Chapter 528: The Seven Yao Kings


“This, this… what is going on here?” The Flaming Eagle became so worked up, he was left speechless. However, the fire rampaging his body had disappeared. It was something of a pleasant surprise.

“You are currently inside my magic treasure. If you want to leave this place, you will need the power of my magic treasure. Enough, let’s not talk about redundant stuff. Just stay calm and remain in here.” After saying that, Chen Feng then ignored the Flaming Eagle. Next, he pointed with his finger and a thick stream of spiritual energy descended from above to quickly inundate him. It was so thick that Chen Feng’s figure disappeared from sight.

In the eyes of Lei Feng and the others, it seemed as though a river of spiritual energy was descending. It did not take long for them to feel as though they were within some wonderland.

“Woah! The spiritual energy here is so much purer than the one we absorbed earlier.”

“Naturally. Earlier, we were absorbing from outside the spirit stone mine. Right now, we are inside. It is only natural for it to be purer and thicker.”

“Enough, let’s not waste time talking. This is a good opportunity. This spiritual energy has such a high level of purity, it has exceeded the spiritual energy of our Extreme Celestial Sect by several times. Hurry up and cultivate. We might be able to improve further.”

Seeing Chen Feng cultivate himself, Lei Feng and the other two did not simply stand by and do nothing. Naturally, they will not be missing out on such a good opportunity. Even the Flaming Eagle had recovered from his state of shock. After carefully sensing the spiritual energy for a moment, he too, began cultivating. He did not transform back to his human form. Instead, he used his original body to absorb the surrounding streams of spiritual energy. Winds blew about as the Flaming Eagle absorbed the streams of spiritual energy. Every intake would form a vortex and every exhalation would cause clouds to roil about.

The amount of spiritual energy that the Flaming Eagle was absorbing far exceeded the combined amount of spiritual energy absorbed by Lei Feng, Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin.

Although Chen Feng was also absorbing the streams of spiritual energy around him, the amount he absorbed was very little. It was not even as high as the amount absorbed by Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin. At that moment, Chen Feng was wholeheartedly attempting to fuse his sea of wisdom. Only after fusing his nine sea of wisdom layers could he reach the perfect sea of wisdom realm and rise up to the Sky Human stage.

Chen Feng had been yearning to reach the Sky Human stage for the longest time.


Chen Feng grunted and blood trickled out from both his mouth and nose. His sea of wisdom had fallen into a state of disarray and his mind buzzed. Streams of soul power surged about continuously, making it so unbearable for Chen Feng he felt the desire to howl loudly.

“He he! How do you feel?” Tower snickered.

“Why is it so difficult to fuse the sea of wisdom?” It took Chen Feng quite some time to suppress the chaos within his sea of wisdom, albeit barely.

“You thought it would be easy, didn’t you? Heh! Kid, take your time and cultivate!” Tower said smugly, seemingly happy to see Chen Feng’s deflated emotion.

Only then did Chen Feng realize that he had underestimated the matter. He had assumed that he was already very close to reaching the Sky Human stage. Unexpectedly, reaching the perfect sea of wisdom realm would be so difficult. He had only just started, but before he could even complete his first step, he had slammed against a wall. Even so, Chen Feng was not dejected. Shaking his head, he collected himself and resumed his cultivation efforts. This time, he did not try to forcibly fuse the many layers of his sea of wisdom. Instead, he focused on cultivating the opened insight acupoints.

For the Concealed stage, Chen Feng had opened a total of 45 insight acupoints. Some of them were safeguarded by magic treasures and even the weakest amongst those magic treasures was a Prized artefact. As for the strongest, that would be the Blood Mustering Bead, a Dao artefact. There was also the Longevity Tower, but it was Chen Feng’s lifebound magic treasure. Additionally, it was also a special existence. Thus, it was not counted.

Although the magic treasures gave Chen Feng a great deal of power, he also knew that there were hidden shortcomings there. Additionally, if those shortcomings were to surface, Chen Feng would be incapable of handling them. The reason those shortcomings existed was because Chen Feng had yet to fully refine those magic treasures. Some of them could only be utilized thanks to the suppressive effect of the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng knew. Should he fail to suppress the magic treasures, an eruption of power from them would blow him up, destroying his soul in the process.

Thus, Chen Feng was in no hurry to fuse his sea of wisdom. Rather, he wanted to first stabilize the situation with the magic treasures within his insight acupoints.

“Looks like some Heavenly Tribulation powers are still needed. This kid’s fleshly body is still not strong enough.” Tower shook his head as his figure sat on a spiritual tree. Reaching out with his hand, he plucked a spiritual fruit. However, he did not munch on the fruit and instead tossed it aside.

“Sigh! When will I be able to recover? I can’t even eat right now. How depressing!” After saying that, Tower performed several hand seals and the Longevity Tower shook violently. Next, the rate at which it was absorbing spiritual energy rose.


As Tower was feeling depressed, a handsome, lean-looking, middle-aged man with a straight stature suddenly appeared before Tower. Seeing the middle-aged man shocked Tower. “Why did you suddenly appear? Don’t you know that appearing like that can shock people to death?”

“Heh! Can you be considered human now?” Boundless chuckled.

“Humph, which part of me doesn’t look like a human?” Tower replied with a scoff.

Boundless responded with a smile. With a wave of his hand, a fruit formed with the power of water flew out from the Domain Tree into his hand. With a few munches, he finished eating the fruit. “I didn’t think that this kid would be so lucky. He could actually come across a Domain Tree.” 

“How about it? Are you surprised? This kid’s cultivation talent is nothing great and all he has left is hard work. However, his luck is quite good. By the way, you didn’t just appear to chat, did you?” Tower said, staring at Boundless.

“Of course not. It is just that, one of you have a slow rate of cultivation while there is no telling just how long the other one will take to recover. I am feeling a little anxious just looking, so I decided to come out and help you two,” Boundless said, extending his wide and powerful palm. With a grasp, space shook slightly and Tower sensed that Boundless was establishing a link with a wondrous space. Next, tribulation water, tribulation fire, tribulation lightning, tribulation earth, tribulation wind, blue-coloured power, gold-coloured power, black-coloured power, purple-coloured power and various Heavenly Tribulation powers appeared within his palm. All of them were compressed into a sphere, not a single one capable of escaping. Sensing the Heavenly Tribulation powers within the sphere, Tower’s eyes immediately lit up. “Tsk, tsk! Looks like you still care about your son, eh?”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Boundless waved his hand and the Heavenly Tribulation powers split up to land on the floor. Swiftly, they formed a lightning pool, fire pool, water pool and various other places that Chen Feng could utilize to cultivate himself.

“All right. With these tribulation powers, I believe that this little fellow’s rate of cultivation will be able to rise higher,” Boundless said smilingly.

“Are you not worried that this kid will not be able to take it?”

“Ha ha! If he is incapable of enduring even this kind of training, he will be unworthy of having the Longevity Tower, unworthy of being my son.” As he spoke, a highly haughty and domineering aura radiated out from him.

“Hey, if it weren’t for that war, he would not have lost his spiritual root. His rate of cultivation would have been incredibly high. With the spiritual root intact, who knows just how far along his cultivation base could have risen by now?” Tower said with a chuckle.

“This is his fate.”

“All right, all right, let’s not talk about pointless stuff. If you have the ability, why don’t you go search for some world essence fragments? If this kid can form a Chaos Constitution on his own by using the world essence fragments, his future would be immeasurably bright.”

“Form a Chaos Constitution on his own? You sure can dream. Let’s put aside the issue of me, a mere impression, not having this ability. Even if I can find some world essence fragments, do you think that it is possible? Even if you are able to return to your peak, do you have the confidence in making that happen?” Boundless ridiculed Tower.

“Others cannot, but this kid might be able to. Do you not believe in your own son?” Although Tower was talking loudly, it was clear that he was not feeling confident as well.

“Enough, I won’t be entertaining you anymore. Unexpectedly, after getting beaten up, even someone like you could think of something unrealistic.” Boundless waved Tower off and his figure disappeared into thin air.

“Humph, you have the gall to say that about me? I’ll nurture a Chaos Constitution for you to see!” Tower said with a dissatisfied tone.

Naturally, Chen Feng was in the dark about the conversation between Tower and Boundless. Additionally, he was presently deeply immersed within his cultivation process. He started with his Heavenly Origin acupoint. At that moment, the magic treasure safeguarding his Heavenly Origin acupoint was the Demon Sealing Sword, a grade 6 Sacred artefact. He knew that this was not something that he could fully refine any time soon. Even after rising up to the Sky Human stage, he would still be incapable of unleashing its full power, not without borrowing the Longevity Tower’s power.

“Huu!” A long stream of air was released from Chen Feng’s mouth. It contained some impurities that Chen Feng had forced out from his body.

“It will take a long time to fully master this Demon Sealing Sword on my own,” Chen Feng said, sighing.

Chen Feng and the others calmly cultivated themselves inside the Longevity Tower while the Longevity Tower absorbed the spiritual energy of the spirit stone mine around it. Additionally, the rate at which it was absorbing the spiritual energy kept climbing. 

Outside the mine, seven Yao Kings hovered in the air, their yao energies soaring high into the sky.

They were the Nine-tailed Fox, the Nocturnal Demonhorn Beast, the Vajra Hegemon Bear, the Blue-eyed Wild Lion, the Purplebolt Marten, the Flame Fantasy Bird and the Brutal Force Ape.

The seven Yao Kings regarded the spirit stone mine below while communicating with one another. Before this, the seven of them had already attacked the seals covering the spirit stone mine. In the end, however, their attempts were all futile.

“Fellows, what do you think?” the Nine-tailed Fox was the first to speak up. “To be able to snatch the Flaming Eagle away from my grasp and enter the spirit stone mine, this ability far exceeds ours.”

“I don’t think that is necessarily the case. Maybe the other party simply knows how to get past the seals.” The Brutal Force Ape shook his head.

“This is somewhat peculiar. I believe that the cultivators who came in from the outside world should be incapable of this feat.”

“Yes. Cultivators at the Sky Human stage are simply incapable of coming this far.”

“Hey, hey. Do not forget that Flaming Eagle was the one who brought those fellows here.”

“Flaming Eagle is helping others.”

“Hear me out, fellows. The way I see it, this might not be a bad thing.” The Flame Fantasy Bird finally spoke up.

“Not a bad thing, you say? The spiritual energy coming out from the mine is rapidly decreasing. The way I see it, we can forget about cultivating in the future.”

“Enough, stop arguing. Let’s hear what Flame Fantasy Bird has to say first.”

The other Yao Kings stopped talking. This Flame Fantasy Bird possessed quite the ability and was the smartest amongst them all.

“Just think about it. Firstly, why would Flaming Eagle help those humans?” the Flame Fantasy Bird said in a composed manner.

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