that they were riding on shooked. Given the chaos unfolding around them, the average cultivator would have tumbled into the lake.

There was a cultivator on the head of each Great Yao. When Chen Feng saw a female cultivator in black attire standing on the head of one of the Great Yaos, he knew that he was right.

Just what kind of background does she possess? Every time I see her, she would be escorted by some bodyguards. She has more bodyguards this time around and they all have higher cultivation bases than the previous ones. Curiosity bloomed within Chen Feng’s heart.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

In the face of the attacks launched by the yao beasts, the restrictive barriers protecting the central position of the lake began breaking down. On the other hand, the attacks against the restrictive barriers only grew more intense. When the attacks reached a critical juncture, seven more Thunderhawks at the Great Yao stage descended from the sky. There was a Sky Human stage cultivator on each of the Thunderhawks. 

“The restrictive barriers are about to be completely broken,” Chen Feng whispered.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A tsunami seemingly descended upon Overwave Lake and pillars of water charged into the sky continuously. Many of the tour ships on the lake had capsized. Even the ship that Chen Feng and the others were riding on had disappeared. At that moment, the three of them were standing on the Sacred Firecloud Sword that Chen Feng had brought out earlier.

“Interesting. Today’s trip will be worthwhile,” Jian Xiaotian said with a chuckle.

Mo Ji’s actions are getting bigger and bigger. Looks like she wants the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain no matter what. However, doing so will offend Skypond Faction. I wonder, what gives her the confidence to do so? Who is her backer?

The black-clad, female cultivator was none other than Mo Ji, someone whom Chen Feng had met a few times before in the past. Due to that, Chen Feng had sensed something familiar about the blade cultivators once they attacked the cultivators guarding the spiritual fountain earlier [1].

The restrictive barriers were utterly broken and almost all of the water walkways were destroyed, causing a high number of the cultivators from Skypond Faction to fall miserably into the lake. Seeing that, many of the spectating cultivators secretly cheered the attackers on. The desire to watch when something interesting was happening was part of human nature. Additionally, many cultivators were dissatisfied with Skypond Faction’s overbearing conduct. Some of them were even thinking about plundering the burning house. At any rate, the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain water was a good item.

“See that? That is the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain,” the shipmaster suddenly shouted.

There in the centre of the lake was a square-shaped platform. In the middle of the platform was a spiritual fountain. However, there were four cultivators seated cross-legged on the square platform. The four cultivators appeared calm.

Seeing the calmness displayed by the four cultivators, Chen Feng immediately sensed something amiss. “Four level 9 Sky Human stage cultivators. No! They are half-step Human Immortals! This woman has kicked the iron plate this time around. I wonder, does she have any trump cards up her sleeve?”

“Half-step Human Immortals. Brother Chen, you know the attackers?” asked a curious Jian Xiaotian.

“Of course, she is an old friend.” Chen Feng chortled.

“Should we take action?”

“No rush. Let’s observe first.”


One of the cultivators sitting cross-legged on the square platform abruptly waved his hand, firing out a swift and forceful blade beam forward. The blade beam sliced through the sky to instantly break apart one of the eight-man teams. Two of them were instantly cleaved into two each.


Another one of the four seated cultivators took action. This time, it was a sword beam. Two of the attacking sword cultivators were killed by it.

“No wonder no one can snatch away the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain. With these four fellows standing guard here, anyone that is not a Human Immortal would be committing suicide by coming here,” Chen Feng said, shaking his head.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

The Thunderhawks took action and one lightning bolt after another streaked towards the four cultivators. At the same time, the pythons and wyrms from the lake attacked. All of them unleashed varying attacks at the four cultivators on the square platform.

“Shipmaster, you should leave this place first. It is too dangerous here,” Chen Feng said, waving his hand to send a gentle stream of power out. The gentle stream of power sent the shipmaster several li away from there.

“You seriously want to do it?” A smile appeared on Jian Xiaotian’s face.

“No rush. Let’s continue observing the situation first.”





The four cultivators on the square platform stood up at the same time to fire out four attacks into their surroundings. The four attacks moved to intertwine each other, growing stronger with each oscillation. 


Mo Ji finally shouted. Her Sacred artefact, the Blessed Water Talisman flew up before swirling towards the four half-step Human Immortals. As the Blessed Water Talisman spun forward, the waters within the lake began flowing upwards to form a thick curtain of water to block the attacks from the four half-step Human Immortals. Two of the attacking cultivators, standing on a wyrm each, attacked at the same time as Mo Ji. Two black circular beads emanated lightning powers as they flew upwards, causing lightning snakes and dragons to fly out from the beads.

“Black Water Thunderbeads! You fellows are the remnant evildoers of the Black Water Order!” one of the half-step Human Immortals shouted.

“Three Sacred artefacts. Looks like the situation has changed once again.”

“Didn’t the Black Water Order get destroyed long ago? So, Mo Ji also has this identity.”

“Don’t think you are the only ones with Sacred artefacts. We also have Sacred artefacts!” The four half-step Human Immortals snickered as they brought forth four swords at the same time. All four were Sacred artefacts. Four rays of sword energy sliced about and all the incoming attacks were shattered.

“What an intense battle! Will the spiritual fountain be damaged by this fight? I am having a hard time restraining myself now.”

“Don’t worry. It should be fine, else the cultivators from Skypond Faction would have thrown a fit.”

“Three Sacred artefacts against four Sacred artefacts. I wonder if Mo Ji’s side can succeed.” Speaking of which, Chen Feng was not feeling too optimistic about Mo Ji’s chances. Although Mo Ji’s side had the numerical advantage and was displaying a ferocious level of offence using Sacred artefacts, this was Skypond Faction’s territory. Additionally, those four half-step Human Immortals were not easy to handle. Not to mention, there were also two Human Immortals in Overwave City. These two power houses have yet to appear.

Their battle lasted for only half a joss stick’s worth of time. By then, almost all of the cultivators from Mo Ji’s side have been beaten down. The only ones remaining were the three with Sacred artefacts, Mo Ji and the other two cultivators. They hovered above the lake. By then, the pythons and wyrms that were rampaging about could no longer be seen.

“This is a serious degree of loss.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“Old man, do it!” As everyone were thinking that Mo Ji’s side would suffer a complete loss, a sneer flashed across Mo Ji’s face. Chen Feng, who was far away, was able to notice the sneer.

“As expected, she still has a trump card.”

A massive palm silhouette suddenly appeared, dispersing the surrounding mist and water vapour to perform a grasping motion. As a result, the attacks sent out by the four half-step Human Immortals were shattered. Even their Sacred artefacts began wailing.

“Heh! There is indeed someone else lurking around.” Chen Feng chortled.

“Even Human Immortals have appeared. Looks like we have quite the show this time around,” Jian Xiaotian said with a s mile.

“Hopefully, both sides will end up getting wounded.”


The massive palm silhouette continued pressing down and the four half-step Human Immortals from Skypond Faction were finally incapable of holding on. Coughing blood, they rushed away from the square platform to expose the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain.


Mo Ji and the other two cultivators quickly rushed forward, landing on the square platform. She reached out with her hand, wanting to collect the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain. However, a fiery-red sword suddenly pierced through the sky as it shot towards her. In just the blink of an eye, it was already before Mo Ji and the two cultivators.

Sacred artefact. It came from Overwave City. This must be the Human Immortal keeping guard over Overwave City, Chen Feng thought.

“Quick, get back!” The massive palm silhouette up in the sky hurried forward, wanting to rescue Mo Ji’s team of three. However, another sword shot towards the palm silhouette to shatter it to pieces.

A white-haired old man appeared in mid-air. When Chen Feng saw the old man, Chen Feng was astounded. “The old man actually broke through to the Human Immortal stage already? How outrageous!”

When Chen Feng last saw the old man, he was only a level 6 Sky Human stage cultivator. It had only been a few years since then. And yet, he had already risen all the way up to the Human Immortal stage.

Did he eat an immortal pill? Chen Feng speculated.


That one instant led to Mo Ji’s team of three getting struck by the sword. All three sprayed out blood from their mouths as their bodies fell into the lake, disappearing from sight.

Thankfully, the three of them managed to use their Sacred artefacts to block the attack, otherwise they would have been absolute goners. The two Human Immortals within the city have taken action. The old man should be thinking about retreating now. After witnessing the attacks earlier, Chen Feng was able to roughly estimate how much power the Skypond Faction cultivators possessed here in Overwave City.

 1 Mo Ji first appeared in Chapter 121 for the Demon Soul Valley arc. She appeared again in Chapter 322 for the Blackwind Bandits arc.


1 li = 0.5 km

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