Chapter 537: Overwave Lake


True to its name, the Essence Longevity Pill was capable of increasing a cultivator’s life span. Amongst medicinal pills, this pill was one of the higher-grade pills. Concocting this medicinal pill required a considerable amount of supplementary-type spiritual herbs. For the average cultivator or those whose life span was on the verge of running out, this was a very valuable medicinal pill. For the average human, this was practically an immortal pill. However, Chen Feng’s body was brimming with blood energy and youthful vigour. Using the pill appeared redundant. Thus, Jian Xiaotian had felt puzzled. He did not understand why Chen Feng would want to concoct this pill.

“I am recently practicing a type of cultivation technique. When the time comes, my Essence, Energy and Soul will be greatly exhausted. So, I will need these Essence Longevity Pills to replenish my vitality,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Jian Xiaotian nodded, not asking anymore. At any rate, someone was concocting medicinal pills for them for free. Who cares what type of medicinal pills he was concocting for them? Besides, they had obtained a great deal from the pocket dimension. Even if they were to simply take the spiritual herbs as they were, the spiritual herbs they obtained would still be enough to last them for years. Thus, they did not have a particularly high need towards medicinal pills. 

As Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were chatting, a medicinal fragrance wafted out from the room. Sniffing it, they felt refreshed and their pores stood on end.

“It is the Essence Longevity Pill. However, this pill concoction speed is just too fast.” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian exchanged glances. The two of them were from great sects after all. Although they were not too knowledgeable about pill concoction, they had still possessed some knowledge about this. Unexpectedly, this unassuming Old Yao could concoct out these pills so quickly. It had to be said, the two of them had actually been feeling apprehensive about his skills.

Soon enough, Old Yao opened the door and walked out. He waved his hand and a small medicinal bottle flew into Chen Feng’s hand.

“There is a total of 100 Essence Longevity Pills. One pill can increase a Sky Human stage cultivator’s life span by 10 years,” Old Yao said, nodding his head.

“That means 1,000 years of extra life span. Thank you, senior!” Chen Feng was stunned. If he had simply taken those spiritual herbs, they would have increased his strength. However, doing so could not increase his life span by 1,000 years, far from it. For those cultivators who were on the verge of exhausting their life span, these pills would be the equivalent of life-saving straws.

“No need for thanks. This is just part of our deal. The medicinal pills have been concocted and this old man should leave as well. One last thing, I have to tell you once again, hurry up and leave this place. A great sect like Skypond Faction is not an existence that loose cultivators like us can fight against,” Old Yao said, shaking his head. Next, he left the small courtyard.

Chen Feng brought out one Essence Longevity Pill and tossed it into his mouth. Instantly, a thick life energy erupted within his body. Under Chen Feng’s guidance, the energy roamed through the various parts of his body. After some time, Chen Feng then exhaled a stream of black air. That was the turbid air formed as a result of him utilizing the Essence Longevity Pill earlier.

“Huh! It does have some other effects. It can temper the blood and clear away impurities.” Chen Feng nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Let’s head to the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain tomorrow to check it out.”

“All right. It’ll be good to go have a look, otherwise you will just keep thinking about it.”

The Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain was located in Overwave Lake. Row after row of water walkways were constructed around the lake and only the designated cultivators from Skypond Faction may approach the place.

“Do you see? The Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain is in the middle of the lake. There are cultivators from Skypond Faction standing guard around it. Outsiders are simply incapable of approaching it.” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were seated on a medium-sized wooden boat, which drifted on the surface of the lake.

The Overwave Lake had a picturesque scenery and rippling blue waves. There was no shortage of boats out about on the lake to catch the sights there. However, the boats could not enter the area within a specified radius around the centre of the lake.

“Shipmaster, has any ship ever gotten close to the centre of the lake?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

“Naturally. These things often happen. Just the day before yesterday, for some unknown reason, one of the big, tour ships suddenly charged into the area where the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain is located. In the end, the entire ship was destroyed by the cultivators from Skypond Faction. There had been a total of over 60 men on the ship, even some ordinary humans. All of them were killed.” When he spoke, the shipmaster reflexively sighed. It was unknown if he was lamenting the actions of the disciples from Skypond Faction or if he was lamenting the deaths.

“So ruthless?” Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian exchanged glances, looks of shock on their faces. They did not think that Skypond Faction would even attack ordinary humans. This made them practically no different from the demonic sects. There were many vicious and wicked fellows within the world of cultivation, some particularly bloodthirsty in nature. However, their targets were always cultivators. Attacking normal humans would result in getting scorned by other cultivators. Moreover, these cultivators’ tribulations would also become slightly harder to overcome.  

“This is Skypond Faction’s territory. In here, they are the rules,” the shipmaster said, a derisive smile on his face.

The shipmaster was only a Concealed stage cultivator. However, his body was suffering from a hidden injury. Chen Feng had noticed it right from the start.

“Looks like you have suffered a bit before,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“I was wounded by the outer disciples from Skypond Faction. In a one-on-one fight, I am not afraid of them. However, there were three of them back then and they all came at me at the same time to seriously wound me. Due to their actions, I no longer have the chance of assailing the Sky Human stage,” the shipmaster said grudgingly.

“I wonder if anything exciting will happen today,” Jian Xiaotian said with a smile.

“Maybe.” Chen Feng said, standing up to walk to the bow of the ship. He watched as a slender-shaped flying ship abruptly charged towards the centre of the lake, like a flying arrow.

“Someone actually came here to cause trouble? Do they have a death wish?” Jian Xiaotian stood up as well, surprised. However, there was an excited look in his eyes.

“Sigh, more people have come to die! Are these cultivators not afraid of dying?” the shipmaster lamented.

“If there are many who come over to die, people would become more experienced. Maybe they are not here to die,” Chen Feng said with a smile. With his amazing eye power, Chen Feng could already see that there were eight cultivators on the flying ship. Moreover, the eight cultivators possessed high cultivation bases. A tidal wave-like blood energy charged up into the sky. They radiated a formidable atmosphere and even the other cultivators on Overwave Lake could clearly sense it.

“Eight level 6 Sky Human stage cultivators. This is quite the show of force. I wonder what their backgrounds are?” Jian Xiaotian was somewhat shocked. Unexpectedly, all eight of them were at a higher cultivation level than him. 

“They don’t look like loose cultivators.” Chen Feng shook his head. The blood energy within the eight fellows flowed vigorously and their cultivation bases were almost even. They were different compared to the temporary teams formed by loose cultivators. Additionally, Chen Feng could sense that the atmosphere emanated by each of the eight cultivators could meld together to strengthen each other. This proved that the eight of them would usually train together. Furthermore, it was highly likely that they were capable of assuming a combat formation.

“Who goes there? Stop right now!” The cultivators guarding the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain were quick to bellow. However, before their shouts could make it to the ship, several formidable arrows were already fired out. The arrows flew forward to attack the cultivators on the flying ship.

“Damn, they’re so sinister!” Jian Xiaotian could not stop himself from swearing.

“It is sinister. This is unlike the conduct of an orthodox sect.” Chen Feng, too, shook his head. Those were no ordinary arrows. They were all fired out using Prized-tier longbows. Offensive magic arrays had been engraved upon every one of the arrows. Just by aiming properly, the arrows could hit their target in just the blink of an eye.

“Skypond Faction is truly investing a lot into this. Even the bows in the hands of the guarding cultivators are Prized artefacts. I wonder if those cultivators can reach the fountain,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

In the face of the incoming arrows, two of the eight cultivators who were standing at the frontmost position of the flying ship responded. Beam after beam of blade light flashed out and the arrows were all hacked apart. The arrows had been incapable of slowing down the advance of the flying ship, not in the slightest.

“Eh?” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. He had sensed something familiar about the blade techniques displayed by the two cultivators. However, he could not quite put a finger on it.

The volley of arrows failed and only five kilometres or so remained between the flying ship and the centre of the lake. Suddenly, a dazzling light appeared up in the sky. It looked as though a sun had appeared before the flying ship.

“Tsk, tsk. This does not look good for them. That is a high-grade Prized artefact.” Light gleamed across Chen Feng’s eyes.


A loud bellow rang out as the eight cultivators on the flying ship pulled out their blades in unison. Eight blade power, thick in quality, melded as one to easily shatter the sun. However, that was not all. The blade power did not dissipate after the impact. Instead, it continued to charge forward and a water walkway, tens of metres in length, was destroyed by the blade power. The cultivators on the water walkway were either wounded or killed. The wounded would then tumble into the lake.

“Great! Well done!” Seeing that, the shipmaster shouted excitedly.

“Shipmaster, let’s go closer. I want to get a better look,” Chen Feng said all of a sudden.

“That’s probably unwise.” Although the shipmaster was also a cultivator, his cultivation base was not high enough. Thus, he did not have the courage to recklessly move forward. If the shockwaves were to hit him, he would have no place to complain about it.

Chen Feng frowned. Next, he waved his hand, sending a stream of primary energy into the shipmaster’s body. Next, a series of cracking sounds rang out from the shipmaster’s body. To the shipmaster’s surprise, the internal injuries that had been troubling him for so many years were completely healed. Additionally, his cultivation base had also risen.

“This, this.” The shipmaster was immediately stunned.

“What are you spacing out for? Hurry up and steer the ship,” Chen Feng said calmly.

“Yes, yes!” The shipmaster said, pressing his hand on the ship. Promptly, the ship sped up as it moved forward, heading towards the centre of the lake.

“Brother Chen, are you thinking about taking action now?” Jian Xiaotian asked using secret vocal transmission.

“No. I think I’ve just bumped into an old friend. Naturally, if there is an opportunity, I will take action,” Chen Feng replied with a grin.

Although one of the water walkways was destroyed, the cultivators standing guard over the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain did not fall into a state of panic. Clearly, they were already used to this.

However, the attacks from the eight cultivators grew more intense. The flying ship that they were on exploded into smithereens to reveal eight blade cultivators wielding eight blades. Eight blade wills charged skywards to break away the clouds in the sky.

At the same time, two more groups of cultivators appeared from two different directions. Each of the two groups consisted of eight cultivators. One group consisted of eight sword cultivators, radiating a sharp atmosphere while the other consisted of eight spear cultivators who radiated a unified aura. Together, they displayed an indomitable will to advance as they attacked.

“These fellows look very well-prepared. I wonder if they can succeed?” Chen Feng said, grinning.

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