Chapter 529: Cultivation


“Maybe they managed to tempt Flaming Eagle?”

“Fool, Flaming Eagle is a half-step Yao King. Could it be so easy to tempt him?”

“Then what? Sigh, Flamey, just what is it? Hurry up and spit it out,” the Brutal Force Ape said jumpily.

“Flaming Eagle has a very brutal nature,” the Flame Fantasy Bird suddenly said.

“Nonsense! How many of us yao beasts are not brutal in nature?” the Brutal Force Ape shouted again.

“Shut your mouth! Let me finish!” The Flame Fantasy Bird glared at the Brutal Force Ape before continuing, “Normally, Flaming Eagle would have simply shredded those humans. Today, however, he chose to bring them over to this spirit stone mine. This is our territory, the territory of seven Yao Kings. Additionally, when Nine Tails was attacking earlier, Flaming Eagle was actually protecting those humans. What does that mean?”

“Flaming Eagle would not have done something like this if he thinks he could not gain anything from it.”

“He must have an objective for doing so.”

“Yes, my thoughts exactly.” The Flame Fantasy Bird nodded. “Due to this spirit stone mine, the yao beasts staying around it have benefitted considerably. Let’s just look at Flaming Eagle. He is a half-step Yao King. Other than the seven of us, he could already be considered a top existence around here. Additionally, according to my investigations, Flaming Eagle’s abilities are highly profound. He should have risen to the Yao King stage long ago. Instead, he had been suppressing his cultivation base.”

“Yes. I am also aware of that. I don’t even know what Flaming Eagle is thinking by suppressing his cultivation base. We could have eight Yao Kings now.”

“He he! We are all Yao Kings here. The human equivalent would be the Human Immortals. Given how long we have been cultivating, I believe all of us could already grasp a small portion of the Heavenly Plot, no?” the Flame Fantasy Bird said with a chuckle.

“Flamey, you give us too much credit. We do not possess that kind of ability. We could only get some vague feelings on occasions,” the Nine-tailed Fox said.

“He he! I will not hide this from you all. I had recently spent a good amount of effort to divine that our chance has come,” the Flame Fantasy Bird said. 

“Chance? You mean we can leave this place?”

“Right! Right! I also have this vague feeling. However, I was unable to divine it. Flamey, can we really leave this place?” 

“According to my divination, that should be the case. I had to sacrifice 100 years of my cultivation for this divination. It would be a huge loss if it turns out to be a mistake. Besides, according to my divination, this chance will come sometime around now,” the Flame Fantasy Bird said.

“You mean this chance lies with those humans earlier? Is that possible?” the Blue-eyed Wild Lion asked.

“Naturally, it is not with those humans. However, they must be connected to it. Think about it, why else would Flaming Eagle help those humans? The way I see it, Flaming Eagle must have sensed something.”

“Does Flaming Eagle possess this level of ability?”

“Hey, I have already mentioned this earlier. The reason Flaming Eagle’s combat power is weaker than ours’ is because he is suppressing his cultivation base. Additionally, his abilities are quite profound.”

“More importantly, how did Flaming Eagle enter the mine earlier?”

“Someone else must have pulled him in. Right. Could it be the human who entered the mine earlier?” 

“Most likely. To be capable of breaking through the layers of seals covering this mine, this human is not to be underestimated. It is not something that we can do, not even when working together.”

“That is true. Human Immortals cannot enter this pocket dimension while the seals are not existences that Human Immortals can break.”

“That is why, our chance has come. This chance lies with the human within the mine.” 

“Going out is indeed a tempting matter. However, this spirit stone mine will be taken away by others. Isn’t that too regrettable?”

“What is regrettable about it? If we keep staying here, even with the existence of this spirit stone mine, advancing any further in terms of cultivation will be very difficult. As long as we can leave this place and get to the outside world, that is the true Heaven and Earth. When our cultivation bases are high enough, we can even leave this cultivation planet and journey across the stars. Moreover, there are seals guarding this spirit stone mine. There is nothing we can do about it.”

“Yes, Flamey’s words are correct. The spirit stones in this spirit stone mine are indeed rich with spiritual energy. However, for us, the outside world is more important. Additionally, the spiritual energy of Sacred crystals that we have stored up throughout the years should already be enough for us.”

“Well then, what do we do now? Do we simply wait here?”

“Of course. This is our chance to leave. However, we should put some distance. Who knows what might happen next?”

Chen Feng was unaware of what was happening outside. He was still deeply immersed in his cultivation process. Streams of longevity-type spiritual energy circulated across his body to continuously temper his fleshly body. At the same time, Chen Feng was also practicing the Acupoint Aegis Art while testing his ability to fuse his sea of wisdom.

Thankfully, Chen Feng was capable of the one multitasking mind, otherwise the rate at which he was cultivating himself would plummet.

On Tower’s end, as more and more streams of spiritual energy were absorbed, the broken 100,000 magic arrays that were on the second floor of the Longevity Tower began repairing themselves. Once some of the magic arrays were completely repaired, the rate at which the Longevity Tower could absorb the surrounding spiritual energy would increase.

“Sigh! If these 100,000 magic arrays are completely repaired, only one breath’s worth of time will be needed to completely devour this whole spirit stone mine. What a bother!” Tower said in dissatisfaction.

Even so, Tower continued to exhaust a great deal of the spiritual energy to repair the magic arrays. Just repairing a portion of the magic arrays would give him more confidence in dealing with dangerous situations in the future. At any rate, the 100,000 magic arrays on the second floor could also be considered a core part of the Longevity Tower. If he could fully repair all 100,000 magic arrays, the Longevity Tower would be capable of unleashing an overwhelming level of power. He would be able to devour Heaven and Earth to repair the damaged parts of the Longevity Tower.


A silent ripple erupted from Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. He had failed to fuse his sea of wisdom again. This time, however, he was in a much better state than earlier. He was not bleeding from his mouth or nose. All he felt was a slight headache.

There are nine sea of wisdom layers. At present, I am incapable of fusing even two sea of wisdom layers. Looks like this will take some time. Chen Feng shook his head.

As Chen Feng was shaking his head, a ripple suddenly enveloped Chen Feng’s body. Chen Feng’s eyes shone as he quickly understood what was happening.

“Kid, I have accelerated time for you. At present, one day’s worth of cultivation will be the equivalent of one year’s worth of cultivation. Heh! If it weren’t for the fact that there are so many spirit stones to burn, I would have been unwilling to utilize this secret technique.” Tower’s voice rang out from beside Chen Feng’s ear.

“You should restore your powers first.” Chen Feng shook his head. Although his cultivation base was important, it was more important for the Longevity Tower to recover its powers. At any rate, Chen Feng could only increase his cultivation base step by step. At present, nearly all of the Northern Plains were his enemy. Without the protection of the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng believed it would be very difficult for him to reach the Central Plains. Additionally, Chen Feng also did not believe that Nine Firmaments Palace would just give up after he reached the Central Plains. He would likely continue to be hunted down for quite a while even after reaching the Central Plains. Rather, it would probably continue until after Chen Feng was strong enough to resist the whole Nine Firmaments Palace.

“Don’t worry. This spirit stone mine is quite sizable. It is big enough that it will take me some time to digest it all. Besides, using this minor trick will not exhaust too much of my energy,” Tower said with an amused tone.

Next, Chen Feng continued to cultivate himself for an entire year. Naturally, only one day had passed for the outside world. It wasn’t just the outside world, even the areas that were one metre away from Chen Feng had a normal flow of time. When Chen Feng finally stood up, it had only just been one day for Lei Feng and the others.

Although Lei Feng, Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin had a shorter time to cultivate themselves, they had gained considerably. At any rate, the streams of spiritual energy there were thick and had come from Sacred crystals. Thus, the three of them managed to attain a substantial degree of improvement. That was especially true of Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin. They were already close to breaking through to level 7 of the Sky Human stage.

“Tower, what happened? Why did you stop?” Chen Feng asked, feeling puzzled.

“A change has happened to the seals on the spirit stone mine. Looks like it is because I had absorbed too much spiritual energy. I am forced to stop,” Tower said, shaking his head.

“You were able to easily enter. Could those seals trouble you? Besides, you have already absorbed so much spiritual energy, your powers should have risen greatly as well, no?” Chen Feng said, feeling confused.

“It’s not that. It is the Immortal Tower. Heh! Because I am currently not strong enough, I ended up getting suppressed by this little tower. I am the ancestor of towers, you know?” Tower said, displeasure in his tone. “Still, I have already absorbed 80 % of this spirit stone mine. That’s good enough.”

Chen Feng nodded. He could already see a mountain-like pile of Sacred crystals placed in a corner of the first floor. Those were the spirit stones that Human Immortals use for their cultivation. That many Sacred crystals was enough for Chen Feng’s cultivation efforts.

“What do we do now?”

“What else can we do? Naturally, we’ll be heading out.”

After Tower said that, an incomparably profound power enveloped him. Next, the entire Longevity Tower transformed into a stream of light before entering Chen Feng’s body. Then, the power enveloped Chen Feng to lift him out from the mine.

Hoh! Is this the power of an Immortal artefact? Truly, an extraordinary aura, Chen Feng thought.

When Chen Feng was outside the spirit stone mine, the seven Yao Kings instantly rushed forward to appear beside Chen Feng, shocking him.

Seven Yao Kings! This is bad. Tower, hurry up and finish them off! Chen Feng screamed inwardly.

“No hurry. These little yaos are not harbouring malicious intentions,” Tower was quick to reply.

“He he! Little brother, what is your name?” All seven Yao Kings had assumed human forms while retracting their auras. Seeing that, Chen Feng felt less tense. These were seven Yao Kings after all. They were the equivalent of seven Human Immortals, at least. For seven of them to suddenly appear before him, this was quite the impactful appearance.

“Err, my name is Chen Feng. What do you fellows want?” Chen Feng curiously asked.

“Ha ha! It is nothing. We can see that little brother here has an extraordinary cultivation base. You are capable of easily entering and leaving the spirit stone mine. Thus, we want to befriend you.” The Flame Fantasy Bird did his best to speak with a gentle tone, wanting to leave a good impression on Chen Feng.

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