Chapter 525: Flaming Eagle


“Say, if those two fused together, could they actually become a Yao King?” Chen Feng suddenly asked, a wry smile on his face.

“Probably not.” Lei Feng shook his head.

As they were talking, the two Psycho Boltbeasts attacking the warship stopped their attacks. Next, they formed two dazzling clumps of lightning, which smashed against each other. They were fusing again. However, their rate of fusion this time around was obviously much slower compared to the previous ones.

“Junior Brother Chen, how is it? Can the warship take off?” Mu Qingfeng anxiously asked.

“Soon!” Chen Feng said, forming one hand seal after another. The Prized crystals in the cabin of the ship were rapidly burning and vast amounts of spiritual energy charged up the entire Skysoar Warship.


Finally, the Skysoar Warship shook, a sign that it was going to take off.

“All right! We’ll be taking off soon!” Zhang Xuanjin cried out happily.


Chen Feng slapped his hands together and waves of power flowed out from his hand to disappear into the warship. Next, a rumbling sound rang out from the Skysoar Warship and it slowly rose up.

“Ha ha! We’re finally leaving this damned place! I hope this monstrous yao beast does not come after us.”


Chen Feng had only just finished repairing the Skysoar Warship when an even stronger Psycho Boltbeast roared skywards. Its aura was so formidable that Chen Feng and the others found themselves suffocating.

“Sii! A half-step Yao King!” Lei Feng sucked in a breath of air. Although the Psycho Boltbeasts had failed to transform into a Yao King, a half-step Yao King was still something that he could not handle. Inside this space, his cultivation base was suppressed. Thus, he could not fight against such an existence, not even with a Sacred artefact.

“Hurry up and leave!”

“Let’s go!” 

Chen Feng bellowed and the Skysoar Warship promptly flew 1,000 metres up into the sky. However, before it could fly away, the Psycho Boltbeast, at the half-step Yao King stage, charged up to pursue the warship, its body transforming into a beam of thunderous light. With a punch, it caused the Skysoar Warship to tumble non-stop.

“This is bad. The Skysoar Warship is incapable of withstanding its attack!” Chen Feng was shocked. The punch from the Psycho Boltbeast had left a hole on the ship’s cabin.


Another punch landed and another hole burst open. The power of lightning contained within the punch nearly wounded the four of them.

“To think that we would encounter such a powerful yao beast even before reaching the spirit stone mine. Things are not looking good.” Chen Feng controlled the Skysoar Warship while burning up the spirit stones to replenish its energy. The Skysoar Warship soared up high in an attempt to evade the Psycho Boltbeast’s attacks.

However, Chen Feng had underestimated the Psycho Boltbeast. The Skysoar Warship was subjected to a series of attacks from the Psycho Boltbeast and it continued breaking down. Judging by the way the situation was developing, it would appear that the Psycho Boltbeast will be dismantling the Skysoar Warship entirely.

Seeing no other choice, Chen Feng finally utilized the Longevity Tower’s power. Taking a deep breath, he then sent out streams of power from his palm. Next, the streams of power acted upon the Skysoar Warship.


The Skysoar Warship roared out again and a total of 50,000 spirit stones disappeared in an instant. The resulting streams of spiritual energy were like flowing water and the Skysoar Warship became filled with energy. In just a flash, it had covered a distance of over 50 kilometres, leaving the Psycho Boltbeast far behind. 

Chen Feng did not stop. Instead, he continued to fly the Skysoar Warship through another 1,500 kilometres before finally stopping somewhere halfway up a tranquil-looking mountain.

“We’ve flown so far ahead, the Great Yao should not be catching up to us anymore.” One by one, Chen Feng and the others stepped out from the Skysoar Warship.

Waving his hand, Chen Feng kept the Skysoar Warship back into the Longevity Tower. That this Skysoar Warship could fly this far – after getting subjected to the Psycho Boltbeast’s attacks – was beyond anything Chen Feng could hope for. It could no longer continue flying. 

“Tower, can this Sacred artefact still be restored?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“Of course. It is actually not that badly damaged. We have collected so many Mystic Iron ores this time around. Now is the time to put them to good use. Additionally, once I am done modifying it, it will truly become a warship!” Tower snickered. His body then appeared before the Skysoar Warship; the expression on his face was similar to one who had just found something fun.

“A true warship?” Chen Feng’s heart skipped a beat as he seemingly realized something.

“Hey, hey, don’t ask anything just yet. You’ll know when the time comes.” Tower said, waving his hand. A massive Longevity Furnace appeared within the space where the Skysoar Warship was kept. Next, Mystic Iron ores flew into the Longevity Furnace.

A clump of flames erupted within the Longevity Furnace and the incomparably hard Mystic Iron ores began melting.

Tower’s hands kept flying about and the melted Mystic Iron flew out from the Longevity Furnace. When it fell to the floor, the liquid metal form of the Mystic Iron condensed into the shape of a human.

“Eh? It’s a metal puppet.” One metal puppet after another appeared within the Longevity Tower. Seeing that, Chen Feng exclaimed. He had obtained a manual for crafting puppets, but had yet to practice it. Additionally, even if he was successfully in practicing the manual, it would not be easy for him to so quickly craft out metal puppets.

“I’ll craft some and use them for now. When there is time, I’ll craft some that are better than these,” Tower said, engraving some magic arrays on the metal puppets.

It did not take long for 10 metal puppets to appear there, moving about following Tower’s instructions. Chen Feng watched it all with bulging eyes.

“Now, more spirit stones are needed. Hopefully, the spirit stone mine up ahead can surprise me.” Tower grasped with his hand and several top-grade spirit stones of varying attributes appeared in his grasp. Those spirit stones had been obtained from the big statue on the third floor. They were far more valuable compared to Prized crystals. Even the lowest grade spirit stone amongst them was at the Sacred tier.

“These spirit stones are quite good. A pity, there are too few of them.” Tower shook his head. With a swing, he sent the spirit stones into the Skysoar Warship, where it disappeared.

Tower continued to work on repairing and improving the Skysoar Warship. After watching the process for a while, Chen Feng then retracted his divine sense.

“Now, we are regretting our decision to follow you two. Not only are the two of us of no help, we will only end up dragging you fellows down,” Mu Qingfeng said apologetically.

“We are already here, why talk about these things? Maybe you two have your own fortunes here,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“I wonder when we’ll be able to find the spirit stone mine. There must be even stronger yao beasts up ahead. Junior Brother Chen, didn’t you say there are Yao Kings?” Mu Qingfeng said with a bitter face. Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin were level 6 Sky Human stage cultivators, characters with a certain level of renown in the Northern Plains. However, after entering this pocket dimension, the two of them realized that they were too weak. If it weren’t for Chen Feng, the two of them would have died several times over.

“Yes, there should be Yao Kings up ahead. We’ll just have to exercise caution. Truth be told, it would be for the best if we can ally with other cultivators. A pity, with my identity, I will only end up getting besieged by other cultivators.” Chen Feng shook his head. He was feeling frustrated as well. If he were alone, he would not have worried so much. However, Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin had fought alongside him before. Thus, he had to consider their safety. Truth be told, the best way to deal with this was to keep them inside the Longevity Tower. However, that was somewhat risky. At any rate, they were just fellow sect disciples. They weren’t quite friends through life and death just yet.

“It would be great if we can find some of our fellow brothers and sisters,” Lei Feng said. The road ahead appeared vast and even someone like Lei Feng was feeling pressured.

“I have some Invisibility Talismans here. We’ll have to exercise caution as we move forward. If we encounter any yao beasts, we’ll have to circle around. Not getting into a conflict with them would be for the best.” Chen Feng brought out some Invisibility Talismans, which he passed over to Lei Feng and the others. Naturally, Chen Feng had obtained the Invisibility Talismans by snatching them from the disciples from Jade Talisman Sect.

Still, given Chen Feng’s present state, there was actually no need for him to utilize the Invisibility Talisman. Activating his Void acupoint was good enough. Additionally, the effects of doing so surpassed that of using an Invisibility Talisman.

Next, their group began advancing once again. The rate at which they were advancing was much slower compared to the rate at which Chen Feng could advance alone. However, their slow rate also allowed them to gain a considerable amount of harvest. Chen Feng was even able to acquire several 9,000-year-old spiritual herbs.

“I wonder if there are any spiritual herbs that are over 10,000 years old up ahead?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“There should be. The spiritual energy here is simply too thick. Additionally, who knows how long it has been since anyone came here. Just look at how many spiritual herbs there are on the ground,” Lei Feng said smilingly.

The abundant harvest caused the sense of wariness within their hearts to loosen somewhat. Disregarding all else, if they were to sell off the spiritual herbs that they had acquired thus far, or use them in exchange for other cultivation resources, they could level up a few times.

Naturally, Chen Feng’s harvest was the most amongst the four of them. He had simply brought out a few of the metal puppets to help him pluck up the spiritual herbs. Those were the metal puppets that Tower had crafted.

“Tower, can you sense how far the spirit stone mine is?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“It’s not far. It is only over 1,500 kilometres from here.”

“1,500 kilometres. Looks like it won’t be long before we encounter Yao Kings,” Chen Feng replied warily.

“Junior Brother Chen, the invisibility technique that you practice is quite good. Is it one of our sect’s invisibility techniques? I have never seen it before,” Lei Feng asked curiously.

“It is not from our sect. I obtained it from some other place,” Chen Feng simply replied with a smile and did not elaborate on it.

As the four of them were collecting spiritual herbs, a terrifying atmosphere of coercion descended from the sky. Next, the clear sky seemingly turned dim and fiery heat waves descended. The dimmed sky then turned flaming-red.

“What is going on here?”

“It’s a massive Flaming Eagle!”

“It really is a Flaming Eagle. This size and aura, it is even stronger than the fused Psycho Boltbeast, a half-step Yao King.”

“It’s over.”

As Chen Feng was considering bringing out the Longevity Tower, the massive Flaming Eagle stopped, hovering above the four of them without attacking. However, the atmosphere of coercion that it was emanating caused the four of them to keep on backing away. That was especially true for Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin, who nearly fell on their butts.

Too powerful. It was simply too powerful.

The heat waves have long since reduced the vegetation on the ground to ash and it now caused the ground to wither and crack,. 

The energy shields that Chen Feng’s team of four put up over their bodies were cracking, on the verge of getting burned up completely.

Chen Feng grasped and the Death Sword appeared in his grip. He secretly mobilized the Death Sword but found that he was simply incapable of locking down the Flaming Eagle before him.

“Although this Flaming Eagle is also a half-step Yao King, it is much stronger compared to the Psycho Boltbeast you fellows encountered earlier. By the looks of it, it could rise up to the Yao King stage at any moment,” Tower secretly informed Chen Feng.

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