Chapter 517: Three Drops of Blood Essence


“Absorb the bloody waters?!” Chen Feng was shocked. Next, he saw an enormous passageway appear within the space before him. The passageway was connected to the space outside and the bloody waters outside immediately surged into the passageway with the force of a tidal wave. At the same time, a change occurred to the Blood Mustering Bead. A large pool of blood appeared at the central position of its inner dimension. However, there was not much blood within the pool. Rather, some parts of the pool were already dried up. At that very moment, however, the vast amounts of bloody water rushing inside were all channelled into the pool of blood.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, as more of the bloody waters entered the place, more changes happened to the space there. A blood-red spiritual tree rose up from the flat terrain, growing higher and higher to quickly reach a height of tens of zhang. Furthermore, it was still growing, albeit at a slower rate.

“What is this? Is it a spiritual tree?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“This is a Bloody Nethertree, a spiritual tree from the Demon Plane. It can produce Bloody Netherfruits. The effects of the Bloody Netherfruits are somewhat similar to the Blood Fruits and Blood Pills. However, they are far more effective. Taking these fruits for a prolonged period would make the might of your fleshly body a match for the creatures from the Demon Plane, or better,” Tower said.

“In other words, it is a good thing.” Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised.

“Of course it is a good thing. It is far more valuable compared to the Fire Pear, Fire Date, Bluewood Fruit and other spiritual trees that you collected earlier. Naturally, it is still far inferior compared to the Domain Tree.”

“By the way. If there are Domain Trees, are there also Five Elemental Trees?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

Tower fell silent for a moment before saying, “Five Elemental Trees. Naturally, there are. However, I cannot remember where they are. We’ll talk about that after I regain more of my powers.”

“Eh, what is going on here? The water level is falling.”

“What happened? Why are the bloody waters within the lake decreasing?”

The water level of the lake was continuously falling, alarming the cultivators there. Some of the cultivators who were fighting one another over spiritual herbs and Blood Fruits halted their actions and they observed the lake carefully, uncertain what would happen next.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

One by one, the cultivators who had entered the bloody lake earlier rushed up. Some ferocious Great Yaos also rushed out.

“A variant-type Bloody Bone Wyrm!”

“This unknown water monster must also be a variant-type yao beast!”

“You two, head into the Skysoar Warship. This is a very dangerous situation,” Lei Feng said, turning to look at Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin. The two of them nodded their heads. They knew that their cultivation bases were not high enough. Staying out here would only end up causing problems for Lei Feng.

“There must be something going on at the bottom of this lake. I’ll go down and check it out,” Yang Jitian said, his body seemingly transforming into a sword as he swiftly dove into the lake. 

“I’ll go check it out as well.” Seeing Yang Jitian make a move, the others were unwilling to fall behind. Naturally, they had some other opinions about what was happening. A change had occurred to the bottom of the lake. Perhaps, a treasure was about to appear.

“Heh! Some cultivators have come down.” As the bloody waters in the pool of blood increased, some of the Blood Mustering Bead’s abilities began emerging. Through the Blood Mustering Bead, Chen Feng was able to see what was happening outside.

“I’ll handle them,” Tower said, sending out a stream of power, which moved quickly to take control of a portion of the Blood Mustering Bead’s offensive power. Several beams of bloody light shot out from the Blood Mustering Bead and Chen Feng could clearly sense the formidable power contained within each of the beams. He knew that he would be incapable of blocking the beams of bloody light.

As expected, the beams of bloody light instantly killed off several of the cultivators under the lake. Those who were not killed were seriously wounded and they all fled.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Right after bursting out from the lake, Yang Jitian and several others began coughing out blood. Yang Jitian was in an extremely horrified state. There was a see-through hole on his body. Still, he had managed to stay alive. He thought back to those cultivators who were instantly killed earlier and was able to recollect himself.

Seeing the wretched appearances of Yang Jitian and the others, the other cultivators grew shocked. Some were secretly gloating at their misfortune while some others, like Lei Feng, felt thankful that they had not entered the lake earlier.

Oh, no! Junior Brother Chen went down the lake earlier. There are still no signs of him! Did something happen? Lei Feng was suddenly reminded of Chen Feng and his face quickly sank.

Yang Jitian, who was a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator, had nearly died inside the lake. As for Chen Feng, he had yet to even overcome Lightning Tribulation. All he had was the protection of his Sacred artefact. Lei Feng did not think that Chen Feng would be able to survive.

Sigh! Hopefully, Junior Brother Chen has Heaven’s favour. Even if I go in now, I would be incapable of helping out. Lei Feng shook his head. Finally, he too, flew into the Skysoar Warship.

“Senior Brother Lei, what is going on outside? Is Junior Brother Chen not out yet?” Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin, who were inside the Skysoar Warship, had been able to observe what was happening outside. Thus, they anxiously asked.

“Sigh! Something is happening. We should just wait for Junior Brother Chen here.”

“Kid, we’ll be absorbing all of the bloody waters outside soon. Now, hurry up and refine this Dao artefact,” Tower said.

“Refine a Dao artefact? Am I that powerful now?” Chen Feng asked in a dubious tone. Although the present Chen Feng could store Sacred artefacts in his body, he was simply incapable of unleashing their full powers. Additionally, he was only able to refine and store those powerful Sacred artefacts inside his body with Tower’s help. Refine a Dao artefact? Chen Feng was not one to think so highly of himself.

“This is just a broken Dao artefact. It’s simple. Just spill a drop of blood essence on this talisman and leave your soul imprint on it,” Tower said.

“So simple?” Chen Feng was stunned.

“What do you expect? It is as I have said earlier, this Dao artefact is just an empty shell now. It doesn’t even have an artefact spirit. After refining it, how much of its power you can exert will depend on your own abilities.”

“So, it’s just the same as other magic treasures.” Chen Feng nodded, stepping forward to let out a drop of his blood essence, which fell upon the talisman. After the droplet of blood essence was absorbed into the talisman, Chen Feng immediately felt a connection being formed between his blood and the Blood Mustering Bead. Next, Chen Feng placed his soul imprint upon it and everything happening to the Blood Mustering Bead appeared in Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

Images flashed across Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, from the moment the Blood Mustering Bead was forged into existence until the moment it was damaged. There were countless images in between the two moments and all of them poured into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, nearly blowing it up. Even after a long time had passed, Chen Feng was only able to digest part of the information within the images.

“So, this Blood Mustering Bead is a low-grade Dao artefact. It was damaged in a battle, losing its artefact spirit in the process. At present, it could not even unleash one tenth of its original power. However, there are still some good items inside this space,” Chen Feng said, inspecting the Blood Mustering Bead’s situation.

“All right. The bloody waters outside have all been absorbed. We’ll discuss more about it once we leave this place,” Tower said.

“The bloody waters are all gone. What is that? A massive, blood-coloured, glassy sphere?”

“It must be a magic treasure!”

“Let me check it out. Behold, my Divine Treasurecheck Eye! Ah! What is this? Am I hallucinating here? That is actually a Dao artefact!”

“Please! With your abilities, you think you can identity a Dao artefact?”

“What do you know? It is precisely because I am unable to identity it that I can be certain that it is a Dao artefact!”

“Can it not be an Immortal artefact?”

After seeing the Blood Mustering Bead, none of the cultivators there were able to determine what artefact tier the magic treasure was at. However, there was one thing they could be certain of. It was definitely a good item. Thus, despite not having come to an agreement beforehand, they all rushed towards the Blood Mustering Bead.


Suddenly, the Blood Mustering Bead disappeared and the cultivators ended up grasping at thin air.

“Spatial Jump! How is that possible? We are inside a pocket dimension! In other words, that magic treasure must be a Sacred artefact.”

“It is definitely not a Sacred artefact. If it is, I would have been able to identify it.”

“That bloody bead is definitely a good item. I believe someone must be behind its disappearance. That person cannot have gone far. Brother Wang, don’t you have a tracking-type magic treasure? Hurry up and bring it out!”

“There is no one under the lake. This is bad. Did something bad happen to Junior Brother Chen?” Mu Qingfeng, who was inside the Skysoar Warship, grew so anxious he nearly jumped to his feet.

“No. Isn’t this flying Sacred artefact Junior Brother Chen’s magic treasure? It is under his control. Nothing is happening to this Skysoar Warship. This means that Junior Brother Chen is fine,” Lei Feng suddenly said.

“That’s right! Does that mean Junior Brother Chen was the one behind the red-coloured glassy bead?” Zhang Xuanjin’s eyes lit up.

“Hard to say. We should just wait a little longer.”

“There is something in the Bloody Nethertree.” Chen Feng strode forward and pressed his hand against the tree. When he retracted his hand, a jade slip appeared on his palm. Light gleamed across its surface and a series of characters appeared.

“Sacred-tier cultivation manual – Bloody Netherguide Art! This is a secret cultivation technique that Earthen Immortals use!” Chen Feng exclaimed.

“Humph, what is that supposed to be? A piece of shit!” Tower said scornfully.

“Regardless, this is already the most powerful cultivation manual I have ever seen. When I have the time for it, I must look through it properly.” Chen Feng felt happy.

“My ass! How can that crappy cultivation manual be compared with the Longevity Scripture? You short-sighted fellow with mundane qualities! You don’t know what is good and what is bad. You’ll be the death of me!” Tower suddenly grew furious.

However, Chen Feng did not care. “I am a mundane fellow to begin with. Before I can cultivate up to the immortal stage, I am naturally a short-sighted fellow with mundane qualities.”

“There is something else here!” Chen Feng stretched his hand out and grabbed something else from the tree trunk. It was a jade box. Even before opening it, Chen Feng was already exclaiming, “A good box! It must have been carved out using top-grade ancient jade. I wonder what kind of treasure is contained inside it.”

The jade box was easy to open. However, after it was opened, a thick blood energy soared upwards and pounced at Chen Feng. Thankfully, the Longevity Tower’s power rushed forward just in time to stop it.

“Three drops of blood essence!” Chen Feng cast a surprised look at the contents of the jade box. If it were not for Tower stopping the blood energy earlier, he would have been – in the best-case scenario – seriously wounded.

“More accurately, these are three drops of blood essence from a Yao Immortal,” Tower said.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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