Chapter 52: Capture


After half a month, Chen Feng, who had hidden himself for cultivation practice, was finally found. The one to find him was a high elder from the Sun Family, a level 1 Concealed stage cultivator.

How unexpected! This kid is actually hiding here to practice. It seems he is practicing how to control flying swords. Thankfully, I managed to find him first. This is a good opportunity. With this, I can capture him myself and interrogate out the immortal cultivation technique from him and leap into Heaven with a single bound. Becoming an immortal will not be an impossibility! Reaching that line of thought, The Sun Family high elder became excited and both his eyes turned bloodshot. In his mind, he began fantasizing himself conquering the world after increasing his cultivation base.

However, it seems this kid is not to be underestimated. The old fellow from the Liu Family had executed a sneak attack on him only to fail. Instead, his lifebound flying sword was broken apart. I cannot casually attack him. I will have to come up with a proper plan.

At that moment, Chen Feng remain cross-legged on the ground as he calmly practiced. Under Chen Feng’s control, the flying sword constantly left sword trails through the sky. Its movements were far more adroit than that of his hands.


Chen Feng’s eyes abruptly shone and the flying sword shot through a distance of over 100 metres with lightning-like speed. Then, with a sudden circling motion, it cleaved a piece of rock, hundreds of jin in weight, down to pieces. After that, the flying sword did not stop. Instead, it continued flying into the distance, reaching a distance of 1,000 metres before swiftly coming to a halt. Then, it turned back (1 jin = 0.5 kg).

It was then that the high elder from the Sun Family suddenly made his appearance. He suddenly reached out with his hand to grab Chen Feng’s flying sword. The flying sword twisted ceaselessly, radiating sharp rays of sword energy, but they were incapable of harming the Sun Family high elder at all.

“Ha ha! Thankfully, I have a set of gloves made from Sky Silk. It allows me to grab flying swords. If not for this, I will have to think of some other way,” said the Sun Family high elder as he laughed loudly. Next, potent energy burst out from his palm and popping sounds could be heard as the divine sense that Chen Feng attached upon the body of the flying sword was completely cleared away.

Chen Feng, who was in the midst of practicing, immediately cried out in misery. He fell on his back and blood trickled down his mouth continuously. His whole face was pale and he appeared out of breath.

“The materials used for this flying sword is quite good. A pity, it is already broken.” After keeping the flying sword, the Sun Family high elder flew on his sword and arrived before Chen Feng in the blink of an eye.

“He he, I did not think it would be this easy. Kid, if you want to blame someone, blame yourself for actually attaching all your divine sense onto a flying sword. Now that your divine sense has been badly damaged, I would like to see how you plan on escaping from me,” said the Sun Family high elder as he looked at Chen Feng.

“Is that so? It is true that my divine sense is damaged. However, killing you is still as easy as flipping a palm for me.” Chen Feng suddenly flipped to his feet to reveal a peculiar smile on his face.

“You?!” The Sun Family high elder instinctively sensed something amiss. He stretched out his hand and grasped at Chen Feng with lightning-like speed.


Suddenly, a white-coloured rope with the thickness of a finger shot out to firmly tie up the Sun Family high elder’s arm. At the same time, several other ropes shot out from every direction like snakes. In but the blink of an eye, they had tightly bound the Sun Family high elder.

“You think something like this is enough to deal with me? You are dreaming!” shouted the Sun Family high elder angrily. Next, a silver-coloured flying sword shot towards Chen Feng.

Even with their bodies restrained, cultivators at the Concealed stage could still use their divine senses to control their magic treasures to initiate attacks.

As the flying sword was about to hit Chen Feng, a small and exquisite looking shield suddenly appeared on Chen Feng’s hand. He brandished it, causing a muffled sound to ring out as the flying sword was knocked aside. After falling down to the ground, the flying sword quivered non-stop, seemingly capable of flying up at any given moment.

“Be quiet!” Chen Feng sent a swift kick at the Sun Family high elder, knocking him unconscious.

Next, Chen Feng stepped forward to collect his items. After that, using one hand to carry the high elder, he rushed far away. After his figure flashed about a few times, he disappeared from view.

Some moments later, Mo Yuan and the others hastily arrived. After carefully searching the area, their faces immediately sank.

“Chen Feng was likely practicing here.”

“I recall that your Sun Family’s high elder is supposed to search this area, but now, we do not see him at all. Is your Sun Family thinking of monopolizing everything?” 

“That possibility exists. Hurry, go find them!”

Despite carrying a person with his hand, Chen Feng moved as though it was nothing as he constantly rushed through the forest. During that time, his captive woke up once. However, the instant he woke up, Chen Feng knocked him out with a punch once more.

In one breath, he covered a distance of over 100 li. Only then did Chen Feng stop. Then, he tossed the Sun Family high elder to the ground. The impact from the fall woke him up immediately (1 li = 0.5 km). 

The first thing the Sun Family high elder did after waking up was to link with his flying sword. However, he became disappointed.

“Are you trying to link with this flying sword?” Chen Feng held onto a silver-coloured flying sword with one hand, a smile on his face. He wore a glove made from Sky Silk over his palm. It was none other than the one he had taken from the Sun Family high elder.

“You!” Seeing the smile on Chen Feng’s face, the Sun Family high elder instantly realized that things were not looking good for him.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Chen Feng tightened his grip and a thick burst of blood energy surged out, causing the high elder’s control over the flying sword to be instantly cleared away.


The Sun Family high elder had spent years honing the flying sword with his divine sense. For it to be snatched away by Chen Feng was a severe blow to him.

“All right. Can we have a proper discussion now?” Chen Feng smiled and sat on the ground. For safety’s sake, Chen Feng had sent some primary energy into the high elder’s body to restrain him.

“Chen Feng, I did not expect you to be so prepared. This time, it is my loss.” The Sun Family high elder was an experienced fellow after all. He quickly recollected himself.

“He he! There is no need to hide this from you. Since I have caught you now, there is a high chance that I will kill you,” said Chen Feng with a smile.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, the Sun Family high elder’s face remained calm. It was unknown just what was on his mind.

“He he!” Chen Feng snickered. Next, he rummaged through the high elder’s body. After that, though, his face revealed a look of disappointment.

“It turns out you are just a poor sod,” sighed Chen Feng. There was actually nothing else of use on him. 

“However, this flying sword is a grade 1 item. I can keep it and exchange it for some stuff when I am lacking in money,” said Chen Feng with a smile. 

“All right, let me ask you, what cultivation technique are you practicing?” asked Chen Feng with a smile.

The Sun Family high elder stared at Chen Feng before replying with a scoff, “You have an immortal-tier cultivation technique. Why would you need our crappy cultivation technique?”

“He he, it seems you are not obedient.” Chen Feng suddenly smiled and pulled out three steel needles. It was unknown just what kind of materials were used in the making of the steel needles, but they had colourful patterns on their surfaces. At the same time, they emitted a pungent odour. Chen Feng had found them from one of the spatial pouches.

“I still do not know what these are for. Since you are here, I might as well experiment them on you.” After saying that, Chen Feng took one of the steel needles and inserted it into the Sun Family high elder’s arm.

In the beginning, the Sun Family high elder maintained his calm demeanour. However, the expression on his face quickly changed. It quickly contorted as waves of black energy emanated out from the steel needle, spreading through his arm.

“Ah, it is a poison needle. However, I wonder what type of poison is it?’ said Chen Feng with a tone of realization.

“This is the Poison Needle of Five Extremes! How can you be so vicious?!” the Sun Family high elder was unable to stop himself from swearing out and the muscles on his face became contorted to the extreme. At the same time, the blood vessels on his body emerged to the surface, looking like earthworms. It was a bizarre and terrifying sight.

“Oh? That is quite the interesting thing to say. So many of you, cultivators at the Concealed stage, came together to kill a small cultivator like me, is that not vicious?” Chen Feng sneered.

“I still have two poison needles here. I wonder, what do they do?” Saying that, Chen Feng picked up the other two steel needles and made ready to insert them.

“Wait! I will tell you everything. Just hurry and pull out this poison needle.” The Sun Family high elder finally gave up.

“Ha ha, you are going to give up so quickly? And here I thought you will be holding on until the end,” said Chen Feng with a laugh. 

After that, Chen Feng interrogated the Sun Family high elder, who answered all his questions honestly. Soon, Chen Feng found out the answers to all his questions. However, Chen Feng could not stop himself from feeling disappointed.

“This old fellow doesn’t even have a decent cultivation technique. It is just a simple opening of the sea of wisdom and absorption of the divine sense within it. This should be the most basic method, right?” said Chen Feng as he shook his head.

“Humph! What irresponsible words! Do you think it is easy to obtain cultivation techniques for the Concealed stage? Only the immortal dao sects will have their unique formulas for it. We cultivators in this backwater place can only slowly explore it ourselves, otherwise would we be so eager to capture you? It is all because of the immortal dao formula on you!” said the Sun Family high elder coldly.

“So, that’s how it is. Say, do you think I should kill you?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! I have told you everything!” the Sun Family high elder anxiously cried out.

“Fine. I am not into the killing of innocents anyways. However, if I simply let you go, you will definitely return as my enemy. How about this?” After saying that, Chen Feng slapped a palm onto his body and a series of booming sounds immediately rang out from within the Sun Family high elder’s body.

“You abolished my cultivation base!” the Sun Family high elder cried out in panic, his face as grey as ash.

“Nah! Don’t you still have your divine sense?” After saying that, Chen Feng collected the ropes on the high elder before quickly making his way into the forest.

This time, Chen Feng’s objective was Black Origin City. Since all of these Concealed stage cultivators had come out to capture Chen Feng, there should be no Concealed stage experts defending the city. This time, capturing Elder Liang should be a piece of cake.

Killing Elder Liang will be me taking revenge for the old man. Black Origin City is no longer a place for me to stay in. It is time for me to go out and properly experience the outside world. At any rate, Black Origin City is too small. To think that it does not have a single formula for Concealed stage cultivators. Chen Feng thought to himself.

Although Chen Feng was incapable of flying on a sword, his movement speed was still much faster than before. It did not take long for him to enter Black Origin City.

At the same time that Chen Feng entered Black Origin City, Mo Yuan and the others finally found the Sun Family high elder, who lay on the ground, not moving at all.

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