Chapter 534: Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain


“What?” Jian Xiaotian was immediately taken aback. “I say, Brother Chen. Are you joking right now? If it is so easy to snatch, this spiritual fountain would no longer be here by now. The various cultivators would have snatched it away long ago.”

“Ha ha! I am just saying.” Chen Feng laughed. Next, he brought out the Brief Introduction to the Sects book and went through it, reading up on Overwave City.

“This Overwave City is truly not to be trifled with. It is actually under the stewardship of two Human Immortals. Add the fact that they are backed by Skypond Faction, it is no wonder no cultivators would dare cause trouble here. Except for the other nine great sects, the act of causing trouble here is simply the equivalent of committing suicide for cultivators,” Chen Feng slowly said.

“I’ll head out tomorrow and see if there is any way we can trade something for the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain water.” Jian Xiaotian nodded.

The next day, early in the morning, Jian Xiaotian headed out and did not return until evening. He hurriedly ran back.

“You got something?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

“Ha ha, that’s right! I managed to get a total of four droplets,” Jian Xiaotian said, bringing out a small jade bottle. Inside the bottle were some fountain water. They seemed very pure.

“So, this is the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain water.” Chen Feng accepted the bottle and inspected it, a curious look on his face.

“Brother Chen, do not look down on this fountain water. Do you know? In order to get this, I had to waste an entire day. Without spending a bit of spirit stones to bribe some Skypond Faction disciples, I would have been incapable of even getting in line for this.”

“Oh, is that so? How many spirit stones did you use to get these four droplets?”

“Like I said, spirit stones alone cannot buy them. I traded four 2,000-year-old spiritual herbs for them.”

“What?” Chen Feng was shocked and he jumped to his feet.

“No way, is this thing really so precious?” For cultivators, spiritual herbs that were over 1,000 years old were highly potent supplements. Taking them would increase their abilities. One 2,000-year-old spiritual herb for one droplet? Chen Feng’s expectations for the fountain water in his hand rose.

“Let’s see if it is truly effective. Hopefully, this is not a scam,” Chen Feng said, flicking a finger. Next, two droplets of the fountain water flew out to land on his palm, where it slowly seeped into the palm.

“No way! If this is a scam, there wouldn’t be so many cultivators coming over to get it.” Jian Xiaotian then tossed the remaining two droplets into his mouth.

“Hopefully, it is effective.”

“Oh, not good!” Jian Xiaotian’s eyes lit up and he swiftly sat down to begin cultivating.

After absorbing the two droplets of fountain water, Chen Feng felt a cooling energy budding within his body. Next, the cooling energy began roaming through his various meridians. Although the cooling energy felt icy to the extreme, it did not contain even a strand of frost energy. Finally, the cooling energy split into two. One portion flowed into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom while the other portion moved towards his eyes.

A highly cooling sensation gathered upon Chen Feng’s head. Although the energy felt somewhat tranquil, Chen Feng dared not be careless. He swiftly mobilized his body’s energy to refine the cooling energy.

After just one hour, Chen Feng opened his eyes. His vision was clear and he could see much better than before. Additionally, his Soulflame had also grown stronger.

“So, there is something to it. However, this is too little. If we can get ten plus jin of these waters, I will be able to practice an eye technique.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“Ten plus jin! Overwave City doesn’t even sell that much in one month.” Jian Xiaotian had already opened his eyes.

“Naturally. Considering how good these waters are, Skypond Faction must be keeping most of it for themselves.”

“However, the fountain waters are really good. Looks like I will need to think of something.” Chen Feng fell into a contemplative state. Chen Feng’s interest in the spiritual fountain had grown. Exchanging one 2,000-year-old spiritual herb for one droplet? No matter how many spiritual herbs Chen Feng may possess, he would not do that.

“Brother Chen, are you seriously thinking about snatching it?” Looking at Chen Feng’s face, Jian Xiaotian knew what he was thinking.

“Why not? When Nine Firmaments Palace issued the wanted declaration, the cultivators from Skypond Faction chose to take action as well. This action of mine is not excessive,” Chen Feng replied with a smirk.

“You are just making excuses here. If our whereabouts are ever exposed, practically every cultivator within the Northern Plains would attack us,” Jian Xiaotian said, laughing.

After another ten days, Chen Feng finally managed to gain a breakthrough.

“Huh! I finally managed to fuse four sea of wisdom layers. I have been cooped up for so long, it is time I go out for a walk.” As Chen Feng had not been cultivating for long, it was only natural for him to have a youthful disposition. Entering cultivation retreat within such a prosperous city for so long was enough to make him feel restless.

“The trading zone here is quite big. No wonder there are so many cultivators.” After coming out, the two of them headed straight towards the largest trading centres within Overwave City.

“Heh! Who knows if there are any good items here?” Jian Xiaotian said smilingly.

“What arrogance! Where did this country bumpkin come from? How inexperienced!” Jian Xiaotian had only just said that when a berating voice rang out from beside them.

A young cultivator, escorted by a group of bodyguards, walked over. His face was haughty as he cast looks of disdain at Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian. Seeing the young cultivator walking over, the surrounding cultivators quickly moved over to the side. They appeared very fearful of this young cultivator.

Jian Xiaotian was a hot-tempered fellow. Not to mention, he was also from a great sect. Thus, he was unable to stop himself from retorting coldly, “Where did this wild dog come from? Poking its head into other people’s business, does it have a death wish?”

“Wild dog? The way I see it, you are the one with the death wish. Men, break their four limbs! With me here, you can forget about even killing yourselves!” The young cultivator grew furious and he waved his hand. Immediately, two of the bodyguards rushed forward, one pouncing at Chen Feng while the other pounced at Jian Xiaotian.

“Quite a show of arrogance.” Killing intent flashed across Chen Feng’s mind. However, he suppressed it. They were presently on the run. If they could avoid troubles, they would have to do their best to avoid troubles. Of course, if others want to bully him, that was a different matter.

Sou! Sou!

Two beams of sword light flashed out and the two pouncing bodyguards were instantly blown backwards, blood splattering about as two arms were severed.

Jian Xiaotian was also aware that they could not recklessly kill others. Thus, he had simply given them a lesson.

“A level 5 Sky Human stage cultivator!” After Jian Xiaotian attacked, his strength was revealed. In the world of cultivation, a cultivator at this level had quite the status. Thus, the spectating cultivators retreated some more in fear of getting affected by the ensuing battle.

The young cultivator’s face grew even more contorted. The other bodyguards who were behind him rushed forward to surround Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian. However, they did not attack.

“Heh, what is this? Do you want to attack again?” Jian Xiaotian sneered. He did not consider them a threat at all. Although there were also some level 5 Sky Human stage cultivators amongst the bodyguards, he was confident that he could kill all of them in one go.

At any rate, he possessed the Absolute Combat Constitution. How could ordinary cultivators compare with him?

“Hold! We’ll leave.” When it seemed as though a fight was inevitable, the young cultivator suddenly spoke up. After giving Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian a vicious glare, he led his subordinates away.

Seeing that surprised them.

“Maybe they don’t have the guts to attack,” Jian Xiaotian then said with a smile. He ignored it. In his opinion, the young cultivator was likely someone who could only bully the weak and cower before the strong. However, Chen Feng had seen the devious look in the young cultivator’s eyes. He knew that this matter was not that simple.

“Brother, do you know that fellow from earlier?” Chen Feng tugged at one of the cultivators there and asked.

“I don’t know! I don’t know!”

Unexpectedly, the cultivator’s face sank sharply and he rapidly extricated himself before frantically rushing into the crowd.

Next, Chen Feng continued asking several more of the people there. However, he failed to get anything. Every one of them revealed looks of dread. In the end, the people there would hastily move away from Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian whenever they see them.

“Humph!” Chen Feng grew irritated. With a beckoning wave, a level 4 Sky Human stage cultivator ended up in his grasp. The cultivator had wanted to struggle, but a strange power then flowed into his body, causing it to stiffen.

“What are you doing? Fighting is forbidden here! Don’t end up provoking troubles!” the cultivator said apprehensively.

“I have some questions for you,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Sigh! Senior, please just spare me. I am just a loose cultivator. I have no backers.” Knowing what Chen Feng wanted to ask of him, the cultivator immediately refused. However, he was also feeling terrified. No matter how you cut it, he was someone with 4 Lightning Tribulations under his belt. And yet, he was incapable of resisting in the slightest here. He could only lament his misfortune.

“I’ll only say this. If you refuse to talk, you die.” Chen Feng then stretched out his other hand to pat the cultivator. Immediately, the cultivator felt as though there were blades cutting his meridians. The pain was so unbearable, it caused him to scream wretchedly.

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk! That fellow is a disciple of Skypond Faction. His name is Zhao Tian!” the cultivator said quickly, gritting his teeth.

“So, he is a disciple of Skypond Faction. However, such an arrogant disciple should be quite rare.” Chen Feng nodded. He patted the cultivator again and his body returned to its normal state. Without saying a word, the cultivator rushed far away. There was only one thought within the cultivator’s mind, to leave Overwave City as soon as possible.

“This might be problematic. How about we just leave Overwave City?” Although Jian Xiaotian was feeling somewhat vexed about it, he suggested leaving. At any rate, they could not afford to expose their identities.

“No rush. I want to stay here for a while longer,” Chen Feng said smilingly. Of course, if it weren’t for the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain, Chen Feng would have considered just leaving.

“Enough, don’t think too much about it. They are just disciples of Skypond Faction. If they choose to come again, we’ll just have to kill them. Right now, we should be looking around to see if there are any good items.” Chen Feng smiled, moving towards a store filled with medicinal herbs.

Whatever! If our identities get exposed, then we’ll just kill our way out! Jian Xiaotian shook his head, a self-deprecating smile appearing on his face. After staying in this unfamiliar land for so long, it would appear that his courage had shrunk.

1 jin = 0.5 kg

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