Chapter 522: Magnetic Hypnobeast


“Good, they bumped into the yao beast. Hopefully, some of them would die to it,” Chen Feng said with a grin.

“Still, Yan Qing’s group has several level 9 Sky Human stage cultivators. They also have Sacred artefacts on them. The Great Yao will likely be the one to die in the end.”

“No matter what, the fact that it can stop them for a moment is good. I have already found Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin. Let’s hurry over.”

However, before they could find Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin, Chen Feng and Lei Feng saw light flashing before their eyes and their surroundings transformed. For Chen Feng, it felt as though he had been thrown into outer space. Dark and bereft of directions. The only thing there were the various repulsive forces coming at him ceaselessly from every direction.

“What is this? A dimension? Or an illusion?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“Senior Brother Lei, are you still here?” Chen Feng shouted for a moment, but received no response. Thus, he speculated that they had fallen into an illusion.

Next, Chen Feng swung the Life Sword in his hand quickly to fire out several sword beams and the various repulsive forces coming at him from his surroundings instantly disappeared. However, they were quick to reappear, surging towards him again.

The Death Sword that he was riding on was still there. The same held true for the Life Sword in his hand. Thus, Chen Feng grew confused again. He sensed the repulsive forces coming at him. Those forces did not feel like an illusion.

A clump of flames emerged from Chen Feng’s palm. However, the flames could only illuminate up to a distance of one metre. Areas beyond that range remained dark and he could not see anything at all.

“Ke heh heh heh!” Tower suddenly chortled.

“What are you laughing at?” Chen Feng felt puzzled.

“I’m watching how you deal with the current situation. Also, don’t ask me. Even if you do ask, I will not be answering you,” Tower replied with a snicker. Truth be told, Tower had noticed what was happening from the start. However, in order to train Chen Feng, he had deliberately chosen not to say anything.

Hearing Tower’s words, Chen Feng grew speechless. However, he did not say anything. Instead, he focused on dealing with his current situation. He could sense that the repulsive forces charging at him were growing stronger. Every time he struck apart the surrounding repulsive forces, the next wave of repulsive forces would grow stronger. 

Chen Feng frowned. He stopped moving and simply allowed the repulsive forces to assail him. Next, the repulsive forces began converging, becoming like threads. First, they bound Chen Feng’s four limbs. Then, like a spiderweb, they moved to wrap Chen Feng up.

By then, the invisible repulsive forces had transformed into tangible threads.

More and more threads wrapped Chen Feng. Finally, he felt as though he had become a silkworm cocoon. He also finally noticed something amiss. A power, difficult to detect, was affecting his sea of wisdom. Chen Feng did not know when the power had first emerged, but he knew that he was affected. Even though the Soulflame within his sea of wisdom was still burning normally, there was a power hiding within it. Although the power had not attacked, Chen Feng knew that once the power there had accumulated itself to a sufficient level, it would erupt all of a sudden and his sea of wisdom would be greatly rocked. As a result, his soul would be badly damaged. This type of injury was far more severe than a bodily injury.

How insidious. Such an insidious attack is definitely not a naturally-forming one. In other words, there is definitely a yao beast attacking me secretly. Of course, it could also be a human. Chen Feng was quick to react, spurring his soul to move like a storm. His Soul and Anima acupoints stirred and his Soulflame began burning.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The power hidden within his Soulflame broke apart and his Soulflame began spinning, working in conjunction with his soul, which was roiling tempestuously, to quickly sweep through his sea of wisdom several times to completely eradicate the peculiar power. However, Chen Feng had only just dealt with the situation within his sea of wisdom when he sensed that the various parts of his body were also filled with this peculiar power. 

Additionally, the streams of power that had entered his body were somewhat different from the ones that had entered his sea of wisdom. Instead, the streams of power exhibited repulsive attributes as they wreaked havoc upon Chen Feng’s body. For Chen Feng, the repulsive powers felt like his Storm of Sword Beams, constantly damaging his meridians, bones, internal organs and flesh. By the time Chen Feng sensed the streams of power, however, he was already wounded. Tears had already appeared on various parts of his meridians.

The repulsive forces have invaded my body! Chen Feng was surprised.

“You are so slow to notice it!” Tower said scornfully.


The Five Elemental acupoints’ Fire acupoint within Chen Feng’s body fired up and streams of Five Elemental Flames flowed through Chen Feng’s whole body to burn away the repulsive forces that had made their way into his body.

Next, his Fire Trigram acupoint began roaring into action as well. Due to the actions of the two types of flames, Chen Feng’s whole body became like a thundering volcano.

Finally, even his Energy and Blood acupoints were operating. That was especially so for the Blood acupoint that had the aegis of the Blood Mustering Bead. It was capable of unleashing an even greater level of power. One by one, the repulsive forces within Chen Feng’s body began dissipating away.


Chen Feng’s figure pulsed and a formidable power broke out from his body. The various repulsive forces wrapping his body then erupted outwards like flames. Shockwaves kept spreading out from Chen Feng’s body and the repulsive forces in the dark began dissipating away as well. Next, Chen Feng grasped the Twin Swords of Life and Death. Then, he swung the two swords to unleash a Storm of Sword Beams.

“Hey, I feel like the Return acupoint is about to open!” Sensing the churning power within his body, Chen Feng felt so overjoyed, he actually blurted out.

I’ll break it open right now! Looks like it won’t be long before I reach the Sky Human stage. Chen Feng felt happy. He stopped what he was doing and began mobilizing his power to assail the Return acupoint.

There were nine insight acupoints that had to be opened for level 9 of the Concealed stage. They were the Soul and Anima acupoints, Life and Death acupoints, Yin and Yang acupoints, Void and Actual acupoints and the Return acupoint. At that moment, Chen Feng had already opened up eight of the nine insight acupoints. All that remained was the Return acupoint. Chen Feng had long since sensed the position of the Return acupoint, but had not been capable of opening it. However, this feeling of it opening had suddenly come. An inexplicable thought and feeling of confidence rose to his mind. He would definitely succeed in opening it this time.

Streams of power began flowing through his body and the position of his Return acupoint grew clearer. For Chen Feng, it felt like a shining star.

The process was surprisingly simple. This insight acupoint that he had failed to open no matter how many times he tried in the past broke open after just three assaults. An incomparably black, bottomless hole appeared. However, a formidable power swiftly gushed out from the bottomless hole while it kept expanding in size.

Huh! The last insight acupoint is finally open. It won’t be long before I face my Lightning Tribulation. Chen Feng sighed.

“Hey, don’t celebrate too early. Do not forget, you have yet to cultivate up to the perfect sea of wisdom realm. In order to rise to the Sky Human stage, you must first fuse the nine sea of wisdom layers into one. Without doing that, Lightning Tribulation will not descend, even if you are 100 times stronger.”

“Naturally, I am aware of that. However, I have already opened so many insight acupoints. Fusing the nine sea of wisdom layers should not be hard, no?” Chen Feng said indifferently.

“Heh heh! Not hard! Not hard at all!” Tower chortled and went silent.

After opening the Return acupoint, Chen Feng’s strength began rising again. However, to Chen Feng’s surprise, the degree of improvement to his strength this time around was not high. It was far inferior compared to the increment in strength he had experienced during his previous breakthroughs. Even so, Chen Feng was still feeling satisfied. Additionally, he could sense strands of aura emerging from the previously-opened insight acupoints. All the strands of aura then moved to enter the Return acupoint.

As expected, the Return acupoint. All the insight acupoints gather up to return to that one acupoint. So, that is what it means. However, in order to rise to the Sky Human stage, I will still need to fuse the nine sea of wisdom layers into one.

With the last insight acupoint opened, Chen Feng was now at level 9 of the Concealed stage. Naturally, that meant he had opened up nine sea of wisdom layers as well. Despite his bold words earlier, Chen Feng knew that fusing the nine sea of wisdom layers was not an easy feat. 

All right. It’s time to see what yao beast is responsible for this shenanigan. Chen Feng waved his hand and the Twin Swords of Life and Death roared. A sword beam, over 100 zhang in length, sped forward and the darkness around him disappeared. The various repulsive forces entangling him dissipated away as well.

“Not enough!” Chen Feng’s eyes shone and he increased the amount of power that his body was pouring into the swords. The 100-zhang-long sword beam expanded again until it was 200 zhang long. The aura that it emanated was so powerful that Chen Feng felt as though he might lose control of the sword beam.

“Oh? Ha ha! It is as I had expected.” Tower suddenly laughed.

Chen Feng did not utilize any sword techniques. He simply used the sword beam to sweep his surroundings. Although it was a very simplistic move, it ended up giving off a more domineering appearance. Finally, Chen Feng heard a wail and the darkness around him suddenly disappeared. Chen Feng looked around and saw that his surroundings had returned to normal.

“Junior Brother Chen!” Lei Feng’s voice rang out and Chen Feng saw that Lei Feng was standing not far away from him. Lei Feng’s whole body was flashing with lightning as he radiated a formidable aura. It looked as though he had just fought a battle earlier.

“Senior Brother Lei, what happened?”

“It’s this little thing’s handiwork!”

After saying that, Lei Feng furiously unleashed a clump of lightning, smashing down the ground with it. A loud cracking sound rang out and deep cracks instantly spread out across the ground. Next, a creature, the size of a kitten, flew out. The creature’s whole body was covered in soft fur. It sported big eyes, four slender limbs and a short but thick tail. Some strange-looking runes covered the surface of its body and it looked like a harmless little creature. However, Chen Feng knew that this was no ordinary yao beast.

“This is a Magnetic Hypnobeast. It is a very rare yao beast. This one in particular must be a Great Yao with 8 Lightning Tribulations under its belt. It is very difficult to handle. If I hadn’t utilized my Sacred artefact earlier, I would still be under its thrall,” Lei Feng said, a tone of lingering fear in his voice.

“Magnetic Hypnobeast?” Chen Feng had never heard of this yao beast before.

“This is my first time seeing it as well. I have only seen it before in ancient books. This yao beast can create magnetic fields to attack and create illusions. Naturally, its most proficient move is the magnetic and illusion combo, killing others without leaving a trace. Ha ha! Truth be told, my sea of wisdom is already wounded. I still haven’t recovered,” Lei Feng said with a wry smile.

“Magnetic and illusion combo. It is truly powerful. My sea of wisdom was also attacked earlier.” Thinking back to the attack he received earlier, Chen Feng nodded. This yao beast was truly deserving of the name Magnetic Hypnobeast.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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