Chapter 514: Repulse


“This is too funny! Who do you think you are? The Sect Leader of our Extreme Celestial Sect? Or the Supreme Elder of Nine Firmaments Palace? Even if you are a level 9 Sky Human stage elder from Flowing Cloud Hall, someone who hasn’t reached the Human Immortal stage cannot do anything to me. If you piss me off, then don’t blame me for being ruthless. When the time comes, you’ll suffer the same fate as the disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace,” Chen Feng said with a grin.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words, the beautiful woman revealed an infuriated smile of her own. “I have not left the mountain for some time now. Are all the juniors so arrogant now? Not only did you wound a disciple from our Flowing Cloud Hall, you even dare brag shamelessly before me, Shangguan Hong? 

“Whatever, although I am not like the others who want to kill you for Nine Firmaments Palace’s rewards, abolishing your cultivation base will not be an issue. I believe the Sect Master of Extreme Celestial Sect will not say anything about this either. Besides, given your current situation, Extreme Celestial Sect is likely not going to care about you.”

After Shangguan Hong said that, resplendent clouds surged out from her body and clumps of power of winds and clouds converged, transforming around her. This was Flowing Cloud Hall’s Flowing Cloud Skysoar Formula. It was an immortal technique passed down from the Immortal Plane. As a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator, Shangguan Hong was much stronger compared to Bai Yunyan. The amount of power she could display by utilizing this immortal technique was not something that Bai Yunyan could match up against.

Seeing a fight about to erupt between the two, Bai Yunyan panicked. She stepped forward and shouted, “Please wait!”

“Senior Sister Shangguan, this is a very dangerous place. I think we should not get into a fight here. Besides, Chen Feng had helped me out before,” Bai Yunyan said.

“Humph! First put aside the fact that he has wounded our sect’s disciple, Liu Mufeng. Just the fact that he was disrespectful towards me is reason enough for me to teach him a good lesson. Enough, step back!” Shangguan Hong said, her fingers moving about until the clump of winds and clouds transformed into a Storm Panther. It was a phantom-like yao beast formed using the power of winds and clouds. And yet, it emanated the coercive atmosphere of a Great Yao.

“Senior Sister Shangguan, there is a reason why I don’t want you two to get into a fight. This Chen Feng possesses several Sacred artefacts and even Mo Xuan and Yang Jitian from Sword Hall were incapable of handling him. This place is also incomparably peculiar. I fear that you two might get mutually wounded and others might come to take advantage of the situation. 

“Senior Brother Liu is already wounded while I am not strong enough to handle the sneak attacks from a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator.” This time, Bai Yunyan used a secret vocal transmission, hoping that by painting a grimmer picture, she could convince Shangguan Hong to back away in the face of the dire situation.

However, Bai Yunyan had underestimated Shangguan Hong’s determination. When she heard that Chen Feng possessed several Sacred artefacts, a glint of greed emerged from Shangguan Hong’s eyes.

She grew more determined to take action.

“Enough, don’t say anything anymore. Chen Feng has wounded a disciple from our sect. This is an unforgivable crime. No matter what his reasons may be, he must pay the price. How about this? There is no need for me to abolish your cultivation. Hand over all the spatial pouches on you and I can forget about this,” Shangguan Hong said. However, the Storm Panther that she was condensing out grew even stronger.

“You old hag, are you daydreaming right now? Did you get knocked in the head? You keep spouting nonsense. If you want to attack, just attack. Don’t waste my time,” Chen Feng said with a scornful smile.

Hearing that, Shangguan Hong became truly infuriated. That was especially true after hearing the words ‘old hag’. Her temper shot through the roof. With a shout, the Storm Panther she condensed pounced towards Chen Feng. At the same time, clouds swirled forward from their surroundings to surround Chen Feng. In just a flash, Chen Feng was seemingly high in the sky, enveloped by the clouds. He had lost his bearings while the Storm Panther melded with the clouds. He was actually incapable of determining how the Storm Panther was going to attack him.

As expected from a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator, formidable! Chen Feng then swung the Death Sword. Like a piece of cloth getting cut apart, the clouds before him instantly split to the sides as they dissipated away. However, the attack from the Storm Panther had arrived. The attack came from behind Chen Feng. By the time he sensed danger, the paw strike from the Storm Panther was already upon Chen Feng’s body. 

“Domain Shield!” Chen Feng mobilized his domain power to quickly condense out a shield. However, the shield was seemingly incapable of doing anything before getting shattered. Next, Chen Feng felt a force capable of rearranging mountains and overturning seas smashing against his body. Due to the impact, he lost control over his body, which hurtled forward. His internal organs were all displaced and his meridians were damaged. That one attack had left Chen Feng wounded.

Even so, Chen Feng was steadfast. He gritted his teeth and unleashed the Twin Swords of Life and Death. The two swords rapidly flew forward to disperse the clouds before him. Next, the two swords came together to fire out a Storm of Sword Beams at Shangguan Hong.

Chen Feng was already wounded from the earlier attack. To suddenly execute this killer move caused a sudden wave of weakness to wash over his body. However, he bellowed and the various insight acupoints that he had opened up spun into action. The energy that he had stored inside the insight acupoints gushed out and Chen Feng’s depleted energy reserve was immediately replenished. Additionally, it was constantly on the rise.

It had to be said. Chen Feng himself did not know how much energy was stored inside all the opened insight acupoints. Moreover, some of his insight acupoints were also safeguarded by magic treasures. The power of these magic treasures was even stronger, especially those high-grade Prized artefacts and Sacred artefacts. The power contained within each and every one of them surpassed the amount of power that Chen Feng himself possessed. He was simply incapable of fully displaying their power.

Seeing Chen Feng’s figure hurtling away from the initial attack, Shangguan Hong had revealed a slight look of joy. Next, however, she sensed a great crisis bearing down upon her. Two Sacred artefacts swirled forward, creating a storm-like wave of sword beams, which shot towards her. The two powers, of life and death, caused her face to turn pale.

Those were no ordinary Sacred artefacts. Rather, they were grade 6 Sacred artefacts, containing the power of life and death. Those fundamental types of power contained the greatest destructive ability.

“Deluge of Winds and Clouds!”

Shangguan Hong knew that it would be difficult for her to take on this attack – unleashed using the two Sacred artefacts – on her own. Thus, she brought out her own magic treasure, a long red-coloured silk thread. It was a Sacred artefact. After she empowered it, fiery-red clouds appeared, surging forward to protect Shangguan Hong. 

However, the fiery-red clouds were immediately sliced into pieces by the Storm of Sword Beams. Finally, the surging sword beams struck Shangguan Hong’s body.

Instantly, minute cuts appeared upon Shangguan Hong’s body. However, light flowed out and all the wounds disappeared.

Chen Feng stood before Shangguan Hong. He did not continue to attack. Given Chen Feng’s present condition, it would not be an issue for him to unleash several more Storm of Sword Beams. However, the main issue here was, it might not be enough to deal with this Shangguan Hong. She was wearing a body armour with a high level of defensive power.

Shangguan Hong’s rage surged to the sky. Cracks had appeared upon her Sacred artefact, the red silk thread. Even her Sacred-tier body armour was damaged. Her body could not have been cut earlier if her body armour had remained undamaged. Although the cuts were minute, it meant that this opponent could wound her. 

Despite her rage, it also sobered Shangguan Hong up considerably. This youngster was not easy to deal with. That was especially true of the two Sacred-tier swords emanating twin energies of life and death. Although they were causing her eyes to go red, they were also giving her a strong sense of danger.

This fellow hasn’t even overcome Lightning Tribulation. And yet, he can control such high-grade Sacred artefacts? Is there any more justice in this world? If I can get my hands on such Sacred artefacts, there will be no need to fear even Human Immortals. Shangguan Hong swiftly considered it. The look of greed within her eyes had not abated at all.

“Who is bullying our Extreme Celestial Sect’s disciple?!” Suddenly, an overbearing voice swept over. The formidable soundwave was capable of affecting even the waters of the lake.

A tall and mighty-looking cultivator appeared before Chen Feng. Bolts of lightning flashed across his body, giving off an incomparably domineering atmosphere. He was none other than Lei Feng, a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator from Extreme Celestial Sect.

“Senior Brother Lei!” Chen Feng was shocked.

Sou! Sou!

Mu Qingfeng and Zhang Xuanjin flew out from the Skysoar Warship, looks of pleasant surprise on their faces as they saluted Lei Feng.

“Lei Feng, you want to interfere?” Seeing Lei Feng, Shangguan Hong’s face grew contorted. With Lei Feng’s appearance, she would definitely be incapable of achieving her objective. Ignoring the Sacred artefacts in Chen Feng’s possession, even Lei Feng was a difficult opponent.

“Chen Feng is a disciple of our Extreme Celestial Sect. It is only right that I take action. If I attack to kill the disciples of your Flowing Cloud Hall, will you not interfere?” Lei Feng retorted.

“You!” Rage flashed across Shangguan Hong’s face.

Shangguan Hong took a deep breath. Then, she said with a disdainful smile, “Humph! Nine Firmaments Palace is after this kid. I do not believe that your Extreme Celestial Sect would dare protect him. Offending our Flowing Cloud Hall for this is not a wise decision.”

“There is no need for you to feel concerned about this. Are you still not leaving? Or do you want to exchange pointers? As it so happens, I want to experience the immortal techniques of Flowing Cloud Hall,” Lei Feng said, a sneer on his face.

“You want to see our Flowing Cloud Hall’s immortal techniques? You are not worthy! Let’s go!” Shangguan Hong scoffed before bringing the wounded Liu Mufeng away.

Bai Yunyan turned to give Chen Feng a glance. With a sigh, she left as well.

“Tsk, tsk, Junior Brother Chen, it seems to me that female disciple from Flowing Cloud Hall is interested in you?” Lei Feng said smilingly.

“Senior Brother Lei, you jest. We only formed a temporary team earlier,” Chen Feng replied with his own smile.

“You surprise me. To think that you fellows could actually come all the way here. Oh, right! You fellows have a Sacred-tier flying-type magic treasure.” Lei Feng was first shocked. However, he then looked at the Skysoar Warship hovering in the sky and he nodded.

“However, it has the emblem of the Heavenly Origin Trade Association on it. I fear that might cause some complications,” Lei Feng said.

“Ha ha! I had snatched this Skysoar Warship.” Chen Feng laughed.

“What? You snatched it from Heavenly Origin Trade Association?”

“Yes, I have use for this Skysoar Warship.”

Listening to Chen Feng’s words, Lei Feng was quick to understand. “You plan on heading to the Central Plains?”

“Yes. It is simply not possible for me to stay in the Northern Plains.” Chen Feng nodded.

“That works too. By going to the Central Plains, Nine Firmaments Palace will not be able to get to you. Besides, the Central Plains is more prosperous than our Northern Plains. That is truly a place of cultivation. The number of ancient ruins within the Central Plains is the highest within our Eternal World,” Lei Feng slowly said.

“Humph! So, it is just a bunch of small fries from Extreme Celestial Sect. I had assumed that you fellows are from Heavenly Origin Trade Association.” Yang Jitian suddenly flew over.


Note: Lei Feng is Elder Lei Batian’s older brother. He was first introduced in Chapter 460.

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