Chapter 530: Exit Portal


When he heard that, Chen Feng nearly laughed out loud. Extraordinary cultivation base? How could they even say that? I am only a Concealed stage cultivator whereas they are Yao Kings; seven of them, in fact. The gap between us is simply too big. For them to say that I possess an extraordinary cultivation base, it must be because I had entered the spirit stone mine!

Naturally, those words remained within Chen Feng’s heart. There was no way he would voice them.

“Ha ha! Fellow seniors, you overpraise me.” Chen Feng smiled, saluting. Then, he turned to leave. However, his figure had only just started moving forward when the Flame Fantasy Bird and the other Yao Kings swiftly appeared before him, blocking his path.

“Fellow seniors, you are all Yao Kings. Surely, you will not be attacking a minor Concealed stage cultivator like me?” Chen Feng asked smilingly. He was not feeling too concerned. Although he was far from a match for these Yao Kings, he could hide inside the Longevity Tower during critical moments. Moreover, there must be a reason why these Yao Kings were looking for him.

“Little brother, wait up. We want to discuss something with you,” the Flame Fantasy Bird said hastily.

“Oh? What is it?” Chen Feng asked smilingly. In truth, he had already guessed that they must have the same objective as the Flaming Eagle.

The Flame Fantasy Bird pondered for a moment before asking, “I wonder, do you want to leave this place?”

“You know how to leave this place?” Chen Feng asked.

“Of course!”

“Thank you, but I don’t want to leave just yet. I still want to stay here for a while,” Chen Feng said, turning to rush towards the peripheral areas of the spirit stone mine, where spiritual herbs could be found. Chen Feng had noticed that there were spiritual herbs that were over 10,000 years old nearby. Those were good items. Although there was a good number of herbal fields in the Longevity Tower, not a single one of the spiritual herbs there was over 10,000 years old. Forget using these 10,000-year-old spiritual herbs to concoct pills, even directly taking the spiritual herbs could increase his abilities.

After reaching an area with spiritual herbs, Chen Feng stamped his foot. The ground then burst forth and both the spiritual herbs and the soil were sent into the Longevity Tower.

Hey! Even by simply taking this 10,000-year-old Snow Ginseng directly, I can increase my cultivation base by 100 years. One sniff of it can grant an ordinary human an extra 10 years of life. Taking it would grant them a life without illness and they can easily live up to two to three hundred years old. If it is turned into medicinal pills, it will have an even greater level of effectiveness!

Chen Feng moved quickly and over 100 spiritual herbs were sent into the Longevity Tower in just the blink of an eye. More than ten of them were over 10,000 years old. 

As Chen Feng was feeling delighted, the seven Yao Kings appeared before Chen Feng again.

“All right, just what is it? Tell me.” Chen Feng shook his head helplessly. The fact that these Yao Kings did not attack him was already something unexpected. At that moment, however, Chen Feng felt puzzled. The Flaming Eagle wanted to follow him out, but these seven Yao Kings possessed high cultivation bases. Moreover, they were staying near an inexhaustible fount of spiritual energy. Not to mention, there were also stretches of spiritual herbs around the place. This place could be considered as the best cultivation spot. There should be no reason for them to leave, no?

“Very well. Since little brother here has spoken up, we will be frank. We want to borrow your strength to leave this place,” the Flame Fantasy Bird said carefully.

Chen Feng nodded and said, “So, it is as I had expected. I have two questions. Firstly, why come to me? Secondly, why do you all want to leave this place? I hope you fellows can tell me the truth. That way, we can continue our conversation.”

“Naturally, we can answer those questions. The reason we came to you is simple. We believe that by following you, we can leave this place. We are Yao Kings, after all. We can already grasp a little bit of the Heavenly Plot. According to our conjectures, we should be able to leave this place soon and make our way to the outside world. There should be a human with an important role in this matter. That human is you,” the Flame Fantasy Bird said with a serious tone.

“I can understand that.” Chen Feng nodded. Thinking back, the Flaming Eagle must also be acting on the same set of reasonings. However, the fact that someone like the Flaming Eagle, who was only at the half-step Yao King stage, possessed such an ability shocked Chen Feng.

“The reason why we want to leave this place is even easier to explain. The world inside is too small. By staying in here, we will not be able to level up any further, not even with this massive spirit stone mine!”

“I wonder, are you satisfied with the answers?”

Chen Feng nodded again. He believed them. However, he also felt amused. Aren’t these Yao Kings being overly polite here? Why aren’t they trying a more forceful approach and just restrain him right from the start? However, Chen Feng was quick to understand why. He had displayed the ability to move past the seals protecting the spirit stone mine. Thus, these Yao Kings were likely feeling somewhat fearful of him. Of course, it was also possible that their desire to leave was simply too maddening and they simply did not want any variables to pop up for something so trivial. 

“I don’t have any problems with you fellows following me. However, I am unable to guarantee that you fellows will be able to leave. By the way, you mentioned earlier that you know how to leave this place. Why don’t you just leave on your own, then?” Chen Feng was suddenly reminded of what the Yao King had said earlier.

“Again, I say, if we could leave, we would have done so long ago. We would not have waited this long,” the Flame Fantasy Bird replied with a bitter smile.

Next up, Chen Feng continued to collect some more spiritual herbs as he chatted with the seven Yao Kings. Finally, he was able to learn more about the situation.

“What? You fellows are also aware that this is an 18-storey tower?”

“Entering the sixth floor requires one to be at the Human Immortal stage. At present, the only thing that can be done is to leave?”

Chen Feng was somewhat taken aback. This was unexpected for him. He also did not think that these Yao Kings would know so much about it.

“We have been staying here for 10,000 years. We do know a bit about the situation here. Now, we’ll take you to the exit portal,” the Flame Fantasy Bird said in a lamenting tone.

Chen Feng nodded and he followed the Yao Kings as they flew high into the sky. Naturally, he was seated on the Flame Fantasy Bird.

Sensing the faint auras that the seven Yao Kings were inadvertently releasing, Chen Feng thought, If I can control these Yao Kings, there will be no need for me to run from Nine Firmaments Palace!

However, Chen Feng was quick to dispel the thought. If it does happen, even stronger cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace would be mobilized. Characters at those level would be able to kill us all. Besides, having a group of Yao Kings on my side will bring about the lack of drive and my rate of cultivation will slow down as well. Looks like it is absolutely imperative that I head to the Central Plains. I wonder how Ye Ziming is doing right now? It has been a long time. I should be able to meet up with him after reaching the Central Plains! 

The Yao Kings were very fast and it did not take long for them to arrive. Even before landing, Chen Feng could already see a massive portal floating above a small mountain. The portal was a murky-black passageway leading to who knows where. It was as though someone had carved out a hole from the stretch of space there.

“This is the portal that leads directly to the outside world. There is a teleportation array beneath this portal that leads to the sixth floor. However, in order to enter, one must first reach the Human Immortal stage,” the Flame Fantasy Bird said.

“Come, let’s go check it out.” Chen Feng led the way. He first moved towards the teleportation array. In his opinion, if he could enter the sixth floor, it would mean that the Yao Kings were lying. If so, there would be no reason for him to continue to move together with them.

However, what happened next revealed that the Yao Kings were not lying. He had only just landed on the teleportation array when a voice rang out beside his ear. “Level 9 of the Concealed stage. Cultivation level insufficient. Only Human Immortals may enter.” 

Next, a formidable force acted upon Chen Feng’s body to push him out from the teleportation array.

“Tower, what do you think?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“If I take action, you will be able to enter the sixth floor. However, that is up to you,” Tower said with a snicker.

“Forget it. Let’s leave this place first. As it is, my cultivation base is still insufficient. The sixth floor could be filled with Yao Kings. If that happens, I can only depend on you. Let’s wait until I am stronger before coming back.” Chen Feng shook his head.

The Flame Fantasy Bird and the others watched as Chen Feng entered the teleportation array only to be pushed out. They had not said a word through it all. They knew that Chen Feng would not be able to enter.

“Tower, what do you think of this portal? Can we leave using this?” asked Chen Feng, who looked up at the portal in the sky. He was feeling puzzled. He did not feel any pressure from it.

“He he, this is an interesting portal. It is only stopping creatures within this space from leaving. Those who came in from the outside world may leave whenever,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“In other words, by following others, these Yao Kings may leave this place as well?”

“You could say that. However, not all the cultivators who entered possess magic treasures capable of keeping these Yao Kings!”

“So, that’s how it is. Still, I am worried that these Yao Kings will raise a ruckus after entering the Longevity Tower.”

“Ke ke ke! I would really like it if they do!”

“If you think so, then it becomes easier.” 

Chen Feng nodded and said, “Fellow seniors, I can bring you fellows out now.” 

“Really?” All seven Yao Kings cried out in shock.

“Before we leave though, I still have one thing to do. Back then, I had entered this place together with a friend. However, we were separated along the way. I hope that you fellows can help me find him.” After saying that, Chen Feng mobilized his soul power and Jian Xiaotian’s image appeared in the air.

“This is easy. As long as he is still alive, we will be able to quickly find and bring him over.” The Flame Fantasy Bird nodded. Next, the seven Yao Kings dispersed, disappearing from sight in a flash.

Ha ha, these Yao Kings sure are relaxed about this. Are they not afraid that I might use this chance to just leave? Chen Feng smiled.

After less than half a day’s time, the Flame Fantasy Bird returned. On his back was a delighted Jian Xiaotian.

“So fast?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“Brother Chen! Ha ha ha! Finally, we get to meet up again!” Jian Xiaotian laughed loudly as he moved forward to hug Chen Feng.

“Brother Jian, your cultivation base?” Chen Feng looked at Jian Xiaotian with widened eyes. At that moment, Jian Xiaotian was already at level 5 of the Sky Human stage. This rate of cultivation shocked Chen Feng thoroughly.

“I had a minor fortuitous encounter. We’ll discuss that later. Let’s talk about our current situation first. Back then, I was in the process of cultivating myself when a Yao King suddenly descended from the sky. Man, that shocked me to the point of getting soaked with cold sweat,” Jian Xiaotian said, laughing.

“Let’s leave this place first. This portal is a passageway leading to the outside world,” Chen Feng said, pointing at the portal above.

Note: Ye Ziming first appeared in Chapter 61, where he became friends with Chen Feng. He went off on his own in Chapter 167.

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