Chapter 536: Pill Concoction


Sensing the oppressive atmosphere of the Sacred artefact, the soldiers that were radiating killing intent stopped in their tracks. They were indeed strong. When fighting together, they could even kill cultivators that were of a higher level than them. However, in the face of absolute power, their combat prowess was absolutely worthless. Should a fight erupt, the ding could squash them all just by pressing down on them. There was absolutely no questions about that.

“Old Yao, do you really want to go against our Skypond Faction? Do not forget, you have yet to recover from your injuries,” Zhao Ming said coldly as he stepped forward.

“If you want to attack, just attack. This old man is not the kind of person that you can scare off.” As he had decided the take action, Old Yao spoke frankly. At any rate, he had yet to kill any of Skypond Faction’s disciples. Although the other party was a great orthodox sect, it would not trouble someone like him over such a trivial issue.

“Attack! Hurry up and attack!” Zhao Tian shouted.

Throughout it all, both Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian had remained silent. They had simply been observing how the situation would develop.

Zhao Ming hesitated for a moment before shouting furiously, “We’ll leave!”


Hearing Zhao Ming’s words, the soldiers were quick to retreat. Don’t joke around. In the face of the oppressive atmosphere imposed by a Sacred artefact, the soldiers had been under an extreme state of stress.

“Hold it! Are you fellows just leaving like this?” None of them expected Chen Feng to suddenly speak up.

“Hey, hey! Kid, do you really want to die?” Zhao Ming had not expected Chen Feng to suddenly speak up. In his opinion, a cultivator at Chen Feng’s level was simply not a threat to him.


Chen Feng snapped his fingers and a command flag, surrounded by swirling black energy, hovered above his head. This was the Sinister Demonwind Flag that he had obtained from the bandits back in the Starsea Region. It was a grade 1 Sacred artefact. Although Chen Feng had yet to fully refine it, bringing it out to scare others was still within his abilities.

“Sacred artefact!” Sensing the diabolical energy emanating from the command flag, even Old Yao and Jian Xiaotian, who were standing beside Chen Feng, shivered. It felt as though a chilling energy had made its way into their seas of wisdom. 

“You’ve destroyed a 10,000-year-old Blood Dragon Ginseng. How do you plan on making it up to me? This was meant as a gift for my master. If you do not give me any compensation, well, killing you fellows is still within my abilities,” Chen Feng said, reaching out with his hand to grab the Sinister Demonwind Flag. He waved it twice, causing a series of sinister winds to burst forward and various streams of killing intent seemingly turned tangible as they spread into his surroundings.

Truth be told, there was a reason why Chen Feng decided to use this command flag as opposed to the stronger Twin Swords of Life and Death. He did not want to expose his trump card. He also believed that this Sacred artefact was enough to handle them.

“The Hell!”

“A 10,000-year-old Blood Dragon Ginseng? To think that this kid could actually say something like that. That is clearly a 3,000-year-old Blood Dragon Ginseng. I am absolutely certain of it!”  

“This kid is truly deplorable. This is Overwave City. Offending those from Skypond Faction is the equivalent of committing suicide!”

“Shh, quiet down! Maybe he has a backer.”

“Yes. Even though he is so young, he could so casually bring out a Sacred artefact. Characters like these are certainly not to be underestimated. They probably possess quite the background. Why else would they show no fear towards Zhao Ming? That Zhao Ming is a level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator!”

“I don’t care who you are. I don’t believe you would attack. You should know, you are currently within our Skypond Faction’s territory,” Zhao Ming said. However, he then saw a smile appear on Chen Feng’s face and his heart trembled. Suddenly, a foreboding sensation rose up to the fore. This youngster might actually have the gall to attack them. 

Zhao Ming had no confidence in dealing with a Sacred artefact. Besides, were Sacred artefacts so worthless now? Despite his cultivation level, he had yet to even acquire his own Sacred artefact. When he thought of that, an impulse grew within him and he wanted to rush forward to snatch the Sacred artefact in Chen Feng’s hand.

“Is that so? You don’t believe that I will attack? Then, try this,” said Chen Feng, who abruptly swung the Sinister Demonwind Flag in his hand. Two black hurricanes spun into existence and they became like two black wyrms swirling towards Zhao Ming and Zhao Tian.

“Kid, you dare?!” Zhao Ming’s face sank sharply. Immediately, he unleashed his Fist of the Hegemon Dragon. He wanted to shatter the sinister winds around him and charge forward.

However, this was an attack from a Sacred artefact. Thus, it did not take long for it to bound both Zhao Ming and Zhao Tian. Strands of killing intent flowed into their bodies and it felt as though their bodies were getting corroded. Fear surged into their minds.

“Kid, you dare kill us?!” Zhao Tian was finally feeling fearful. While he was generally an arrogant fellow, he was still afraid of dying.

“Naturally, I wouldn’t dare kill you fellows. Killing you fellows will cause me troubles. I wouldn’t dare offend the great Skypond Faction,” Chen Feng deliberately said.

“Since you are aware of that, hurry up and let us go!” Hearing that, Zhao Tian grew pleasantly surprised.

However, what Chen Feng did next infuriated the two Zhaos so badly that they ended up vomiting blood. He collected the spatial pouches on both Zhao Tian and Zhao Ming.

“Consider this compensation for my 10,000-year-old spiritual herb. Sigh! I didn’t think I would be so unlucky today. I lost a 10,000-year-old spiritual herb. Whatever! Since I am a kind-hearted person, I will let you fellows go.”

After Chen Feng released them, Zhao Tian and Zhao Ming nearly puked out blood again. Although the Blood Dragon Ginseng was cut into two earlier, its medicinal power did not dissipate away. It could still be used. More importantly, not even 100 of those Blood Dragon Ginsengs could compare with the items inside their spatial pouches. However, the threat posed by the Sacred artefact forced them to swallow their opinions. They would have to go back and get more reinforcements before returning to settle the account with Chen Feng.

“Looks like little brother is not an ordinary fellow,” Old Yao said, keeping the little ding.

“He he. Thank you, senior, for helping out earlier,” Chen Feng thanked him.

“This is Overwave City. You two would have to exercise caution. The disciples from the great sects are quite arrogant. I fear that they would try to seek you out again. The way I see it, you shouldn’t continue staying here. How about you follow me?” Old Yao said considerately.

“Ha ha, thank you, senior. However, we still have some matters to deal with. We will not be leaving Overwave City for the time being.” Chen Feng laughed. 

“Sigh! Little brother, you have to be careful. Fine, I will rush back as soon as I recover from my injuries.” Old Yao shook his head. Seeing how insistent Chen Feng was, he chose not to say anything else.

“Are we really going to continue staying here?”

By then, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian had already returned to their lodgings. Jian Xiaotian felt worried about the circumstances of the battle they had to face today.

“How can I leave before getting the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain water?” Chen Feng replied with a grin. Truth be told, Chen Feng was considering having Tower take action. Snatch the entire Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain before leaving. Not even the two Human Immortals in Overwave City could do anything to him. As for Zhao Ming and the others, Chen Feng was not feeling worried about them. For Chen Feng, those fellows were just small fries. If they dared come trouble him, he would simply kill them off.

“You are serious about that? There are two Human Immortals here!” Jian Xiaotian exclaimed.

“The effects of the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain water are very good. If I want to quickly break through to the Sky Human stage, I will need to improve my soul power!”

“Heh, who are you bluffing here? You have so many spiritual herbs on you. Just the Spirit Accumulation Grass you traded for the Blood Dragon Ginseng could have improved your soul power.” Jian Xiaotian did not believe Chen Feng.

At any rate, Chen Feng had his sights set on the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain.

Surprisingly, the next few days went by peacefully. Zhao Tian and the others did not come to trouble them. Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were happy with that and they simply stayed inside their courtyard to practice cultivation. They did not go out at all. As for Chen Feng, he directly ate the Blood Dragon Ginseng to increase his strength.

On this very day, Chen Feng was about to enter the lightning pool within the Longevity Tower when Old Yao came looking for them.

“Level 9 of the Sky Human stage!” When they saw Old Yao, Chen Feng was shocked. A few days ago, this old man was only at level 8 of the Sky Human stage. At that moment, however, Old Yao had seemingly transformed. His face and figure radiated a lustrous gleam and a sparkling light flowed within his eyes. His cultivation base had risen by one level.

“Ha ha! I was injured a while ago. Now that I’ve successfully healed those injuries, it is only natural that my cultivation base would rise back up,” Old Yao said with a chortle. It seemed he was unwilling to divulge more about it.

“The fellows from Overwave City did not come to cause you two any trouble? This is peculiar. All right, little brother. What medicinal pills do you want me to concoct for you? As long as the ingredients are here, I can start immediately,” Old Yao said smilingly.

“I want to concoct out a furnace’s worth of Essence Longevity Pills. Can senior concoct them?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

“Essence Longevity Pills? They can be considered top-grade pills even amongst Earthen-tier pills. I can concoct them. However, I need some precious medicinal herbs for them. I wonder, do you have them all?” Old Yao was somewhat surprised. He didn’t think that Chen Feng would ask him to concoct the Essence Longevity Pills. While he was capable of concocting those pills, the necessary ingredients were quite troubling to acquire.

“I have them all.” Chen Feng nodded.

When he saw Chen Feng bring out the medicinal herbs needed, Old Yao grew so shocked that he nearly jumped to his feet. “All of these spiritual herbs are over 1,000 years old! This is a Spiritcharge Grass, a Soulguard Flower, an Iron Essence Grass, an Azure Dragon Ginseng… incredible! This is an Earthen Ginseng! What a rare item! I didn’t think that little brother could possess so many spiritual herbs. This is a surprise!”

While Old Yao was surprised, the same was true for Chen Feng. Some of the spiritual herbs that he had brought out could rarely be found in the world of cultivation. And yet, this old man had recognized them all instantly. This level of knowledge was not something that the average pill maker could possess.

“There won’t be an issue. With these spiritual herbs, concocting out the Essence Longevity Pills will not be an issue. A pity, my cultivation base is not high enough, otherwise I can attempt to concoct out Sky-tier medicinal pills with these,” Old Yao said, a regretful tone in his voice.

Next up, Old Yao brought out his pill furnace, the ding. He entered one of the rooms there and began the concoction process. Once he started, the aura he exuded abruptly transformed, becoming more serious and focused. His entire being entered a special state. It was as though there was nothing else in his mind except for him and his pill furnace.

Chen Feng did not interrupt him. Instead, he continued to practice cultivation with Jian Xiaotian inside the courtyard. He was presently attempting to fuse his fifth sea of wisdom layer. He had attempted to do so a few times, but had failed to make much progress.

“By the way, Brother Chen. Why concoct Essence Longevity Pills? Wouldn’t it be better to concoct other medicinal pills?” Jian Xiaotian suddenly stopped his cultivation session and he asked curiously.

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