Chapter 526: Super Spirit Stone Mine


Looks like we’ll have to hide inside the Longevity Tower this time. We are incapable of handling a Great Yao of this level, Chen Feng thought. Bird-type yao beasts possessed higher combat powers compared to yao beasts of the same cultivation level. Although the Flaming Eagle had yet to attack, the aura that it was emanating alone informed Chen Feng that they were seriously no match for it. Unless of course, if he could unleash the full power of the Twin Swords of Life and Death.

Looks like this Flaming Eagle is proficient in using the power of fire and wind. Fire lends power to wind while wind assists fire. The two power types complement each other. In this aspect alone, it is far superior to the other yao beasts!

For humans, the most important factor in cultivation was cultivation talent. In truth, the same was true for yao beasts. Take for example the legendary divine dragon. It was a member of the yao race. So, too, was the average Gale Wolf. And yet, the difference between the two creatures was simply too monumental. Rather, there was simply no way to compare the two creatures.

However, as Chen Feng regarded the Flaming Eagle, which exuded a fierce and domineering atmosphere, he felt surprised. The Flaming Eagle kept hovering above the four of them, not attacking them at all. Although the power of fire that it was exuding was quite intense, that power of fire was insufficient to barbeque them to death.

“What is going on?”

Lei Feng felt puzzled as well. All of them had prepared themselves for a fight. However, it would appear that something else was about to happen.

“Senior, is there a problem?” Chen Feng collected himself and asked.


The massive Flaming Eagle suddenly disappeared and a middle-aged man, clad in red-coloured armour, appeared before the four of them, shocking them.

One glance was all it took for Chen Feng to determine that this middle-aged man was the human form of the earlier Flaming Eagle. Keen eyes, sharp fingers and the faint but formidable power of fire radiating from his body proved that he was the Flaming Eagle.

“Let’s make a deal.” The Flaming Eagle finally spoke. What he said instantly surprised Chen Feng’s team of four.

“A deal, what deal?” Lei Feng asked, feeling confused.

“You fellows will take me out of this place.” The Flaming Eagle’s words left them even more puzzled.

“Isn’t this place good? It is close to the spirit stone mine and has a thick spiritual energy. Additionally, it looks like you are close to rising to the Yao King stage. If you go to the outside world, it will not be as easy,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“This world is too small. Although the spiritual energy here is thick, the laws here are not suitable for my cultivation efforts. In the early days, my rate of cultivation here was very fast. However, things become different after reaching the later stages. This is especially so after breaking through to the Yao King stage. After I do that, my rate of cultivation will likely become even slower. Thus, I want to leave this place!”

“You haven’t cultivated up to the Yao King stage. How could you know about that?”

“Humph! There is no need for you to ask redundant questions. Now, you fellows only need to know this. There is presently only one path that you fellows can choose.” The Flaming Eagle threatened them.

“Taking you out is not out of the question. However, what will you give in return for that? Surely, you aren’t thinking of having us take you out for nothing?” Chen Feng smiled.

“Naturally, it is not for nothing. The price for that are your lives. If you fellows agree to it, I will not kill the four of you,” the Flaming Eagle said coolly.

Chen Feng and the others exchanged glances. There were wry smiles on their faces. Although this Flaming Eagle was overbearingly unreasonable, his words ring true.

After pondering it for a moment, Chen Feng then said, “I have two questions.”


“Can’t you leave this place on your own?”

“Bullshit! If I can leave on my own, would I get you fellows to do it?”

“Second question, why us? Firstly, our cultivation bases are weak. Secondly, how do you know that you can leave by following us? You should know that we don’t even know if we can leave this place,” Chen Feng asked again.

“You don’t need to know that. If you fellows do not agree to it, I will just go find someone else. Naturally, I will be killing the four of you first,” the Flaming Eagle replied with a snicker.

“We’ll agree. Of course, why won’t we agree?” Chen Feng was quick to say.

“Good! Let’s go right now.” The Flaming Eagle was already feeling restless.

“Go? Go where?”

“Naturally, we’ll be going out. To the outside world. I know that you fellows come from a world known as the Eternal World. That is where I want to go to!”

“That won’t do. It wasn’t easy for us to enter this pocket dimension. We came here to find treasures and opportunities. At present, we have yet to find anything. How can we just leave?”

“Are you not afraid of getting killed by me?”

“We’ll just have to try it. We came here, ready to brave dangers to explore this place. If we die, we can only blame our own misfortune. Having said that, killing us will not be easy!”

Chen Feng and Lei Feng brought out their Sacred artefacts. Although the two of them knew that they were no match for this yao beast, they had this feeling. There must be a reason why this yao beast had come looking for them. The Flaming Eagle would not recklessly attack them.

As expected, seeing the resolve shown by Chen Feng’s team of four, the fire in the Flaming Eagle’s eyes burned for a moment before subsiding.

“Fine! I will follow you fellows first.”

Chen Feng considered it and quickly suggested, “We want to go to the spirit stone mine. How about you bring us there?”

“Hey, you fellows truly do not understand the meaning of death. Disregarding the fact that there are Yao Kings around the spirit stone mine, even the few Great Yaos up ahead are not existences that you fellows can handle,” the Flaming Eagle said with a scornful smile.

“Don’t we have you? Given your cultivation base of a half-step Yao King and your innate ability to fly, can you not get near the spirit stone mine?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

The Flaming Eagle pondered the matter before replying, “Humph! Of course I can approach the spirit stone mine. However, taking you fellows with me is too dangerous. If I end up angering the Yao Kings, I will end up in danger.”

“We just want to go check out the spirit stone mine. After seeing it, we’ll directly leave. We can just be extra careful. That way, the Yao Kings will not be alarmed,” Chen Feng tempted the Flaming Eagle.

“No, the risk is too great. We should change objectives. I know of some places that are filled with spiritual herbs. I can even bring you fellows over to my territory. Let’s not go to the spirit stone mine.” The Flaming Eagle shook his head. 

“No, we must go to the spirit stone mine.” Chen Feng insisted.

After arguing for one joss stick’s worth of time, the Flaming Eagle finally agreed. This development confirmed Chen Feng’s speculation. There was a reason why this Flaming Eagle had come looking for them. However, Chen Feng was unable to figure out what that reason was.

“Get on. I’m sticking my neck out for this. Following me, you fellows must behave yourselves. It will be terrible if the Yao Kings find out,” the Flaming Eagle said, his body transforming once again to that of the massive eagle. This time, however, the Flaming Eagle had retracted all of the flames covering his body. Thus, Chen Feng and the others were able to sit on his broad back without facing any issues.

Next, he created an energy shield, which covered Chen Feng’s team of four to stop their auras from leaking out.

“So fast. This is much faster than the Skysoar Warship.” Sitting on the Flaming Eagle’s back, Chen Feng’s team of four grew astounded. Riding such a high-level yao beast was a first for all four of them. It felt almost unreal. 

“Even if the Sacred-tier Skysoar Warship displays its full power, it will likely be incapable of flying so fast.” Chen Feng was very stunned. Although the Flaming Eagle’s flight speed was very fast, the four of them were unable to sense any winds blasting at them, not in the slightest. It was as though the Flaming Eagle was not actually flying through the sky.

“Sigh! Yao beasts are just innately stronger than humans,” Lei Feng said, sighing.

This Flaming Eagle was just a half-step Yao King while Lei Feng was a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator. However, the speed at which the Flaming Eagle was flying forward was something that Lei Feng could not even dream of. It was something that he may only achieve after breaking through to the Human Immortal stage.

“What a formidable aura! There should be a Great Yao here, right?” Suddenly, Chen Feng sensed a wave of yao energy soaring up into the sky. It contained an undisguised, overbearing arrogance. Comparing the auras, Chen Feng determined that this yao energy was about equal to that of the Flaming Eagle.

“This is the territory of the Scarletfire Wolf. He is also someone close to reaching the Yao King stage,” the Flaming Eagle said calmly.

“Humph, Flaming Eagle! What are you doing in my territory?” A raging voice rang forth from the ground. However, the Flaming Eagle ignored it. Instead, he sped up. Chen Feng and the others could clearly see a massive wolf yao flying up into the sky from the ground above to chase them for a moment. However, the Flaming Eagle was simply too fast. It did not take long for the wolf yao to disappear from their sights.

“The Scarletfire Wolf’s speed is quite decent. However, his speed is far inferior to mine,” the Flaming Eagle said with a smug tone.

Next up, they passed through the territories of three other Great Yaos. Finally, Chen Feng was able to see the spirit stone mine. Although they were still far away from the spirit stone mine, Chen Feng was still flabbergasted at what he saw.

“I didn’t think that there would be so many half-step Yao Kings along the way,” said a shocked Lei Feng. Without the Flaming Eagle, the yao beasts there would have finished them off before they could even reach the spirit stone mine.

“Hey, now you know! It’s still not too late to turn back.” Although they had not encountered any obstructions along the way, thinking about potentially bumping into the Yao Kings later on rocked the Flaming Eagle’s confidence.

“What a big spirit stone mine! Senior Brother Lei, does our Extreme Celestial Sect have such a large spirit stone mine?” Chen Feng said with a shocked voice. Although it was still very far away, Chen Feng could already see just how big the spirit stone mine was. All else aside, just the streams of spiritual energy gushing continuously into the sky were enough to agitate Chen Feng’s blood, causing them to churn.

The spirit stone mine had the shape of a volcano. However, this volcano was not erupting magma out. Instead, it was erupting with thick spiritual energy.

“Forget our sect. Even in all of the Northern Plains, there are likely only a handful of spirit stone mines of such size,” Lei Feng said with a wry smile.

As they were chatting, the Flaming Eagle flew through a great distance, approaching the spirit stone mine. They were thus able to clearly see the super spirit stone mine.

“Sii! Just the diameter of the mouth of this mine is 50 kilometres wide. Judging by the spiritual energy gushing out from the mouth, there is a terrifying amount of spirit stones stored inside.” Lei Feng felt his teeth trembling somewhat as he failed to calm himself down.

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