Chapter 523: Psycho Boltbeast


“However, now that you have forced this Magnetic Hypnobeast to come out from hiding, it should be easier to handle, right?” Chen Feng said, grasping with his hand to create a palm silhouette – formed using domain power – to capture the Magnetic Hypnobeast. 


Chen Feng’s move missed as the Magnetic Hypnobeast’s body flickered. It seemed as though it was not moving, but Chen Feng’s move actually failed to hit it. Next, however, the Magnetic Hypnobeast countered. The hard ground cracked and clumps of soil, under the guiding power of repulsive forces, kept transforming into various magic treasures to attack Chen Feng. To Chen Feng’s surprise, the magic treasures were actually capable of sending out attacks with differing types of power. For example, the sword could unleash sword beams, the spear could unleash spear silhouettes and the lance could unleash drilling attacks.

“What kind of attack is this?” Chen Feng was shocked. His domain power swiftly moved to condense out two palm silhouettes. The two palm silhouettes wielded the Twin Swords of Life and Death, one sword in each hand, and they swung out. Chen Feng exerted a great amount of strength in order to block the incoming attacks. This time, however, he sensed something about the Twin Swords of Life and Death that he had never sensed before. There were signs that the two swords could fuse as one.

Chen Feng and Lei Feng then watched as the tough Magnetic Hypnobeast released a miserable cry before transforming into a plume of smoke, which flowed underground. As for the furious attacks that it sent out earlier, all of them had been shattered by the Twin Swords of Life and Death.

“Tower, as I recall, you mentioned before that the Twin Swords of Life and Death can fuse as one?” Chen Feng did not pursue the Magnetic Hypnobeast. Instead, he secretly asked Tower. Seeing Chen Feng stay still, Lei Feng quickly sent the lightning powers that he had accumulated smashing down into the ground, causing deep cracks to appear across the ground again.

“Yes. Do not underestimate the two swords. They are now merely grade 6 Sacred artefacts. However, by completely fusing the two into one sword, they will become the Sword of Life and Death, a Dao artefact. When that happens, the power of life and death will be perfectly fused together. That is the true form of these two swords,” Tower said amusedly. 

“In other words, these two swords were originally one. However, for some reason, they were split into two. I can already sense this about them. Does that mean they can be restored to their original form in the future?”

“Of course. However, that will depend on your own abilities. Given your current abilities, you won’t be able to do it, not even with my assistance. A Dao artefact. Even if it is the lowest grade Dao artefact, you still won’t be able to do it. However, if I can recover more of my strength, then it is possible.”


The ground exploded and rocks scattered about. Chen Feng backed away, his figure floating up into the sky. Next, Lei Feng, his body flashing with lightning, flew out from the ground.

“It got away.” Lei Feng felt somewhat vexed.

“If a Great Yao of this level is determined to run, there is nothing we can do about it. Besides, we also do not have a good understanding of the Magnetic Hypnobeast. All right, let’s just ignore it. We should hurry up and go find Senior Brother Mu and Senior Brother Zhang.”

There was a connection between Chen Feng and the Skysoar Warship. As long as it was not too far away, Chen Feng would be able to accurately determine its location. However, when he found the Skysoar Warship, he saw that it had already landed. Rather, it had smashed into the ground, leaving a huge crater there. Additionally, there was a group of yao beasts surrounding the Skysoar Warship. Each of the yao beasts was as big as a buffalo. However, their bodies exuded a very forceful power of lightning. From afar, they looked like clumps of lightning floating about within the vicinity.

“So many yao beasts!”

Chen Feng was shocked. Just one yao beast here was tough to handle. And now, an entire group of them had appeared. Moreover, it would appear that not a single one of them was weak. Chen Feng grew concerned. Was there a need to utilize the Longevity Tower right now? Although the Longevity Tower did manage to recover some of its powers after entering this pocket dimension, Chen Feng had wanted to only use the Longevity Tower after finding the spirit stone mine. Additionally, there were Yao Kings standing guard around the spirit stone mine. Thus, if it was an issue that Chen Feng could handle on his own, he would never utilize the Longevity Tower. The Longevity Tower was the ultimate trump card that must be used for the most important objective.

“Those are Psycho Boltbeasts!” Lei Feng suddenly exclaimed.

“Psycho Boltbeast? What kind of yao beast is that?” Chen Feng could feel that his knowledge of the world of cultivation was too little. Although he had been cultivating for years now, his knowledge of the world of cultivation was still incomparable to someone like Lei Feng, who had been cultivating for several hundred years.

“A very powerful type of yao beast. These yao beasts can absorb vast amounts of Sky Lightning when overcoming their Lightning Tribulation. The amount that they can absorb is not something that humans can ever hope to match. The absorbed Sky Lightning will then be used to temper their bodies, causing their already mighty bodies to become even more durable.”

“Yao beasts with strong fleshly bodies?”

“Truth be told, other than their mighty fleshly bodies and speed, they have no other unique traits.”

“Mighty fleshly bodies and speed. Then, their offensive powers must also be very strong. Looks like they will be hard to deal with. I wonder how Senior Brother Mu and Senior Brother Zhang are doing?” Chen Feng shook his head and began linking up with the Skysoar Warship.

“There are 36 of them in total. All of them have 7 Lightning Tribulations under their belts. This doesn’t look too difficult,” Lei Feng said. Without waiting for Chen Feng to respond, Lei Feng then charged forward.

By the time Chen Feng wanted to stop him, Lei Feng was already in the midst of charging forward. Sighing, Chen Feng charged forward as well. When he linked up with the Skysoar Warship earlier, Chen Feng had noticed something unfavourable. The Skysoar Warship was badly damaged and he was incapable of controlling it. Although the Skysoar Warship was a flying-type magic treasure that was lacking in offensive powers, it was still a Sacred artefact. It wouldn’t be easy for those below the Human Immortal stage to damage it. Thus, Chen Feng believed that they should not view their current situation lightly.

However, since Lei Feng had already charged forward, Chen Feng had no choice but to follow suit.

“Die, Nine Cycles of Sky Lightning!” A series of lightning halos shot out from Lei Feng’s hand. This was Lei Feng’s strongest attack. Clearly, Lei Feng had noticed that the Psycho Boltbeasts were not to be trifled with.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

To Chen Feng’s surprise, many of the Psycho Boltbeasts were blown away by Lei Feng’s attack. As Chen Feng was thinking that these Psycho Boltbeasts were actually easy to deal with, he saw the Psycho Boltbeasts jump back up after simply tumbling a few times. Even the few Psycho Boltbeasts that were smashed into the ground had rapidly jumped back up. Not only did they appear unscathed, the bolts of lightning coursing across their bodies appeared even stronger.

“What is going on here?” Chen Feng was shocked. He knew just how powerful Lei Feng’s killer move was. Even with his grade 9 Prized-tier body armour, getting hit by that move would end with him coughing out blood.

“Aren’t these yao beasts’ fleshly bodies too strong?”

“As expected, the Psycho Boltbeasts are capable of absorbing the power of lightning contained within the attacks aimed at them. At least half of the lightning powers within my attacks earlier had been absorbed by them. The remaining offensive power was simply insufficient to break these yao beasts’ defences,” Lei Feng said, bringing out a sword. It was his lifebound Sacred artefact.

“In other words, these Psycho Boltbeasts are a natural counter to you?” Chen Feng felt a foreboding sensation. They might be in for a tough battle.

“That is one way of putting it. Thankfully, these Psycho Boltbeasts only have 7 Lightning Tribulations under their belts. Even if we are no match for them, we can still hold them back. If they have 8 Lightning Tribulations under their belts, we would die here.” After saying that, the bolts of lightning flashing all over Lei Feng’s body gradually disappeared. Even the sword in his hand was gradually growing dim. However, a faint sound began emerging from the body of the sword. At the same time, swirling winds began revolving around Lei Feng’s figure. Finally, a rapidly spinning hurricane spun with Lei Feng at its centre.

“Senior Brother Lei is truly deserving of the name Lei Feng!” Chen Feng smiled [1].

Although Lei Feng cultivated the Lightning Essence Art, it was clear that he was also proficient in a wind-type cultivation technique. Even the Sacred-tier sword in his hand contained the power of wind.

“This sword of mine is the Windbolt Sword. It contains both the wind and lightning attributes. I had to spend a great deal of money to acquire this,” Lei Feng said with a smile.

“Senior Brother Lei, Junior Brother Chen, you two are here!” Suddenly, they heard Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin’s voice coming from the Skysoar Warship. Judging by their voices, they two of them should be all right. Thus, Lei Feng and Chen Feng felt relieved.

“Be careful! These yao beasts are very strange. I don’t know what happened earlier, but the Skysoar Warship was suddenly damaged.” Mu Qingfeng’s voice spread towards them again.

“You two did not see what happened?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“No. We just felt a lightning attack, which knocked us unconscious. We have only just regained our consciousness.” There was a note of puzzlement in Mu Qingfeng’s voice.

As Chen Feng was talking to Mu Qingfeng, the Psycho Boltbeasts began going berserk. One by one, they radiated lightning violently from their bodies like crazed beasts. Additionally, they were very fast. In just the blink of an eye, several of them had arrived before Chen Feng.

Psycho Boltbeast. So, it would seem this is how they got their name, Chen Feng thought. Next, he waved his hands and the Twin Swords of Life and Death appeared, one in each hand. Crossing the swords, he stirred out the life and death energies. Then, with an abrupt swing, he sent three of the Psycho Boltbeasts flying. However, the formidable force behind the Psycho Boltbeasts’ charge forced Chen Feng to take several steps back as well, shocking him.

Next, two more Psycho Boltbeasts attacked Chen Feng, one from the left and one from the right. Their thick and sharp paws gleamed with bolts of lightning. Chen Feng knew that getting hit by their attacks would seriously wound him. However, he also noticed Lei Feng getting surrounded by a group of Psycho Boltbeasts. At that moment, the power of wind was surging around Lei Feng’s body. Additionally, he was displaying a wondrous movement technique. He was able to thus face the group of Psycho Boltbeasts with ease and occupy the upper hand.

Although I am not lacking in speed, my movement technique is not good enough. Looks like I will have to find a movement technique to practice, Chen Feng thought. Then, he abruptly leapt into the sky to dodge the two incoming attacks. However, he had only just flown up into the sky when he saw light flashing out before his eyes and a numbing sensation spread throughout his whole body. The Psycho Boltbeasts had unleashed their lightning attacks.

After taking the lightning attacks, any other cultivator would have fallen down. However, Chen Feng was someone who usually tempered his body using the lightning pool. He had long since gotten used to lightning powers attacking him. Additionally, the lightning powers he used to train himself were the tribulation lightning from Heavenly Tribulation, the one that cultivators had to undergo in order to rise up to the Human Immortal stage. Those lightning powers were of a higher grade than the ones assailing him at the moment. Add his body armour into the equation, it did not take long for Chen Feng to get used to the lightning attacks. His muscles twitched a few times and the feeling of numbness gradually faded away.

 1 Lei Feng’s name is ‘’. Lei () stands for lightning while Feng () stands for wind. 

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