Chapter 519: Not Looking Good


“So many spiritual herbs!”

“The spiritual energy here is so abundant! It is several times thicker compared to the back mountains within our sect.”

“I see a 6,000-year-old spiritual herb.”

Even before landing, Chen Feng and the others had already begun exclaiming. They had only just emerged from the miasmic zone not too long ago. To suddenly come across a place with such a high concentration of spiritual energy was a surprise to them.

“There are actually so many spiritual herbs here! The harvest we’ll get this time around is just too big. Looks like it won’t take long before I assail the Human Immortal stage.” After stepping on the ground, Lei Feng picked up a 5,000-year-old spiritual herb and said smilingly.

“If so, let’s not tarry. Hurry up and take action.”

Chen Feng released the metal combat puppet. At that moment, Chen Feng was feeling regretful. He then resolved to put aside some time to craft out some more of the metal puppets. Doing so would help him save time, a considerable amount of time. Take their current situation for example. Although the rate at which the metal puppet was collecting the spiritual herbs was not fast, it did not stop at all as it continued following Chen Feng’s instructions to pick the spiritual herbs.

“Everyone, be careful. For there to be so many spiritual herbs here, there must surely be dangers here as well. I wonder, what level will the Great Yao here be at?”

While picking up the spiritual herbs there, Chen Feng was also cautiously inspecting their surroundings.

“Ha ha! This is an 8,000-year-old Fire Condensation Flower. It has already cultivated out its own spirit. A pity, it cannot move too far away from its main body.” Mu Qingfeng happily picked up a half-chi-long herb spirit, which he then shoved into a fiery-red spiritual herb. Due to that, the spiritual herb instantly radiated a formidable, fiery light. Although the spiritual herb had already formed its own herb spirit, Chen Feng knew that its body was still incapable of transforming. Add the fact that it was lacking a proper method of cultivation into the equation, it could only become an average herb spirit.

“I also found a 7,000-year-old Solitary Dragon Ginseng. A pity, the herb spirit it formed is too weak.”

“I wonder, are there any spiritual herbs that are over 10,000 years old? Just one is enough for me to level up.”

Suddenly, the rate at which Chen Feng was collecting the spiritual herbs slowed. He instead began walking around, seemingly searching for something.

“Junior Brother Chen, are you all right?” Zhang Xuanjin asked curiously.

“I’m fine.” Chen Feng waved his hand. Next, he unleashed a palm strike at the ground. Instantly, cracks spread out across the hard ground and streams of thick spiritual energy sprayed out from the cracks.

“As expected, it is due to this.” Chen Feng nodded and he attacked again, causing the cracks on the ground to grow bigger and deeper. Next, he channelled the Heavengulping Absorption Technique as he grasped at the cracks on the ground. Next, wisps of water vapour flowed out from the ground to form a ball of water, which then fell into Chen Feng’s hand.

It's true. I was wondering why there are so many spiritual herbs here. So, the spiritual energy in the air is only one reason. The other reason is the existence of a spiritual fountain beneath the ground. Though, I wonder if the spiritual fountain below is part of the massive spirit stone mine? Chen Feng contemplated.

“There is a spiritual fountain beneath the ground!” Seeing Chen Feng’s actions, Lei Feng was quick to understand.

“Yes. The spiritual herbs here could not have grown so well otherwise.” Chen Feng increased the rate at which he was absorbing the water. Streams of spiritual liquid flowed continuously into the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng created a pool beside the herbal fields and directed the spiritual liquid into the pool to create a spiritual pool.

“Ha ha! There are so many spiritual herbs here!”

As Chen Feng’s team was collecting the spiritual herbs, Yang Jitian and the others flew over. Although they were shocked to see Chen Feng’s team, they were quickly attracted by the spiritual herbs there. The spiritual herbs there, thousands of years old, were very attractive for cultivators who had yet to cultivate up to the Human Immortal stage.

“Yang Jitian and the others have come. They are actually so fast.”

“What do we do? There are so many spiritual herbs still.” Zhang Xuanjin and Mu Qingfeng exchanged glances. They had a foreboding sensation about their situation. Additionally, it would be distressing if the spiritual herbs end up getting taken away by the other cultivators.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Yang Jitian waved his hand, firing out several sword beams, which stabbed into the ground to encircle a stretch of thriving spiritual herbs.

“Those spiritual herbs are mine! Whoever dares collect them will face death!” Yang Jitian said with an overbearing tone.

The faces on Lei Feng and the others grew ugly to behold. There were at least a thousand spiritual herbs in the circle that Yang Jitian had created and at least hundreds that were over 5,000 years old. The spiritual herbs there could be said to be the best amongst all the spiritual herbs available. 

“Yang Jitian, we were the ones who found these spiritual herbs first. What do you mean by doing this?” Lei Feng shouted.

“Ha ha ha! Disregard the fact that you fellows have not collected those spiritual herbs, even the spiritual herbs you fellows have collected must be handed over!” Yang Jitian said with a ferocious grin.

“Do you think you have what it takes for that?” Lei Feng retorted, swinging his hand to fire out a Lightning Essence blast, which he had been preparing for a while. The surging bolts of lightning was like a God of Thunder, descending upon Yang Jitian.

“Last time, we were unable to determine who the victor is. This time, I will teach you a lesson. What are you fellows waiting for? Don’t you see Chen Feng there? That magic treasure must have fallen into his hands. We’ll split the spiritual herbs here evenly, but whoever gets the magic treasures in Chen Feng’s possession will get to keep them!” Yang Jitian shouted, blocking the attack that Lei Feng sent his way.

This time, there were ten plus cultivators who came with Yang Jitian. All of them possessed high cultivation bases. Naturally, those who did not possess high cultivation bases would not have been able to make it this far. Seeing the spiritual herbs had already made their eyes go red. However, when they heard Yang Jitian’s words, they turned to stare at Chen Feng. They all remembered seeing Chen Feng dive into the bloody lake earlier. However, he did not emerge from the bloody lake. Back then, the glassy, blood-red bead at the bottom of the lake had disappeared all of a sudden. However, Chen Feng was now here. Seeing him, the cultivators subconsciously associated him with the blood-red bead.

“Chen Feng, hand over the magic treasure and we can spare your life!” One of them took the lead to rush towards Chen Feng. Tens of thousands of strand-like rays of light moved to surround Chen Feng. The cultivator wanted to capture Chen Feng alive. He had heard about Chen Feng and what he had done in the past. Thus, he had long since suspected that Chen Feng must possess more magic treasures. 

“Junior Brother Chen, take Junior Brother Mu and Zhang away. Leave this to me,” Lei Feng shouted loudly. In Lei Feng’s opinion, should a fight erupt, Chen Feng and the other two would only end up suffering. On the other hand, while Lei Feng was no match for all of them, it would still be very easy for him to escape. He was a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator, after all.

“You can leave. However, you must first hand over all the spatial pouches on you.” Shangguan Hong stepped forward, a smirk on her face. 

“You can forget about leaving! You have already offended our Nine Firmaments Palace! Even running to the ends of the earth will prove futile!” Suddenly, Yan Qing led a group of cultivators over. This time, the cultivators on his side were much stronger. Not only were there cultivators from Nine Firmaments Palace, there were also cultivators from Purple Firmaments Palace, Transcendent Firmaments Palace and other factions. They outnumbered even Yang Jitian’s group.

“Chen Feng is someone wanted by our Nine Firmaments Palace. Do you have any objections?” Yan Qing said with an insufferably arrogant tone.

“Humph, this kid has also offended me! He will end up with whoever manages to capture him first!” Yang Jitian said, moving quickly to gain the upper hand in his fight against Lei Feng.

The situation left Lei Feng vexed, terribly so. Their cultivation levels were quite close. However, in the two fights that he had with Yang Jitian, Lei Feng had been incapable of blocking Yang Jitian’s slicing-type sword beams.

As Yan Qing was talking earlier, Chen Feng was confronting the attacking cultivator. He utilized a Sacred artefact to exchange several rounds with the level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator. Despite exchanging blows for several rounds, no victor could be decided. Seeing that, however, enraged Yan Qing. Grasping with his hand, Yan Qing then brought out Yan Huo’s Firecaller Bow, a Sacred artefact. Given his cultivation base, Yan Qing would be able to push out more of the Firecaller Bow’s power compared to Yan Huo. 

A thick fire arrow rapidly flew towards Chen Feng and the cultivator. Sensing the fire arrow’s world-annihilating aura, Chen Feng grew shocked. However, before he could even evade the arrow, it promptly blew up against the cultivator who was fighting him. The cultivator’s body was reduced to sparks, which scattered all over the sky.

What a formidable attack! However, it looks like he is attacking indiscriminately. Chen Feng felt puzzled. He did not understand why Yan Qing would do something like that. Did he make a mistake?

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Three more fire arrows shot towards three other cultivators who had positioned themselves around Chen Feng. They had wanted to attack Chen Feng. However, before they could do so, they saw the cultivator earlier getting killed by the fire arrow. And now, the fire arrows were flying towards them. Immediately, the cultivators grew furious. Even so, while this wave of fire arrows was quite fast, it was still much slower compared to the first fire arrow. Thus, the three cultivators were able to easily evade the fire arrows.

“Yan Qing, what are you doing? Have you gone crazy?” one of them, a cultivator from Skypond Faction, reflexively shouted.

“I have already said it earlier. Chen Feng is someone that our Nine Firmaments Palace is after. Even if he dies, he has to die under our hands. If any of you dares to interfere, do not blame us for being rude,” Yan Qing said with a smirk.

“Hey, you fellows from Nine Firmaments Palace are too overbearing here!”

“Ha ha! We are always so overbearing! What about it? If you fellows are unsatisfied, you can go ahead and make your move. Go ahead, capture Chen Feng!”

Although they were all unhappy, the power of the three Palaces was simply too great. Even after combining forces, all they could do was to evade them.

This doesn’t look good. So many people have come. With a thought from Chen Feng, his body disappeared into thin air. However, a thick fire arrow pierced through space to force Chen Feng out from hiding.

“Humph! Chen Feng, although you possess a few Sacred artefacts on you, your cultivation base is too low. You are simply incapable of stopping my attacks. If you know what is good for you, hand over your Sacred artefacts and follow us back to Nine Firmaments Palace. That way, you will be able to preserve your life!” Yan Qing said arrogantly.

“After following you fellows back to Nine Firmaments Palace, I can still stay alive? Do you fellows take me for a fool?” Chen Feng was unable to stop himself from sneering.

“As long as you behave yourself, we might choose not to kill you. We will just lock you up. Surely, you have heard of the phrase, better to live than to die. It’s simple. Now, what is your choice?”

1 chi = 0.333 m

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