Chapter 531: Leaving the Pocket Dimension


Chen Feng then waved his hand and the space before him rippled. Next, another portal appeared there.

“This is my spatial-type magic treasure. You fellows can enter it and follow me out. When we get out, I will release you,” Chen Feng said.

The Flame Fantasy Bird and the other Yao Kings looked at each other. After a quick discussion, they then entered the Longevity Tower, one at a time.

“This, this is.” After entering the Longevity Tower, all seven Yao Kings were astounded. Although they still did not know what this magic treasure was, the fleeting aura they felt coming from their surroundings was enough to throw them into an endless state of shock. These Yao Kings were no ordinary yao beasts. The higher one’s cultivation base was, the better that person would be able to sense the atmosphere of power emanating from the Longevity Tower.

“This is at the very least a Dao artefact!”

“Greetings, seniors.” The Flaming Eagle came over. When he saw the seven Yao Kings, he was surprised. However, considering how even someone like him could perceive a portion of the Heavenly Plot, what else could be expected of these Yao Kings.

“Kid, you are even faster than us,” the Flame Fantasy Bird said smilingly.

After putting the Yao Kings inside the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng was no longer fearful that they might raise a ruckus. Next, he chatted with Jian Xiaotian for a while and found that he had found some treasures and legacies, allowing him to break through to level 5 of the Sky Human stage in one go.

“All right, it is time we leave. We got a big haul this time. Let’s find a good place outside to focus on cultivation. I want to assail the Sky Human stage as well,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Ha ha! I never expected to come across such a big haul before returning to my sect. After getting back, I will have to go into cultivation retreat.” Jian Xiaotian was also in high spirits. He was only a level 1 Sky Human stage cultivator when he left his sect. After just such a short time, he had risen to level 5 of the Sky Human stage. When he returned to his sect, his senior brothers and sisters will surely be shocked. Thinking about that put a smile on Jian Xiaotian’s face.

It was quite peculiar. Yao Kings were incapable of even approaching the portal, but Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian met zero obstructions as they walked into it.

It felt like any other portal and the two of them re-appeared in the outside world. Sensing the disappearance of the surrounding spiritual energy, which was instead replaced by waves of power of stars, Chen Feng knew that they were back in the Starsea Region.

“Eh? There is a jade talisman in my hand?” Chen Feng then realized that a pure-white, square-shaped jade talisman was lying in his hand.

“I have one as well.” Jian Xiaotian raised his hand. There was an identical jade talisman in his hand.

“Let me see what functions this jade talisman possesses.” Chen Feng sent his divine sense into the jade talisman and he quickly found out what it was for.

“So, it is the key to enter the sixth floor of the Spirit Essence Tower. It is the name of the massive tower made of sand. However, it is peculiar. After entering, we have not gone anywhere else. We have only been roaming around within the first five floors of the Spirit Essence Tower. And now, we have already exited the pocket dimension. I wonder how many good stuff we missed.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“Ha ha! Brother Chen, just be content. Although we were separated right after entering the tower, I am certain that you must have gained a lot. If all the good items were to fall into your hands alone, the other cultivators would have to cry themselves to death,” Jian Xiaotian said, laughing.

“Chen Feng, how did you come out from there?” The Great Elder from Extreme Celestial Sect appeared beside Chen Feng, an unfriendly look on his face.

“Brother Jian, this was truly a near-death experience for us. However, we were also lucky to be able to emerge alive. Let’s not waste any time here. We should hurry over to the Central Plains. I have heard that there are more cultivators in the Central Plains and the sects are stronger. I’ll have to go check it out.” Chen Feng deliberately ignored the Great Elder. It was as though he had not seen him at all. Seeing that, the Great Elder’s face turned livid.

“Of course! Even a second-rate sect in the Central Plains is a match for Nine Firmaments Palace. Our Heavenly Sword Faction is much stronger than Sword Hall. After returning to the sect, I will definitely make you an elder. That way, you can save yourself the trouble of dealing with trivial issues there,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“Then, I will have to thank you for that, Brother Jian. Let’s hurry over, then.” Chen Feng smiled back.

“Kid, looks like you have a death wish.” To be so openly ignored by a junior, the Great Elder grew furious. Finally, he lost his temper and stretched a grasping hand towards Chen Feng. The resulting winds – swift and forceful – compressed the air around Chen Feng. He wanted to capture him with this one move.

“Humph! Old man, I think you are the one with a death wish.” Chen Feng snickered. He mobilized a portion of the Longevity Tower’s power and lightning seemingly burst out from his body, causing the Great Elder to flinch and his figure was thrown backwards.

“What? Impossible!” The Great Elder exclaimed. He stared at Chen Feng with a horrified expression. He was already a Human Immortal. There was no need for him to even fear Chen Feng’s master, Sage Enigma Flame. And yet, the attack he believed would successfully capture Chen Feng had actually failed. Thus, he was astounded. However, he then recalled that Chen Feng possessed a Dao artefact and his heart burned.

A Dao artefact! If he could obtain it, his status in Extreme Celestial Sect would soar. He could even look down on the average Human Immortal. Even the Sect Master would have to show him respect.

The more he thought about it, the more his heart burned. In the end, looks of greed raged within his eyes and he made ready to make his move.

Suddenly, a crack appeared up in the sky and one cultivator after another flew out from it. After emerging, the cultivators revealed various expressions; some were confused, some were joyful, some were shocked and some were regretful. At any rate, there were various emotions on their faces. 

Seeing cultivators emerge from the cracks, the Human Immortals from the various great sects stirred. However, when they saw the number of cultivators there, their faces turned slightly ugly to behold. Too little cultivators had emerged from the pocket dimension. Not even one third of the cultivators they sent in had emerged. The ones sent into the pocket dimension were all the handpicked, elite disciples of the great sects. To have more than half of them die inside caused the Human Immortals’ hearts to ache. Naturally, they were also hoping that these surviving cultivators could bring out some good items so that this trip would not have been in vain.

Due to the emergence of the cultivators, the Great Elder rapidly retracted his aura. However, the power that he had gathered upon his hand remained there. Naturally, Chen Feng was aware of every move that the Great Elder was making. He could not stop himself from scoffing inwardly.

Chen Feng then waved his hand and Lei Feng, Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin emerged from the Longevity Tower to stand before Chen Feng.

Seeing the sudden appearance of Lei Feng and the other two, the Great Elder’s eyelids twitched. He grew more convinced that Chen Feng possessed a Dao artefact.

“Great Elder!” Lei Feng saw the Great Elder the moment he emerged and was stunned.

“You fellows, hurry up and gather up with your fellow sect brothers and sisters,” the Great Elder instructed.

After a moment’s hesitation, Lei Feng asked, “Great Elder, what about Junior Brother Chen. Will we bring him back to the sect?” 

“He must definitely be brought back to the sect. However, there is no need for you to ask about that. I will handle it!”

“I wonder, how will Great Elder handle it? Are you planning on capturing Junior Brother Chen? Or could it be you do not actually intend on bringing him back to the sect? Will you instead hand him over to Nine Firmaments Palace?” Lei Feng said with a scornful smile.

“Insolence! What is up with the way you talk? This is an act of offending your superior! According to our sect’s rules, I can punish you based on those actions of yours!” The Great Elder was thoroughly infuriated. However, he continued to control himself so as to not lose his composure.

“Hey, hey! I will be ensuring Junior Brother Chen’s safety. Anyone who tries to go against him will be going against me, Lei Feng. And that means going against the Lei Family!” Lei Feng said with a savage grin. He had gained considerably from this pocket dimension. After returning to the sect, he was confident it would not take him long to break through to the Human Immortal stage. Add the Lei Family as his backer, Lei Feng was simply not fearful of the Great Elder.

“Lei Feng, do you have what it takes to represent the Lei Family? Men, attack and capture the traitor Chen Feng!” the Great Elder shouted coldly. By then, some of Extreme Celestial Sect’s disciples had gathered nearby. When they heard the Great Elder, they were all shocked. Next, some revealed looks of hesitation while some revealed looks of glee. Two even stepped forward to pounce at Chen Feng from left and right. The two of them were members of the Department of Elders. They were the Great Elder’s trusted subordinates. In the past, when Sage Enigma Flame was still within the sect, they would have at least hesitated. However, Chen Feng was presently getting pursued by Nine Firmaments Palace while the Great Elder had already reached the Human Immortal stage. Thus, the two of them wanted to capture Chen Feng as a show of loyalty to the Great Elder.

“Chen Feng, just come in quietly!”

“Chen Feng, kneel and admit to your wrongdoings!”

Seeing Chen Feng not showing any resistance, they grabbed Chen Feng’s shoulders. After successfully doing that, they immediately smiled.

“With this level of strength, you fellows are not even qualified to be running dogs,” Chen Feng said and his arms pulsed. Next, like a flash of lightning, a formidable power erupted and the two cultivators were sent flying, blood spraying out from their mouths even before their figures fell to the ground.

“Chen Feng, you wounded your own sect disciples for no reason. I can kill you right now for this!” A crafty look appeared on the Great Elder’s face. Next, he attacked Chen Feng.

This time, however, his attack missed. Strong winds blew, causing the hard ground below to crack. Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian stood on the Flaming Eagle’s back and the three of them were already 100 zhang up in the air.

“A half-step Yao King!”

“Brother Lei, Brother Mu, Brother Zhang, goodbye!” Chen Feng shouted loudly as the Flaming Eagle transformed into a fireball to fly far away.

The Flaming Eagle was a half-step Yao King and a bird-type yao beast. Not even the average Human Immortal could match its flight speed. 

When Chen Feng appeared earlier, the cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace’s side had wanted to come over and capture him. However, due to the appearance of the other cultivators, the matter was pushed back. None of them could have expected Chen Feng to flee on a half-step Yao King.

“Half-step Yao King! He must have brought it out from the pocket dimension!” The Great Elder’s eyes burned fiercely. After just a moment’s hesitation, he flew after Chen Feng. As he was already at the Human Immortal stage, the Great Elder was able to mobilize the power of laws with a wave of his hand to empower himself. The worldly powers surged and his figure swiftly disappeared from sight.

1 zhang = 3.333 m


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I noticed that some disciples also have the identity of elders and some are more influential than elders. So, the status of elder is more like a prefect in this novel.