Chapter 521: Taking Turns to Fight


“Good! Unstoppable Sword Technique!” Chen Feng seized the opportunity and his sword technique suddenly turned overbearing as he sent three of the four cultivators flying in one go. As Chen Feng was about to attack the fourth cultivator, however, a humongous fire arrow, resembling a fire dragon, sped towards Chen Feng.

Yan Huo had made his move. He had fired with the Firecaller Bow, which roared with power.


Chen Feng stopped attacking the fourth cultivator. Instead, he jabbed forward with his sword to accurately blow up the fire arrow. However, his figure flinched as the power behind the fire arrow was even stronger than the attack unleashed by the Sword Array of the Four Symbols earlier.

“Time for you fellows to step up.” Four level 6 Sky Human stage cultivators had been wounded. Their wounds were not heavy and they would be able to recover by taking some medicinal pills. However, they could no longer continue fighting for now. Thus, after Yan Qing gave the order, four level 7 Sky Human stage cultivators then rushed towards Chen Feng. On Yan Huo’s side, he had already begun attacking Chen Feng with the Firecaller Bow from afar.

This time, the four attackers did not utilize a magic array. Instead, they simply displayed their own techniques. Although it was a mess, the attacks were more violent and Chen Feng felt an even greater level of pressure.

What a bullying act! This is the equivalent of having five level 7 Sky Human stage cultivators attack me, Chen Feng thought. However, the immense pressure caused Chen Feng’s heroic spirit to swell. His will to fight soared and a grin appeared on his face. Chen Feng rushed out to make the first move, attacking a cultivator wielding a quaint-looking war axe. Chen Feng had already analysed the cultivators’ strengths earlier. According to his analysis, this war axe-wielding and mighty-looking cultivator was most likely a loose cultivator. Or perhaps, he was from a subordinate sect under Nine Firmaments Palace. Someone like that possessed decent cultivation talent for sure. However, due to the lack of a better cultivation environment, his combat prowess would be inferior compared to the disciples from the great sects.

Thus, Chen Feng wanted to attack and finish off one of them first as an act of deterrence.

“Despicable! Bullying someone weaker than you while having a numerical advantage is already something. Now, you fellows are taking turns to fight? Nine Firmaments Palace, this is absolutely reprehensive! Is there anyone more reprehensive that you fellows in the world of cultivation?” Seeing what was happening, Lei Feng could not hold himself back. Rage marred his face and he wanted to rush out to help Chen Feng. 

However, he was only just about to move forward when Yang Jitian stopped him. “Although I don’t like what Nine Firmaments Palace is doing, I have to stop you.”

“Yang Jitian, do you plan on joining forces with Nine Firmaments Palace?” Lightning bolts flashed all over Lei Feng’s body. He was in a highly enraged state. Nine Firmaments Palace was simply going overboard. At that moment, even if the cultivator stopping his path was a Human Immortal, he would still go all out against the cultivator.

“Naturally, I am not joining forces with them. As long as you do not interfere, I will not interfere. However, if you do, do not blame me for attacking you. Besides, even if I don’t stop you, there are still three level 9 Sky Human stage cultivators on Nine Firmaments Palace’s side. You might die even faster if you try to interfere,” Yang Jitian said with a derisive smile. 

“Even if it means I will die faster, I must still interfere. We from Extreme Celestial Sect will not simply stand by and watch as our fellow disciple is facing death alone! Make way!” Lei Feng said, his whole body transforming into a clump of lightning bolts, flashing out continuously with light. He did not display any moves. Instead, he simply charged forward, emanating an atmosphere of dauntlessness as he did.

“Sigh, how troublesome! We haven’t finished our fight. I have no desire to see you die to others before that.” Yang Jitian shook his head and swung his sword, releasing a sword beam to stop Lei Feng.

“Yang Jitian, you leave me no choice! Nine Cycles of Sky Lightning!” In his rage, Lei Feng displayed his trump card. A halo of light, formed using lightning, shot towards Yang Jitian. As Yang Jitian was taking on the attack, a second lightning halo was fired out. Next, one lightning halo after another shot out, rising to a total number of nine lightning halos. Moreover, each lightning halo was stronger than the previous one. It was so powerful that Yang Jitian’s face turned grim. Although he believed that he could defeat Lei Feng in a fight, wanting to defeat Lei Feng and emerge unscathed would be unrealistic. That was especially true with Lei Feng unleashing his strongest attack for their fight. Seeing that, Yang Jitian began swearing inwardly, If only I had known, I would not have tried to stop him!

“Ha! Behold, my Limitless Slicer!” Yang Jitian knew that he would be wounded if he did not utilize his full strength. Having no other choice, Yang Jitian too, went all out. 

On the other side, Chen Feng’s plan had succeeded. Due to how sudden Chen Feng’s attack had been, the war axe-wielding cultivator had failed to stop Chen Feng’s attack. The war axe-wielding cultivator was badly wounded and his figure tumbled backwards. However, in doing so, Chen Feng ended up taking the attacks from the other three cultivators. Additionally, Yan Huo’s fire arrow also succeeded in hitting Chen Feng. 

After taking on the attacks by four level 7 Sky Human stage cultivators, Chen Feng’s figure was tossed upwards. By then, the grade 9 Prized-tier body armour on Chen Feng’s body had already emerged. A faint layer of light gleamed across its surface to block all of the attacks. As expected, the body armour was formidable. Not even the Sacred-tier Firecaller Bow’s attack could break its defensive power. Naturally, that was also because Yan Huo was incapable of fully unleashing the Firecaller Bow’s full power. If that was Yan Qing using the Firecaller Bow, the body armour would have broken in the face of his attack.


Making use of the power behind the attacks on his body, Chen Feng’s figure flew upwards at an even faster speed. Next, the Life Sword in Chen Feng’s hand shone with light to furiously jab the top part of the barrier covering the place. The barrier abruptly flashed with light and it expanded. The images of the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermillion Bird and the Black Tortoise shook violently. Finally, with a sky-jolting, booming sound, the barrier exploded apart. Although the four cultivators controlling the barrier were not wounded by this, the resulting shockwaves forced them to back away.

“Senior Brother Lei, time for us to leave!” Chen Feng shouted. The Death Sword swiftly sped out and expanded in size. Chen Feng then rode it, driving it to smash against a level 8 Sky Human stage cultivator.

“All right! Lightning Explosion!” Lei Feng exerted his all to block a sword beam and released a destructive attack to force Yang Jitian backwards. Next, his figure transformed into a clump of lightning and dashed out.


Due to the attack from the Death Sword, the level 8 Sky Human stage cultivator who was in Chen Feng’s path ended up with a sizable hole on his chest as he coughed out blood. Lei Feng then caught up to Chen Feng. With a leap, he landed on the Death Sword.

“Don’t let them escape!” Yan Qing’s face sank sharply. He had not expected this at all. By the time any action could be taken, Chen Feng and Lei Feng had flown several li into the distance.

“Give me the Firecaller Bow!” Yan Qing’s hand stretched out to take the Firecaller Bow from Yan Huo. Next, he fired out a huge fire arrow – speeding forward like a meteor – at Chen Feng.

“Hurry up and chase! Chen Feng has forced himself to utilize the Sacred artefacts! He is now weakened. We must not let this opportunity slip through our hands!”

“Humph! Let’s give chase as well. Nine Firmaments Palace is unreliable. Even the Barrier of Four Symbols they set up was broken. Despite their numbers, they cannot even capture a Concealed stage cultivator. How shameful!” A smirk appeared on Yang Jitian’s face. Next, sword light flowed over his whole body and he quickly went after Chen Feng.


Before the fire arrow Yan Qing sent out could get near Chen Feng, a sword beam shattered it and the remnant clumps of fire fell to the ground to quickly scorch out an area, which turned black as a result.

“Huh!” Chen Feng exhaled lengthily. Searing pain wracked his meridians and his head ached somewhat. He knew that it was because of his earlier action of forcing himself to utilize the Sacred artefacts, resulting in him over exhausting himself. Thus, he operated his insight acupoints while taking some medicinal pills to replenish his exhausted power.

“Junior Brother Chen, are you all right?” Although Lei Feng was a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator, he had still felt admiration towards Chen Feng. He himself had no confidence in breaking his way out from the earlier encirclement that Chen Feng was in, let alone bring someone else with him.

“I am fine. I just used up too much power earlier. However, we are not out of the woods yet. They are chasing us,” Chen Feng said in a whisper.

“I had assumed that we would be able to collect some spiritual herbs this time. Unexpectedly, we ended up bumping into them. Thankfully, Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin had left earlier, otherwise it would be even more troublesome.” Although Lei Feng was wounded in his earlier fight against Yang Jitian, it was nothing serious. In a one-on-one fight, Lei Feng would not feel concerned even if he was no match for Yang Jitian. However, the other side had several other level 9 Sky Human stage cultivators. Thus, Lei Feng was not feeling too confident.

“Logically, there should be Great Yaos here. If there aren’t any, though, I will have to resort to another method,” Chen Feng mumbled. The other method that Chen Feng mentioned was to release the several Great Yaos that he had suppressed within the Longevity Tower and use them to hold back the pursuers for a moment. It was a somewhat sinister move. However, given their present situation, Chen Feng believed that doing something like this was only normal.


As Chen Feng was pondering what to do, a loud sound abruptly rang out from the ground beneath them. Next, a yellow clump of energy wave charged upwards to envelop Chen Feng and Lei Feng. Immediately, the Death Sword, which they were flying on, was rapidly pulled down the ground. At the same time, Chen Feng could feel a formidable gravitational force enveloping his body, causing him to wobble and nearly fall off the sword.

“This is gravitational force!” Lei Feng exclaimed.


Chen Feng brandished the Life Sword and slashed out. A sword beam sliced forward and the faint-yellow energy wave around them was instantly broken apart. At the same time, the gravitational force acting on his body grew much weaker. Next, Chen Feng spurred the Death Sword to fly faster. In just the blink of an eye, they had charged out from the area enveloped by the faint-yellow energy wave.

After charging out from the energy wave, Chen Feng felt his body becoming lighter. The Death Sword, too, was able to fly normally again. Only then did Chen Feng notice a yao beast – the size of a small mountain – down below. The yao beast’s entire body was faint-yellow in colour, seemingly formed using yellow mud. Its mouth was open as it kept shooting wave after wave of the yellow-coloured energy waves upwards. Chen Feng observed and saw that the energy waves had covered nearly the entire sky.

“That must be an earth-type yao beast. It looks pretty formidable. Hopefully, it will be able to stop Yan Qing and the others for a bit,” Chen Feng said.

“I have never seen this type of yao beast before myself. However, judging from its aura, it must be a peak-level Great Yao.”

“Yes. If that was a Yao King, we would not have been able to rush out so easily. Still, it is time we leave.”

Chen Feng and Lei Feng had yet to make it far away from the place when they heard shouts coming from Yan Qing and the others. The shouts had come from the areas filled with the faint-yellow energy waves.


1 li = 0.5 km

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