Chapter 53: Capturing and Killing Elder Liang


“High elder!” The Sun Family Patriarch was the first to rush forward.

“Hurry! Give chase! Chen Feng had run off in that direction!” Seeing their arrival, light flashed across the Sun Family high elder’s eyes.

Sou! Sou! Sou! 

Hearing his words, Mo Yuan and several others quickly rushed in the direction that the Sun Family high elder had pointed out. Naturally, that direction took them deep into the forest and was not the real route that Chen Feng had taken in the end. 

“The meridians within your body are all broken and your primary energy have all dissipated. It will be very difficult for you to recover from this,” said Tie Jianfeng after checking his condition.

“Iron Sword Sect Master, why aren’t you hurrying to catch Chen Feng?” asked the Sun Family Patriarch.

“I have a hunch that Chen Feng may be far gone now. It will be pointless to try and catch up now,” said Tie Jianfeng calmly.

As expected, it did not take long for the others to return. All of them revealed looks of disappointment on their faces. Clearly, they had failed to find Chen Feng.

After entering Black Origin City, Chen Feng did not stop. Like the wind, he rushed towards Iron Sword Sect, causing the people on the street to turn their heads.

“Eh? Isn’t that Chen Feng? Why did he enter Black Origin City?” Someone recognized him.

“That is right, that is Chen Feng! Didn’t the City Lord and the others go out to capture him? How did he end up coming back all alone?”

“Not good! Hurry, send men out to notify the City Lord and the others! Chen Feng has cut a bloody path back!”

“This is bad! All the Concealed stage cultivators of our city is not here! There are probably none who can fight against Chen Feng!”

“Not necessarily. Isn’t Chen Feng only at the ninth layer? Let’s gather some men. We can definitely kill him!”

As the others were still discussing, Chen Feng had already taken big strides towards Iron Sword Sect.


With a strike of his palm, Chen Feng shattered the eight-metre tall doors of the Iron Sword Sect’s gate. Numerous pieces of gravel flew about and dust rose up. At the same time, a booming sound rang out. It was similar to the sound of thunder. That instantly threw all of Iron Sword Sect into a state of alert.

“Who is it?”

“Who is causing a ruckus in our Iron Sword Sect?!”

Quickly, around 10 Iron Sword Sect disciples arrived at the scene.

“Chen Feng! It is Chen Feng!”

When the disciples saw Chen Feng, they swiftly cried out in shock. Some of them even pulled out their weapons and assumed defensive stances.

Chen Feng ignored them. Instead, he moved into the inner area of the sect. While he appeared to be simply walking, every step he took covered a distance of tens of metres. By the time the disciples recollected themselves, Chen Feng had disappeared from their sight.

“What is Chen Feng planning on doing?”

“Forget it! There is no need for us to interfere. Now, Chen Feng’s strength has improved greatly. He is simply not someone that guys like us can fight against.”

“That is right! Besides, there are no grudges between us and Chen Feng!”

Naturally, there were many disciples within Iron Sword Sect. Some believed themselves to be geniuses while some could not tolerate Chen Feng’s arrogant behaviour. Thus, some of them stepped forward, wanting to stop him.

“Chen Feng! I want you to hold it right there!”

A twenty something-year-old cultivator wielding a broad iron sword came to stand before Chen Feng. He was a cultivator at the primary energy takes form (7th) layer and was something of a first-rate figure within Iron Sword Sect. Additionally, he was also from the same family as the Sect Master. Thus, it was only natural for him to possess a certain level of arrogance. Despite Chen Feng’s large increase in cultivation base, these people only viewed him as an upstart.

Chen Feng, seeing someone who was merely at the primary energy takes form (7th) layer trying to block his path, felt no desire to even bother with him. He made a simple wave of his hand and the broad iron sword that was placed before him transformed into pieces while the cultivator himself was blasted over 20 metres behind. After falling onto the ground, he fainted.

Minor characters like you dare you step forward? You really do not know the heights of Heaven and the depths of the Earth. Chen Feng thought to himself with a sneer. Given Chen Feng’s present level of cultivation, facing a cultivator below the Concealed stage was practically an act of bullying. If a famed figure were to do something like this, he or she would become a laughing stock.

“Hold it!”

Two more figures rushed out, one from the right and one from the left. They both charged at Chen Feng, their two black iron swords cleaved through the air as they swung towards Chen Feng. Astral energy swelled out from the two swords and it appeared as though they might jump out from the swords.

Those two were actually elders from Iron Sword Sect. Both had cultivated up to the external discharge of primary energy (8th) layer. Although they were only imbuing their primary energy onto their swords and not discharging them, the power behind their attacks were formidable. Unquestionably, the sharpness of the swords had been greatly increased. Even if the object before them was a man made of high-quality steel, that man would still be cut into pieces.

In the face of their attacks, however, Chen Feng simply waved his hand once. A burst of astral energy surged out, accompanied by whistling winds. There were traces of redness mixed in within the astral energy. They were none other than the traces of Chen Feng’s blood energy. By melding blood energy with astral energy, the power unleashed could be increase by several folds.

Bang! Bang!

With a simple wave of Chen Feng’s hand, the two elders ended up in the same situation as the disciple. Their swords turned into pieces of scrap iron and the two elders became like footballs, kicked far away. After falling on the ground, their bodies bounced a few times before remaining motionless.

This time, no one else dared to step forward. Even two elders at the external discharge of primary energy (8th) layer had been sent flying with a wave of his hand. The others quickly understood that stepping forward was the equivalent of begging for humiliation.

This is where Elder Liang lives. Hopefully, this old thing has not gone out. Chen Feng thought.

As Chen Feng was about to enter Elder Liang’s residence, a group of young cultivators suddenly stepped out from the courtyard. One of them was the Eldest Brother, Tie Yun. When he saw Chen Feng, his face immediately sank.

“Chen Feng! How did you return?”

“Oh, Eldest Brother! How have you been?” asked Chen Feng coolly.

“You traitor! You secretly killed a sect elder and now, you dare step back in? Fellow brothers, let’s attack together to capture this traitor!” As Tie Yun shouted, his finger shot out to point at Chen Feng. An air-piercing sound rang out as a burst of tangible, potent energy shot towards Chen Feng’s forehead.

Chen Feng did not dodge the attack. Instead, he allowed the beam of potent energy to reach him. With a popping sound, the potent energy dissipated and he remained unharmed.

“It has only been a few days. You actually cultivated up to the external discharge of primary energy (8th) layer,” said Chen Feng with a faint smile.

“Everyone, attack together! Capture this traitor! When the Sect Master returns, all of us will be rewarded!”

Seeing that his attack failed to effect Chen Feng in any way, Tie Yun’s face swiftly sank even further. However, a malicious look rapidly flashed across his face and he opened his mouth to once again incite the others to besiege Chen Feng.

“I am not in the mood to deal with you all.” Both of Chen Feng’s palms pushed forward. Primary energy rolled forth vigorously and it was as though a hurricane had suddenly taken form on flat ground. Tie Yun was the first to be struck by the palms. Booming sounds erupted from within every bone in his body and his figure slammed heavily into the group of cultivators behind him. At the same time, the Iron Sword Sect disciples who moved to surround Chen Feng were struck by the resulting shockwave from Chen Feng’s move and they all fell tumbling on the ground.

After doing that, Chen Feng did not stop. Instead, he continued forward until he was before the gate of the courtyard. With a palm strike, the courtyard gate and even the surrounding walls, up to a distance of 10 metres, were destroyed. They were all shattered to pieces.

“Elder Liang, come on out. Enough hiding!” said Chen Feng with a loud tone.

Strangely though, there was none of Elder Liang’s aura within the courtyard. After carefully sensing his surroundings, Chen Feng used primary energy to form a pair of wings on his back and soared to the sky, flying deeper into Iron Sword Sect’s territory.

As expected, Elder Liang was up in the sky, hundreds of metres in front of him. He was quickly flying away. Since Elder Liang had also cultivated up to the external discharge of primary energy (8th) layer, condensing a pair of wings to fly through the sky was a very simple matter for him

This old fellow is actually flying deeper into Iron Sword Sect’s territory. All the sects within Black Origin City have high elders who hide themselves up and immerse themselves in cultivation. Could the high elder of Iron Sword Sect have chosen to not come out to capture me? Is he defending Iron Sword Sect instead?

Having thought of that, Chen Feng decided not to drag it out anymore. He mobilized his divine sense and a small and exquisite flying sword transformed into a stream of light as it shot towards the distant Elder Liang.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The flying sword flew with lightning-like speed, quickly catching up to the fleeing Elder Liang. Then, it circled around, sending burst after burst of potent energy into Elder Liang’s body.


The pair of wings on Elder Liang’s back disappeared and his figure became like a broken kite. He smashed head first onto the ground.

“Elder Liang, why are you in such a hurry to escape? I still have some questions for you.” Chen Feng, having arrived before Elder Liang, said with a smile.

“How could you have returned? Why didn’t Sect Master and the others capture you?” Elder Liang lay on the ground, incapable of moving anymore. There was a hint of terror on his face as he looked at Chen Feng.

“I am here to ask you, back then, did you and Elder Wang, for the sake of a few pieces of Imperial Blood Grass, join hands to kill Elder He?” asked Chen Feng softly.

“Since you already know, why bother asking?” Elder Liang replied softly.

“If that is the case, there really is nothing else to say.” After saying that, Chen Feng made his move, his palm about to swing down.

“Wait!” Elder Liang abruptly cried out.

“What is it? Are you afraid of death?” Chen Feng sneered.

“Kid! You dare act wantonly here? Did you really think there are no one left in Iron Sword Sect?!” Suddenly, a thunderous voice rang out, seemingly from right beside Chen Feng’s ears, shocking him.

At the same time, a colourful net descended from the sky. It was a Magic artefact. Its colours flashed about as waves of soft, pliable, potent energy enveloped Chen Feng from every direction.

There really is a Concealed stage expert left behind in the sect. Chen Feng thought to himself. He mobilized his divine sense and his flying sword spun continuously, unleashing a sharp and forceful sword energy blast to knocked the net on top away.

However, after a burst of light, the net remained undamaged. Instead, Chen Feng’s flying sword became tightly shackled by the lines coming out from the net.

“Humph! My Seven-coloured Net is a grade 2 Magic artefact. How can your broken flying sword break through it?” A white-bearded old man appeared before Chen Feng.

By then, the net had reached the top of Chen Feng’s head. Immediately, he could feel countless waves of disabling power wrapping over his body. At the same time, wave after wave of aching sensations flowed through his muscles into his body.

“Grade 2 Magic artefact, eh? Since my flying sword won’t work, how about you test this treasure of mine?” After saying that, Chen Feng retrieved the Overwhelming Astral Sword. When he pulled it out from its sheath, sword light shone outwards and the Seven-coloured Net was instantly broken apart. Remnant scraps of the net were scattered across the sky. Just a moment ago, it had been a Magic artefact. At that very moment, however, it was nothing more than scraps.  

The white-bearded old man’s face sank greatly as blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth. Without saying anything, he jumped onto a flying sword to fly up into the sky as he fled far away.

As for Chen Feng, he did not give chase. Instead, he went to rummage through Elder Liang’s body and collected the two Imperial Blood Grass that he kept with him. Next, he gritted his teeth and sent a stream of potent energy into Elder Liang’s glabella, killing him.

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