Chapter 518: Continue Onwards


“Yao Immortal stage. What kind of Yao Immortal is it?” asked a curious Chen Feng

“I am unable to analyse that. The three drops of Yao Immortal blood have been refined before. Additionally, the blood essence of various other Yao Immortals has been mixed into them as well. Although the refining process managed to reduce a considerable amount of its ferocious aura, the fact that other blood essences were added into them caused the amount of power within the three drops of blood essence to become much stronger compared to the ordinary blood essence of Yao Immortals. Forget someone like you, not even the average Human Immortal can refine them. Attempting to do so would only result in getting blown up due to overload,” Tower said with a snicker.

“In that case, you devour it. That way, you will be able to restore more of your powers,” Chen Feng said smilingly. He did not find it regretful at all. At any rate, an increase in the Longevity Tower’s power was the same as an increase in his strength.

“Forget it. The amount of power inside is too small. Besides, I don’t like this type of energy. Let’s leave it for when your cultivation base has risen. Refine them to strengthen your body. My current objective is the Immortal artefact tier. If only I can find an Immortal artefact to devour every now and then.”

“You sure can dream. Your dream is even more fantastic than a daydream.”

“Although I am able to obtain some good items this time, the ones that I can use are limited. The Dao artefact is damaged while the Bloody Nethertree has no fruits. Since I am cultivating the Longevity Scripture, there is no point in cultivating the Bloody Netherguide Art. I also cannot refine these three drops of blood essence. Looks like I can only refine some of the Blood Fruits or absorb the energy within the pool of blood.” Chen Feng shook his head. Even so, Chen Feng was still feeling happy. Although he was temporarily incapable of using it, this Blood Mustering Bead was a Dao artefact, after all. Despite its damaged status, if news of him possessing it were to spread out, countless cultivators would attempt to snatch it from him. 

“Time to go back.”

With a thought from Chen Feng, the Blood Mustering Bead transformed into a circular, thumb-sized, blood-red bead before falling into Chen Feng’s hand. Next, it transformed again into a stream of blood-coloured light before flowing into Chen Feng’s body. In the end, it entered his Six Unity acupoints’ Blood acupoint. It felt as though a gigantic, circular mountain had appeared to safeguard the Blood acupoint. Even though it did not move, the energy within the Blood acupoint ended up churning, stirring up the blood in Chen Feng’s body. Like magma, they gushed with ferocity, seemingly brewing with a formidable power that might erupt at any moment.

Blood acupoint, Blood Mustering Bead. Chen Feng felt that it was the right place for it.

“How about it, kid? What do you think of the Longevity Scripture now?” Tower suddenly asked with a chuckle.

“It is indeed powerful. Truth be told, even if I do not cultivate from this day onwards, my power will still continue to rise due to the Acupoint Aegis Art.” Chen Feng nodded. The insight acupoints within his body contained a good number of magic treasures, the weakest of which were at the Prized tier. And now, he had added a Dao artefact into the mix. 

The auras emanating from the magic treasures alone were enough to strengthen his fleshly body. Naturally, if word of this were to get out, the other cultivators would surely be shocked. Forget the Dao artefact that he had just refined, any one of the Sacred artefacts could have blown up other cultivators due to overload.

“Sigh! I wonder how long it will take for me to reach the Human Immortal stage?” After some time, Chen Feng sighed.

“What’s the rush? Your cultivation talent is average. To be able to achieve this cultivation base at your age is already quite good. Besides, once you begin to overcome Lightning Tribulation, your cultivation base will soar by leaps and bounds. Your rate of cultivation then will be even faster.”

“Even faster? Are you for real? Shouldn’t it be even harder the higher up I go?” Chen Feng was doubtful.

“Rising from level 9 of the Concealed stage to the Sky Human stage is a huge hurdle. Once you manage to leap over that hurdle, it is only natural for your rate of cultivation to rise. Besides, you usually use the tribulation lightning for Human Immortals to train yourself. Your flesh and soul have already been tempered for a long time now. 

“When the time comes for you to overcome your Lightning Tribulation, a minor Lightning Tribulation for the Sky Human stage would be nothing to you. The Sky Human stage only involves Lightning Tribulation. It is the weakest amongst the Heavenly Tribulation. Only when assailing the Human Immortal stage will you face Heavenly Tribulation. Facing a Lightning Tribulation and facing a Heavenly Tribulation are two very different concepts,” Tower slowly said.

“Really? In that case, how many Lightning Tribulations do you think I can overcome in a row?” Chen Feng grew somewhat excited.

“Hey, hey! That is hard to say. Naturally, it would all depend on you. Right now, though, it is imperative that I get to absorb more Heavenly Tribulation powers. Sigh! Those attacks from the Sacred artefacts back then had exhausted everything. Right now, you don’t even have the tools to train yourself.”

“Can the bloody waters within the Blood Mustering Bead be used for cultivation?”

“Naturally. However, that is not the same thing as Heavenly Tribulation powers. Whatever, we’ll have to figure a different approach.”

“I’ll go find Mu Qingfeng and the others first. Hopefully, someone here can break through to the Human Immortal stage.”

As Chen Feng was heading back, he sensed Yang Jitian and the others, who were chasing him. Immediately, he activated the Void acupoint and his figure disappeared into thin air. Naturally, Chen Feng had utilized the Longevity Tower’s power this time, otherwise Chen Feng would have no confidence in hiding himself from the scanning abilities of a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator like Yang Jitian.

“Sigh! What happened to Junior Brother Chen? We still cannot see him. Did something really happen to him? Should we head out to look around?” Zhang Xuanjin said apprehensively.

“Yes. The bloody lake has dried up. Let’s head down and search around,” Mu Qingfeng said as well.

Lei Feng considered for a moment. Then, he nodded and said, “All right. You two stay here first. I’ll head down and check it out.”

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Suddenly, the Skysoar Warship shook and the three of them saw something flash before their eyes. Next, Chen Feng appeared before them.

“Junior Brother Chen!”

Lei Feng and the other two were taken aback. Then, they exclaimed. They had been feeling concerned just a moment ago. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng would suddenly appear before them. Additionally, it would appear that he was unharmed.

 “Earlier…” Zhang Xuanjin had wanted to ask about what happened earlier when Mu Qingfeng pulled him back.

“Ha ha! It is good that you are fine. Where do we go now? Do we continue ahead?” Mu Qingfeng asked with a laugh. All three of them were feeling very curious about Chen Feng’s disappearing act earlier. They guessed that Chen Feng must have something to do with the massive, blood-coloured, glassy sphere which disappeared earlier. Surprisingly, however, the three of them maintained a unanimous decision to not ask what happened earlier. 

“Naturally, we’ll be continuing onwards. My objective is the spirit stone mine up ahead. However, it is too dangerous up ahead. Senior brothers, the two of you must consider this carefully. Although this Skysoar Warship is a Sacred artefact, it does not possess much in terms of combat powers. It is only a flying equipment.”

Chen Feng said, looking at Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin. He did not say that to Lei Feng. In Chen Feng’s opinion, it was only logical for someone like Lei Feng, a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator, to continue venturing ahead.

“There is nothing to consider. As long as Junior Brother Chen does not think that we will be a burden, it will be fine. Besides, given our level of strength, even this environment is very dangerous for us. We’re better off just following Junior Brother Chen and Senior Brother Lei,” Mu Qingfeng said almost immediately. The bloody lake had dried up. Thus, the Virulent Killer Mosquitoes in this miasmic zone would become even more bloodthirsty and violent. If the two of them were to be surrounded by those mosquitoes again, they would end up with all their vitality sucked away and disintegrate into powdery bits.

“I don’t necessarily have to go to the spirit stone mine. However, the spiritual energy up ahead is thick and there are many Great Yaos there. The number of spiritual herbs there must be considerable. I cannot miss out on such a good chance. The reason we entered this pocket dimension is for an adventure. I have 100,000 Prized crystals here. Junior Brother Chen, use them. If it is not enough, I still have more,” Lei Feng said smilingly.

“All right. It just so happens I am lacking spirit stones. I won’t be holding back now,” Chen Feng said, burning the spirit stones to empower the Skysoar Warship. Next, the Skysoar Warship began speeding through the poisonous miasma at an extreme velocity. It did not take long for it to catch up to Yang Jitian and the others.

Killing intent glinted across Yang Jitian’s eyes and he suddenly said, “Humph! Everyone, attack together and stop that flying magic treasure!”

“I agree.” Shangguan Hong quickly agreed. However, many of the remaining cultivators did not respond. They all knew that Lei Feng was inside the Skysoar Warship. The deterring power of a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator was quite strong, after all. All of them had entered this pocket dimension to search for treasures. Unless absolutely necessary, no one would be willing to offend such an expert.

“Humph! With this flying-type magic treasure, the path ahead will become easier. You fellows don’t want to take action? Don’t go red with envy after I snatch it,” Yang Jitian said with a scoff. Next, he released his slicing-type sword energy to create a net of sword energy, which then shot towards the Skysoar Warship.

“Don’t forget me, Deluge of Clouds and Winds!” Shangguan Hong was quick to attack as well.

“Rampaging Iron Swords!” A high-level loose cultivator attacked as well. The power behind his sword beams was actually not inferior compared to the slicing-type sword energy that Yang Jitian displayed.

The others, however, merely observed the three who were attacking. An entangled look appeared on Bai Yunyan’s face. Although she was uncertain if Chen Feng was dead or alive, she knew that Chen Feng’s fellow sect brothers must be piloting the Skysoar Warship. There were no grudges between their two parties. Not to mention, they had been partners before this. Thus, Bai Yunyan would never take action.

“Heh! I already knew that you fellows would attack. Charge!” Chen Feng chortled. Instantly, 5,000 pieces of the Prized crystals within the Skysoar Warship were burned up and the thick, surging energy that was produced caused the Skysoar Warship to abruptly speed up.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Everything obstructing the Skysoar Warship’s path, regardless of what type of attack they may be, were all smashed apart by the Skysoar Warship. That was not all. Due to the extreme velocity at which the Skysoar Warship was charging forward, the air streams created in its wake knocked Yang Jitian and the others away. Although they were not wounded by the air streams, it had still left them in wretched states.

“Ha ha ha! As expected of a Sacred artefact, how enjoyable!”

“They were lucky they were quick to evade, otherwise some of them would have been smashed to death.”

“A pity, the rate at which it consumes Prized crystals is too high. Also, if we aren’t too few in numbers, I really want to go out and duke it out with Yang Jitian and the others.”

By burning up so many Prized crystals in one go, the Skysoar Warship was able to reach a terrifying flight velocity. It did not take long for it to fly out from the poisonous miasma.

“Let’s not stop. We’ll charge towards the spirit stone mine!” Although he knew that this was an unrealistic goal, Chen Feng had still shouted, a heroic feeling soaring up from his heart.

After burning away another 30,000 Prized crystals, however, Chen Feng landed the Skysoar Warship. They had noticed a stretch of spiritual herbs on the ground.

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