Chapter 535: Trouble


There are practically all kinds of items here. However, I still haven’t seen a single high-grade item. Chen Feng shook his head.

In the first place, Chen Feng had no need for magic treasures, spiritual herbs and ores for the time being. Additionally, despite the high number of items in the trading zone, all of them were of average grade in Chen Feng’s eyes.

Naturally, he had still bought some items. For example, some medicinal herbs that he did not possess for future pill concoction endeavours. There were also some peculiar items there. At that very moment, Chen Feng was holding onto a palm-sized, black-coloured object. It looked like an iron plate.

“Owner, what is this?” Chen Feng asked casually.

“Hey, hey, little brother! You have good eyes. This is a dragon scale.” The stall owner was a thin old man. His triangular eyes flashed with a crafty look. One glance was sufficient to tell that he was not some good Samaritan. 

“A dragon scale? This is a good item. I wonder, what is the price?” A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face while Jian Xiaotian simply coughed.

“You want to buy it?” Hearing Chen Feng’s words, the old man grew stunned. He was clearly just joking earlier. Was this kid a fool, or was the item really a treasure?

However, thinking back on how there was nothing good in his stall, the owner then stated a price.

“1,000 Prized crystals!”

“He he! One dragon scale for 1,000 Prized crystals? How cheap!” Chen Feng grinned.

“Of course! That’s because I think little brother here looks good. Our fates must be closely intertwined,” the old man said in an embarrassed tone.

“Since our fates are closely intertwined, how about you just give it to me as a present?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Guh!” The old man’s eyes instantly bulged out. He had seen many thick-skinned fellows before. However, this was his first time meeting someone with such a thick skin.

“Ha ha, I am just joking! Old man, I think our fates are truly intertwined. Let’s be friends. I’ll take this for 100 Prized crystals, then,” Chen Feng said, his hand waving to produce a piece of spirit stone. However, it was not a Prized crystal. Instead, it was the higher-grade Sacred crystal.

“This is a Sacred crystal!” The old man was a Sky Human stage cultivator, after all. Seeing the spirit stone in Chen Feng’s hand, his eyes immediately glittered.

“How about it? Is it a deal or no? If no, then forget about it,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Deal! Naturally, we have a deal!” The old man swiftly grabbed the spirit stone in Chen Feng’s hand over. That was a Sacred crystal! It was even more valuable than 100 Prized crystals, much more valuable. More importantly, the old man knew that the iron scrap in his hand was not worth that much.

“Brother Chen, what is this thing? Is it really a treasure?” After leaving the stall, Jian Xiaotian raised the black piece of iron and asked.

“It cannot be considered a treasure. However, it is indeed the scale of a dragon. Although it is damaged, it is still valuable.” Chen Feng smiled. Truth be told, he could have done without buying this dragon scale. He was just feeling bored.

“Sigh! And here I thought it is something good.” Jian Xiaotian shook his head, tossing the scale back to Chen Feng.

“I saw a spiritual herb there earlier. It looks decent, but the price that the old man set is just too high.”

“Spiritual herb, what kind of spiritual herb?” Chen Feng was surprised. The two of them had obtained a good number of spiritual herbs back in the pocket dimension. Thus, the average 1,000-year-old spiritual herb could no longer attract their attention.

“A Blood Dragon Ginseng,” Jian Xiaotian whispered.

“That’s a good item. Come, let’s go check it out!”

They reached an inconspicuous-looking stall and Chen Feng saw the Blood Dragon Ginseng. A look of shock appeared on his face, “A 3,000-year-old Blood Dragon Ginseng. It is comparable to a 5,000-year-old spiritual herb. Why aren’t you putting this in an auction?”

“Ha ha! Little brother, you have discerning eyes. If I am to go to the auction house every time I dig out a spiritual herb, the auction house would be worked to death every day,” the old stall owner said with a chuckle. He appeared to be quite the amiable fellow.

“Makes sense. I want this Blood Dragon Ginseng. I wonder, do you want spirit stones or something else for it?” Chen Feng had long since seen through the old man’s cultivation base. A level 8 Sky Human stage cultivator. It was quite a surprise for Chen Feng. For a cultivator of this level to be opening up a stall here was quite puzzling.

“Forget spirit stones. I need a 3,000-year-old spiritual herb that has beneficial effects for the soul and sea of wisdom,” the old man said smilingly.

“This old man’s soul is damaged. Looks like he needs the spiritual herb to concoct the Spirit Accumulation Pill,” Tower said.

“A spiritual herb that benefits the soul. I do possess one. However, if I trade it for this, I will be the one losing out. Everyone knows that spiritual herbs that benefits the soul are more valuable than the other types of spiritual herbs,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Little brother, you really possess a spiritual herb that can benefit the soul?” A glint of surprise flashed across the old man’s eyes.

“Senior, what do you think of this Spirit Accumulation Grass?” Chen Feng’s palm waved as he brought out the spiritual herb.

“Spirit Accumulation Grass! It really is the Spirit Accumulation Grass! Not to mention, it is a 3,000-year-old Spirit Accumulation Grass. Excellent! This is the best ingredient for concocting the Spirit Accumulation Pill.” The old man was so excited that he got up. In fact, he nearly stretched his hand out to snatch the spiritual herb in Chen Feng’s hand.

However, the old man was finally able to control himself. “He he, excuse me for that. I wonder, are you willing to use the Spirit Accumulation Grass to trade for the Blood Dragon Ginseng?”

“Yes, but you still need to offer something else.” Chen Feng nodded. He had set his sights on the Blood Dragon Ginseng. It was a good supplementary-type spiritual herb that could improve the fleshly body and enhance blood. It also contained an overbearing medicinal power that Chen Feng needed.

“Err.” The old man’s face revealed a troubled expression.

“What is it, senior?” Chen Feng felt puzzled. Could this level 8 Sky Human stage cultivator be incapable of bringing anything out?

“Ha ha! I will not hide it from little brother. I recently ran into some issues. So, I currently do not have many valuable items on me. How about this…” The old man paused for a moment before continuing, “This old man knows a bit about pill concoction. If little brother is willing, I can help you concoct one furnace of Earthen-tier medicinal pills. Naturally, you will have to come up with the ingredients yourself.”

As he spoke, the old man revealed a helpless and apprehensive expression. He was fearful that Chen Feng would be unwilling to accept those terms. It showed that this old man truly needed the Spirit Accumulation Grass in Chen Feng’s hand.

“Concoct medicinal pills?” Chen Feng was taken aback.

“Very well, I agree. I wonder, when will senior be free?” Chen Feng nodded and handed the Spirit Accumulation Grass over to the old man.

After accepting the Spirit Accumulation Grass, the old man revealed a look of joy. “Can little brother wait for 10 days?”

“10 days. All right!” Chen Feng nodded and informed the old man where he was staying. Next, he extended his hand to take the Blood Dragon Ginseng. However, something suddenly happened. A swift and forceful gust of wind abruptly shot towards the Blood Dragon Ginseng. It was so fast that Chen Feng and the old man failed to react in time.

Chen Feng had been quick to grab the Blood Dragon Ginseng. By then, however, a cracking sound could be heard as the 3,000-year-old Blood Dragon Ginseng was cut into two. Chen Feng had only managed to grab the half portion of the ginseng. 

“Ho!” Killing intent glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes.


Jian Xiaotian jabbed with his finger and his Skyroar Spiritsword transformed into a stream of light before shooting towards a middle-aged cultivator sporting a high coronet.

That sword attack contained strands of Sky Lightning and rumbling astral sword energy. Add the fact that Jian Xiaotian possessed the Absolute Combat Constitution with a thick blood energy, the average level 5 Sky Human stage cultivator would be incapable of taking on his attack. 

However, his thunderous sword attack was blocked by the cultivator. A fist silhouette, condensed using concentrated luminescence, smashed Jian Xiaotian’s great sword aside. Next, a domineering fist silhouette charged upwards to throw its surroundings into a state of chaos before bombarding Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.

“A level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator!” Chen Feng was somewhat shocked. He did not think that the young cultivator could find a helper so quickly. Additionally, this fellow was planning on killing the two of them right from the get go. In the face of such a tyrannical action, Chen Feng felt his killing intent rousing.

Just as Chen Feng was considering bringing out his Sacred artefact to teach them a lesson, the old man who was standing beside them suddenly took action. A small, bronze-coloured ding suddenly flew out to rest before Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian, blocking the attack.


The large fist silhouette smashed against the small ding, resulting in a loud ringing sound, which caused all the surrounding cultivators to clutch their ears and scream wretchedly. That was especially true of Zhao Tian, who was beside the middle-aged cultivator. He fell to the ground, blood trickling out from his seven orifices.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

The middle-aged cultivator took several steps backwards, his face somewhat ugly to behold. “Old Yao, you want to interfere in the matters of our Skypond Faction?”

“He he, I wouldn’t dare. However, I simply cannot stand this bullying action of yours.” The small ding spun within the old man’s palm.

“A Sacred artefact!” Chen Feng was even more surprised. This old man could even bring out a Sacred artefact. And yet, he was incapable of bringing anything else out to trade for the Spirit Accumulation Grass. Not to mention, he was actually putting up a stall here. He was keeping a really low profile earlier.

“Old Yao. You haven’t even managed to heal the injuries on your body, but you want to be a busybody? Do you think you are a Human Immortal now?” Before the middle-aged cultivator could say anything, Zhao Tian had shouted.

“Heh! Youngsters these days have no manners.” Old Yao snickered and rapped the little ding in his hand. Next, a condensed soundwave charged towards Zhao Tian.

“Fist of the Hegemon Dragon!” The middle-aged cultivator, Zhao Ming, quickly swung his fist forward to shatter the soundwave. However, the momentum behind the soundwave forced him to take several more steps backwards. As for Zhao Tian and the others, they were once again rolling on the ground, looking miserable to the extreme.

“What is happening?!”


A team of soldiers in shining armour rushed over, weapons in hand. All of them were at the Sky Human stage. Add the grave atmosphere of slaughter radiating from their bodies, everywhere they went would be filled with killing intent. The onlookers backed away again. Some didn’t even have the time to collect their stall before dispersing.

“Kill those three fellows!” Zhao Tian shouted all of a sudden.

“Yes, Senior Brother Zhao!” A total of 32 Sky Human stage cultivators swiftly formed an offensive array as they prepared to attack.

“So, your Skypond Faction is so overbearing,” Old Yao said, waving his hand. The small, bronze-coloured ding spun as it flew upwards before growing in size. Next, a bronze-coloured energy enveloped Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian.


Reminder: Ding is a three-legged cauldron.

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