Chapter 520: Sword Array of the Four Symbols


“It really is simple. However, I will not be dying today. You are the ones who will die,” Chen Feng said as black and white light suddenly radiated out from his body. Next, with the sword light enveloping his body, he charged towards Yan Qing’s group.

This move by Chen Feng surprised them all. Everyone there had expected Chen Feng to escape. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng would do the opposite, charging alone into Yan Qing’s group, which consisted of so many cultivators. This was simply suicide.

“Storm of Sword Beams!” Chen Feng unleashed his move. Not to mention, he was unleashing his killer move right from the start. Again, contrary to what they were expecting, Chen Feng’s move was not directed at Yan Qing’s group. Instead, it swept towards the cultivators surrounding Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin. In the face of Chen Feng’s Storm of Sword Beams, even those cultivators who were not killed by the attack were all stained with blood as their bodies were sent flying.

Next, Chen Feng controlled the Skysoar Warship to suck in Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin before erupting with a formidable power, which sent it charging out from the encirclement.

“You fellows escape first! It is too dangerous here!” Chen Feng shouted. Although Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin possessed decent cultivation bases, it was insufficient for their current situation. If they did not leave, they could easily lose their lives in the ensuing battle.

When they saw that, a few cultivators attempted to stop the Skysoar Warship, However, despite doing their best, the few cultivators were incapable of stopping the charge of a Sacred artefact.

“Senior Brother Lei, looks like there are only the two of us left,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“That’s good. With this, there is nothing to worry about and we can kill to our heart’s content,” Lei Feng replied with a smile of his own.

“What a joke! You don’t have what it takes to kill anyone here today!” Yang Jitian said with a derisive smile.

“Is that so? Then, I will have you witness my method of killing,” Lei Feng said, bolts of lightning erupting out from his body. The explosive force behind them forced even Yang Jitian to take a few steps back. Lei Feng’s figure then darted towards another cultivator.

“Lightning Wave!”


In the face of the lightning powers, the cultivator’s body broke into pieces. He was one of the cultivators who had come here together with Yang Jitian. His cultivation base was somewhat weaker than Yang Jitian, at only level 7 of the Sky Human stage. Additionally, he was only a loose cultivator. Thus, taking on Lei Feng’s attack meant death.


Although Lei Feng managed to kill one of the cultivators, the slicing-type sword beam from Yang Jitian also left a wound on Lei Feng’s body. However, it was only skin deep. As Lei Feng cultivated the Lightning Essence Art, his fleshly body was very strong. His body twitched a few times and the wound closed up, not even leaving a scar behind.

“Lei Feng, you have truly angered me! You’re begging for death here!” Yang Jitian grew infuriated.

“Yang Jitian, you have so many people on your end. Can you not handle one Lei Feng? Do you need us to help you?” Yan Qing laughed.

“I don’t need help! You just focus on handling Chen Feng first!” Yang Jitian said with a scornful scoff.

“Don’t worry! Chen Feng can never escape. Everyone, do it!”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Following Yan Qing’s shout, four cultivators flew out to occupy four corners around the place. Next, the hands of the four cultivators began moving to fire out one magic seal after another and a transparent barrier rose up to encase everyone there. The image of the Four Symbols, the Azure Dragon, the Vermillion Bird, the White Tiger and the Black Tortoise appeared on the barrier. The formidable power that the barrier was exerting caused everyone to tremble in fear. It felt as though Heaven was about to descend upon them all.

“Barrier of the Four Symbols!”

“Yan Qing, what the hell are you fellows up to? Are you thinking of fighting us?”

“You fellows may have numbers on your side, but if we have to duke it out, it’ll end with both sides getting mutually wounded!”

“Ha ha! There is no need for you fellows to worry. We only want to deal with Chen Feng. As long as we capture Chen Feng, we will lift this Barrier of the Four Symbols.” Yan Qing laughed.

A barrier created by four level 8 Sky Human stage cultivators. It contains four different attributes, each formidable in its own right. In order to break out, I will probably have to go all out with the Twin Swords of Life and Death. Either that or the Demon Sealing Sword. I will not be bringing out the Four-sided Spirit Mace. It used to be Purple Firmaments Palace’s magic treasure, after all. It would be bad if something unexpected happens. Chen Feng swiftly analysed his present situation.

There are three level 9 Sky Human stage cultivators. Even after discounting the four that are responsible for the barrier, there are still two level 8 Sky Human stage cultivators. And then, there are five level 7 Sky Human stage cultivators and four level 6 Sky Human stage cultivators. Tsk, tsk. The three Palaces are truly powerful. However, three of them do not have powerful auras. They must be loose cultivators who chose to fight alongside the three Palaces. I’ll be targeting those three first.

“Attack!” Yan Qing gave the order and the four level 6 Sky Human stage cultivators moved to surround Chen Feng before attacking. Yan Huo stood far away, wielding his Firecaller Bow, which he aimed at Chen Feng. He would fire the moment he noticed a flaw in Chen Feng’s movements.

He is actually having the four weakest cultivators attack. Chen Feng secretly smirked. He had assumed that Yan Qing would personally step forward. However, it would seem that things were developing in a favourable direction.

“Sword Array of the Four Symbols!”

Four swords with different attributes attacked Chen Feng at almost the same instant. Of the four swords attacking him, some were fast and some were slow, some were strong and some were weak, some were forceful and some were soft. However, all four complemented each other very well, revealing not a single weak point.

“So, it is a sword array. Behold, my Longevity Sword Technique!” Despite his shock, Chen Feng drummed up his fighting spirit to face the attack.

“Exuberant Sword Technique!”

In the face of the attacks from four level 6 Sky Human stage cultivators, Chen Feng felt a formidable pressure bearing down upon him. If it weren’t for the fact that the Life Sword in his hand was a Sacred artefact, one round would have been enough for them to defeat Chen Feng. Rushing forward, Chen Feng displayed this Exuberant Sword Technique, aimed at finding the sword array’s weak points.

“Sword Array of the Four Symbols. The first array, the Azure Dragon Spits Out a Pearl!”

“Senior Brother Yan, Chen Feng is alone while there are so many of us. We even have other level 9 Sky Human stage cultivators. Why aren’t we directly capturing him? Why waste time with this?” Liu Guang stepped forward to ask, confusion etched on his face.

“Hey, this Chen Feng is not to be underestimated. Although his cultivation level is low, the power inside him is hardly weak. More importantly, he possesses Sacred artefacts. Look at the sword that is brimming with life in his hand. It must be a grade 6 Sacred artefact. Although I am already close to reaching the Human Immortal stage, it still won’t be easy to handle this kid. Besides, who knows if he has any other cards up his sleeves. If he suddenly pushes out all the power of the Sacred artefact in his hand, he can even kill off the average Human Immortal,” Yan Qing said solemnly.

“Brother Yan is correct. We’ll let the other disciples probe him first. As for us, we’ll stay back and keep watch over the situation. If we can take down Chen Feng, that would be for the best. However, even if we cannot do so, we must exhaust his powers and force him to use his trump card.” The level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator from Transcendent Firmaments Palace spoke up. His name was Mo Lei, Mo Hong’s older brother. His cultivation base was quite similar to Yan Qing’s, both in the process of assailing the Human Immortal stage [1].

“So, that’s how it is. I was almost incapable of stopping myself from taking action.” Liu Guang then looked at Chen Feng, killing intent glinting across his eyes. Back then, Chen Feng had wounded him and Qian Hong. It was a huge insult for the two of them. If it weren’t for the fact that Yan Qing had a plan here, he would have rushed forward long ago.

“Unstoppable Sword Technique!” Chen Feng’s sword technique changed. His swings grew wide, swinging unchecked in every direction with an incomparable atmosphere of power. Not only did he manage to unravel the Azure Dragon Spits Out a Pearl move, his swings grew wider as he attempted to break the sword array in one go.

“Array change, Vermillion Bird Burns Heaven!”

The image of the Vermillion Bird on the barrier above cried out and a sword pattern, condensed using a thick power of fire, surged forcefully to engulf Chen Feng. As the sword pattern began displaying itself, the interior of the barrier seemingly transformed into a world of fire.

It became hot and unbearable for the other cultivators. Yang Jitian and Lei Feng abruptly jumped away from one another and they stopped their actions.

“Humph! How are we supposed to continue fighting like this? Whatever, I’ll watch the fight first.” Yang Jitian made up his mind and decided not to continue the fight for the time being.

“Sword Array of the Four Symbols! This is bad. Can Junior Brother Chen block this?” Lei Feng grew concerned.

In the face of the violent sword pattern, Chen Feng did not panic. Instead, he grew calmer. The sword techniques he exhibited abruptly changed. The overbearingly violent sword moves that was sweeping about unchecked transformed, moving to jab a weak point within the sword pattern whenever he swung the sword. Next, his sword charged in, making use of every opening to advance continuously to swiftly open up a passageway through the raging flames. After that, the sword in Chen Feng’s hand seemingly transformed into a starry ray of luminescence, which shot towards one of the four cultivators.

“Not good! Hurry up and change the array! Black Tortoise Coils Around the Mountain!” The four cultivators were shocked. They had not expected such sharp forcefulness from Chen Feng’s sword attack. Seeing their move fail to stop Chen Feng, they decided to change to another sword pattern.

The flaming sword pattern abruptly transformed into a solid and steady Black Tortoise sword pattern. By then, however, Chen Feng’s sword attack had already arrived. The power he exerted erupted from the tip of the sword and the cultivator who was attacked instantly sprayed out blood as his figure was sent flying. At the same time, cracks appeared within the Sword Array of the Four Symbols.

“Hurry! Someone go forward to maintain the sword array!” Yan Qing’s face sank and he quickly shouted.

A level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator swiftly moved forward to take over the position of the defeated cultivator. Due to the addition of the cultivator, the damaged sword array instead grew stronger.

“White Tiger Hoards Metal!”

The sounds of metal and iron clashing rang out as the Sword Array of the Four Symbols changed its attribute again. It grew more forceful and sword beams shot forward with force to quickly force Chen Feng to retreat.

“Explosion of Wind and Lightning!” Chen Feng then displayed a sword technique that he was studying, one that combined the power and speed of wind and lightning. 

“Oh? What an exquisite sword technique! This kid is extraordinary. Even in Sword Hall, it is rare to see such an exquisite sword technique.” Yang Jitian’s eyes went wide with shock and disbelief at what he was seeing.

For Yang Jitian, the sword techniques of his sect, Sword Hall, was the best in the world. The other sects could only sit on the side lines. To suddenly see a cultivator who had yet to even overcome Lightning Tribulation display such an exquisite sword technique to block the highly formidable Sword Array of the Four Symbols caused his blood to churn.

“Azure Dragon Descends into the Sea!”

“White Tiger Brings the Wind!”

In the face of the suppressive power from Chen Feng’s sword technique, the Sword Array of the Four Symbols changed its offensive pattern once again. An attack, bringing with it an overwhelming atmosphere and strong winds, caused Chen Feng’s Explosion of Wind and Lightning move to become less effective.

“Spiralling Sword Beams!” Chen Feng gritted his teeth and fired out four swirling sword beams in one go. This time, the attacks he unleashed sped out at a much faster speed. Additionally, it was also stronger. The four cultivators who were surrounding Chen Feng backed away simultaneously and cracks began appearing on the Sword Array of the Four Symbols.


 1 Mo Hong is the cultivator who appeared in Chapter 483 in the Domain Tree arc. He utilized the Sacred-tier Iron Cage to imprison the Yao King stage ape.

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