Chapter 527: Entering the Spirit Stone Mine


Chen Feng reached out with his hand to grasp one of the spiritual energy streams. Sensing the quality of the spiritual energy, Chen Feng exclaimed, “This is of an even higher grade than Prized crystals. Could it be Sacred crystals?”

“That is right. There are Sacred crystals below this spirit stone mine. If not for that, no matter how big this spirit stone mine may be, it could not benefit all the creatures within such a large radius,” the Flaming Eagle said smugly.

“Sacred crystals. That is likely the highest grade of spirit stone available within our Eternal World. Any higher and it’ll be Immortal crystals,” Lei Feng said, bringing out a spatial-type magic treasure to absorb as much of the spiritual energy as he could. By utilizing this type of spiritual energy for his cultivation, he could shorten the time needed for him to reach the Human Immortal stage.

Likewise, Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin were not just standing by doing nothing. Mu Qingfeng brought out a purple-gold bottle while Zhang Xuanjin brought out a circular bracelet. They followed Lei Feng and furiously absorbed the spiritual energy within the air.

Soon, three hurricanes appeared above the three of them. However, compared to the streams of spiritual energy gushing out from the spirit stone mine, those three hurricanes could not even be counted as a strand of hair.

Amongst the four, Chen Feng was the only one who did not do anything. He was quickly chatting with Tower. Besides, if Chen Feng were to take action, it would not be something as simple as that. He was planning to collect the entire spirit stone mine.

“Tower, is this a Sacred crystal mine?”

“Yes, it is a Sacred crystal mine!” There was excitement in Tower’s voice as well.

“If you devour this spirit stone mine, will you be able to recover to the Dao artefact tier?” 

“That will be difficult. However, if you add another Immortal artefact in, even a broken Immortal artefact, it will be possible.”

“How do you plan on taking action?”

“Same old method, I’ll just devour them directly. However, I will leave some for you. At any rate, you really need them right now.”

“All right, you have seen the spirit stone mine. While the Yao Kings are still in the dark, we should hurry up and leave,” the Flaming Eagle suddenly said.

“What’s the hurry? Let us collect a bit more. How can we miss out on such a good opportunity?” Zhang Xuanjin said without turning his head.

After one joss stick’s worth of time, the Flaming Eagle finally grew impatient. The amount of spiritual energy that these humans were collecting was not particularly high. Thus, it was unlikely that the surrounding Yao Kings would be alarmed. However, what if the unexpected happened? What if they were alarmed? Even if he could escape in the end, it would require him making some sacrifices. At that moment, the Flaming Eagle began regretting his decision to find these fellows.

If my intuition is wrong, I will be suffering from a huge loss. However, if it is correct, as long as I can obtain freedom, everything will be worth it! the Flaming Eagle thought.

“All right, it’s about time to leave.” The Flaming Eagle began fidgeting, getting ready to leave.

“Wait a little longer. Compared to this colossal spirit stone mine, we are like ants. How can the Yao Kings notice us?”

“Yes. There are so many spiritual herbs growing around this spirit stone mine. Earlier, I saw several spiritual herbs that are over 10,000 years old. It will not be too late to leave after I have collected a few of them.”

“A 10,000-year-old spiritual herb! I have never seen one before.”

Later on, Lei Feng, Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin, who were feeling excited, stopped collecting the spiritual energy there. Instead, they flew out of the Flaming Eagle’s back, moving towards the spiritual herbs around the spirit stone mine. As the place was the closest to the spirit stone mine, the spiritual herbs growing there were naturally also the best.

“Sigh! You guys are practically committing suicide here. I won’t care about you fellows later.” The Flaming Eagle shook his head. However, seeing Chen Feng remain still, he breathed a sigh of relief. This youngster should be the one who could take him out. Thus, he did not care if the others died.

“Time to take action,” Chen Feng said, jumping down from the Flaming Eagle’s back. Unlike Lei Feng and the others, Chen Feng was simply rushing towards the mouth of the spirit stone mine.

Seeing that, the Flaming Eagle was taken aback. Next, however, its massive body flashed to re-appear before Chen Feng, blocking his way. “There are seals covering this spirit stone mine. Not even Yao Kings can enter it. You should just collect some spiritual herbs and leave.”

In the past, the Flaming Eagle would also make use of its speed to come here. However, it would only collect a few spiritual herbs here. Moreover, he would always feel scared when doing so. His current action of bringing Chen Feng and the others over had exceeded the scope of his usual activities.

For the Flaming Eagle, what Lei Feng and the others were doing, going to pick spiritual herbs, was normal. This action from Chen Feng was simply outrageous.

“Just because Yao Kings cannot enter, what makes you think I cannot?” Chen Feng smiled and his figure flashed, moving past the Flaming Eagle to once again charge towards the mouth of the mine.

“Kid, don’t commit suicide! Hurry up and come back! I still need you to help me leave this damned place.” The Flaming Eagle’s expression sank and he extended a huge talon to grasp Chen Feng. Naturally, he was not trying to attack Chen Feng. He simply wanted to bring Chen Feng back.

“Back off!”

Before the talon he sent out could catch Chen Feng, however, a voice rang out. Like thunder, it exploded within the Flaming Eagle’s sea of wisdom, shocking him to the point of seeing stars. Due to the shock, he ended up with a bout of dizziness and he nearly fell.

“What happened? What was that earlier?” The Flaming Eagle had to labour to steady himself, but he was terrified. The aura emanating from the voice gave him a suffocating feeling.

By then, Chen Feng had arrived before the mouth of the mine. Layer after layer of seals promptly appeared. Seeing the magic arrays left Chen Feng bedazzled and shocked.

“Are these naturally-occurring seals?” Chen Feng exclaimed. No wonder the Flaming Eagle said that the Yao Kings could not enter. It was true. Just one glance at the seals had nearly entranced Chen Feng.

“They are not naturally-occurring. They are man-made.”

“Can you enter?”


To the Flaming Eagle’s surprise, a soft light radiated out from Chen Feng’s body as he dove towards the seals and the seals, capable of stopping Yao Kings from entering, seemingly became non-existent as Chen Feng slowly made his way through them, one at a time. He was steadily going deep into the mine.

“How is this possible? Am I hallucinating right now?” the Flaming Eagle cried out in shock.

The Flaming Eagle knew all too well just what level Chen Feng was at. He also knew just how powerful the seals were. Thus, he was incapable of believing what he was seeing.

Seeing Chen Feng’s figure disappear into the mouth of the spirit stone mine, the Flaming Eagle was unable to contain himself. Gingerly, he too, entered.


A bolt of lightning with the thickness of a water bucket shot out to smash the Flaming Eagle away. Even with the might of his fleshly body, the blast had still nearly knocked him out. The lightning bolt was about the equivalent of the tribulation lightning that yao beasts would have to face when trying to rise to the Yao King stage.

“What is going on here? How could he smoothly enter earlier? Why did I end up facing this problem when trying to enter?” The Flaming Eagle was dumbfounded. However, he was quick to recollect himself. Chen Feng must possess a magic treasure capable of breaking seals.

After entering the spirit stone mine, Tower eagerly flew out. Without saying a word, he began devouring the surrounding spiritual energy. Soon enough, a massive vortex appeared at the centre of the mouth of the spirit stone mine. It did not take long for the spiritual energy to stop gushing out from the spirit stone mine and a pitch-black hole could be seen on the ground. If an observer were to look down from the sky, the black hole would strike fear into the heart of the observer. It was as though the black hole was capable of devouring the observer.

“Eh, the spiritual energy is no longer coming out! What happened?” The Flaming Eagle felt puzzled. He did not understand what was happening. This spirit stone mine had been spraying out spiritual energy for countless years now and had never stopped before. Why would this suddenly happen after a minor human entered?

“No! This will definitely alarm the Yao Kings! We are done for!”

As expected, seven auras rose up from the areas around the spirit stone mine. Every one of the auras could put the Flaming Eagle into a state of fear. In the face of seven auras, the Flaming Eagle’s divine sense was thrown into a state of disarray.

The Flaming Eagle flapped his wings and a gust of wind swirled forward to quickly bring Lei Feng and the other two over. They fell on his back once more.

“You fellows seriously do not understand the meaning of death! We have alarmed the Yao Kings! We’re all going to die!” the Flaming Eagle hastily said.

After saying that, the Flaming Eagle turned, wanting to leave. Now that their actions have alarmed the Yao Kings, not leaving right now would be the equivalent of suicide.

However, before the Flaming Eagle could leave, a ray of red light suddenly descended from the sky to land on the Flaming Eagle’s body. Next, the red light began burning fiercely. Shockingly, the red light was actually raging fire.

The Flaming Eagle was technically a fire-type yao beast. Generally speaking, he would be capable of simply devouring normal fires. At that moment, however, he cried out in pain. A scorched scent rose up from his body as the raging fire burned him.

This is bad! This is the Nine-tailed Fox’s attack. The Flaming Eagle was extremely terrified. He knew that he was already a goner. He was both a fire-type and flying-type yao beast, possessing the highest speed amongst those on the same level as him. At present, however, he was facing a Yao King. That was something on a wholly different level. All things aside, even the raging fire assailing his body was enough to handle him.

“Flaming Eagle, seeing as we are of the same race, we will not kill you this time. However, those humans must die.” A deep voice came over from afar.

After hearing those words, the Flaming Eagle grew conflicted for a moment. After that, however, he sighed and chose to attack Lei Feng and the other two. He could clearly sense that the seven auras had locked him down. Forget his cultivation base of a half-step Yao King. Even if he were already a full-fledged Yao King, escaping would still be impossible.

Just as the Flaming Eagle was about to attack Lei Feng and the others, a formidable suction force abruptly emerged from the spirit stone mine beneath him. The suction force enveloped him and he felt his body going stiff. Next, light flashed before his eyes and he found himself within another place entirely.

“What is this place?” Although he was no longer locked down by the seven Yao Kings’ auras, the Flaming Eagle grew even more terrified. That power earlier had left him utterly powerless to resist. It was simply too powerful.


Chen Feng appeared before the Flaming Eagle. With a grasping motion from him, the raging fire assailing the Flaming Eagle’s body was pulled away. It swirled about upon Chen Feng’s palm before disappearing into thin air.

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