Chapter 533: Overwave City


“Thank you, seniors. You are now free. I hope that the outside world is to your liking,” Chen Feng said smilingly. With a wave of his hand, all the items that were on the three Human Immortals’ bodies fell into his grasp. 

“Ha ha ha! We have finally come to the real world! Although the spiritual energy here is not as good as inside the pocket dimension, the worldly laws here are complete. I can feel the restraints on my cultivation base going loose. Just give me some time and I will be able to break through again,” the Purplebolt Marten said excitedly.

“Little brother, thank you for helping us get out. If you have any problems in the future, be sure to come find us,” the Flame Fantasy Bird said gratefully.

“You’re being too modest, fellow seniors. You have already helped me out a great deal earlier,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“No matter what, we still owe little brother a favour. Here are some spiritual herbs. It may be of some assistance to you,” the Flame Fantasy Bird said, bringing out 100 spiritual herbs as he did. A herbal fragrance wafted all the way up into the sky to take on a condensed quality, shocking Chen Feng.

“10,000-year-old spiritual herbs! This is too valuable!” Chen Feng waved his hands again and again.

“Ha ha, these are just some worldly possessions. The seven of us have been staying around the spirit stone mine for so long, these spiritual herbs are actually nothing in our eyes. Although little brother possesses magic treasures for protection, your cultivation base is still too shallow. These spiritual herbs should be able to help you somehow,” the Flame Fantasy Bird said nonchalantly, waving the matter off.

“In that case, I will accept them. Next up, I intend on heading to the Central Plains. I hope that we’ll be able to meet each other again in the future,” Chen Feng said, grinning.

Truth be told, there was no particular sense of friendship between Chen Feng and these Yao Kings. They were simply making use of each other. Thus, after this matter was over, they went off on their separate ways.

After the Yao Kings’ departure, Chen Feng then brought out Jian Xiaotian, the black wyrm, blue wyrm, Bloody Bone Wyrm and the various other yao beasts that he had collected in the past from the Longevity Tower. 

“Finally, I’m out. Do you know how long I’ve been inside?” the black wyrm shouted with a dissatisfied tone. However, the others – that were suppressed inside the Longevity Tower – reacted differently. Once Chen Feng released them, they immediately ran away from him. However, when they noticed the difference in their surroundings, they halted.

“This is the Eternal World, a true world spanning up to trillions of kilometres. Fellows, until next time!” After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand to fly up into the sky. Jian Xiaotian followed him and the two of them flew far into the distance.

Not long after leaving the place, the Flaming Eagle swiftly caught up to Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian. The Flaming Eagle had already risen up to the Yao King stage. Additionally, the aura radiating from his body was very stable. It did not look like someone who had just overcome Heavenly Tribulation. Seeing that, Chen Feng knew that Tower’s words were true. This Flaming Eagle’s abilities were at a profound level. He had been suppressing his own strength all this time. After reaching the outside world, rising to the Yao King stage was a simple matter for him.

“Congratulations! Now that you have risen to the Yao King stage, you will be able to move about freely in the world of cultivation,” Chen Feng said, laughing.

“Ha ha! It is not that simple. However, I do want to thank you two. Where are you two headed to? I’ll bring you fellows there,” the Flaming Eagle said, chortling.

Chen Feng pondered the matter for a moment before replying, “Very well. In that case, we’ll be troubling you for this.”

In the beginning, Chen Feng had wanted to refuse the offer. However, he recalled the three Human Immortals who were just killed earlier. If more Human Immortals come after him, he would be incapable of handling them. Thus, what Chen Feng needed to do the most was to leave this Starsea Region.

“The Starsea Region, spanning a length of 150,000 kilometres. I wonder how many treasures there are here? If there aren’t any pursuers, I would have liked to explore this place for one or two years. Right now, though, it seems I can only come here again next time,” Chen Feng said with a sigh. 

“Brother Chen, there is no need to feel disappointed. When you get to the Central Plains, there will be better places for you to explore,” Jian Xiaotian said smilingly.

Extreme Celestial Sect.

Nine Firmaments Palace.

Purple Firmaments Palace.

Cultivators ran out from the storage areas for soul imprints within the three sects at almost the same time, looks of panic on their faces as they rushed towards their respective Sect Master’s quarters.

“What happened? Why are you in such a state of panic?”

“One of the jade talismans containing soul imprints has broken! It belongs to a Human Immortal!”


Wan Jiecheng, the Sect Master of Extreme Celestial Sect, who was in the midst of his cultivation practice, immediately got up and hurried over to the Soul Imprint Hall.

At the same time, the Sect Master of Nine Firmaments Palace, Duan Lang and the Sect Master of Purple Firmaments Palace, Qin Ming, received the same news. Their faces were extremely ugly to behold. The ones who had died were not some ordinary disciple. Rather, even if ten plus core disciples had died, these Sect Masters would not have batted an eye. However, Human Immortals were a completely different matter. Human Immortals were the true foundations of the sect. Even a sect as big as Nine Firmaments Palace did not possess many Human Immortals. Not too long ago, they had already lost one Human Immortal. And now, after just a short time since then, another had died. As his cultivation base was high, Duan Lang was able to suppress his emotions, else he would have started cussing. Even so, it was nearly impossible for these Sect Masters to suppress their emotions. It was imperative for them to immediately investigate what happened.

“Chen Feng. This is actually connected to Chen Feng.” The expression on Wan Jiecheng’s face waned, turning contemplative instead.

“Chen Feng! It’s this little brat again?! Worthless pieces of trash! Can they not even finish off a minor Concealed stage cultivator? Another Human Immortal has died! There must be something else going on here!” Duan Lang raged.

“Heh! Looks like we’ll have to get an explanation from Extreme Celestial Sect. No, no. Three Human Immortals went after Chen Feng, but all three ended up dying instead? This in itself is laughable. Looks like there is a need to come up with a proper plan. It would appear that this Chen Feng is truly extraordinary.” Qin Ming slowly calmed down.

Chen Feng was uncertain just how big a storm killing off three Human Immortals would set off. He also did not know that two Sect Masters at the Human Immortal stage now had their sights set on him.

By now, Chen Feng and the Flaming Eagle had separated. Riding on the Flaming Eagle, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian had been able to fly out of the Starsea Region in just a short time. It was so fast that Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were secretly tutting to themselves.

“Sigh! If I can subdue a flying-type yao beast like that, going out would become so much more convenient,” Jian Xiaotian said enviously.

“It’s not that easy. You will need to be much stronger than the yao beast to do that.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“We’ve killed three Human Immortals this time around. It will definitely trigger a huge storm. It will be impossible to advance following the previous route. The only option now is to find a safe spot and lie low for a while. Wait until this blows over before coming out again.”

“However, finding a safe place will not be easy!”

“Heh, the Northern Plains is a big place. No matter how powerful Nine Firmaments Palace may be, they cannot control everything. We just need to lie low. There shouldn’t be any problems. Furthermore, the Skysoar Warship belonging to the Heavenly Origin Trade Association is not fully repaired yet. Flying forward like this is too dangerous!”

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian concluded their discussion and agreed that they had to first find a safe place to hide.

The most dangerous place was also the safest place. Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian did not choose to hide themselves in the mountains or forests. Instead, they went to a large city, Overwave City.

Overwave City was a city surrounded by water, located within Skypond Faction’s territory. Despite its status as a large city, it was actually not big and only comparable to mid-sized cities. Even so, it was extremely prosperous and filled with cultivation resources. That was especially true of some of the bigger trading zones there. Cultivators from various corners of the world would constantly come here in search of the items they need. Even cultivators from the Central Plains, Eastern Provinces, Western Regions and places that were farther away would come over to trade.

Truth be told, that was not the most famous aspect of Overwave City. Rather, it was something within it. Inside the city was a lake known as Overwave Lake. Inside this lake was a spiritual fountain known as the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain. The fountain waters from this spiritual fountain could revive the dead. For cultivators, these waters were very important. The fountain waters from the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain could nourish the soul, strengthen the Soulflame, improve eye power and help the cultivation of eye techniques. Thus, countless cultivators would come from every corner of the world to trade for one or two drops of the Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain water.

“So wondrous?!” Chen Feng blurted out in shock.

At that moment, both Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were inside a small, stylish and refined courtyard within Overwave City. This small courtyard was one of the places belonging to Heavenly Origin Trade Association. Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian had changed their looks and even the auras they were exuding were different. Without opening their mouths to talk, neither one would be able to recognize the other.

This was Tower’s handiwork. Before entering Overwave City, Chen Feng had gotten Tower to change their appearances. After entering Overwave City, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian then found a place to stay. When they were finally successful, they breathed a sigh of relief.

With Tower taking action, Chen Feng did not believe that others would be able to see through their disguises. Additionally, they were also staying in Heavenly Origin Trade Association’s place. There was a certain level of guaranteed safety here.

They had been staying in the small courtyard for seven days now. During the past seven days, neither of them left the courtyard. Instead, they focused on cultivating themselves. There was a Spirit Gathering Array inside the small courtyard. Thus, the spiritual energy in the surrounding air was several times thicker compared to the spiritual energy outside. Due to that, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian did not feel the need to go out.

Naturally, such a good environment came at a high price of 300 Prized crystals per day. It was a price capable of making cultivators falter. Forget Concealed stage cultivators, even Sky Human stage cultivators would be gritting their teeth in the face of this price. Of course, this amount was nothing to Chen Feng. There was a mountain-like pile of Sacred crystals inside the Longevity Tower, after all. Sacred crystals were of a higher grade than Prized crystals.

The two of them were discussing the situation within Overwave City. Although Chen Feng was a cultivator from the Northern Plains, he actually knew far less about it compared to Jian Xiaotian.

“Hey, hey, you are a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect! Don’t you even know something as common as this?” Jian Xiaotian said with a snicker. “What I said earlier is the truth. This Divine Eyes Spirit Fountain water is truly a good item. Because it is too precious, every year, Skypond Faction would only bring out a small portion to be used for trading with other cultivators. Its price is ridiculously high. Sometimes, even one or two drops of the water would require a precious spiritual object. Naturally, some fellows don’t even get the chance to trade for it. Those who think they can use spirit stones to buy it can just forget it!”

“If the waters of the spiritual fountain really possess such wondrous effects, many people would indeed be willing to bring out precious items to trade for them. However, I am also feeling tempted now. I wonder if I will be able to trade something for them. If I can’t, then I will have to snatch it. I’ll just snatch the whole spiritual fountain over,” Chen Feng said with a grin.

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