Chapter 516: Blood Mustering Bead


Hearing the voice coming from behind him, the middle-aged cultivator was quick to react and several sword beams shot out from his body to attack Chen Feng.

However, every one of the sword beams missed. Next, Chen Feng landed a heavy blow against the cultivator’s head, blasting the primary energy within him apart. After that, the middle-aged cultivator’s body was blasted deep into the bloody waters. Naturally, Chen Feng had already taken away the middle-aged cultivator’s spatial pouch.

“Whether you live or die will depend on your own abilities.” Chen Feng did not give chase. Instead, he continued to search for more Blood Fruits.

“Enough, kid! Ignore these things first. Finding the Dao artefact is more important.” Seeing what Chen Feng was doing, Tower felt frustrated.

“All right!”

Chen Feng shook his head and he increased his rate of descent. Observing the surrounding blood-coloured waters, Chen Feng felt as though he was hallucinating. Thankfully, the bloody waters were not in a still state. Instead, there were constant undercurrents surging around while Blood Fruits kept condensing into existence. Thanks to that, it felt as though it was a living place. A deathly still environment would have been worse on the soul.

Suddenly, two undercurrents charged towards Chen Feng, one from the left and one from the right. The two undercurrents made no sound as it charged forward. And yet, they contained formidable powers. On Chen Feng’s end, he had only managed to detect them when they were three zhang away from him. The thick killing intent and power of blood around him had seriously affected his ability to perceive his surroundings.

Chen Feng stretched out both his hands, one against the left undercurrent and one against the right undercurrent. Both of them moved to grasp at the undercurrents, blowing them up. Next, however, the sudden release of the undercurrent’s power of destruction shocked Chen Feng. He felt as though he was grasping at two massive wyrms, which were savagely counter attacking against his grasp. The power that the two wyrms were releasing was seemingly desirous of tearing Chen Feng into shreds.

Right! Earlier, the old man chasing me had died in such a manner, leaving nothing behind. I was too careless. Chen Feng nodded. Only then did he realize how audacious he had been with his earlier actions. Any other cultivator would have been reduced to minced bits by the grinding force.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The protective shield around his body, formed using the power of death, abruptly burst apart. Next, the protective shield formed using domain power burst as well. Following that, the last protective shield formed using his primary energy quickly burst. Then, the power of destruction smashed against Chen Feng’s body. Thankfully, the body armour that Chen Feng wore rose to the occasion once more. And yet, despite the protection of the body armour, Chen Feng had still felt as though a bolt of lightning had struck him. An incredibly unbearable sensation rocked his chest and he felt the desire to puke blood.

“Ha ha ha! Kid, did you think those were ordinary water undercurrents?” Tower laughed in a ridiculing tone.

“Sigh, I was careless! Just two undercurrents could possess such a formidable power of destruction. I wonder just how much power is contained within this little lake?” Chen Feng sighed and the Death Sword created a layer of protective shield around him once again.

“Careful, someone else is coming,” Tower warned Chen Feng.

“What? Again?” Chen Feng was shocked. He had failed to notice anything. This meant that the other party had a much higher cultivation base than him.

As expected, a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator appeared before Chen Feng. He was a loose cultivator. When he saw that Chen Feng was already putting up his guard, he did not rush to attack Chen Feng. Instead, he cautiously regarded Chen Feng. However, he then recognized Chen Feng and saw the Death Sword swirling around him. Thus, the cultivator was no longer capable of holding himself back.

“So, it’s Chen Feng. That is a good sword, hand it over!” the level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator said, stretching his hand out towards Chen Feng to perform a grasping motion. Instantly, the bloody waters around Chen Feng seemingly turned solid and Chen Feng felt himself encased within a solid object. At the same time, he also felt five formidable and suppressive powers pressing down on him.


Chen Feng praised. However, he chose not to fight this cultivator head on. The Life Sword emerged from his body to stab out, punching out a passageway, which Chen Feng then used to descend as fast as he could.

“Another Sacred artefact?” The level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator’s eyes instantly lit up. Both his hands promptly swung and the energy shield he created around him spun rapidly to push the surrounding bloody waters away. Next, he went after Chen Feng at an incredible velocity. The magic treasures on Chen Feng were undoubtedly more attractive compared to the Blood Fruits.

“A level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator is truly formidable. He can move so quickly even within this environment. Tower, looks like I will have to borrow your power, otherwise he will catch up to me.” After saying that, Chen Feng mobilized the Longevity Tower’s power and the rate at which he was descending accelerated. At the same time, a formidable suction force emerged from his body and everywhere he went, the bloody waters around him would be absorbed into the Longevity Tower to create a passageway behind him. However, the passageway quickly collapsed as the surrounding bloody waters gushed forward. When the bloody waters collided against each other, they ended up creating a chaotic power. This chaotic power stirred about endlessly, affecting the level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator who was chasing Chen Feng.

“What kind of technique is the kid using?” The cultivator was surprised. However, he did not give up on his pursuit of Chen Feng.

“Be careful, there is a yao beast below,” Tower suddenly said. 

“Yao beast? What kind of yao beast?” Chen Feng was taken aback. The rate at which he was descending slowed. A yao beast that could survive within such an environment was surely no ordinary yao beast.

“A wyrm at the Great Yao stage. However, it is very close to reaching the Yao King stage.”

“What? So powerful?!”

Chen Feng was stunned. Next, he increased the amount of power he was channelling out from the Longevity Tower and the rate at which he was descending increased again. This time, his rate of descent rose by a good 200 %. As expected, a blood-coloured wyrm whose body was covered with spikes suddenly swirled out, opening its mouth to devour Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng was too fast and it missed. By the time the wyrm wanted to attack Chen Feng again, it had lost sight of Chen Feng. Seeing that left the blood-coloured wyrm in a dumbfounded state and it forgot about its desire to chase Chen Feng. It was an aquatic creature. And yet, a human could swim faster than it? What was going on here?

The blood-coloured wyrm had only just given up its desire to chase Chen Feng when the level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator arrived. As it so happened, the cultivator ended up colliding against the blood-coloured wyrm.

Another human! Looks like this is my lucky day. The blood-coloured wyrm charged towards the cultivator and the spike on its head fired out a beam of red light capable of piercing everything.

“Oh, no! It’s a Bloody Bone Wyrm!” The level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator recognized the wyrm and was shocked senseless. This variant wyrm was very hard to deal with. If they were outside, the cultivator was confident that he could put up a fight against this wyrm. However, he was presently inside the pocket dimension and the bloody lake. His powers were suppressed while the wyrm was like a fish in water, capable of going beyond its limits. Going against this wyrm would only end up with him suffering.

“Run!” Instantly, the cultivator reacted, turning around to rush upwards. Before running, he had also thrown down several nets to obstruct the wyrm.

Its first human prey had disappeared. It wasn’t easy for it to come across a second human prey. No matter what, the Bloody Bone Wyrm would not allow this prey to escape. Thus, it roared and the spike on its head radiated with an even more intense, red-coloured light. The nets obstructing its path became like gauze making contact with blazing flames, reduced to ash in an instant. Next, a massive blood-red wyrm sped through the bloody waters, pursuing the escaping cultivator.

“Huh! Will there be a Yao King staying guard below?” Chen Feng was still feeling shocked.

“Unlikely. I cannot sense any. However, there are a few at the Great Yao stage,” Tower said.

“Forget it, let’s not get into a conflict with those yao beasts. I’ll hurry up and find the Dao artefact,” Chen Feng said.

One by one, Chen Feng was able to – with Tower’s help – avoid the yao beasts there. It did not take long before he reached the bottom of the lake. The power contained within the bloody waters at the bottom of the lake was even stronger than what he had encountered previously. The power of the Death Sword alone was incapable of defending against the power. Thus, Chen Feng mobilized the Longevity Tower’s power to cover him.

A massive, glassy sphere, blood-red in colour, appeared before Chen Feng’s eyes. Just by looking at it, Chen Feng felt as though a peculiar power was stabbing his eyes and tears reflexively rolled out from his eyes.

“Is this the Dao artefact you mentioned?” Chen Feng asked Tower. The coercive atmosphere of might that it was emanating was truly formidable. Even with the protection of the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng was still capable of clearly sensing that power.

“Yes. Sigh, a pity! This is a damaged one, otherwise I really want to devour it to replenish some of my powers,” Tower said, sighing.

“Damaged?” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. There was also disappointment.

“Of course it is a damaged one. There is no artefact spirit inside at all. All that is left is an empty shell. Whatever, I won’t be devouring it. I’ll leave it for you. After repairing it, it might prove useful somewhat,” Tower said.

“But what kind of magic treasure is it?”

“You will know later.”

Next, with the Longevity Tower’s power covering him, Chen Feng walked into the blood-coloured glassy sphere. It felt as though he was walking through a transparent barrier. Next, everything before his eyes flashed and the panorama before his eyes changed. Spacious and empty, it felt as though he had entered another dimension.

“What is going on here?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“Why are you so stupid? This is a Dao artefact. Naturally, it would possess a world of its own inside. It is like the Longevity Tower. We are now inside this bead,” Tower said scornfully.

“So, that’s how it is. Will you be collecting this bead next?” Chen Feng asked.

“Naturally. You don’t need to worry about this. Just watch. At any rate, you will not be able to help with this,” said Tower, who began displaying his magic powers. He released strands of power, which kept flitting about in the surrounding space.

As the Longevity Tower was Chen Feng’s lifebound magic treasure, Chen Feng could sense that a strange connection was seemingly getting established between the power and his surroundings. Finally, the strands of power began converging together. After all the strands of power had converged together, a square-shaped, blood-coloured talisman appeared before Chen Feng.

“A talisman!” Chen Feng was surprised.

“This is the talisman I crafted. It is capable of controlling this Blood Mustering Bead,” Tower said coolly.

“Blood Mustering Bead. Is that this magic treasure’s name? What are its functions? Is it a storage-type magic treasure?” asked a curious Chen Feng.

“Humph! You can consider it as a storage-type magic treasure. However, you will soon know the details about its functions. Now, let’s collect all the bloody waters outside. The waters contain formidable powers. We cannot simply let them go to waste,” Tower said.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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