Chapter 524: Fusion


He swung the sword in his hand and two Psycho Boltbeasts were sent flying. Crackling sounds rang out as blood – emanating the power of lightning – scattered across the sky.

Bang! Bang!

Two deep holes appeared on the ground. However, Chen Feng was not feeling happy. Although the attack had appeared effective, Chen Feng knew that it had only managed to leave some superficial wounds on the Psycho Boltbeasts. It had failed to even damage their bones.

What mighty fleshly bodies! This is truly rare. To think that they can even take on the attack from a grade 6 Sacred artefact. Even a Yao King’s fleshly body is only at this level, no? Chen Feng watched as the two Psycho Boltbeasts he smashed into the ground emerged unscathed and he could not stop himself from blinking his eyes.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

The Psycho Boltbeasts were like mobile clumps of lightning and they kept firing out bolts of lightning at Chen Feng. In the face of the lightning attacks, Chen Feng would do his best to avoid as many of them as he could. However, should he find himself incapable of avoiding the lightning attacks, he would simply take them head on. At any rate, it would simply mean a moment of numbness for him. Coincidentally, due to the loss of the tribulation lightning within the lightning pool in the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng had not been able to train himself for quite some time now. Thus, he could treat this as another training session.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng’s method of combat differed from Lei Feng’s method. Lei Feng made use of his speed to combat the Psycho Boltbeasts while Chen Feng chose to fight the Psycho Boltbeasts head on. Bolts of lightning kept hitting Chen Feng’s body while he continuously sent the Psycho Boltbeasts flying with his attacks. However, the result made Chen Feng feel somewhat vexed. Nearly every one of the Psycho Boltbeasts attacking him had been blown away by his attacks several times, each attack leaving a wound on each of their bodies. And yet, he had been incapable of killing them.

“Senior Brother Lei, this won’t do. These fellows are really hard to handle,” Chen Feng blurted.

“Concentrate your strength to take out one first,” Lei Feng said, spinning quickly to become like a hurricane. Next, the sword in his hand stabbed heavily against one of the Psycho Boltbeasts’ body. This time, his attack bore fruit, piercing into the Psycho Boltbeast. The attack left the Psycho Boltbeast seriously wounded, causing it to fall to the ground where it could no longer get up.

“Great, one is down!”

“It’s not dead yet.”

Although it was a good method, killing one Psycho Boltbeast was still a difficult feat. At any rate, there were 36 Psycho Boltbeasts there in total. Splitting them up into two meant that there were 18 Psycho Boltbeasts surrounding Chen Feng. Taking on their attacks was already a difficult matter, let alone unleashing an attack. Most importantly, the Psycho Boltbeasts were extremely fast and they would not give Chen Feng the time to take one of them out.

The battle continued for one joss stick’s worth of time and wounds began appearing on Chen Feng’s body. Seeing how ineffective the lightning attacks were against Chen Feng, the Psycho Boltbeasts had begun using melee attacks. Although Chen Feng was wearing the body armour, the Psycho Boltbeasts were not to be underestimated. Every one of their attacks would leave a deep wound on him and Chen Feng was once again made aware of how lacking his movement technique was.

Although Lei Feng was also suffering from some injuries, he did manage to stab five Psycho Boltbeasts with his Windbolt Sword. All five lay on the ground, no longer capable of getting up.

As Lei Feng was feeling happy with the result of his battle, the Psycho Boltbeasts suddenly took a different approach to their battle. Two Psycho Boltbeasts, their bodies flashing with bolts of lightning, suddenly smashed against each other. As Lei Feng was wondering if the Psycho Boltbeasts had gone crazy, something shocking happened. The two Psycho Boltbeasts suddenly disappeared to transform into an even stronger Psycho Boltbeast. Its sturdy body flashed with lightning and the formidable aura it radiated gave Lei Feng a foreboding sensation.

“A body fusion skill? What is going on here?” Shocked, Lei Feng exclaimed loudly.

There were more surprises waiting for them. The remaining Psycho Boltbeasts began fusing together as well and it did not take long for 18 formidable Psycho Boltbeasts to appear before Chen Feng and Lei Feng. Even the few Psycho Boltbeasts that Lei Feng had wounded earlier had joined in on the action, each fusing with another Psycho Boltbeast to become a wholly undamaged Psycho Boltbeast.

“8 Lightning Tribulations!” Chen Feng cried out in shock as well. The Psycho Boltbeasts had become more powerful, their cultivation bases rising by one level.

“Not good. We need to hurry up and leave this place,” Lei Feng said, the power of wind surging around him as he rushed towards the Skysoar Warship.

Although the number of Psycho Boltbeasts had decreased, their individual power had increased. Neither Chen Feng nor Lei Feng had the confidence to deal with them. Thus, it was important for them to rush into the Skysoar Warship for now. It was a Sacred artefact, after all. It should be able to stop the Psycho Boltbeasts for a while. 

Chen Feng and Lei Feng were able to smoothly make their way back to the Skysoar Warship. In fact, it had been so smooth that it felt unreal to them

“We are able to just rush in?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“Look out there!” Zhang Xuanjin suddenly shouted.

Surprisingly, the 18 Psycho Boltbeasts did not stop their earlier fusion process. They were continuing to fuse in pairs. This time, however, the rate at which they were fusing was much slower.

“This is bad, they are still fusing. Will they fuse up to the Yao King stage? We need to hurry up and leave this place,” said Chen Feng as he started working on repairing the damage done to the Skysoar Warship.

“Thankfully, it is not seriously damaged. I can repair it. However, it will take some time. I wonder if we can make it in time?” Chen Feng brought out some metal ores and spirit stones to begin the repair process.

“Do you need our help?” Lei Feng asked.

“We’ll do this together. You fellows are in charge of repairing the damaged seals and magic arrays. As long as we can get the Skysoar Warship to fly, we’ll be safe.” Although they were inside the Skysoar Warship, Chen Feng was not feeling too confident about their situation. What was happening outside was too peculiar. Yao beasts that could fuse their bodies together to increase their powers? This was a first for Chen Feng. Rather, he had never even heard of this before.

Chen Feng and the others rapidly worked on repairing the Skysoar Warship. The Psycho Boltbeasts outside the Skysoar Warship were still in the process of fusing together. However, when they finished their fusion processes, Chen Feng and the others who were still inside the Skysoar Warship, could clearly sense the formidable auras coming from the 9 Psycho Boltbeasts outside.

“Their individual strength is already very close to that of a level 9 Great Yao.” However, Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. It would appear that the resulting yao beasts were not as strong as he had imagined they would be. Even so, they would have to hurry up and leave this place. Given how strong the Psycho Boltbeasts were, even a one-on-one fight would be troublesome for Chen Feng and Lei Feng. However, there was a total of nine of them there.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Psycho Boltbeasts began attacking the Skysoar Warship. The power behind their attacks caused Chen Feng’s face to sink. Although the Skysoar Warship was a Sacred artefact, it was just a flying-type Sacred artefact. In terms of offensive and defensive powers, it could not match up against a combat-type Sacred artefact. Due to that, Chen Feng was concerned that the Psycho Boltbeasts would break the Skysoar Warship and charge in.

“We need way more spirit stones!” Chen Feng shouted. Every time the Psycho Boltbeasts attacked, a great deal of spirit stones would be exhausted.

“I have more!” Lei Feng waved his hand and 100,000 Prized crystals appeared.

“We also still have some.” Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin swiftly gathered up another 100,000 Prized crystals as well.

Chen Feng nodded. With these Prized crystals, they would be able to endure for a moment. With enough time, repairing the Skysoar Warship would not be an issue.

“Huh! Thankfully, I have these ores and metals on me, otherwise it would be hard to repair the damage.” Chen Feng mobilized out streams of flames to burn the metal ores. However, Chen Feng was also thankful that the Skysoar Warship was not too badly damaged. If the damage had been worse, the amount of time Chen Feng would need to burn the metal ores needed for the repairs would be very long.

“Oh, no! The yao beasts are starting to fuse again!” Mu Qingfeng shouted in shock.

Chen Feng’s heart thumped. Only then did he realize that the Psycho Boltbeasts outside were in the process of fusing again. Although the fusing process was very slow, their ceaselessly rising aura terrified Chen Feng. It felt as though a sleeping Yao King was on the verge of waking up.

“It’s not going to transform into a Yao King, is it?” Lei Feng said, uncertainty in his voice.

“Probably not. There are only seven Yao Kings staying around the spirit stone mine. If the Psycho Boltbeasts here possessed the power of a Yao King, why would they be staying here? They would surely be staying closer to the spirit stone mine,” said Chen Feng after a moment’s consideration. Despite his words, Chen Feng himself was not feeling too confident about it. The formidable auras making their way into the ship were giving him an unsafe feeling.

“Since they are in the midst of their fusion process, I’ll try something.” Gritting his teeth, Chen Feng wielded the Twin Swords of Life and Death and rushed outside.


The Death Sword slashed down against one of the Psycho Boltbeasts.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, three Psycho Boltbeasts fired out a bolt of lightning each to block Chen Feng’s attack.

Chen Feng had believed that even a Yao King would have to try to evade his attack. Unexpectedly, three yao beasts that were not even at level 9 of the Great Yao stage had been able to unravel his attack with just their lightning bolt attacks.


Chen Feng displayed the Longevity Sword Technique and exquisite sword moves swiftly struck the Psycho Boltbeasts’ bodies. However, they only managed to leave light wounds on the Psycho Boltbeasts’ bodies.

“Junior Brother Chen, hurry up and come back!” Lei Feng shouted.

A formidable aura caused goose bumps to run across Chen Feng’s skin. A level 9 Great Yao had emerged from the Psycho Boltbeasts’ fusion process.


The level 9 Great Yao roared at Chen Feng and a wave of lightning charged towards Chen Feng. This attack was similar to Lei Feng’s lightning attacks.

“Shield of Sword Beams!” The Death Sword in his hand swung and the sword energy released formed a shield before him.


The energy shield exploded and Chen Feng was sent flying, his figure slamming heavily against the Skysoar Warship’s body. The impact of the collision caused the huge warship to shake. Next, Chen Feng’s figure flashed back into the warship.

“Junior Brother Chen, how are you?” Lei Feng and the others quickly rushed forward.

“I’m fine. This is bad.” Chen Feng’s eyes were staring outside. The level 9 Great Yao was already upon the Skysoar Warship. One lightning blast after another smashed against the Skysoar Warship, causing it to shake violently and chaotic streams of energy roiled about within the warship.

“Heh! Looks like you can’t hold on anymore, kid!” Tower chortled.

Chen Feng ignored Tower. Instead, he brought out a high number of Mystic Iron ores. With a wave of his hand, a clump of flames appeared to burn the ores. Next, the incomparably hard Mystic Iron ores rapidly melted.

“Hey, you are borrowing my power in the end,” Tower said scornfully.

“Another level 9 Great Yao is emerging.” Lei Feng’s face grew somewhat ugly to behold.

Thus, two Psycho Boltbeasts at level 9 of the Great Yao stage began attacking the Skysoar Warship. Their formidable powers made their way through the ship and it felt as though the powers might dismantle the Sacred artefact.

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