Chapter 515: Entering the Lake


Seeing Yang Jitian fly over while emanating a hostile atmosphere, Lei Feng reflexively frowned. They were both level 9 Sky Human stage cultivators. However, Yang Jitian was from Sword Hall, a pure sword cultivator. Additionally, he cultivated the highly formidable slicing-type sword energy. Although the Lightning Essence Art that he cultivated was also very domineering, Lei Feng had no confidence in defeating Yang Jitian. Additionally, Lei Feng believed that Yang Jitian was stronger than him. At any rate, Yang Jitian had a greater reputation than him in the world of cultivation.

“How did you fellows offend Yang Jitian? This fellow is not to be trifled with,” Lei Feng asked in a hushed tone.

“It’s nothing. He is just deliberately trying to stir up trouble,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Ha ha! I was wondering who it might be. So, it’s Lei Feng. Fine! I’ll show you some respect, Lei Feng. Kid, hand over that Blood Fruit from earlier! Eh? You look familiar. Right, you are Chen Feng, the one that Nine Firmaments Palace is after. Ha ha ha, how lucky!” Yang Jitian said, laughing loudly. He simply did not view Chen Feng and the others as a threat. 

“This fellow’s actions are so wacky, he looks like an idiot,” Chen Feng said with a disdainful smile.

“What? What did you just say, kid? I was originally thinking about letting you live, but now it seems that is no longer possible. Take this!” Yang Jitian said, unleashing his attack. Two slicing sword beams shot towards both Chen Feng and Lei Feng simultaneously. As for Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin, he simply did not view them as worthwhile targets.

“Yang Jitian! Others might be fearful of you, but you are nothing to me! It just so happens I want to experience your slicing-type sword energy!” Lei Feng moved as fast as the wind, rushing forward to block the two sword beams.

“Junior Brother Chen, you fellows stay back. I will deal with Yang Jitian.”

“Oh? Looks like you do have some abilities. Very well. I have heard that you cultivate the Lightning Essence Art. I’ll make use of this opportunity to experience it. Let’s see how far you have cultivated that technique. Don’t die right off the bat now!” Yang Jitian stopped attacking Chen Feng and instead turned to fight Lei Feng.

Despite his show of arrogance, Yang Jitian was no fool. The two of them were level 9 Sky Human stage cultivators. Thus, he could not afford to be careless. He would have to deal with Lei Feng first.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

As the two of them fought, more Blood Fruits rose up from the lake. Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and he immediately rushed forward to snatch the Blood Fruits. That was the condensed essence produced by blood energy here. Taking it would stimulate the blood and strengthen the might of the fleshly body. The fiendish bloody energy contained within it could also be used to temper the soul. Any of those functions could spur cultivators to fight to the death for it.

Seeing more Blood Fruits appear, Yang Jitian grew agitated. He longed to go snatch up the Blood Fruits, but Lei Feng was entangling him. Thus, he began displaying ferociously formidable moves, each stronger than the previous one, causing Lei Feng to fall into a disadvantageous position.

Still, the newly-appeared Blood Fruits were not easy to obtain. After collecting one of the fruits, Chen Feng was planning on going after the other Blood Fruits when other cultivators rushed forward. Some rushed towards the other Blood Fruits while some attacked Chen Feng. Acts of killing and plundering was the fastest way to make a profit, after all.

“Courting death!”

Chen Feng wielded the Death Sword to fight against one of them while Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin surrounded and fought another cultivator.

“Kid, the analysis is complete. This should be the blood of a Yao Immortal. However, I am unable to analyse out the exact level of this Yao Immortal,” Tower suddenly said.

“Yao Immortal? That is an existence surpassing the Yao King!” Chen Feng was shocked. 

“There is something even more shocking here. There is a magic treasure beneath this lake. Let’s go down and collect it,” Tower said with an amused tone.

“Magic treasure? What artefact tier is the magic treasure at?” Chen Feng was surprised. A magic treasure that could move Tower was surely no ordinary object.

“It’s probably a Dao artefact.”

“Dao artefact?!!!”

Due to his shock, Chen Feng ended up getting struck by the enemy’s sword attack, which left a minute cut on his body.

“What, a body armour? Kid, you’re definitely going to die this time!” The one fighting Chen Feng was a thin old man. He was a level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator. However, he was a loose cultivator. Seeing how young Chen Feng was, he had believed Chen Feng to be easy to bully. Thus, he had targeted him. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng would prove to be so hard to deal with. However, the old man grew happy to see how hard it was to deal with Chen Feng. It meant that, after killing Chen Feng, all the items on Chen Feng would belong to him.

Chen Feng was originally planning on killing off the old man. However, after hearing what Tower said, he simply could not hold himself back. He spurred out a stream of death energy to protect his body before diving into the lake.

“This kid!”

Seeing Chen Feng dive into the lake, the old man hesitated. Given his level of strength, moving atop the surface of the lake was still possible. However, entering the lake would be dangerous. The forces within the lake were simply too formidable, too savage. Although there might be treasures inside, just one moment of inattention would cause him to lose far more than what he could gain. Next, the old man suddenly thought of something else. If this kid can enter, why can’t he? Moreover, his lifespan was already nearing its end. If he could not get a windfall, he would simply have to wait for death to claim him. 

“I’ll risk it!” The old man clenched his teeth and dived into the lake as well.

Huff! The blood of a Yao Immortal is truly tyrannical. Without the protection of the Sacred artefact, I would have been incapable of enduring for long. Sensing the atmosphere of coercion from the surrounding waters, Chen Feng was shocked.

“Naturally. Thankfully, these aren’t all blood, otherwise you would have been incapable of resisting even with the protection from the Sacred artefact,” Tower said. 

“There is someone chasing you.”

“It must be the old man. He truly has no fear of death.”

Chen Feng ignored his pursuer and simply continued to descend down the pool. Although the deathly power was protecting him, Chen Feng could clearly sense that the surrounding atmosphere of coercion was growing stronger. In addition to the roiling power of blood, he could also sense formidable and tangible auras there. In the beginning, Chen Feng had assumed that they were from yao beasts. However, he quickly understood that those were cultivators who had chosen to enter the lake as well.

There are Virulent Killer Mosquitoes above this lake. Will there be water monsters inside? Chen Feng speculated.

As Chen Feng was speculating, he saw a power of blood condensing swiftly somewhere nearby. It did not take long for it to condense into a Blood Fruit. Next, the waters of the lake roiled, causing a pillar of water to rise. The Blood Fruit was about to be propelled out of the lake.

Blood Fruit, a good chance! Chen Feng swiftly rushed forward and grabbed the Blood Fruit.

There’s another! After keeping the Blood Fruit and descending several metres deeper, Chen Feng found another Blood Fruit.

I didn’t think that there would be so many Blood Fruits underwater. I wonder, how many cultivators are underwater as well? However, for them to have the courage to enter this lake, they must surely be experts, Chen Feng thought.

Wanting to catch up to Chen Feng, the old man kept going down. After descending for a certain distance, he sensed that there were no dangers around him. Thus, he grew less wary and began increasing the rate at which he was pursuing after Chen Feng.

Eh, Blood Fruits! Right, the Blood Fruits get shot out from inside this lake. If so, there must be a lot of these Blood Fruits under water. The old man collected several Blood Fruits in a row and grew overjoyed. It did not take long for the whole chase and kill Chen Feng matter to be put aside. In the old man’s opinion, the reason he entered this pocket dimension was to explore and find treasures. Instead of wasting his strength pursuing Chen Feng, it would be better for him to stay here and collect the Blood Fruits.

As the number of Blood Fruits he collected rose, so too did the rate at which he was descending. The old man did not care. As long as there was Blood Fruit, he would go there. He completely forgot that he had been fearful of entering the lake earlier.

There are a few more Blood Fruits there. How lucky! I should have gotten over 20 Blood Fruits by now. Ha ha! Even staying 10 days above the lake would not have netted me this many Blood Fruits! The old man happily charged towards a number of Blood Fruits, which were clumped up together somewhere up ahead.

However, before he could grab the Blood Fruits, the energy shield he put up around him began cracking. Next, it exploded apart to dissipate away and the bloody waters, filled with concentrated killing energy, engulfed the old man.

“No!” The old man was horrified. Only then did he realize that he had gone too far down. He pushed forth all of his powers as he attempted to charge back up the lake. However, an undercurrent suddenly swept towards the old man who released a miserable cry as his body armour was broken. Next, his flesh was shredded, followed by his bones. The old man was only capable of struggling within the waters for a bit before disappearing from sight. All of his essence disappeared within the bloody waters, becoming added nourishment for the lake.

“The old man behind you is dead.” Tower waved his hand and the image of the dissolving old man appeared within Chen Feng’s mind.

“Such a wretched end. Looks like I will have to be more cautious.” Chen Feng was shocked. The bottom part of this lake was incomparably dangerous. Although he had the Death Sword to serve as a means of protection, he would still need to exercise caution.

Along the way, Chen Feng had collected over 100 Blood Fruits. In Chen Feng’s opinion, these Blood Fruits were somewhat similar in function to the Blood Pills that Tower had concocted in the past. Both could replenish blood and strengthen the flesh. How can he miss out on something so good?

“Kid, be careful. Someone else is coming. Additionally, it looks like he harbours ill intentions,” Tower suddenly said.

“I can already sense him. What level is he at?” Chen Feng asked, operating his Void acupoint to conceal himself.

“A level 8 Sky Human stage cultivator,” Tower said coolly.

“Even a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator like Yang Jitian is staying on top, but this level 8 Sky Human stage cultivator actually dares come into this lake? He sure is fearless.” Chen Feng sneered.


A sword beam silently pierced through the waters to attack the very spot that Chen Feng was occupying earlier. The sword beam appeared plain and weak. Even so, the surrounding bloody waters, filled with killing energy, failed to weaken the sword beam and it continued shooting forward. When it missed Chen Feng, it kept shooting through another 100 zhang before exploding, causing the surrounding bloody waters to stir.

“Eh? How peculiar. He was here just now. Why is he not here now? Was I mistaken?” A cultivator enveloped within a thick layer of energy shield appeared where Chen Feng had been earlier. He was a middle-aged cultivator with triangular eyes. There was a look of surprise on his sinister face.

“Are you looking for me?” Chen Feng suddenly appeared behind the middle-aged cultivator.

Power level wise:

Yao King = Human Immortal

Yao Immortal = Earthen Immortal


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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