Chapter 532: Killing off Human Immortals


“No, Chen Feng has fled! He is actually riding on a half-step Yao King. That Tie Liuxian has only just risen to the Human Immortal stage not too long ago. He will likely be incapable of catching up to Chen Feng!”

“That’s simple. We’ll send two of our men to give chase as well. Three Human Immortals will be enough to handle that kid!”

“Hey! We are Human Immortals, you know? You want us to go hunt down a Concealed stage kid? That’s degrading!”

Despite saying that, two Human Immortals did step forward in the end. Bringing out a flying Sacred artefact, they then chased after Chen Feng. 

“This is bad. Will Junior Brother Chen fail to escape? Those are three Human Immortals!”

“Humph! Tie Liuxian, you actually dare to take action against a genius disciple from our sect? I must quickly report this to our Sect Master,” Lei Feng said, scoffing. Even though Lei Feng, Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin were feeling infuriated, there was nothing they could do. Forget stepping forward to help, they could not even catch up to Chen Feng.

Wan Zhongshan, the other Human Immortal from Extreme Celestial Sect was there as well. He was an old man with white hair and tall stature. He did not say anything regarding what happened earlier. Instead, he came forward and asked, “Tell me about Chen Feng’s matters.”

“Yes, Supreme Elder!” Lei Feng said respectfully.

“Little brother, have we reached the outside world already?” By then, the seven Yao Kings were already feeling impatient.

“Fellows, do not be impatient. When the time comes, I will let you fellows out. Right now, I am being chased by some people. Let me find a safe place first,” Chen Feng replied.

“What? Chased? Let us out, I’ll devour them!” the Brutal Force Ape said.

“No worries, I will be needing your help later. These fellows are Human Immortals. They will not be easy to handle,” Chen Feng replied smilingly. With these seven Yao Kings on his side, the Human Immortals chasing after him were absolutely going to die.

“Don’t worry! You brought us out from the pocket dimension. This is a huge favour. Killing a few Human Immortals is not a problem.” These Yao Kings possessed a savage nature to begin with. Thus, hearing what Chen Feng said only caused their killing intent to soar as they yearned to come out and start a rampage.

As for the Flaming Eagle, he was someone possessing a high flight speed to begin with. Now that he had managed to leave the pocket dimension and come to the outside world, he became so excited that he roared continuously. His flight speed rose beyond his previous limits. Additionally, Chen Feng could sense that the aura coming out from the Flaming Eagle was beginning to turn chaotic. It was like a volcano that was gathering momentum, on the verge of erupting.   

“Little brother, I will be undergoing tribulation soon!” the Flaming Eagle suddenly cried out, his voice filled with excitement.

“What, you are rising to the Yao King stage so quickly?” Chen Feng was surprised. However, he was quick to understand what was happening. The Flaming Eagle was originally at the half-step Yao King stage, very close to reaching the Yao King stage. Inside the pocket dimension, however, its cultivation base was constantly suppressed. But now that he had come to the outside world and established a connection with the worldly laws here, not even the Flaming Eagle could suppress his aura anymore.

“Fine. Just find a quiet place then,” Chen Feng said.

The abilities of yao beasts are indeed much better than humans. It has only been such a short while, but we have already flown through 50,000 kilometres. If I can continue flying forward at this speed, it probably won’t take long for me to reach the Central Plains. Chen Feng was secretly shocked. The Flaming Eagle’s flight speed was at least ten times higher than his flight speed. It was no wonder that some strong cultivators would subdue some flying yao beasts to serve as their mounts.

“This place is good.” Chen Feng saw a gigantic, circular crater. Strangely, it was completely dry, a contrast to the lakes filled with water around them. Even up in the sky, Chen Feng could sense a formidable power of stars there. He then brought out the Myriad Induction Geocompass. The pointer of the compass spun for a bit before pointing towards the centre of the crater.

Chen Feng jumped down to land on the crater and began searching around. As for the Flaming Eagle, he was finally incapable of suppressing his aura. He released it all and began undergoing his tribulation. 

“Tower, be sure to collect some of the Heavenly Tribulation powers later!”

“As if you need to tell me that!”


Chen Feng brought out Bloody Soul and thrust it deep into the ground, causing the hard soil there to burst upwards. It did not take long for Chen Feng’s figure to drill deep into the ground, disappearing from sight.

Shortly after that, Chen Feng emerged again, a fist-sized meteorite in his grasp. Unlike the previous meteorite, this one had no holes. Instead, it was round, smooth and dark-red in colour. 

“Tower, what kind of meteorite is this? The power of fire inside it is simply too concentrated,” a surprised Chen Feng asked Tower. Although the meteorite was not big, the power of fire within it caused the hairs on his body to stand on end. If all the energy contained within it were to erupt, Chen Feng would the reduced to ash.

“Hey, this is a star core fragment. Not to mention, it is an important part of the star core. It contains the power of fire and power of stars. This is a good item. You can use it to forge magic treasures or directly absorb and refine its energy,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“Star core fragment.” Chen Feng nodded his head and collected the meteorite. After hearing from Tower about how good it was, Chen Feng no longer felt concerned. He decided to keep it for use later on.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

He had only just collected the star core fragment when the Heavenly Tribulation began gathering. A formidable atmosphere of oppression, containing the power of Heaven and Earth, descended. With a flash, Chen Feng darted away from the crater. This was the Heavenly Tribulation for a Yao King. He would surely be dragged into the tribulation if he chose to stay behind.

“Tower, do you think the Flaming Eagle can overcome this Heavenly Tribulation?”

“Close to 100 % success rate. This Flaming Eagle’s abilities are good enough. He was simply suppressed by the pocket dimension. Enough, I want to go collect the Heavenly Tribulation powers.” After saying that, the Longevity Tower transformed into a stream of light, which flew high up into the sky.

Chen Feng continued standing there, a smirk on his face. Jian Xiaotian had entered the Longevity Tower earlier in anticipation of what will happen next. As expected, even before the Flaming Eagle began his tribulation, the Great Elder had arrived. 

“Ha ha! And here I was, wondering why you didn’t run away. So, your mount needs to undergo tribulation.” The Great Elder laughed, looking at Chen Feng.

“It just so happens I am lacking a mount. This yao beast of yours is quite good!”

However, before the Great Elder could make his move, two more Human Immortals, one from Nine Firmaments Palace and one from Purple Firmaments Palace, arrived. The three Human Immortals stood before Chen Feng and the aura they emanated almost stopped Chen Feng’s ability to move and his heart from beating.

“Tie Liuxian, our Nine Firmaments Palace wants to capture this kid. Just hand him over to us,” the Human Immortal from Nine Firmaments Palace, Lei Bao, said indifferently. He was simply viewing Tiu Liuxian in disdain.

There were different levels for Human Immortals as well. As Tie Liuxian had only just risen to the Human Immortal stage, his strength could not compare with these two Human Immortals. If it came down to a fight, the two of them would be able to finish him off in just a few exchanges.

“I can hand him over to you. However, Chen Feng is someone from my Extreme Celestial Sect. The items on him will go to our Extreme Celestial Sect. Additionally, I will be abolishing his cultivation base,” Tie Liuxian said gravely.

“Tie Liuxian, you’re quite the calculative fellow. There are quite a number of good items on this kid. It is highly likely that he possesses a Dao artefact. You think we will let you have it? Enough with this nonsense. If you want, we can kill you as well.” Lei Bao did not bother showing any respect to Tie Liuxian.

“You fellows!” Tie Liuxian’s face was contorted to the extreme.

“What is it, Tie Liuxian? Do you have any objections? Although you have risen to the Human Immortal stage, you are still a junior. Killing you is just a matter of lifting a hand for us.” The Human Immortal from Purple Firmaments Palace, Kuang Feng, chuckled.

Tie Liuxian’s face darkened. He had been chasing after Chen Feng in order to get the items on Chen Feng. However, with these two Human Immortals suppressing him, there was nothing he could do to resist. Thus, he could not stop his face from becoming cloudy.

“I say, are you fellows done talking?” Chen Feng finally could not stop himself from interjecting. These three fellows were truly just looking down on him.

“If you are done talking, then die.” Chen Feng waved his hand and a portal appeared before him. One after another, the seven Yao Kings flew out from the portal.

“Yao Kings, so many Yao Kings!”

“Oh, no! Hurry, run!”

Seeing the Yao Kings – emanating sky-soaring yao energies – shocked the three Human Immortals. However, for them to be able to cultivate to this level, not a single one of them were slow to react. Realizing that they were in an unfavourable situation, they instantly turned to flee. As long as they can meet up and join forces with the others, killing these Yao Kings would not be an issue.

That was, of course, assuming they could escape. Or rather, assuming they even had the chance to escape. Before this, Chen Feng had already discussed this move with the Yao Kings. Thus, the Yao Kings attacked the instant they emerged, not bothering to even say anything to the three Human Immortals.

Speaking of which, every one of the seven Yao Kings was stronger than the three Human Immortals. At that moment, the Yao Kings held the numerical advantage. Moreover, they also managed to catch the three Human Immortals off guard. Thus, the three Human Immortals were beaten into a pulp before they could even mount a proper defence. 

“Chen Feng, you are going against your senior here!”

“Chen Feng! If you kill us, not even running to the ends of the earth will save you!”

“You want to kill me, not so easy!”

All three Human Immortals cried out in horror. That was especially true of the Great Elder, Tie Liuxian. He was feeling extremely regretful. He had been cultivating for thousands of years. Cultivating up to the Human Immortal stage had not been easy. Unexpectedly, he would meet this kind of end. If only he had known, he would not have made an enemy of Chen Feng. However, it was already too late. Their bodies had been smashed to pieces. It was important for them to have their souls escape from this. If they could successfully escape, they could still seize the bodies of others or utilize some secret techniques to restore their cultivation bases.

“Don’t let their souls escape!” Chen Feng shouted.

Truth be told, there was no need for Chen Feng to even say that. The three of them would have been incapable of escaping anyways. The Yao Kings were terribly savage in executing their attacks. After smashing the bodies of the three Human Immortals, the Nine-tailed Fox and Flame Fantasy Bird instantly sprayed out streams of blazing flames, which started burning the souls of the Great Elder and the other two Human Immortals.

“Argh! Chen Feng, even after I become a ghost, I will never let you go!” The Great Elder’s resentful voice seemingly gained a tangible quality, but Chen Feng merely responded with a disdainful smile. “What a joke! Both your soul and body are about to be destroyed. Is there any point in saying these words? Besides, even if you do manage to become a ghost, are you going to be fighting your way out from the Ghost Plane?” 

“Chen Feng, our Nine Firmaments Palace will never let you go. Let us go this one time and I am willing to help resolve the grudge between you and our Nine Firmaments Palace!”

“That is right! Chen Feng, as long as we can retain a strand of our soul, we can ignore this matter!”

Hearing that, the sneer on Chen Feng’s face simply grew wider. Due to the power of fire from the two Yao Kings, the souls of the three Human Immortals were incapable of enduring for long before getting utterly incinerated. This was a true death of the body and soul. Even the Immortal Humans from the Immortal Plane would be incapable of resurrecting the three.


Note: Wan Zhongshan first appeared in Chapter 467. I changed his status from Honoured Elder to Supreme Elder. The ‘Honoured’ title makes it sound like he is only an honorary elder, but he is in fact of a higher rank than even the Sect Master.

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